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Woot, halfway to Fanatic badge
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Q: Are dice re-rolled together or sequentially for Chaos Bolt with Empowered Metamagic?

OdoThe Sorcerer's Empowered Spell metamagic option reads Empowered Spell When you roll damage for a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to reroll a number of the damage dice up to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). You must use the new rolls. While the spell Chaos Bolt reads: You hurl an u...

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3:57 AM
Q: Can Bardic inspiration be used in portent creation?

Bailey GeorgeCan a bard use bardic inspiration on a divination wizard to improve the roll of their portent die? In other words, can bardic inspiration be spent in the creation of portent dice? My initial thought is no, but both abilities apply specifically to the same types of rolls.

Q: Can blood hunter and bard die stack

PropofthedeadSo I seen a reactionary curse that basically says you roll your hemocraft die to reduce a attack roll that you can see. Since this and the lore bard's use of bardic inspiration work mechanically the same via Cutting Words and uses a resource could it or should it be used in the same reaction to r...

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Q: Does Empowered Spell metamagic work over multiple turns?

OdoThe Sorcerer's Empowered Spell metamagic option reads Empowered Spell When you roll damage for a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to reroll a number of the damage dice up to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). You must use the new rolls. While the spell Immolation reads (emphasis added...

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Hey, @BESW, back a while you posted a tryptich (sp?) of games about geography, and I’m too lazy to find the exact thing but I wanted to mention that my d&d group tried the one about the flood survey today
We were missing a player (we only have me and two others) so I was looking for something easy and found it in my drive.
We had fun with it! We were both laughing our way through it all the way, especially because the other player comes up with amazing little tidbits of ideas that are kinda crazy but really hilarious
Awesome, I'm glad you had fun!
Probably it was i'm sorry did you say street magic by Caro Asercion?
Wait, no, I'd totally forgotten about the one you're talking about!
Sep 15 at 22:20, by BESW
The 1914-15 Research Survey of the Los Angeles River Basin Triptych by timhutchings. Three short freeform games about social relationships to geography. Play all three games in less than an hour.
@BESW Yeah, that one.
It’s actually got her interested in other non-d&d/PF/Shadowrun/other-things-formally-published indie games
So we might be doing more of them
5:24 AM
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Scratching toward a cover for my new project...
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Q: What are the key considerations to creating compelling environments?

doppelgreenerAn area I am close to revealing to my players was barren rock, until I realised adding a few kinds of plants and some crystal spires (which have very good reason to be there) took the location from dull to intriguing in the space of half an hour. It occurs to me that adding plants and (possibly)...

A: Giving a setting a feeling of ancientness

BESWTo have a sense of ancientness either the world needs to have an ancient history to call on, or you'll need strategies to give the impression of one. Pulsehead's answer provides one way to create a history, but many worldbuilders never design so thoroughly and it doesn't stop them at all. Either ...

Hey, @doppelgreener ! I've got a favor to ask. As someone who's been with me on my Fate journey for a long time, would you be up for giving some feedback on a draft where I annotated my very first (and abandoned) attempt at writing a Fate module?
@BESW Yes!
I'd be happy to.
epub is in your Discord DMs
@BESW I wasn't sold on Pugmire but this could be interesting
Alas, it is not playable. It's the annotated abandoned module I just mentioned.
9:16 AM
rad. might be a bit before I can review it
Also, a friend just had a large rice ball land on their car from apparently nowhere overnight. I presume a competitive rice ball hurling is to blame.
They have some security camera footage; it appears to just fall out of the sky.
That's a new one to me.
@doppelgreener Mana from the heavens?
@AncientSwordRage In the form of rice!
9:20 AM
I'm more surprised nothing ate it over night
Actually it might have, these messages were from during the night lol
@AncientSwordRage That'd be manna; mana is a Polynesian word for an almost entirely unrelated concept, which Larry Niven used when he wanted an exotic word for quantitative magic and then other people copied him.
@BESW this is true, I was being lazy with my Ns
I grew up on Diablo I & II, so that is what stuck unfortunately
@AncientSwordRage Diablo had rice mana [sic] falling from the sky with just a single n in the word on a mouseover tooltip? ^_^
9:27 AM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica At this time of year, At this time of day, in this country, Localised on My PC 20 years ago?
Researching Mana (single n)...

