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12:08 AM
It's really amazing to see how communities copies seem to be embraced so quickly.
I love it, its so good
Everyone who says "I can't find people to play games with so I can't ask questions about indie games." Here's a list of solo games. Here's a spreadsheet of Racial Justice Bundle games that you can sort for solo games. Here's a whole jam of solo horror games.
12:25 AM
There's that cat is an oracle game, and the sandwich game!
(I'm not gonna link to the Sandwich Game because of recent info about the author.)
Ooooh, sorry, I did a forget, I'm sorry.
No worries.
Jun 6 at 12:12, by BESW
Tiny Stories by Momatoes now has a solo version! Tiny Stories is my tiny attempt at making things a little better. A little game, for friends who want to spend a little time together, in these complex and trying times. Please play Tiny Stories and blossom your own story in the safe comfort of your friends' companionship.
Jul 9 '19 at 22:34, by BESW
"We Forest Three," a solo TTRPG by Jamila R. Nedjadi. Create a Witch Seeker. Enter the Forest, a shadow of what once was, that threatens to kill your City. A story steeped in Filipino folklore and legends, see if you survive SISTERS THREE...or if the sisters decide your fate.
Mar 17 at 13:28, by BESW
To the Stars by Scott Turriaga is a short solo Indigenous journaling game. It is you against the Void in this short, solo-play fiction game. Guide the good ship Nookomis to your homeland and your ancestors.
Good morning all :)
Maybe you don't like playing by yourself. There's games for writing letters to people and games tailored for Discord play.
12:34 AM
@Rubiksmoose 700?!
[Dramatic and genuine gasp of disbelief]
@BESW I am back in the conundrum of "too much to do, not enough time to do it" and "70% of these things rely on others so none is set in concrete"
Monday night is my regular game group (been going on 5 or more years now [chuffed]), Tuesday is board game night, which has been pretty regular. Wednesday night is either Pokemon Go raid night or Pool night, Thursday is my night off, Friday is another game night with Family, Saturday is the Family day, and Sunday is chores
Taught the boys to ride their bikes without training wheels last weekend :D
Context is an earlier conversation about obstacles to bringing more indie game questions to rpg.se.
Similar to over on Arqade where people ask about indie games?
I often see @Ash asking questions like that
I wouldn't know anything about Arqade.
12:45 AM
@BESW Understandable haha. Basically the questions are about a game from steam that people might have heard about, but don't have a huge following.
There was a conversation about Wizards and D&D and the state of the industry, and the role rpg.se plays in that power dynamic.
8 hours ago, by BESW
So, if people are gonna talk about what rpg.se can do or change, individually or collectively, in response to WotC being a trash fire... I strongly urge that the conversation center on empowering marginalized communities and amplifying indie voices. Anything else is liable to just be assuaging guilt without producing anything of value.
But of course there's a lot of inertia against trying new systems, so now I'm listing some low-inertia options.
@BESW I highly recommend this one. It makes grocery store trips real fun
@Ben I play a lot of stuff that no one else seems to :P So many tumbleweeds
Well than... I'd say I have some questions about Wrath & Glory, but that's 40K (i.e. GW) and some people have similar opinions about GW
@Ash XD
I think some of my games hardly anyone has probably heard of but a bunch of them are like, old indie games that none the less were very popular when they came out
or even occasionally not indie but old enough to be cheap anyway
1:37 AM
Huetopia will host "Everything is a Remix: Creating your own original TRPG System on July 9th at 7:30pm EST/4:30 PST with @vidityavoleti, @LuchaLibris, @AFractalDragon, & @AjeyPandey.
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3:08 AM
Amr Ammourazz wrote a twitter thread about divesting from D&D and rejecting the urge to just find a replacement for the one game, but rather taking this as an opportunity to reconsider how we relate to the entire hobby.
...it's getting really hard to navigate twitter threads with my muted words.
Riley Rethal wrote another, shorter twitter thread on the same theme of divesting from D&D as an opportunity to reconsider the way we engage with TRPGs.
