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4:17 AM
Q: Can a weapon be a holy symbol?

TSix BBXSo I'm being part of a DnD campaign soon, and I'm making a tempest cleric that worships Thor. Since Thor's weapon is a Warhammmer, and I also use a Warhammer, could the hammer count as a holy symbol or would there need to be some form of engraving/emblem on it for it to count?

4:28 AM
Hello! How are the lovely (probably) humans around here?
Probably as in probably human, not as in probably lovely. I’m sure everyone here is definitely lovely
[wave] Writing up some designer's notes for WWG.
4:47 AM
Fun! I’m supposed to be asleep cause tomorrow is my birthday and we’re going rafting!
Oooh fun.
Is rafting a thing you do often?
5:00 AM
No it’s our first time, but a friend said it’s fun so we’re trying it.
5:12 AM
Very cool. I've never done anything that'd probably be called rafting in the proper sense.
5:28 AM
I've gone both rafting and kayaking
I make the distinction only in that one is in rapids water and one is just on the ocean when it's calm
more kayaking than rafting for sure though
I've... paddled a leaking inflatable boat on the Talofofo River, what's that count as?
what do you think that counts as? do I look like an expert?
@trogdor But have you gone both rafting and kayaking simultaneously? Twice the equipment for twice the fun?
no definitely not
also twice as many clones of myself
so I could be two places at once
5:48 AM
One @trogdor in the raft and kayak, the other @trogdor filming it for internet points
clearly we have very different ideas about how this could possibly work logistically
Sure, sure. You could have one foot in the raft and the other in the kayak, sort of like water skiing. Or, you could sit in one and pull the other one over you, making yourself into a waterborne @trogdor sandwich.
6:04 AM
Or you could cut them both sagittally, then glue each half-kayak with the opposite half-raft, yielding a pair of raft-kayak hybrids. Then you race against your clone.
6:19 AM
@BardicWizard Oh my that sounds neat! Have a great time :)
I've been canoeing a few times myself, and I like rowing. I've been thinking of actually joining a rowing team once I have the time
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9:51 AM
Thank you for the tags, @Someone_Evil!
10:02 AM
10:27 AM
Q: Is this really a reccomendation question?

ZachielI have stumbled upon this question. It asks about a site that the querent has seen. The question does not ask the users to suggest a game, not even a product. It looks more like a resource-identification question to me, but I just awoke and it's very hot here and my judgement could be clouded. I'...

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11:54 AM
@BardicWizard Happy birthday!
12:35 PM
@V2Blast man, that was quick. I was in the middle of typing a reason for my flag on that spam and it was nuked before I finished typing. grin
@BardicWizard Oh, dear, I think I'm on your list. And that singular anomaly, the background novelist – I don’t think they’d be missed – I’m sure they’d not be missed I have written a few that went on for pages and pages ... I think I owe you one for the Mikado's entry solo "My object all sublime, I shall achieve in time ...." I'll start it out as A more humane game master never did at table exist I'll have it done by lunch time.
@KorvinStarmast Haha, I happened to look at the flags just now. Though it does seem like they're a human user and not just a spambot, so I have given the other mods a ping to take a look at the question and maybe explain how the site works to the asker.
@V2Blast looks to me like a {clumsy} attempt to write an ad for their kickstarter. But I have been wrong before.
True, I just mean we may need to explain to them "that's not how we do things here" - while they might be able to get away with posting that sort of thing on /r/dnd or /r/dndnext if they follow the subreddit rules on self-promotion, tangentially-related/unrelated self-promotion is almost never appropriate on RPG.SE (plus the question itself is more of a discussion prompt). I figure it's well-meaning, even if misplaced
I initially glanced at it and thought it was a spambot ripping off a legit post or something, and tacking spam onto the end
Q: Can you use your free object interaction while restrained?

JJustinMIf a character is restrained, like being in the gullet of a froghemoth, and they attempt to pull out a different weapon, I assume they could drop what they were holding, but since their speed is zero, can they pull out another item for free? For instance, a character drops a dagger and pulls out ...

@BESW I mean, I don't foresee any problems doing so, if that's what you're asking. I've seen some of their posts/messages in mod channels (they mod cooking.SE and boardgames.SE) but never interacted with them there directly. :)
12:50 PM
Hello friends
@ThomasMarkov yo
howdy howdy
@BardicWizard Happy Birthday!