I'm just reading Wiki really
@BESW that's very interestin
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1:19 PM
@ThomasMarkov Hello!
@ThomasMarkov wazzuuuup
@AncientSwordRage hey buddy.
@ThomasMarkov hows tricks?
I don't know what that means. I must not be one of the cool kids :P
Who wants to make a joke?
May We?
*Mais Ouis*
@ThomasMarkov tricks would be whatever you're getting up to these days
1:36 PM
I’m up to about here gestures to about two inches from top of head
2:05 PM
@BardicWizard ::grimace:: you ok?
2:35 PM
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, dropped the DMG on my foot about a minute before that and it hurt
In terms of books to drop on one’s foot, it’s up there with my precalc book and the history book
At least it wasn't as big as my 11th grade history book, that thing was probably 9 inches thick, pretty sure they were trying to fit the entirety of human history in there since the stone age, plus some other stuff.
@RevenantBacon wow. Mine’s maybe 3in thick at most (traditions and encounters: a global perspective on the past 6e)
2:59 PM
OK, 9 is probably an exaggeration, but it was definitely at least 6. The thing I remember most about it was that it was bigger than all of my other books combined, which is saying a lot since the math and science books were pretty thick as well. Fortunately I went to a trade school so I only had to actually lug it around every other week.
Unrelated but relevant to current questions: I disagree with being underwater giving you full cover compared to someone above the surface.
Like, water is (normally) clear, so I should be able to see you and target you.
Water is often not perfectly clear, especially in the cases where there is something in it that is large enough to warrent zapping
Depends on how the light is reflecting off the surface as well and your viewing angle.
3:14 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword with email in body, messaging number in body, pattern-matching email in body, potentially bad keyword in body, +1 more (311): HOW CAN I GET A REAL SPELL CASTER THAT CAN MAKE ME WIN THE LOTTERY? DR.IKHILE IS HERE TO HELP YOU URGENTLY by raster eugene on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@kviiri memorization is an aid to synthesis
@RevenantBacon angle of refraction will confuse most people after a very small depth
3:27 PM
Oh, by the way, I got GM approval for my bard’s leather armor to be refluffed as “A corset and a hoop skirt, but you don’t get to break a hoop as an improvised weapon this time”
I’m excited now!
"but you don’t get to break a hoop as an improvised weapon this time" seems oddly specific
Long story short: this group is the group I played a lot of Risus in back in middle school. I played once an Explosion-Happy Infiltrator in a Hoop Skirt (4), who at one point used the hoop out of the skirt by breaking it, using it as a sword, and stabbing the bad guy
I have a long list of things I am banned from with hoop skirts.
@BardicWizard You seem to have quite the list of oddly specific things you're banned from
Though, as a dm, I would never ban you from pulling the hoop out of your skirt and stabbing with it. I would just make it do 1 damage on a hit and give it a negative modifier.
@ThomasMarkov a dagger or a hat pit is a more effective weapon, eh?
3:49 PM
@BESW The word "mana" also appears in Finnish mythology, it always weirded me out how it has a mythological, supernatural meaning in many different cultures
"Going to the lodges of mana" is a common euphemism for dying, and manala ("the place of mana") means either Hell or afterlife in a more generic sense
One etymological hypothesis is that it originally derives from maanala or literally "underground"
@KorvinStarmast Roughly the same effectiveness, though a hat pin doesn't have a cutting edge, so it would be less useful in general, and isn't nearly as sturdy, so it would likely blunt/bend out of shape before very long.
@ThomasMarkov meh, probably 2/3 are self inflicted bans or theoretical preemptive bans by both me and the gm. Only about a third have been banned by a gm after being in play, and most of those are the “it worked once but not again” type.
Also removing the hoop would take at least a full action.
@ThomasMarkov Well, if it's flimsy enough that it can be broken by hand, you likely aren't going to get many uses out of it before it's unuseable. I'd say let it do 1d4 and disadvantage, undecided on the modifier, and you can only get a handful of hits out of it before it's to busted to use offensively anymore.
3:54 PM
@kviiri Does that use of the term show up before 1891?
@GcL Pretty sure it shows up in Lönnrot's writings, I can check if Ganander recognizes it
I found a 1898 translation of Finn poetry with passages like "And Lemminkainen went down into the abysses of Manala, the abode of the dead."
@RevenantBacon being risus, I got to do it because it was awesome
Yeah, that'd be Kalevala, from the early 19th century, compiled by Lönnrot
Ganander lists the term "Manala" too, he's from the 18th century
I'd translate from Swedish but mobile chat and that is a bit too much pain for me xD
@ThomasMarkov i did forget to mention that all the hoop skirt ones either are self bans or actual ones. No preemptive ones in this case
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7:25 PM
I hate when my teachers are right about something
my math teacher said “come to office hours even if you don’t have questions, it’s useful” and I went because my parents suggested it and I actually learned something new