2 hours later…
5:44 AM
Is well known around the globe? I thought it was only known in Brazil (because, well, I'm brazilian haha)
But then I found this question around here and I don't think SSD is brazilian... or is he?
1 hour later…
7:04 AM
Ross Cowman says (twitter link) "We should not be looking to replace #DnD with another single game. We should be looking to replace corporate monoculture with independent diversity." Vince Smith points out (twitter link) that the #TableTopChopShop hashtag exists to help this goal.
Ajey Pandey says (twitter link) that "Having a New Hotness won't let [game creators] go full time in [writing] RPGs."
Ten hours left for SUMMER SPOOKTACULAR A sale hosted by Speak the Sky. I'm joining in on the itch Summer Sale, but since 4/5 of my games and adventures that aren't already on sale or in other bundles are horror, I thought I'd put them all together on sale and in a bundle!
2 hours later…
9:36 AM
@HellSaint Nothing I know indicate they are
1 hour later…
11:03 AM
Q: Can a character dodge/fly if they use up all their speed?

GanThere's something about the language in the rules for Dodging and Flying that confuses me. In both cases, both can only performed so long as the character's Speed is not 'reduced to 0'. By that logic, if a character with 30 feet speed, were to say use the full 30 feet speed on their turn, would t...

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12:37 PM
good morning friends for whom it is still morning
@ThomasMarkov To revive this: <ITAG>!
It'll be morning in an hour twenty.
@HellSaint Canadian.
@BESW "It'll be morning over my prone body."
Oh that was me last night.
@Someone_Evil Internal Thoracic Artery Graft?
12:42 PM
Nov 8 '19 at 14:07, by goodguy5
also morning all, or <insert timezone appropriate greeting>.
Nov 8 '19 at 14:08, by goodguy5
wait a second, can we make ITAG into an internet slang?
Ah, before my time. But I like it.
Iterative Temporal Anomaly Gimmick.
@BESW Sounds like a Doctor Who episode where a rogue timelord starts an inter-temporal multilevel marketing scheme.
12:58 PM
@Medix2 Hey buddy
@ThomasMarkov Targets suck, there XD
tbh, yes.
@Medix2 Is there specific context for that, or is that just part of your standard greeting now?
Here's my question on what targets are and here's a question on AOE spells and you already found the ones on dream and scrying it seems
1:03 PM
@Medix2 Its strange, I think there are cases where a spell's description of who it targets definitely SBGs the "clear path to target" rule.
Such as dream, scrying, sending, etc.
...is this another of those things where 4e made it a solved problem and 5e rolled the solution back?
And then there's things like message and whatever that spell that ignores cover is which are just weird
@BESW can you please tell me what the smaller red text says?
I'm having trouble reading the red words.
And yeah... It doesn't help that it's unclear whether the rules on clear paths and total cover even apply to monster non-spell non-attack abilities
1:04 PM
"not bound by typical temporal parameters"
Ain't no party
like a Time Lord party
because a Time Lord party is
not bound by typical temporal parameters
and thus
Oh that's good I like it
Thank you for helping me.
Sorry, I should have remembered that particular color scheme makes your eyes try to claw themselves out of your face.
@ThomasMarkov So I'd probably just say dream doesn't care about having a clear path. Whether that's strictly supported in the text of the rules and the spell, I don't even know XD
Make the background a dull green and it would be completely unreadable to 8% of males of northern european descent
1:08 PM
Yeah, but that kind of blue isn't just hard for Ash to read on, it actively hurts them. I'm very sorry.
It's okay! It wasn't too bad, I just couldn't get the red to stick still long enough to read. Didn't cause too much pain.
[poke] You don't have to say it's okay that I hurt you. I need to make a modified version of that thing which isn't an assault on a friend.
Gives blue screen of death a new meaning
Okay, deal. I guess I tend to just think because it wasn't Shrine of Storms level of oh no bad blue (seriously worst dungeon ever) and since it was just wiggly not stabby it was okay but that's me shoving my stuff down so thank you for the reminder
@Medix2 oh yes that is a terrible terrible blue
But in all seriousness, is it just most blues (which should I avoid posting?)
