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12:20 AM
washes hands of this weirdness
12:28 AM
"Out, out, madn tops."
I haven't been around as much, university threw me for a loop and I've only recently managed to build myself a schedule that works.
Hooray for schedules!
The big key was making a Google Calendar and then literally putting every commitment on it.
I have a friend that we had to put on DST (we live in a state that does not use it) just so they weren't late for everything haha
12:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (350): Can a multiclassed artificer/rogue use Sneak Attack with spells that use a ranged weapon as a spellcasting focus? by Dr Alika on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @linksassin)
1:23 AM
"DAY 8: CRITICAL SUCCESS!" announcement by United Paizo Workers. As of today, Paizo leadership has voluntarily recognized our union!
2:18 AM
@bobble To be fair, that isn't even particularly weird for RPG chat.
2:31 AM
Dragons spewing forth a monsoon of screaming, rainbow coloured barbarians to the theme of "It's Raining Men" is a fairly standard conversation for RPG chat I'd say :P
Q: What is the statistical difference, if there is one, between rolling d20 twice (action and bonus action) and rolling once with advantage?

Joel DerfnerIn our 5e campaign, I'm playing an 8th-level Rogue (Arcane Trickster) with the Crossbow Expert feat, which (among other things) means I can shoot twice in one turn: once as a bonus action and once as an action. We're also using the alternative rules from TCoE, which means I can aim as a bonus act...

3:03 AM
@Ben is it? XD
I haven't seen anything specifically like that here before and I've been here a while now
Nov 10 '17 at 3:18, by Ben
@BESW I am now imaging "It's raining men" just with screaming barbarians slamming down on the traffic of the San Francisco Bridge
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4:27 AM
@BardicWizard That belt is really cool and I look forward to seeing your lacework!
1 hour later…
5:54 AM
@BESW wow, thanks! The belt came courtesy of a grandparent a while back, and it’s actually quite nice. The lacework, well, I actually seem to have some working theories on making it do what I want, so it’s a start (and then I’m about to spend like forever finishing a project instead of working on something a little more organized than my test samplers)
Q: If you drink a Potion of Invisibility do you become Visible if you are Hit?

SnowcrashIf you drink a Potion of Invisibility and then are hit by someone do you become visible? I don't see anything in the PHB that says that. Neither do I see anything like that for someone that is hiding. According to Unseen Attackers and Targets (PHB p.194 and p.195), you only give away your locatio...

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6:58 AM
Zoom question: if I use my paid account to start a meeting and then hand the host privileges to someone else, can I leave the meeting and it still benefits from my account's privileges like longer duration limits? And does the other person need to have a paid account too for that to work?
1 hour later…
8:04 AM
@BESW no idea but sounds like somebody would have asked before somewhere
I've got 16 hours of Zoom meetings this weekend, but I'm also committed to using my account to host a prayer meeting Sunday morning.
2 hours later…
10:11 AM
@BESW want me to ask on webapps.stackexchange?
10:54 AM
Oh that'd be nice, please.
11:14 AM
@bobble I use one tied to my E-Mail client of choice, the best work decision I made so far. Schedules free up your mind in a way that few things do.
1 hour later…
12:33 PM
> So if they hand their host privileges to someone else, can they leave the meeting and still personally benefits from their account's privileges like longer duration limits? And does the other person (who has had host privileges passed to them) need to have a paid account too for that to work correctly?
is that ok?
I used they/them pronouns when I swapped out I/me/my, but happy to make them specific to you and not just pseudo-hypothetical friend?
You can use he/him if you're struggling to make the syntax parse easily.
Otherwise looks good.
@BESW syntax looks good to me?
I think it's fine.
is this the desktop client or the app?
Both are available to me.
12:38 PM
sorry I mean web browser version :S
Ah. Also available, but I usually use the desktop app (OSX) or mobile app (iPadOS)
Right, I'll ask, but either app is off-topic there
Q: Using a paid zoom account to start a meeting and pass host privileges; can I leave the meeting and it still benefits from my account's privileges?

PureferretA friend of mine has a lot of zoom calls to co-ordinate, and they would like to be able to pass their host controls without disrupting their own use of zoom at the same time. So if they hand their host privileges to someone else, can they leave the meeting and still personally benefits from their...

