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1:34 AM
Q: Can a changeling imitate/impersonate a warforged?

David CurpCan a changeling mechanically imitate/impersonate a warforged successfully/convincingly (presumably the changeling could add armor and the like to his/her "costume" appearance to help with the disguise)?

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3:44 AM
The caption is "she dared to get snacks before getting her Thursday D&D session started ...
4:39 AM
power to the (dragon) people
5:17 AM
Looks like the Extra Life D&D release Infernal Machine Rebuild is now pay-what-you-want as part of D&D's free stuff week. Also, on Tuesday they made Lost Mine of Phandelver temporarily accessible for free until the first week of May, and on on Wednesday they made the DMsGuild product Encounters in Avernus free. The AL modules DDEX1-01 through 1-04 are also free so far, so I can guess tomorrow will be DDEX1-05 - plus the page mentions Saltmarsh encounters.
Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments are free on EGS if you get them before April 16: epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games
(Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia are free the week after that, from April 16-23.)
Just Cause 4 really looked like it jumped the shark
though to be fair I think the whole series has probably been getting progressively more silly
5:40 AM
Q: How "gradually" do the effects of control weather fade?

user55434Control weather states that "When the spell ends, the weather gradually returns to normal" (PHB p288). While it gives a specific duration for each tier of effect, it leaves the return to normal up to interpretation. Does it change in a matter of minutes or hours, or could it be days or even weeks...

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7:14 AM
Q: I am using milestone leveling, what happens when a character dies?

ZachielIn D&D 3.5e, resurrection can be achieved using several different spells. Only the 9th level spell True Resurrection, however, comes with a completely monetary cost, all other more econiomic versions have the character lose one level (i.e. go back to the middle of the previous level. Of course,...

7:33 AM
Q: What spell will provide the most healing for a Necromancy wizard's Grim Harvest feature?

Adenine2kThe Necromancy wizard's Grim Harvest feature allows the necromancer to heal themselves an amount of HP equal to 3 times the level of the necromancy spell used to kill a creature, once per turn. Instantaneous spells would just heal once per casting. Spells with a longer duration could kill one cr...

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8:41 AM
Can I get some brainstorming help? What are some action words you'd associate with kids engaged in a play-fighting game? Either to describe what they're doing, or things you might hear them say.
I used kapow
I knew at least two kids who used zam
"Tap", "contact", "spar", is that what you mean?
Both of these answers are excellent and useful.
there was also a lot of "I got you" and "no you didn't"
8:56 AM
Oh yes, thank you for reminding me of that part.
Tease, tackle, tickle, boast, may also be relephant
6 hours later…
2:36 PM
@MikeQ Relephant: The massive pachyderm in the room that has something important to add to the discussion, but everyone is ignoring them.
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4:24 PM
Q: What should I do when every PC has really low charisma (and it bothers me)?

Gaston1337I am currently working on a PnP which is a mixture of Traveller, DnD and some of my own game mechanics. The attributes of PCs are pretty much the same as in DnD, and I also decided to have players roll their attributes during character creation. Now all of them have very low charisma, and two of ...