1:12 PM
I haven't been able to figure out a really clear diagram, but the more saturated the blue, and the less red, the more likely it is to hurt Ash.
Gotcha, I can probably set something up so my computer screams at me if I start to upload something in the blue range then
Oh that sounds very useful.
I have a theory about ultraviolet sensitivity but it's not exactly the sort of thing I can test. "Here, friend, look at these and tell me which hurts the most."
How long does it take to get 1000 review tasks completed? In a month the most ive got in any one category is 8, so at that rate Im looking at 10 years for the steward badge.
Yeah, it's hard for me to describe because it's based on how much the blue shifts and wiggles and makes my head hurt and my eyes feel bad and I can't tell you much more beyond "this one wiggles more" because I struggle with understanding colours and description of them
@doppelgreener How long did you take to get your review badgers?
1:17 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm sure on other sites it would be surprisingly easy compared to here and on others it's probably near-impossiblr
@Medix2 I imagine stackoverflow is pretty easy.
@Ash That's entirely fair. I've had my own fair share of experiencing things that are just not easy to actually explain since it's mostly just wordless raw experience
Ironically, it seems that part of good community building is making it harder to even get those badges, since improving the new user experience mitigates a lot of the things that stick posts into the queue.
@Medix2 "wordless raw experience" oh gosh mood
@ThomasMarkov Assuming you don't get review banned too much, which by the sounds of it on MSE is very easy to accidentally happen
1:19 PM
@ThomasMarkov And ideally the badges do nothing more than incentivize the good behaviors. Of course, super ideally everybody would do things even if badges didn't exist but yeah that's not happening
@ThomasMarkov oh I never thought of that but yes that would do it
@Medix2 I feel similarly about touching cottonballs.
I can't handle cotton balls without instantly feeling really nervous and slightly sick.
...I wonder if the badger script is still around?
If I had a good way to explain how my memory works or my picturing of things in my head or my forced association of sounds with colors it'd be awesome, but I don't so I just kinda throw words at a wall until they convey at least some fraction of what I wanted to
@Medix2 gotta love those things where it's like my brain does a stuff and that's as far as you can really get
1:22 PM
@BESW Badger script?
And you are like "I know this is not a stuff you will understand but I don't really know how to tell you because it's just my reality"
@Someone_Evil Waaaaay back in the day, like, seven years ago? Somebody made a script that turned "badge" to "badger" when viewing text on Stack pages.
@Ash "I [Insert description here]" "What do mean you [insert description here]?"
I have inspired at least three Stack-specific scripts, but I think that was the first.
(It was not very long ago that I learned not everyone can make blue light stuff literally move around in space disconnected from its physical reality, which lead me to realize some people can see the blue i can't and blue doesn't hurt them, and like...thats why my spouse was better at Warframe because apparbetly the security cameras in that game have a blue "trip wire" effect I cannot see! Plus blue doesn't give people migraines for existing!)
@Medix2 eeeergh yes
1:26 PM
@Ash Yeah that's me and picturing faces (well not the same at all but somewhat relatable). I can see hair and glasses and earrings and tattoos but any possible thing about their eyes, nose, mouth... It's all just a fuzzy blob
@Medix2 and you try to tell people and they're like but faces are easy what do you mean you just look they're right there and it's like maybe for you
@Ash YUP
That's me and this blue stuff!
(i am still grateful that someone sat down with me when I first started playing WoW and helped me realize how I can change the colours so I can play that game.)
I have a college friend that cannot see red writing on whiteboards but is apparently fine with the color anywhere else. She used to hide the red markers whenever she got into a classroom lol
1:30 PM
@Ash Accessibility has been getting some great strides made in video gaming. Not enough strides but some
@Medix2 yeah, people are doing good work. It's heartwarming to see that. It's not enough, but at least we are making some traction
@Rubiksmoose I applaud this act of audacious accessibility haha
SOBadger appears to be gone?