1:08 PM
@BardicWizard I added a modest sample from The Mikado to the google doc. grin
@ThomasMarkov o/
@KorvinStarmast I didn't think that post was spam at first because of the semi-legit question it started with. But I also didn't read it super carefully.
@NautArch Maybe not so much spam as an attempt at advertising?
@KorvinStarmast I guess so!
I just thought removing the spam just left the question behind. But clearly it was worse than that!
My group begins Tomb of Horrors tomorrow night.
Should be...interesting.
Which one?
1:19 PM
I mean, which Tomb of Horrors?
I'm worried my reincarnation question is attracting bad answers
oh, ha!
5e's reincarnation
from Tales from the Yawning Portal
@BESW not which group :p
I used the Tomb of Horrors Super Adventure campaign as a backbone for my 4e campaign.
@NautArch which post is this?
1:23 PM
@ThomasMarkov see line above BESW clarifying which Tomb of Horrors :)
Looking at it again, there is a legitimate question there. And the 'spam' seems more like a signature they use. But I'm not going to fight for it:)
@NautArch Yeah, seems like a legit question, but Id rather not have that nonsense accessible through the revision history.
@ThomasMarkov maybe they'll ask again if it's legit. But that's a pretty rough start.
1:44 PM
@AncientSwordRage A single non-answer is not really grounds for concern, we do unfortunately get a fair number of those
@Someone_Evil I think some of the non-non-answers do also miss the mark as well
In that they are going into the ramifications as they relate to the backstory aspect?
@Someone_Evil Yes, in a way
Or they go into other ramifications like what evil people might do with the spell etc.
It feels like some of the answers are answering "How can I make this a cool thing in my game?"
some of that references backstory and some of it doesn't
@AncientSwordRage Isn't that just the deleted answer, or am I missing something?
Your question does include "Are their any in-game ramifications?", which rather opens the floor for dealing with the ramifications, does it not?
2:01 PM
@Someone_Evil I meant it to be rules ramifications not roleplay ramifications
I was less looking for "How do I roleplay a body swap/Big/13 going on 30 style background" and more "Do I need account for any rules introduced outside the core books?"
I've not read Xanithars etc, but if it had rules for playing as younger characters it might be relevant
Ahh... the fun of question unclarity only becoming clear upon receiving answers
it's the best
I mean worst
at least now having this conversation, I can see why certain answers were posted, whihc makes me appreciate them more
I'll suggest adding that word to the last line (and fixing the their/there misspelling while you're at it :p). It's technically only a scoping in, and answering that aspect shouldn't be hard
@Someone_Evil the "rules" word?
rules/mechanical, something to that effect
2:08 PM
Is Kryan's answer here a frame challenge or just not an answer?
@Someone_Evil done
thanks for helping me understand
@NautArch I still think its a shopping question.
Mine is the close vote.
@ThomasMarkov it's looking for a single exact site
I don't think that's shopping
@ThomasMarkov I don't think it's shopping, but it's also not very clear. And the first answer shows that.
Im not sure stating that you are looking for a particular site makes it not shopping when the criteria given apart from that statement is exactly shopping.
2:14 PM
The problem might that it's so unclear/undetailed that it's easy to mistake. Or perhaps rather, the question assumes such sites are rare (which it may have been at the time), but when you ignore that assumption that are too many sites which could fit the description and so it looks like it's just "shopping" for one of them
@Someone_Evil Yes, this is what im trying to say haha
Imagine I asked you guys "There was this one grocery item I used to use, its a fine white powder sometimes used for making bread, what was it?" Any brand of flour answers the question as asked, except the particular answer is Gold Medal Flour. Isn't this a shopping question?
Unless I add details to the question that have a reasonable expectation of being unique to the particular bag of flour, it seems indistinct from a standard shopping question.
I read the question as "There this one type of flour, it baked the biggest breads" as closer
@AncientSwordRage "it baked the biggest breads 10 years ago"
And I read the question as "I found this one site with awesome baking recipes like Beholder Bread 10 years ago. Does anyone remember that site and know if it's still here?"