@BardicWizard This seems like an unhealthy perspective tbh.
@BardicWizard Always show up to office hours. Even if you know the material. Ask a couple of softball questions and thank them for answering. People who grade things give better grades to students they recognize and like. You're more likely to get the benefit of the doubt or overlooking a slip up.
@ThomasMarkov yeah, it was mostly kinda surprising
Cause last year, I went to at least 3 office hours that were not actually helpful to me
@GcL my mom taught a couple college classes when I was a baby and she said that in her classes going to office hours usually helped the student’s grade and not just because of doing better on the work
And now, back to —ugh— homework
8:10 PM
Grr, my copy of All Bridges Burning hasn't been shipped yet
8:22 PM
@NautArch what was the build order for that paladin you played to level 20? I recall your posting that you left STR at 16, did PAM and GWM and Mounted Combatant ... what was the rest of it?
Or maybe it was GWF??
Did you max CHA or only get it to 18?
8:43 PM
Did you get a free feat at the beginning?
@nitsua60 o/
@KorvinStarmast \o
9:03 PM
@nitsua60 Been a weird Monday. Hope yours was better.
@KorvinStarmast You ran Sunless Citadel, right? How did you manage the "goblin town" encounter area?
My players went through it last session and it was an absolute mess from the GM perspective
@KorvinStarmast My Mondays have been like most other days the last three weeks: a total mess. A co-worker's on a medical leave and I've picked up ~50% of their load as a "medium-term" solution while we work on a longer-term solution.
(Oh, and before that I had three weeks of picking up 100% of a different co-worker's job, putting me well behind the eight-ball for starting up my own classes.)
@BardicWizard you get bad teachers, but that's still good advice
By bad I mean producing office is that aren't helpful
10:01 PM
Is it always in the interest of territory defense that the Capital/Seat of Power of a Kingdom be central to the Kingdom?
At least, within Magic Fantasy Fiction?
This is a bit-too-big of a question for mainsite.
I think dynamics of warfare/feudalism biases towards that? (It's easier to control land the closer it is to your seat due to travel times)
Like, if we look at Modern America, DC is in the middle of the two states along the eastern coast. However, in this modern era, logistics and naval control of the coast have us fairly certain that the capital is not going to be the first target of a land siege.
@Someone_Evil And with modern communication technology, we don't need to send joggers to California to let them know of a siege in Washington DC
Also: is territory defense the primary influence in determining a seat? (answer: no, rarely, economic and political positioning is much more important, which means you put it at a nexus of travel routes.)
Are you in modern times or pseuodo medival fantasy land (because they presumably have very different dynamics)
PMFL but relatively high Myth and Magic scales
Local deities of obvious presence (you can go find and meet one easily) as well as global gods (dieties of a higher power an agency above those of local gods of fertility and weather).
As well as much more potent take on the Weave where nearly everyone has access to some basic interfacing with it, making baseline magic in the setting higher than usual.
But spellcasters of the highest tiers are not very common.
10:08 PM
The USA capital's location, for example, was debated largely on the grounds of ease of access by the majority of the population, and which states had debts that the federal government would accrue in recompense for the land. During a war.
But then it was relocated a few times, as well.
So places of high economic or magical (or other) value become primary candidate for seats, and the territory they control "radiates" from the seats, with a bias for boundaries to align with natural barriers (oceans, mountain ranges, etc.) and then add 'historical noise' (from conflicts, intrigue, cultures, etc.) (is the method I'd start with anyway)
Or go back in history: Londinium became a capital AFTER it was burned to the ground and rebuilt, because they rebuilt it so good that it got rich.
If military defense were a primary consideration, "recently burned the ground by our enemies" would not have been a great pitch for a capital city.
The kingdom I'm fleshing out is supposed to have been the result of conquest of many lands forgotten by time. A sort of "the victors write history" type thing. I'm trying to figure where the previous capital would have been before they essentially lead a successful conquest on the previous inhabitants and claimed a sprawling ringed city built into a mountain.
So from what I'm hearing, defensible locations are more of a consideration for viscounties, rather than the seat of power.
And I need to look for economic and political control mapping
Which is awkward because it would lead me to have no good place to put the original capital.
You can always just make it traditional.
10:14 PM
Traditional how?
"It was a good location three hundred years ago, and the noble council to decide where to move it have bickered about it long enough that their grandchildren are now on the council, still arguing."
A lot of things about the way humanity does things in groups aren't logical, they're the emergent result of a thousand unrelated causes smashing together and acquiring the inertia of long use.