But I still have my mod color fix and my fudge dice.
@Medix2 some places are really falling down on it lately, though. e.g. the Halo 2 remastered release just does not have ingame subtitles
@Carcer whaaaaaat no bad no cookieb
cutscenes yes, ingame no
1:41 PM
@BESW I keep forgetting what fudge dice are and my bean keeps going "food" and I know that's wrong
ironically this gives hearing players a similar experience to deaf ones because the audio system is also horribly broken and it's almost impossible to hear any ingame dialogue.
@Ash The six-sided dice with plus, minus, and blank sides, used in Fate games.
@Carcer And even when you do have subtitles like... PLEASE give me full captions and make the text not awful and help make it clear who is talking and... AGH
They're called fudge dice because the precursor to Fate was Fudge.
I have had a lot of experience watching people yelling at and struggling with games because they have terrible captions, or even worse, terrible subtitles...
1:44 PM
@BESW oh that is where it comes from!
@Medix2 yes to all of that
I need them or I struggle with audio processing so please make them not suck
It's just aggravating when games say "We should do what popular game X did" like no! You should look into accessibility issues and articles and research on how to make captions as best as you can. I don't want some crazy cursive, monospace font, or blue text on a green background or... Just let the player customize the backgrounds and fonts because almost any preset thing is going to not be workable for somebody...
Okay rant over... Just passionate about and advocating for (video game) accessibility
The letters in the back of Curse of Strahd are nearly illegible.
@Ash Yeah, Fudge was the dice and skill modifiers but without the aspects and fate point economy added in yet, it was just a skill system and some optional stunt-like bits.
@Medix2 I'm working on improving the accessibility of my TRPGs...
@Medix2 amen amen amen
@Medix2 its all good im also with you on that
@BESW neat
1:50 PM
@ThomasMarkov Huh apparently those glove things are an exception to this weirdness
Wait... That's the one I wanted to link, oh wait, yes it is
Thomas hurt himself in confusion
@ThomasMarkov Depending on the Generation that could be a lot of damage
Similarly, do the living gloves prevent your hands from being cut off?
@ThomasMarkov I think that would count as them being removed not from you but with you
But yeah, neat item I got to learn about at least XD
But if i cut my hand off is my hand really me? philosophy intensifies
1:58 PM
@Rubiksmoose My offer of doing 50 of those posts was sincere. Let me know when you'd like me to start.
@Medix2 Is that sentence missing a negative, or am I missing something?
@KorvinStarmast Thanks! I kinda wish it didn't have to come to a manual review of every protected question, but happy people are willing to do the grunt work necessary :)
I'll also be down for manually reviewing things if we go that way, naturally.
@Someone_Evil Oh no, yes it is XD (wait that's not the one I wanted to link, oh wait, yes it is)
I think my and mxy's proposal would save the community a lot of hassle trying to salvage such little value though...
@Rubiksmoose I think there's something to be said for upholding the principle of the matter though.
There's value in sort of "maintaining integrity" in some sense.
Does that make sense?
2:05 PM
@ThomasMarkov Sure, but there are other ways as moderators and a community we have to reinforce principles besides a blanket reversal. And we've already done some of that. Luckily I don't think there is a terrible option here, but I do think there is an option which adds more value to the community.
The thing I keep thinking is if one or two or even five people decide which questions should be reprotecred (or re-unprotected) that's... Not super different from one user doing it
@Medix2 I (we) intend to start a conversation about defining the role we as a community see for protection and hopefully with clearer guidelines and best practices, each individual will act more in line with the community and less like an individual.
I look at it similarly to how I view the "dont guess the system" policy: it often contributes little substantive value to individual posts, but it contributes an objectivity and consistency to moderation that does have significant value. I think re-protection contributes similarly by setting a precedent of consistency with our moderation efforts.
@ThomasMarkov But yes, it absolutely makes sense. And I get that a blanket reversal just intuitively feels better as well. It was my gut reaction when I was thinking about what to do.