@NautArch Is this different from "What 10 year old cookbook had a recipe for beholder bread?"
2:21 PM
@ThomasMarkov not really, still more product identification than shopping, tho
but what if I asked it as "Im shopping for a 10 year old cookbook with a recipe for beholder brad" :P
Beholder Brad will be an NPC in my next campaign.
@ThomasMarkov then any cookbook would technically work, but could fall short of what the OP really wanted <--issue with recomendation questions
@AncientSwordRage Which is why Kryan's answer concerns me.
Q&A work best when the answerer can be certain their answer is correct
@NautArch it reads a little like "Forget beholder bread, we had tuk-tuk bread back in the day..."
But this is pretty clear. Does the collection of their examples? If not, then it's not right. But alas, the current answer has an upvote and i'm not ready to downvote yet.
2:27 PM
@AncientSwordRage This is the primary issue, I think - the only way an expert can know their answer is correct is for OP to say "yes this was the one". OP is the only expert here.
@ThomasMarkov if you had encyclopedic knowledge of all optimized build websites, you could know a list of answers
@AncientSwordRage And still not know which was correct. Even exhaustive knowledge of all 3/3.5 build websites doesn't allow you to know the answer.
"Sites a, b and c have a recipe for Beholder Bread. Only A and B had four-armed humanoid souffle recipes"
@ThomasMarkov it allows you to get close enough
Heh. Saw the first character build for Tomb of Horrors. They're still going combat-heavy for design even after I've explained the Tomb.
2:42 PM
@NautArch oh?
I mean, it may not make a difference, but the Tomb is less about combat and more about exploring and 'puzzles'.
But when they do encounter combat, it'll be fast now :)
2:57 PM
I'm trying to come up with a more 'fun' invisiblity mechanic in 5e, and having issues.
I think i've got a mix of misunderstanding and confusion around the raw mechanics and trying to increase the fun/dangerous aspects of being invisible.
3:15 PM
@NautArch right I've never played that modules
darn it, my vet's phone has been busy all morning. (pet is okay, just need a cert for rabies vax)
3:31 PM
@NautArch glad pet is ok
and of course one of them needs a shot.
what pets do you have?
two dogs. A 100lb lab/dane/hound mix and a 50lb lab/australian(?) mix.
sounds like scooby and scrappy
pretty much!
and we do love scooby doo in our house
3:38 PM
I remember you saying that you were running D&D Scooby Do dventures
Put one together, but haven't run it yet. Super easy and short.
no real sleuthing
@NautArch sounds like it's well pitched though, can always expand on it I guess
@NautArch that's a Scooby-Do Adventure half the time though, right?
heh, pretty much
but i figure it's too weird to make it like that, so just setting up as scenes, discovery through skill checks, and fights.
seems reaosnable
@NautArch What dangerous aspects are you thinking of?
3:49 PM
@MarkWells that there is someone lurking around a room that they don't know about :)
oh, so the part where you're invisible
@AncientSwordRage I've outlined mostly scenes, info, checks, and fights.
@MarkWells yes;)
@MarkWells I'm thinking about either asking them for active checks rather than passive, but I don't like the tipping of the hat.
But I'm also not a huge fan of the passive.
although we generally do perception checks when they go into a room, so it oculd work.
Not for Tomb of Horrors, though - as apparently i'm not supposed to give out any information they don't explicitly ask for.
@NautArch seems harsh
@AncientSwordRage yup
4:15 PM
This weekend in my 5e game, my DM telegraphed a regicide in a way that should have been totally obvious, but we still all missed at and the king died.
That's why if you want your players to know something...tell them.
In the last chapter, we were protecting a different king, and he got up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night. We followed him and prevented him from throwing himself off the great tower.
This time, a different king got up from dinner to go to the bathroom. We should have been on high alert for the regicidal cult, but we werent. King died.
@NautArch DM was prepared for both outcomes. He thought it was so funny that we didnt catch it.
But yeah, getting up to go to the bathroom is a pretty obvious clue considering the last time.
@NautArch I'm a fan of perception checks immediately before getting hit, though that might not work in all situations, depending on what the invisible guy intends to do.
oh, that's kind of cool.
But is it really that diferent from being hit?