Well, the idea was that there were two neighboring Kingdoms and the small one took the entire territory of the other.
And a lot of the rest of the way we do things, are the result of a handful of really powerful people making choices for everyone else and then convincing us we like it that way.
For worldbuilding... I'd choose a location that tells the players something about the people in question, either a thing which Was True But Now Changed or a thing which Is True But Now Obscured.
Were they once a great naval power but have lost their ships? Make it a dying port city. Did they venerate the forests they now strip to fuel their war? Make it a sacred grove on a denuded landscape.
The ancestral seat of a family which now wields economic rather than political power, the original home of Indigenous people ousted by colonists, etc.
What story is the old capital going to tell?
Once you've figured out the story, THEN you can worry about making it "reasonable."
@Axoren I think the context of the conquest makes a world of difference here. Eg. if it's an imperialist war, the victors will see the conquered lands as a client people, and moving the administration closer to them would grant them influence the victors would rather not let them have
But if it's eg. a king claiming another's throne without greater national or ideological considerations, the victor'll probably reign in their own old court or the loser's old court, whichever has prettier stained glass windows.
10:30 PM
Sorry, one moment. Work emergency.
@kviiri Contrariwise, colonial powers often usurp local power structures and simply install themselves as a new layer of power above the highest surviving power layer in the colonized area.
Shave off the threatening layers of power on top, put your own in their place, let the rest of the population pretend things haven't changed much until it's too late.
Both Ancillary Justice and A Memory Called Empire call attention to that power dynamic explicitly, and it felt very familiar.
@BESW @kviiri It was a systematic erasure "assisted" by dark magical entities. I say it in quotes because the lesser kingdom wasn't even aware that their conquest was being aided by dark forces. What remained was an empty Kingdom left vacant for the conquerors and they moved in.
10:36 PM
it's way past my bedtime
I must go now, g'nite
@kviiri night
The old capital is actually where the original small kingdom's seat was, before their conquest and it's supposed to leave clues to this historical relationship as since the Conquest of (by current era, read: "Founding of") the larger kingdom.
Otherwise, no one in the Kingdom has records of the people who lived there before, all trace of it was wiped clean. All the technological and architectural marvels of the kingdom are attributed to the Conquerers' ancestors. And surprisingly, the other kingdoms of the realm lack any recollection of anything having been different.
The original seat is supposed to be this one clue that didn't get scrubbed.
That's very morally convenient for the colonizers.
And very inconvenient if a group of adventurers happened upon this knowledge as they rise to power to do something about it.
That, among other things are brewing in the Kingdom in the current era that call into question the legitimacy of the crown and are radiating a LOT of political and social pressure throughout the land.
Most colonial powers, like America and Australia, had to take active steps to mollify their population's consciousness of the genocides underlying the occupation.
10:43 PM
Ugh, just had to say 'no' to a kid asking for a college rec. First time in my career.
That said, I'd never taught the kid, been their coach, been their dorm parent.... The closest connection I can think of is that they were assigned one year to a proctored nightly study hall that I occasionally am the proctor for.
@nitsua60 Oof yeah, that wouldn't make for a very good letter.
I'm used to kids who did badly in my class--or ones where we even didn't get along very well--asking and my saying "yes, of course, but let's talk first about the sorts of things I have to say about you as a student." But that kid is generally asking me because they judge that, while our experience may not have been great, I'm still their best option. And I'm never going to take that option away from a kid.
But this one... it's just so weird that they asked me.
Most of the teachers/professors I know would say something like "I haven't spent enough time with you to write a personal letter, it would be too generic and vague to be useful. You need a letter from somebody who knows you better."
@Axoren watch HelloFutureMe on youtube, he covers this in a way for ... the On worldbuilding series?
@nitsua60 Someone asked me to write them a recommendation letter in a Freshman College course where they were doing rather poorly. I asked them to write the letter themselves and I'd sign it if it looked fine. He couldn't think of anything good to write about himself so he just didn't do it.
10:50 PM
@Axoren Oof. Put that mirror away, professor!
I'm proud of that kid, though. He was on the path to failing the class and just barely got his crap together to scrape by with a D- (I didn't even toss him a bone here). I had to fail over half the class for cheating when their grades weren't even as bad as his.
If I could go back in time and write that letter for him, I'd honestly do it, looking back.
Tenacious and honest effort.
Q: What happens if an ocean is zapped by the witch bolt spell?