@Medix2 As someone who did the bulk of [homebrew-review] retagging, there's nothing wrong with one person volunteering to do the work following a meta consensus. (Admittedly, those actions did push the q to the front page for review)
2:09 PM
@ThomasMarkov Well... Most of the arguments in favor of that policy explain the value such a policy gives to the new users themselves but... That is all already greatly discussed across like seven Meta posts
@Someone_Evil After a Meta consensus, absolutely agreed. I think I wasn't seeing that emphasized, but am glad it is
@ThomasMarkov I'll disagree in one respect: I think both my and nitsua's answer are both working towards a more consistent and objective way to deal with this. The major difference between them is that I think starting with a cleaner slate and looking for issues is the better, easier way to achieve that consistency of moderation, in conjunction with looking at previously protected questions, learning from that, and deciding as a community how we want it to work going forward.
The place I come down on it is trying to imagine: what if someone had posted a meta saying "I've got a script to unprotect everything. Should I do it?"
Would we have said "yes"?
@Rubiksmoose I agree with this characterization.
Also I'm probably never gonna stop laughing at "I recommend a complete reversal" ... "I recommend only a partial reversal" ... "No"
@Rubiksmoose That's a good point. Hopefully the first of my metas is what "protects the principle," by setting a signpost out there for future readers. No amount of behind-the-scenes work on protecting or unprotecting hundreds of questions is going to teach a future user anything!
@nitsua60 You know, I think someone could possibly have made a compelling case for it. I'm not sure it could have been convincing enough to fly for the entire community, but maybe?
2:17 PM
Has the unprotector offered to do any of the work toward reprotecting? Surely if one can find the time to manually unprotect 720 questions, one could contribute to undoing some of that.
@Rubiksmoose It would have kickstarted the conversation, for sure! Which I would have been happy with =)
@ThomasMarkov The user has not engaged with the metas at all in any direct way (they may have voted, we obviously don't know that).
@Rubiksmoose I noticed that.
@ThomasMarkov That probably borders on "punishing" that I'd want to avoid. If the user genuinely believed the questions should be unprotected, that's just what they believed. Then forcing them to go against that or at the very least, undo, that sounds... Weird? It might not be bad but I'm not getting the best vibes from it (those are my immediate thoughts, I'll think more)
@Medix2 I think it was intended to be asking if the user had willingly offered to do it.
2:19 PM
Im certainly would not support any sort of retribution to that effect.
I agree that forcing them to do it would be highly inappropriate and also impossible.
@Rubiksmoose OH! Ya know, that makes a lot more sense, mb, genuine apologies
Personally I would feel some sort of obligation to contribute to a reprotecting effort, even if I felt I hadn't done anything wrong.
@nitsua60 Yes! In fact that was the first thing that sprung to mind when I said we've "done some of that". We'll likely be working behind the scenes to try to have the user understand as well.
Sorry, I don't mean to be the pharisee of the "pharisee and the tax collector".
2:22 PM
@nitsua60 Fully agree.
If I'd done something like that I'd probably be in one of two modes, either "oh no I'll help fix this" or "I feel awful and I never want to think about this again"
@LizWeir Same.
so I don't find a lack of engagement surprising or worrying; it might be the sort of thing that prompts a bit of a break until they feel they turn over a new leaf
(don't think anyone was strongly suggesting otherwise, just- felt this perspective is worth sharing!)
@LizWeir And I'd couple either of those options with "constantly and profusely apologizing, likely excessively"
@ThomasMarkov That's a fair point. To each their own though, there's probably something to be said to standing by your decision as well. Ultimately, to me, the biggest thing for the user to learn, is to not do the same thing again
Yeah like people can react to things in all sorts of ways to the point that most reactions are understandable. I'm just waiting on time to pass and seeing how things go from here honestly (in general for the situation I mean)
2:26 PM
The biggest thing we can do as individuals and community is come together and learn from this, decide how we can do better going forward, and implement any kind of fixes to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.