4:20 PM
I even went with the king to the bathroom where we (both heavily inebriated) had a contest of sorts. So I was accused of killing the king.
If you fail the check then it's exactly identical to being hit :)
If you pass then you're not necessarily even in combat yet. You could spot the threat before it's ready to move against you.
@MarkWells oh!
so it's an out of combat attack attempt. If the check is made, then do your oll initiative?
I ran almost all of Dead in Thay in initiative. May do the same for the Tomb.
@NautArch Most likely. If you spot a hidden enemy then most groups are going to do something that requires going to initiative.
I need to let that idea marinate a bit.
@ThomasMarkov This weekend, Blades in the Dark campaign. The crew saw the cops gearing up to go raid "someone". One player made a guess about their target, and immediately ran off to warn them, specifying that he was going through the sewers (they have maps of the sewers and can use them to get around). The rest of the group, one after another, all decide to go with him.
Meaning that, since they're all in the sewers, they can't watch to see where the cops actually go.
Which is to their own hideout.
4:31 PM
Good news, they had put some effort into fortifying the hideout, so the one guy inside had time to get to an escape route.
Anyone here fish?
I think most of us are humans
@MikeQ go fish
@NautArch I have once in the past
caught a roach
4:46 PM
I know a bit about fishing
about yaaaay big
Grew up at the beach.
@ThomasMarkov Hints were not obvious enough. I found making the neon sign blink and scream is barely sufficient.
@ThomasMarkov Kids are interested and I've got zero knowledge. And the local store doesn't have a whole lot and was trying to figure out a rod combo for them.
@NautArch have you looked on outdoors.stackexchange.com ?
4:51 PM
@AncientSwordRage I think shopping questions are discouraged :)
@NautArch I finally got to use my list of lists bwahaha
@NautArch "How do I figure out the rod combo for children" is not a shopping question
Teach a man to fish and all that
@Medix2 sweetmonkey.
@AncientSwordRage well, i'm more wanting to know if it's decent or not. And I'm eciding myself if I also need one.
I fished for years with a budget pflueger reel on a cheap walmart rod.
@NautArch A reference has never gone so entirely over my head before now
4:53 PM
But I was doing stuff like catching 2-3 lb bass in a pond.
@Medix2 less reference and more just a thing I say
My friend owns a fish market and hes got $1500 in one rod and reel.
@Medix2 Im resisting the urge to throw close votes at every question on your open list.
@ThomasMarkov Same
I just added a comment on that answer btw.
I almost want to flag it not an answer :P
@Medix2 Even though you deleted your answer on the "should this answer have been deleted" meta, I think you were onto something.
While you had the reasons to close wrong, in my opinion, the site process was followed. But shoudl that be the site process is a better question.
Do we need both tags for published adventures and curse of strahd on this question?
5:06 PM
@ThomasMarkov I do think the question in question has criteria. It lists examples of things the site in particular had, but I do think it is just as answerable
@NautArch I think we have a Meta on that somewhere...
@Medix2 Scroll up to see our discussion about grocery shopping.
I don't follow... The question is answered by links to any number of sites that may or may not exist today
Similarly "Where's a list of all Concentration spells" is answered by links to any number of sites that may or may not exist today
Yeah, and their correctness is verifiable by the answerer.
There is no measurable criteria for correct in the question at hand
I don't think that really matters here at the end of the day. The answers would still be nothing more than links which is the problem
Except that an answer happens to hit on OPs memory of the site.
5:11 PM
We have game identification questions. This is site identification in a way
But I also can't imagine the OP would be given a better site than the one they remember and reject it
Conceivably, OP could reject the correct answer because it looks different than they remembered it.
No one but OP can tell us if an answer is correct, and even that ability is in question.
Seems contrary to the spirit of stackexchange, doesnt it?
Game identification is the same
"I remember a module with XYZ, what was it, probably?" Answers are given and the OP manually accepts or rejects them
Maybe so.
