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1:00 PM
I have a coworker that never washes his coffee mug. You could make a cup of coffee by pouring boiling water straight into the mug, there's so much build up in the bottom.
Q: Is the Psi Warrior Fighter's Psionic Strike compatible with the Brace Combat Maneuver?

bro Psionic Strike. You can propel your weapons with psionic force. Once on each of your turns, immediately after you hit a target within 30 feet of you with an attack and deal damage to it with a weapon, you can expend one Psionic Energy die, rolling it and dealing force damage to the target equal ...

I tried cleaning it at that point but whatever it was was persistent and never fully went away
@trogdor I'm gonna guess it had calcium buildup from the hard water. I soak our kettle in vinegar semi-regularly and then scrub it up.
could be
it was mostly white, so that is quite possible
I wasn't keen on using it, regardless of what that stuff happened to be
I kept finding flakes of it coming off in the kettle it was horrible
I'm kinda picky about that kind of thing
Yup, layers of calcium, probably with a little tea absorbed in it.
1:03 PM
I don't like particles in my drinking liquids
To prevent it from happening again with the new kettle, add some vinegar to (preferably not tap) water and soak the kettle for at least five minutes, then scrub it out immediately. The vinegar softens the calcium so it'll come off. If you've got buildup you'll have to do it a few times as each iteration will expose more calcium that needs to get softened up.
You might find that it helps to add a bit of baking soda to the scrubbing part of the process. It's an abrasive agent that makes the scrubbing more vigorous, but it also reacts with the vinegar to make foaming action that can help lift off the calcium.
Soap wouldn't hurt, but probably isn't going to make the scrubbing noticeably easier either.
Soap works by breaking water tension so that stuff gets swept away more easily because the water isn't smoothing around the edges of things, and that's not really the problem with calcium buildup.
how often would you recommend doing this?
Whenever buildup becomes noticeable. For me it's every week or two, but I think your water comes from the river, not the aquifer, so you probably don't have as much calcium boiling out of the tapwater every time you make tea.
The flakes in your tea mean that you've built up so many layers that the top layers aren't bonded strongly and they get knocked off from the boiling action.
1:14 PM
I actually notice them in the kettle first
but yeah
If you do it when you see the white buildup on the inside of the kettle, you'll never get the flakes threatening your tea.
I checked the kettle and it has a little of something or other in there
not nearly as bad obviously
oh, how much vinegar do you typically use?
just a little?
1 white vinegar to every 3 or 4 water should be more than enough. I usually use 1:2 but that's because I've got 1:2 pre-mixed for cleaning.
And you don't have to fill the kettle, just enough to cover the white buildup (which is usually just on the bottom).
ok that shouldn't be a heck of a lot
If it doesn't seem to be loosening up the deposits, let it soak longer or increase the ratio.
1:20 PM
we have a decently sized jug thing of distilled white vinegar and I'm not sure how much of it we normally use but it doesn't seem like a lot
@doppelgreener Hm? Baking soda is an excellent "and I really mean it!" additive for scrubbing action, but test it in an inconspicuous place first because it can actually scratch the surface you're scrubbing.
today i learned i could do that
It also absorbs odors and colors, so bonus for removing annoying stains.
i already do the vinegar soak for my kettle, heating the water up somewhat first to help speed up the chemical reactions
1:23 PM
(The powerful absorbing action is why you put baking soda on the carpet where the cat barfed.)
@doppelgreener Ah, yeah. Add baking soda for Science Volcano Action!
I am fairly sure cat litter also has backing soda in it
If you can scrub the little baking soda bits into the cracks in the calcium, the foaming from the vinegar will force the cracks open and help it flake off.
I'm not sure how much baking soda we have
I'll check that at some point but I think I need to sleep now XD
1:25 PM
But, ah. don't pour the vinegar and baking soda down the drain until the foaming stops. You don't want to pop your pipes if it gets too excited down there.
Baking soda just needs a couple pinches.
yeah I wasn't exactly planning on using a ton of that
either way
goodnight :)
@BESW I've definitely boiled neat vinegar in a kettle at least once, and it smelt amazing
@trogdor g'night
1:32 PM
Would not recommend without really good ventilation.
I repeat, it smelt amazing
there may have been water already in there
but I agree, not recommended
1:49 PM
I think I've finally lost my fight delaying fortnite for my 8year old.
@NautArch \oo//
@NautArch oh?
Yeah, he's been asking for a couple years and I'dr ather he play that than Roblox at this point.
Roblox has a lot of games that entail simply clicking for cash and buying more stuff to click more.
