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12:03 AM
For the project... it looks like he's doing it on his own? And his "Who I Am" blurb for this specific project focuses on... being a professor of Western philosophy, rather than any particular qualifications for the project?
I'd be more enthusiastic if he were involving any of the many marginalized TRPG creators who have been working with this exact subject for years, rather than... apparently just trusting his academic experience in Western philosophy to guide him? I dunno
@BESW I think that the best approach for this would be to provide an open-ended framework that other creators could plug into, if you will?
I'd rather see the creators most affected by the problem, and with the most experience in finding alternative ways to game, actually spearheading the project rather than being "allowed" to use the framework some random philosophy guy came up with.
12:21 AM
That would be nice. This just feels like a weird kind of trying to profit on other people's stuff
Why is he doing this himself instead of supporting existing work on the subject by people more qualified to do it? Is he unaware of them (meaning he did no research and his project will show that) or did he not think to ask them (meaning he's not thinking about the real-world impact of his projects on the people most likely to be affected by it if he gets it wrong) or did they all refuse his support on their projects (and why)?
The tone of the KS page makes it sound like it's probably the first one, honestly.
Yeah, that's mainly why I wanted to ask if anyone here knew anything about him or his work.
I can ask in some of my private TRPG spaces, but my initial impression is just... well-meaning but hasn't really thought through the implications of what he's doing and whether he's the right person to be doing it.
12:47 AM
Q: Can I push an enemy into a bag of holding?

NullmanHere is the scenario I envision: I hold a bag of holding in one hand and use the other to make a shove attempt against an enemy. If I succeed can I shove him into the bag of holding? He can just open the bag from the inside but what if I hold the bag shut/put it inside a box/tie the top off? ...

Kickstarter: UNCONQUERED by Monkey's Paw Games is a bronze-age sword & sorcery & sandals & sci-fi tabletop role-playing game about journeys in an infinite universe.
Kickstarter: Two RPG Zines: Marsh Goons & Tempered Legacy by David Schirduan. Marsh Goons is a mud-crawl adventure & Tempered Legacy is a supplement about magic items locked behind regrets.
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5:23 AM
Ooh, Tempered Legacy looks like an interesting concept :)
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7:54 AM
Q: Is there a term for creatures that are not spellcasters?

raithynFifth Edition has a number of items that require attunement by a spellcaster. If the prerequisite is to be a spellcaster, a creature qualifies if it can cast at least one spell using its traits or features, not using a magic item or the like. I am creating a magic item that I would like t...

Q: Can a wizard cast Blink, then Polymorph into a TRex to become a blinking TRex?

TheKrushBlink is a non-concentration spell, so you can easily have both up. Does anything prevent you from using blink, then Polymorph and continue to blink? The blink effect isn't a class feature like rage, so it shouldn't be cancelled when you polymorph yourself. I see no issue doing this myself as i...

Revoluciones de Gallinas by Bougainvilleaz and BESW: Rural Philippines, 1896. You are a revolutionary chicken. You’ve joined a secret society planning an insurrection against your corrupt farmhand, Suan. There he goes, living in his human manor while you crowd in your coops and cages. You vow to see the day when birdkind lives free of humans!
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2:31 PM
@BESW Is there somewhere I can read about the work others have done on this?
I've been wondering what options are readily available ever since I saw the Pathfinder take on this with Ancestries.
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5:38 PM
@NightOwl in the case of 1 hp minions, what I do is give them fixed current hp of 1, but regular appropriate hit die for determining max hp. Instead of the current hp rule of sleep I apply that roll to the max hp roll. This way the spell doesn't break and book keeping is still reduced.
Q: How do Aarakocra fly with a backpack?

OharImagine there is an Aarakocra PC who has an Adventurer’s Pack for starter equipment. It includes a backpack to store all the character’s stuff. Also Aarakocra have a fly speed. How should such character wear their backpack while flying? Is it possible for an Aarakocra to wear a backpack on thei...

@Akixkisu fyi, because they're not in the room, they won't get the ping.
and wouldn't your case still mean they have 1HP? Sleep isn't about max HP, it's about current.
6:32 PM
@NautArch I know, and yes, see second sentence. Wrote the message in case they come here as invited in my comment.
Sleep as suggested here would calculate with max hp as current hp exception. For matters of combat those max hp are not rolled before they are relevant thus keeping in line with less bookkeeping.
More explicitly you keep the 1 hp homebrew rule unless a spell like sleep affects the creatures, then you roll their max hap and treat them as current hp for calculation purposes of the spell, but still use the 1 hit kills brew.
6:49 PM
I would've thought the bounded accuracy thing would reduce or eliminate the need for minion as a thing of its own
@Akixkisu ah, gotcha. Still feels weird to not treat equally, but if it's worked for you, then it worked for you :)
7:13 PM
@kviiri I agree, it is mostly a bookkeeping thing.
I wonder if swarms are minions in a way
@NautArch There are creatures with average hit points of 1, but those are just normal creatures (mostly CR 0)
7:47 PM
The defining characteristic of 4e minions is simplicity: they always die on a hit, and always deal the same amount of damage.
8:43 PM
Q: How do you use D&D Next NPC statistics lacking classes (e.g. in "Murder in Baldur's Gate") with 5e?

GiorinI would like to test 5e and have acquired the "Murder in Baldur's Gate" adventure. Now I find that the monster statistics in the adventure are "D&D Next", the playtesting version of 5e. There are no classes for any NPC, just "Actions", "Traits" and a Level for Encounter Building. So: How do I u...

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10:07 PM
@RedRiderX I pay attention to stuff like The Thousand Cousins because I'm not in D&D-specific spaces much anymore, but I'll ask around.
@kviiri Sometimes they die in two hits
Also, they never get hit by attacks that miss.
(Whatever this means XD)
@kviiri Heart minions!
10:26 PM
@Zachiel Some 4e powers have on-miss effects, like "hit for 5d6 damage, on miss deal 5 damage."
@BESW Yes, I know, but I said it in a weird way XD
11:25 PM
what's good?
Everything and nothing

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