I don't think the question should be open because answers would just be links and it's asking for a tool (a website). Unfortunately, that means that list I posted should also be closed :(
@Medix2 Yeah, I think they should be closed :p
5:17 PM
FWIW, Sci-fi does story-identification and Movies have banned them
But I've also been told not to close old no-longer-on-topic questions, or rather, that it isn't an especially pressing matter. I just wonder if them being open conveys the wrong idea of the sort of questions that are allowed here
I see the list as evidence we need to be more consistent, not evidence that similar questions should remain open.
they worked well on one site and not on the other
see you all on the flipside
@ThomasMarkov I don't think it's consistency. Recommendation questions were on-topic. So a bunch of old questions now exist
@Medix2 If you've got this in writing it invalidates that list as evidence the question should remain open.
or should I say...
5:19 PM
I've also been slowly shrinking this list (open [tool-rec] questions, a tag that is explicitly off-topic even in its own description)
Is there a meta on if those website-that-lists questions are thinly veiled tool recommendation questions?
@ThomasMarkov Not sure, but nearly 100% positive that thinly veiling something makes it okay.
@ThomasMarkov Unfortunately "Where can I find a list of Concentration spells" can just be turned into "Give me a list of Concentration spells" which we do allow
@Medix2 "I am shopping for a list of concentration spells" "Could you recommend a tool that lists concentration spells"
@ThomasMarkov Sorry I don't follow what that was meant to convey, could you explain a little more?
5:27 PM
@NautArch "Thinly Veiled Threats" should be a class feature: Anytime you roll a Charisma (Intimidation) check, you roll can roll Charisma (Persuasion) instead.
@Medix2 The questions as phrased can be easily transformed into questions that more obviously appear off topic.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah and appearance means a lot here XD
@ThomasMarkov and vice versa
@NautArch That would be the feature called "Threateningly Thin Veils"
The utility of such a feature is obviously just to get a two-for-one out of a skill proficiency.
For me the following are all very similar: "Where can I find a list of spells?" "Can I have a list of spells?"; and "What are all the ways to apply only the Incapacitated condition?" "Where can I find a list of all the ways to apply only the Incapacitated condition?" But we allow two of those four regardless of my own thoughts
@Medix2 Im with you here.
5:31 PM
I didn't think they were similar but after building a list of lists, I found that they were. Especially when the answer to "Build me a list..." was "Using D&D Beyond search filters, I found XYZ"
@NautArch Sounds like fun, hope it goes well.
@KorvinStarmast If it doesn't, we'll move on!
My DM style has definitely changed over this period (i think for the better)
@NautArch I only go fishing when my wife makes me fish. She likes fishing better than I do. Though I did go fishing for bluefish and striped bass off of Rhode Island a few decades back, caught the biggerst striper in the boat. Over 20 pounds. Man, that's good eating when prepared on the grill. Yum. Blue fish ... that takes a bit more care in preparation, kinda strong and oily.
@ThomasMarkov Here's an example of a question answered by D&D Beyond search filters. Though this question also asks only if there are any such monsters and not for a full and complete list of those monsters which is another problem entirely...
5:43 PM
@KorvinStarmast While I haven't smoked a bluefish myself, they are mighty tasty smoked.
@Medix2 Here is an answer where I used DNDBeyond search to prove a negative.
@ThomasMarkov As far as I understand it, the problem with recommendation questions has never been the problem it's trying to solve, but the frame it's trying solve it with. Transforming into a frame which works better with the site's format makes the problem solvable here
@Someone_Evil Is such a transformation possible for the question we've been discussing?
@NautArch hmm, wish I'd know that 20 years ago. What I did instead was cut out all of the really dark / oily meat, soak the rest in milk over 24 hours in the fridge, and then I cut it into cubes and marinated it in a citrus blend I got from a friend at work. Sorta like mini-fish kebabs in the end, pretty good.
@ThomasMarkov Careful, that used to lead to level drain in 2e.
5:46 PM
@ThomasMarkov It's not needed is it? It's already specifically asking for a specific, remembered site, no? (but maybe with too few details)
@Someone_Evil We handle site identification?
Unless it's unseen.
I'm also unsure if the question wants that particular site or if a substitute would be acceptable for the OP, should probably leave a comment. Oh there already is one, woo
@ThomasMarkov Could always ask for a list of absurdly powerful characters, though more details would certainly be required
@Medix2 preferably details that make answers other than Pun-Pun actually interesting.
@Medix2 I guess? It's not fundamentally different to other [product identification] questions as far as I can see, though the ephemerallity (word?) might make it harder
I always forget where which formatting works
5:52 PM
Is Coffeelock essentially the Pun-Pun of 5e?