I'd have to ask elsewhere (maybe thinkdifferent ?) to find out about the apps?
The app-vs-browser issue really shouldn't matter, it's more of a server-side question.
Thank you for asking.
1:03 PM
no worries :)
1:49 PM
@Akixkisu mine gives my phone and computer push notifications, and I make sure it's easily accessible on both.
@bobble That sounds convenient but also slightly anxiety-inducing. I prefer to have the ritualistic checking of my schedule on that day and then an aware state of what I have to focus on individually without something popping up that tells me that I need to be somewhere.
I have it jiggered so that push notifications only happen for unusual events I would be more likely to forget, not classes etc., so I don't get much
2:11 PM
@bobble I wouldn't mind knowing more about how you jiggered things
I put a lot in my calendar, then ignore them as it gets overwhelming
2:35 PM
@AncientSwordRage Advanced options when creating a new Google Calendar event
@bobble ahh yes those, I had forgotten about them...
2 hours later…
4:27 PM
Long answer: Yes, and I didn't know I'd already made a webapps account. webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/159741/…
Q: Does a week for Election nominations seem too short to anyone else?

KRyanRPG Meta is not a very active place. For our last big discussion (should accepted answers be pinned to the top?), one pro- answer was posted almost immediately, and various con- answers trickled in over the course of weeks. Voting has, at this point, seen one of those con- answers (disclaimer: mi...

4:49 PM
A: Why does the final election phase only last 4 days?

Grace NoteYour final paragraph points out the simple source of it all - primaries. Elections currently take place over a fixed 15 day period. The Nomination Phase occupies the first seven days. Then, the last 8 days are either divided between the Primary and the Election, or just are the Election as a whol...

5:32 PM
A: Does a week for Election nominations seem too short to anyone else?

doppelgreenerYes, one week is stunningly short. I'd like to see the nomination period extended to 2+ weeks, and that includes in this present election we are having now. For many users the beginning of the election is the beginning of the process of considering whether you even want to be a mod, a question th...

2 hours later…
7:08 PM
@Exempt-Medic I noticed the pronouns in your profile yesterday and was wondering if that was new. And congrats on the pronouns and the new username. <3
@TheOracle When active meta members knew about elections since September 7th, this proposal, at this time, seems odd.
7:26 PM
@Glazius thanks
@Akixkisu To be fair, "We won't really make an announcement before the question collection starts" so most people haven't had that time
@doppelgreener This is a cool script, I'm glad it exists
Me too!
To add to what I just said. It says a lot to me that the unofficial announcement of the election has a fourth the views of a post posted two days after
@Exempt-Medic That is fair, but that comment also included the exact information regarding the start date of the election - just not announced officially. We are looking at a small set of users after all :)
7:37 PM
Very true, I did smile at that
7:57 PM
@Exempt-Medic Should the site advertise a "Moderator Elections coming up" question, with a "yes, yes they are. Think about questions and people now!" answer?
8:16 PM
@JoelHarmon I could certainly see that sort of thing, and would welcome it, though I also need to go perusing MSE since I can't imagine that's never been brought up before and I also worry since I would assume SE has at least some reason for keeping elections rather under wraps
I assume it's not a deliberate choice to keep elections "under wraps", but more a limitation on the systems used for the election (meta.se)
Yeah I'm just gonna probably go do research since the election page has existed since at least September 7th but wasn't actually announced until October 11th
8:33 PM
@ThomasMarkov You encountered a lot of feedback that is not easy to digest on top of sickness and amplified by that horrendous work culture. If there are a few things that you might want to air or talk through, then feel free to invite me to a room.
3 hours later…
11:19 PM
30 days for 30 A sale hosted by C. A. Berlitz. I am turning 30, so I just decided to offer all my titles with 30% off for 30 days.
PEACHHOUND by Darling Demon Eclipse. Two players. Each takes a role. Only bring your kindness for others. Both players win if the two leave the gutter together. If not, we all lose.
Star Crossed by CStrange. Feel your love thrum across the cosmos!
"We Are the Mountain: A Look at the Inactive Protagonist" article by Vida Cruz for Fantasy Magazine.
Pammu asks on twitter "in your local context, what are the elements of a good story? What should a game, or movie, or story have for it to work?"
Upcoming Kickstarter: HULL BREACH Vol. 1 by Ian Yusem. A sci-fi horror anthology digest for the Mothership RPG. A manifest of new, eclectic terrors from 20 independent authors
Craig Campbell asks on twitter "What's your favorite RPG that most people haven't heard of?"
11:42 PM
I cannot find @JoelHarmon's specific proposal anywhere, though I could have missed it. Can't prove a negative

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