@LizWeir I still remember (with a bit of cold sweat rising) the first time I got called out on meta for something I'd done. A bunch of edits that I thought (in my youth) were fine, then all of a sudden there's a meta "should this have happened" and I was just mortified.
I think it was a month before I attempted my next edit.
Moderator Trivia: @Someone_Evil has only asked 6 questions ever on rpg.se
(I was still low-enough rep that they were suggested edits, and the meta was asking why they'd been approved. Still didn't make me feel any less embarrassed!)
@nitsua60 Ha, thats not even your fault.
@ThomasMarkov Undeleted questions *
I wonder if SEDE counts deleted posts...
2:30 PM
@ThomasMarkov And two of those is self-answered :p
Oh my. What treasures lay in Someone_Evil's trash can?
Wait can SEDE show you posts deleted by a given user??
yeah - this is kinda reminding me of a couple of times I ghosted out on PbP RP forums because I'd missed updating threads for a couple of weeks and showing back up felt like too much. (these were over a decade ago when I was a teen, and I'd hope I'd do better these days, but... haven't forgotten.)
@LizWeir very relatable
(here's hoping nobody goes "OH THAT WAS YOU" at this, but I can't imagine I'm the only person to have done that ;-) )
2:32 PM
Oh the tankard question! I loved that one
@Medix2 That "no" is so on brand lol
@Medix2 it shouldn't AFAIK
@Medix2 mm... I'm still meaning to figure out how to actually make use of that spell, but there we are
How Medix2 answers optimization questions: "Make an answer, wait for David Coffron, find ways to make their answer the best"
@Rubiksmoose is there a list or a query that is easy to apply so I can order them by date and start with the oldest?
Hmm... apparently deleted:1 works differently if you have a diamond.
2:39 PM
@Rubiksmoose While people keep talking and posting about this, I'd like to get on with it. I'll post in the meta which ones I protect, and which ones I leave alone (i suspect that mxy is on to somehting in his answer, and that I'll protect very few, but we'll see).
@KorvinStarmast If this is about reprotecting questions, please wait for a meta consensus before you start doing things
@KorvinStarmast That "No" cuts to the soul, doesnt it.
@Someone_Evil OK, I'll abide by your bluediamondness, let me know when. :-)
@ThomasMarkov mxy has a certain gift for bluntness, in my experience.
@Someone_Evil Yeah I think the how to search mentions it, maybe
@KorvinStarmast I don't have a query that will do that right now, though this would likely be trivial to modify to someone who knows SEDE. But yeah, agreed about waiting. For one thing, if the direction of meta holds, all the questions will be reprotected and your efforts will be wasted (or maybe not wasted if you assume that all the ones you deemed not to reprotect should be unprotected).
2:42 PM
@Medix2 Derp. Read the last line, self
@KorvinStarmast Likely. What is the question you're asking? Also, building a TSQL query is something better suited for the Elemental Plane of Math than general chat.
@Rubiksmoose okie dokie, but since I don't have the list of all posts that this happened to, I have no way to learn from this, which is something I'd like to do. See what is going on ...
@KorvinStarmast @NautArch I was in touch with some people I played with a long time ago, they might also be interested
re: 13th Age online spinneroo
@kviiri yay!
@KorvinStarmast I link to a list in my meta answer. Direct link here
2:43 PM
@Rubiksmoose thankee.....
No dates listed though. I'll work on doing that. It's useful information I think.
There's probably some way to add "sort by date" at least I hope there is
There are a number of dates. What date are you looking for?
There almost certainly is.
Protected date would be the most useful.
@BESW I genuinely have no idea. I wasn't consciously tracking them or working toward them.
2:46 PM
But post age would be a useful stand-in
Actually both would give the best picture
I'll take a look
That gives the post creation date
It shows exactly the time it was unprotected.
It took 3 hours.
@ThomasMarkov Yes indeed, it was done quite rapidly.
The CreationDate in the PostHistory table is the date the event in the post history was created.
15 seconds per unprotect for 3 hours straight - impressive work.
3:02 PM
@Rubiksmoose This is the current interation using your user ID. Do you just want protected?