@ThomasMarkov I've still got my downvoted answer up on that one :)
not submitting to peer pressure!
@NautArch which question? The original rpg.se coffeelock thread?
yeah, i think so
A: Does this character concept involving never taking a long rest and converting spell slots to sorcery points (aka coffeelock) violate RAW?

NautArchThis violates RAW Original question used Crawford Tweets to justify the cheese, setting the precedent for tweets/sage advice as RAW. Sage Advice on 8 hours automatically triggering long rest, but only once per day. You'll note Mearls doesn't deny the automatic trigger and only clarifies that y...

@NautArch The stack's own principle say not to, so good on you
and I know I haven't updated my link to twitter, but mostly because I don't want to move that question back in the active queue.
5:55 PM
@NautArch I actually like that answer.
@Medix2 Except for the badge of course ;-)
@Rubiksmoose Gotta love conflicting ideology. Though the badge has Metas about what it might or might not promote so, eh, close enough I guess
I've started calling the actually official Sage Advice Compendium the Sage Advice Compendium document because the name identicality was too much for me. (Sure, identicality is a word now)
@Someone_Evil grumble grumble
@NautArch Sorry about that then, I guess
@NautArch Undead disco. That necro bump.
5:59 PM
@Someone_Evil I mean, i'm usually the one leaving that comment :) so it's totally fair.
@NautArch You or V2Blast
@Medix2 I do think that the way downvotes remove rep is actually a pretty strong intrinsic motivator to remove one's answers when they start getting downvoted. That seems in line with what SE intended as far as I understand.
@Rubiksmoose I posted links explicitly saying not to delete downvoted answers
@Medix2 I think you're talking about different things.
self-deletion vs community
@NautArch I think you could clear up that edit even more. "unofficially tweeted" reads like a dangling modifier. Officially, he tweeted. The ruling contained therein was an unofficial ruling.
6:01 PM
@Medix2 Do they say not to delete your own downvoted answers? (when no improvements can be made to change it)
I down vote deleted answers.
@NautArch Hmmm, For self-deletion I think it's just "Do what you want" and shouldn't an individual's want match the community's? If the community would delete your answers shouldn't you also want to delete it?
@Rubiksmoose Well if the community shouldn't why should the OP?
Err rather, saying "Oh the OP should delete this answer, but the community shouldn't delete it" feels weird to me
I personally don't vote to delete answers I don't agree with, but do vote to delete answers that are either unsupported are so wrong that it could actively hurt having them up.
@Medix2 Several reasons. 1) you lose rep (the community doesn't lose rep except the small amount that accompanies your own downvote, and everyone gets that rep back when the answer is deleted within a certain timeframe) 2) having a "wrong" answer can feel bad for some people 3) removing bad answers improves the signal to noise ratio overall on the site.
@NautArch Yeah that's some of why I'd like a "How should RPG.SE use delete votes" since how I would use them does not match SE general policies/guidelines
6:05 PM
@Medix2 I haven't seen enough of an issue (or ever seen an issue) to need a more established policy.
(same FWIW)
@NautArch That's fair, I'm just unsure what to do with highly negative answers that are still around. Do we want them?
I see no reason to drop them. If they're problematic, yes. But if they're just downvoted, no.
@Medix2 depends greatly on why they are highly negative IMO.
And I still hold my stance that for coffeelocks, most DMs would penalize lack of rest.
6:08 PM
@NautArch I vote to delete answers that look like forum posts or contain "lol" "lulz" or "rofl"
@GcL what about roflcopter?
@NautArch Xanathar's has rules on that IIRC
@Medix2 optional, no?
Might like the copter slide.
@NautArch Well yeah but it's still official
6:09 PM
Officially optional. Just like all the rules.
It has become a point of pride that I've never used lol, lulz, or rofl.
@NautArch And you've just used all three... Fallen into GcL's trap I see
@Medix2 as a reference, not in actual use!
You're missing out. You really need to experience the depths of crap-posting every once in a while to appreciate making nice posts.
> lol, lulz, [...] rofl
6:10 PM
Some day I'll stop reading GcL as Nickel with a G...