5:23 PM
I might have just come up with a great idea for something a BBEG can do if he's going to be sitting in his lair (or in general with a little house rule/homebrew magic) to really screw up the party
have a Glyph of Warding on his back with a resurrection spell in it that triggers on his death (specifically the trigger is him dying such that it counts as him triggering it). Party kills him and thinks they've won only for him to immediately revive and continue the fight
Thinking that the glyph not being movable might be an issue there.
If you choose an object, that object must remain in its place, if the object is moved more than 10 feet from where you cast this spell, the glyph is broken and the spell ends without being triggered
@Himitsu_no_Yami As I read through the spell, it does not appear to be inscribable on creatures, it all seems to do with objects.
On the other hand, you could look into the recent UA regarding Tattoos, and I think a tattoo with a resurrection spell or raise dead might fit the bill?
I was looking at this, specifically the part that says "This Glyph, placed upon the surface of Aroden's back, triggers upon his death"
@KorvinStarmast that's where either not moving or homebrew magic comes into play but I do like the tattoo idea
6:03 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami I think traditionally you'd use Contingency for this, and you could easily reflavor that into a glyph
It already requires you to have the little doll / charm on your person; so now it's literally on your person :)
@MarkWells possibly but this could be used as another backup in case he's caught off guard or he could possibly set the condition to be something to the effect of "if I die AND do not have a contingency spell active". It's also cheaper (200gp and a third level spell vs 1500gp and a 6th level spell + the slot for the stored spell) (glyph doesn't say you have to expend a slot for the stored spell, contingency does). AND Glyph can also be used with a casting time of more than 1 action.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Contingency requires the spell cast to be 1 action. Both raise dead and resurrection have hours long casting times. Glyph limits you to moving 10 feet even if you could put it on a creature. Why not use an item? And how are you going to describe the situation so the players at least can see the mechanic before it works?
Do your players enjoy surprises like this?
@GcL I don't have players, this is all just ideas
6:18 PM
Whenever I think of stuff to run, I wonder how am I going to make it so they can see it coming and it's part of the story instead of just being out of the blue. I've always disliked being a player when there is a dues ex machina solution or twist.
more than anything I just like theory crafting and seeing things that could potentially be interesting
6:38 PM
Oh. Never mind, then.
7:21 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami yeah, but also note this comment
7:42 PM
I think I'd implement it as a Necklace of Nine lives. The feline tokens around the necklace break, but are still attached when they trigger a raise dead event. Describe it as nine cat tokens integrated into the necklace. Six of them appear to be cracked and tarnished while the other three are bright and shiny.
Maybe add some witty prohibition to being stored in a bag.
2 hours later…
9:30 PM
Oh, c'mon!
nitsua60 is taken on Steam =(
10:06 PM
Evening all. Can someone do me a quick sanity check before I ask a stupid question?
@StuperUser Sanity check failed
(Hope everyone's staying safe and sane too)
@StuperUser No promises, but I'll try
For D&D 5e. DMing. I roll up HP for enemies using physical dice to make it a bit more random for the players and me. Looking at the intellect devourer stat block, the HP for it states: Hit Points 21 (6d4 + 6)
but average for d4 is 2, (6*2)+6 is 18 not 21
average of a d4 is 2.5
10:08 PM
oh yeah
that's 21
Yeah, dice can't roll 0 so the mean average roll is always bumped up a .5 from what it might seem like it "should" be.
I knew I was missing something
@BESW You're just not thinking, d0's exist. They're just balls
Nah, that's a d1.
I always inuit it by a mean of (1+n)/2 (since 2+n-1, 3+n-2 etc. all equal 1+n)
10:10 PM
I was told spheres are considered to have no sides
They have 2, the inside and outside
Dice math isn't topographical.
spheres have no faces, 1 curved face
@BESW When I think of a d1 I think of a mobius strip
You can write 1 on the sphere and any way it lands, it rolled that 1. However, it can be considered a d0 for practical purposes because it also rolled under the couch and you can't get it out until after the game is over.
10:14 PM
Although I supposed that'd more accurately be d{}.
like, the null set?
10:33 PM
@GcL I took that idea and ran with it to create a magic item on DDB
> Quantum Outcome. When the dice are rolled in such a way that their outcome is in question (at an angle, under the couch, etc), you get two free unnamed boosts.
@BESW I initially missed the first s of the last word, which made the stunt(?) rather interesting.
10:48 PM
@Someone_Evil That's a totally different game.
(I was writing a stunt for Fate, where boosts are a thing.)
11:11 PM
@Ben @nitsua60 This is my elevator pitch for the new version of LLKM:
> Cardboard Monsters is an earnestly silly game in which goblin kids play-fight together while wearing home-made monster costumes. Describe the amazing powers you’re using on each other, mangle each others’ costumes, tease and comfort each other, and stomp on the cardboard scenery, until the goblin with the most intact costume stands victorious and gets to decide what you’ll do next.

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