@GcL The unprotecting happened in order of age
@GcL I guess unprotected date wouldn't hurt. Is the unprotected date the one listed there already?
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, but the query includes both protected and unprotected events.
Looking through a lot of it was done in order of age, but not all of it, nvm.
Q: Are there any game breaking consequences in this multiclass house rule?

HellSaintFollow up to this question. So, as stated in that question, I feel that it is quite weird that a 3rd level paladin + 2nd level Ranger is not equivalent to a 5th level Half-caster (such as a 5th level Paladin), but weaker (being equivalent to a 4th level Paladin). With that in mind, I intend to us...

3:06 PM
@Rubiksmoose The date listed as EventDate is the date the protection/unprotected occurred. The post age in days is the current time - the post creation date.
This whole section really should be in the Elemental Plane of Math though.
@GcL Is there any way to get the date it was protected in there regardless of who did it?
(or the length it was protected for)
And really the script could be completely reformatted because it doesn't actually need to focus on one user since all but 4 posts on the entire site were unprotected it would be just as informative right now to look at all the site posts. If that makes it any easier.
@Rubiksmoose Yes.
All posts that were unprotected for the site? even if they've been subsequently re-protected?
All posts where the most recent protect/unprotect was an unprotect?
3:25 PM
Oh good point.
I guess that does mean that doing it for this user alone would be most helpful...
Though maybe in the future a more wide-ranging script like that could be informative.
So the criteria would be, of the posts unprotected by x user, what was the age of the post and the time of the last protection (regardless of user) on that post?
@Rubiksmoose I went trough the last dozen, and I'd only protect 2 of them if I were reviewing them on a "we need to protect this for the usual reasons" basis. One of them I htink ought to be closed as "too basic/read the book to me" but I think that horse is long out of the barn ...
One of the few things I love about History SE: we have a close reason of (roughly) "this is too basic, you didn't bother to do basic research, closed." Would
@KorvinStarmast That tracks with my experience as well. And we have to consider that this is with people (like me) who are unprotecting obviously not needed posts when they come across them, so this is even a group that should have a higher density of "actually needs protection" than the normal population.
I'm going to do a complete guess and say that out of 720 posts that between 50 and 100 of them actually need to be protected. And of those I'd say 80% would be spam-related.
@KorvinStarmast 0_0 incredible
@Rubiksmoose Quite different from mxyplyzyk's guess of, what 5?
@Rubiksmoose I'll get back to you when I have reviewed 50.
@Medix2 I think some other sites have that too, mostly stacks that closely align with school subjects AFAIK (and much for that reason)
3:38 PM
@Medix2 I being a bit generous in my estimation to hedge my bets a bit based on a guess of how the community would choose to apply the tool, but yeah. He may also have been being a bit hyperbolic.
@Someone_Evil I'm still surprised edited chat sends a second ping but edited comments don't
@Medix2 Designed for different speeds is my guess (comments aren't really 'live' as such)
@Rubiksmoose That's where my gut is, too. Then I remember greener's reaction in that conversation we had in May and think "oh, this is something where long-established users have very different views, and that could use some hashing-out."
@nitsua60 Definitely. Any given number count is going to be based strongly on how that person views the proper use of this tool. Community alignment is needed :)
@nitsua60 There's just a world of difference between "If even 5 of these 700 questions pop a problem and need to be re-protected I’d be shocked" and "Several hundred of those were protected specifically because they're repeat spammer targets"
So one reason I'd want to revert less questions is just to see which of those is true
3:45 PM
@Medix2 ^
Not exactly a great convincing reason: "Let's not potentially fix a potential problem because we want data collection!" but it's certainly data I'd find meaningful at the very least
It's impossible to know how the tool is working because there is no visible success data. Because success means preventing posts and there's no way to measure that. The only way to really find out how many problems are actually there is to wait and see which ones show problematic behavior if it isn't obvious from their history.
@Rubiksmoose Could I have a private chat with you for a moment? Nothing too long I assure you :3
@kviiri Sure thing. I'll set one up here momentarily.