I find that reading acceptable. I didn't laugh, but I gickeled a bit.
@KorvinStarmast was active on a question I answered on christianity.se today and didnt even stop by my answer to say hi :(
Genuine thanks for the conversation @NautArch @Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @Someone_Evil I'll be thinking over it all more throughout my vacation which I'll be getting back to now. Have a great day everybody!
@Medix2 enjoy your holiday!
@Medix2 Have a good vacation!
6:14 PM
@Medix2 Youve been far more active than I was on my vacation last week - go enjoy yourself :)
@Rubiksmoose found a puppy i want, but she's in michigan :(
@NautArch awwww :(
@ThomasMarkov Long car ride (I'm not driving) so the opportunity presented itself nicely XD
@Medix2 I answered a question last week from a burger king bathroom XD
@Rubiksmoose saw it too late after I sent my wife the link.
6:16 PM
@ThomasMarkov OK, which one was it? I was running through the review queue ...
@NautArch shucks. So you're looking for a puppy then?
@Rubiksmoose yeah, we've got an older guy and thinking about getting a puppy before he goes. And this is a decent time to train with being home.
@KorvinStarmast the one about salvation requiring sacrifice.
Ah, I'll have another look. I was trying to edit an answer that needed formatting help.
@ThomasMarkov And I did say hi today ... .😎
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, but thats like, we saw each other at the comic book shop and you said hi, but then we were at the christian bookstore a block over and you didnt say hi :P:P
@KorvinStarmast Im just yankin your chain
6:21 PM
@NautArch true!
@ThomasMarkov Well, I didn't see anything other than the answer I was editing, so I was blind to all other answers. you might say that I was preoccupied and had my blinders on. 😎 Speaking of which, had you considered adding a ref to Matthew 9:13? Might fit into your general theme ...
@Rubiksmoose in case you're looking...petango.com/Adopt/Dog-Retriever-Labrador-45190807
dawwwww what a cute puppers.
definitely doesn't look much like a retriever tho
@NautArch Youre killing me with the modifiers today. This one sounds like youre getting a puppy for a terminally ill old man that you own.
Earlier you made it sound like Rubiksmoose was in michigan and thats why you couldnt get your puppy
6:24 PM
@ThomasMarkov PS +1, btw; it was organized and supported, and had a consistent theme.
@NautArch also just yankin your chain
@ThomasMarkov hehe, no worries.
6:38 PM
@Someone_Evil @Rubiksmoose do we do review audits on this site?
We do not.
I just got a low quality ping for a two year old answer
What do you mean by ping here?
showed up in review queue
6:39 PM
ah ok
Someone flagged an old answer as NAA, that'll put it into the review queue
I remember when I read about review audits, it said they would throw old posts at you to test you.
I think review audits tell you after you do them that they were audits and whether you passed or failed.
At least I'm 99% sure they tell you when you fail.
@Someone_Evil I recommended deletion, no such item exists in 5e source material.
Speaking of things likely to fail, I've just sent out my seasonal tabletop game invitation to my human friend-approximates. Now to make bets on how many "yes" replies I'll get. (Hint: it's zero)
6:51 PM
@Someone_Evil is review suspension possible without review audits? Are you able to manually suspend a users review privileges?
If we can, I don't know how to :p
Not sure about that either lol
7:17 PM
@Rubiksmoose Wait there are review audits??
@DavidCoffron Right?! It wasn't until I became a mod that I learned about them lol
@Rubiksmoose Even less of a reason for me to look through the Review queue. I was already scared of making a wrong decision lol
@DavidCoffron hahaha :) Well no worries as there are none on this site. Only SO AFAIK.
Honestly, usually when I look I just end up bypassing the decision part anyway (and leaving a comment if its a new post)
@Rubiksmoose Just curious: Is there a specific reason they're active on rpg.SE? I think they're off by default on new sites.
(we certainly don't have them at physics.SE)
7:27 PM
@ACuriousMind They aren't. Only on SO I think.
> This is currently active only on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Software Engineering, Ask Ubuntu, Mathematics, Stack Overflow em Português, and Stack Overflow en Español.
I stand corrected.
Ah, sorry, I didn't read that chain of message to the end before jumping in :P Thanks anyway
@Rubiksmoose hei
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