Random WizardFrom what I read, witch bolt will only hit the target. But, will it hit anything else, for example, a creature swimming within 10-15 feet of the strike location? The reason for this is an attempt to electrocute a chuul that is hiding somewhere underwater.

@HotRPGQuestions lots of things......
@BardicWizard You mean nothing because it's not a creature.
Unless in your setting, the entire ocean is a Water Weird.
@AncientSwordRage I've watched this guy before. He's really good.
@Axoren who’s to say it isn’t???
10:58 PM
@BardicWizard Me. I'm an expert on identifying water.
splish splosh Yup, it's water.
But PARANOIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Druids, am I right?
@Axoren are you sure????? You can’t be too careful!!!!!!
only you can prevent weird water!
I shared a Water Weird trap with a friend who was running a game for a pick-up party.
Trap didn't even matter because as soon as they saw the pool on the VTT, they shouted "I jump into the pool."
Pool, fountain, pond, whatever
Everything in a dungeon is either a water weird or a mimic
11:02 PM
Or a Stone-camo Branchero
"You can lead the adventurers to water, but you can't make them drink predict what they'll do to it"
*entire party on the verge of dying from thirst*
*spot an oasis*
"I pee in it."
@Axoren why????????????
that’s just horribly crass
and horrible
and crass
My players of old have done far worse things to the only drinking water for miles.
....and a lot of other things, come to think of it
11:07 PM
Like buy the most potent synthetic poison and pollute the reservoir with it.
@Axoren the Druid in me is crying
Mind you, that's not what killed the villagers.
That’s got to be the worst thing you can do to a water source that’s the life of the community!!!!!!!!!!
It's what killed the raiders who destroyed the entire village.
it’s just plain old murder!!!!!!!!!!
And not even accidental!!!!!!!
11:09 PM
Actually, it was.
One of the players was holding the uncorked bottle and then jumped into the reservoir
They had spilled some on themselves and were horrified.
They somehow forgot how washing stuff off of them worked.
Their goal with the poison was to poison a tribe of goblins that refused to seek peace with with the neighboring satellite town.
Then they learned after they bought the poison that they shared a water source with the goblins.
The raiders were a separate threat that was foreshadowed and then bluntly described to them as being a more active threat than the goblins.
When they returned from a week-long campaign to cripple the goblin forces, they returned to a town where all of the original inhabitants were slain and the raiders had died of poison.
Wow. I don’t want to be on their bad side
Then, the cleric pipes up and says "OH! THAT'S WHAT YOU MEANT BY RAIDERS!"
Complete oblivionwalkers.
@Axoren whacks head on wall
Essentially, they had purchased the poison from a terrorist arms supplier than they decided to go to because the alchemist of the town wasn't willing to sell them illicit substances, such as explosives and deadly poison. That terrorist arms supplier was making a deal with a pair of RAIDERS in the room WHILE THEY WERE THERE TO BUY THE POISON
After they told the arms dealer they were working for the militia, the two RAIDERs book it. One of the players thought it was suspicious and CHASED them and then the two raiders split in opposite directions. "Man, that was suspicious. I hope that wasn't anything important."
And then they met with the militia captain the next day, and he asked "Anything to report?" and they said "Not really. We're thinking about poisoning the goblins."
whacks head on history textbook ...owww.... I really pity you and your sanity
11:20 PM
This was a long time ago.
So it's not a big deal.
They were fairly new and 90% of the time, 75% of the group was high
It was also the game in which someone shouted up into the tree where the Ranger was hiding and said "Hey, I think they know where you are!"