At the end of the day, I agree with most of the points everyone in those answers is making. Which is why I haven't voted yet and am waiting until I think more XD
3:48 PM
@Rubiksmoose thanks <3
3:58 PM
Okay, This query gets you the posts the most recent duration of protection of posts that have been unprotected.
Does that answer the question you were after?
@GcL perfect!
Is there a badge for unprotecting posts?
One of the posts has a negative protect duration
@GcL No. I've never heard of one. Nor for protecting.
@ThomasMarkov That would tell me it was more recently protected than unprotected.
4:06 PM
@ThomasMarkov Negative protection meaning only low-rep users can answer it, yes?
@kviiri And when it runs into a protected question, they annihilate in a flash emitting two comments.
@Rubiksmoose gonna suggest this be protected. I remember it attracting a lot of noise when it came out, and if it gets noticed again, I don't expect anything but noise ... has some fine answers ...
so far 2 or 3 out of 40.
@GcL I tried editing to include post date, but have been unsucessful so far lol
I assume it's because CreationDate is pointing to the wrong table.
4:32 PM
@Rubiksmoose You want the date the post was first created?
You need to join the Posts table on Posts.id = PostId. I've updated mine here
@ThomasMarkov That q has been protected and unprotected a couple of times, see the timeline
Yeah, if you have the most recent protect after the most recent unprotect... then you'd get a negative. I added a where clause to get rid of those results.
@GcL beau-ti-ful. Thanks a ton
just got my first guru badge w00t
4:47 PM
Weird event: five of my answers got upvoted within 2 minutes and every single one got me a "Nice Answer" badge
@Medix2 You've got a stalker... =)
@nitsua60 I guess this is serial upvoting?
Question to the room: when you see :3, what emotion/face do you think is being communicated?
@Medix2 That's definitely a thing.
I think you get to keep the badges even if the votes get reversed though
@nitsua60 koo koo kachoo
4:50 PM
:3 to me is good-natured smug - the mood of "why yes I did do that on purpose"
@nitsua60 Well I know it as the cat of "I am actually happy" but I've heard others say it is shy/playful
@nitsua60 Mind flayer :p
(I'm a heavy user of :3 and also its close cousins >:3 and :3c )
(and of course the ultimate technique, >:3c )
:)3 - anyone seen men in black 2?
@nitsua60 jocular, coy, happy to see you, occasionally flirty. (yes, I know they're neither emotions nor faces so sue me ^^)
4:55 PM
:54897067 It took me a while to notice there's no t in the name for some reason.
@nitsua60 coy, sly smile. Cat-related smile.
owing to my years served as a massive weeb :3 just makes me think of Saber
not an emotion, but, well
@HellSaint XD
4:56 PM
So... where's the cat, though?
tbh I use :3 in some circles almost exclusively to represent the flirty raised eyebrow
or to communicate the same purpose
@nitsua60 Probably on the counter or in a sunspot.
Alright, ha ha, joke's on me =)
I have a cat on a windowsill
4:56 PM
I have actually invented an emoticon of my own, to overcome technical limitations
...that ultimately turned out to be a case of PEBCAK on my part.
Mine's currently atop the couch-back.
fully OK with a common me-mood being associated with Saber, as the plate armour + ballgown look is The Best
@nitsua60 :-3 kinda looks like a cat's face, I think. I've seen it translated automatically to cat-smiley in some apps I'm pretty sure.
@LizWeir but I'm thinking of Saber in the lion suit
Y'see we have this thing /___\ with a slightly vulgar/rude meaning whose clean translation would be something like "buzz off already". But when I was new on IRC I couldn't start messages with /, so I created a replacement: ,´/
4:58 PM
@AncientSwordRage what a cute one
I still prefer my version over the established one.
@Rubiksmoose aaaaaAAAAaaahhh!
was the answer just that we needed to tell you it was a cat face
images.immediate.co.uk/production/volatile/sites/4/2018/12/… - I think it's related to this imagination of a cat smile
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