@Axoren see, the difference between your group and mine is that mine is a, underage (so it’s not possible for us to have the same statistics on mindaltering drugs), and b, insane for no explainable reason (your group at least could blame drugs)
@Axoren no kidding, they just confirmed any suspicions
@MikeQ Do you mean the 'big room' or the overall goblin presence in multiple rooms?
@nitsua60 Reminds me of one of my tours in the Navy. "Work gravitates to those who will do it" 😯
@KorvinStarmast Yeah... it's a dangerous side-effect of just wanting the kids to be well-served.
Sorry you had a bad day, too.
@nitsua60 We do what we must to achieve the mission. I have just learned that I may be sent to Arizona next month ... this due to some of the elephants mating late Friday .. will find out soon ... Wife Is Gonna be pissed.
11:28 PM
@KorvinStarmast You're still active duty?
@Axoren Nope. Retired in 2005.
Oof, ouch. Sent for a month, or sent next month for a who-knows-how-long?
@nitsua60 We think, right now, for about a month, or three weeks, and not just me, maybe a half a dozen of us. Or maybe we get new info tomorrow. We'll see.
Our corporate elephants are in Virginia and Alabama, so I am not sure who the heck is driving this runaway train ... such is life
I don't know why I assumed elephants banging was a Navy euphemism. Apparently, it's a corporate euphamism.
@Axoren Hilariously, based on the law itself, I am technically subject to recall to active duty until some time in 2024, in case of national emergency ... but the odds are slim to none ...
@Axoren We had other terms that are not polite for mixed company nor for RPGSE chat :)
11:33 PM
Like "poop deck"?
Maybe I need to throw an invisibility spell, or plane shift, for the next few days and they'll not realize I am there. If I try the old Monty Python "trying not to be seen" bit I think I'll explode ...
I will admit that I once found a quarter on the quarterdeck of a ship ....
"To be fair, you have to have a very high AC to play Sword and Board. The armor is extremely durable, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the techniques will go over a typical player's head."
Meme hitting my Discord right now.
@Axoren busily scratches head
My lone venture into SCA taught me how very useful shields are in not getting whacked, and how darned tired one's arm could get ...
@Axoren I am not hip enough to get Rick and Morty, never seen/experienced it. Maybe someday while I am bored in Arizona and away from home, I could binge watch?
11:37 PM
@KorvinStarmast To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ... :P
@Axoren And I do. So that's not a limitation. The theoretical physics bit might pose a challenge though ...
@KorvinStarmast Was just making a joke with the copypasta starting exactly the same way
... but I do know that dark matter is not the stuff at the bottom of the coffee pot if you leave it on over night on board ship ... 😎
For the most part, knowing actual science means nothing. Rick is a demigod who invents his own science at all times just to keep the adventures going
@Axoren And I am playing the straight guy in this comedy duo how am I doing? Who's on first, anyway?
11:39 PM
It's a very grody experience, but it's refreshing in the themes it explores
Worst thing I can do is try a few episodes and see how much I like it.
@Axoren How is it compared to Beevis and butthead?
I never quite warmed to their brand of funny ...
I think it's best to watch clips. I'll either undersell it or oversell it
@Axoren Cool, thanks for the rec. 👍
And now, my murder hobo on steroids Diablo III friends summon me, so off I go
Note, that anyone about to go watch some Rick and Morty, there are some VERY serious themes that are approached without safety of any sort.
Existential dread, sexual assault, emotional abuse, otherwise gruesome violence.
It doesn't necessarily treat these things as anything other than the butt of a joke until it does.
11:57 PM
that description makes me pretty glad I've never watched any of it

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