My three year old is pretty into mario kart.
it's like the worst grinding ever. And it's all about 'getting money'.
@ThomasMarkov debating on a switch for them for chanukkah.
I'm wedded to my PC for gaming, so a console would be new.
and my old Wii died a couple years ago.
There is Sonic All Star racing on PC that's fun, but not the same
She will walk up to me with her hands behind her back and say, "Do you want to.......RACE?" and hold up the two steering wheels.
1:56 PM
that's awesome
I hope you are ruthless.
@ThomasMarkov so adorable
@NautArch The sequel is better.
@ThomasMarkov Transformed or the new one?
Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed is actually really good.
i had heard the lastest wasn't as good.
1:56 PM
Transformed is just as good, maybe better than mario kart imo.
Yeah, we play Transformed.
@NautArch I thought Fortnite also had that?
@AncientSwordRage I literally mean tapping the screen to get money. And then you go and trade in the money for stuff. And go back to clicking. But you click more.
@NautArch giving me flashbacks to runescape
Fortnite at least has real competition and some hand-eye coordination.
1:58 PM
@NautArch oh, like cookie game (what're they called?)
Start him on the classics. Get Doom or Halo: CE.
Cookie Fall? You tap to make cookies fall from the sky, and the more cookies that fall the more power-ups you get to make more cookies fall etc
@ThomasMarkov Quake I
Coockie Clicker is the OG cookie game
thats the one
Oh hai @BardicWizard
@ThomasMarkov I played a lot of Quake 3 Arena.
2:02 PM
I beat Doom for the first time when I was 7.
That was during the first bubble burst of the internet in the early 2000s and where I worked would set up lan-games after work (and then during work)
@ThomasMarkov thats pretty remarkable
At 7 I was playing Aztec Challenge on the Atari 800.
I played a bit of Quake II, but I was more interested in using paint to mix and match body parts from the digital manual
@AncientSwordRage (on the easiest difficulty)
2:03 PM
But seriously, he does NOT like blood. Heavy pixellated blood is kind of okay, but not great.
screenshot, paste, select tool, new window, paste, repeat
Sonic Adventure is a pretty lit game
@ThomasMarkov My uncle completed it on hard with just a shotgun (except the one battle that needs the BFG)
@ThomasMarkov even so
@NautArch Several of my STEM-oriented friends swear Minecraft is the perfect game for their kids. It's like infinite Lego except you only buy it once and the kid ends up learning computer programming.
2:06 PM
@MikeQ Yeah, we do some minecraft and I set up my own server for them.
But they're not totally into it.
Did get their older cousin (22) into our server, so they're starting to get back.
@MikeQ if they don't make a 64-bit calculator in the first week, ask for a refund
on the child, not the game
@MikeQ I also have a lot of programmer friends who really don't want their kids to go into programming.
@NautArch oh really?
@AncientSwordRage good morning
I got my start at programming on a TI84 calculator
2:10 PM
@BardicWizard ::applies wake up juice::
@AncientSwordRage it’s the keyboard again though earl gray would be appreciated
Computer, earl grey. Hot.
My wake up juice made me ill this morning.
@ThomasMarkov oh no
2:13 PM
Too much caffeine on an empty stomach.
@ThomasMarkov I didn’t start there but I have made a bit of a name for myself at school cause I programmed my ti84 to do the quadratic equation for me as well as other things
My wife read that coffee on an empty stomach and no sleep is bad, so I've been banned from coffee before breakfast
I haven’t actually gotten out of bed yet
@BardicWizard ::jealous::
2:17 PM
@ThomasMarkov Did you make the snake game or the drug dealer game?
There’s something to be said for smartphones in there but I’m debating whether I actually want to further my dependence on caffeine or whether I’m going to go do excersice
@BardicWizard I didn't start drinking coffee until I had kids :P
@BardicWizard Why not both? XD
I definitely played a drug dealer game.
@ThomasMarkov do I want to know what that is?
2:19 PM
@BardicWizard I take caffeine before I exercise.
@AncientSwordRage a game involving being a drug dealer :) You had to invest in your inventory, determine distribution, and balance risk of getting caught. Goal is moar money.
I had a text based RPG of GTA.
I played a lot of Dope wars at one point, and re-creating Tai-Pan was one of the first video games I've created
(Tai-Pan is Dope wars except you trade only somewhat in drugs!)
@ThomasMarkov you know what's worse than not having a point of origin on a square-shaped spell?
Finding a worm in your apple?
2:28 PM
Guards and Wards
such a weird spell.
which has an area expressed in square feet, but can be shaped
If it's "M" shaped, where's the point of origin?
and how does it interact with full cover/line-of-effect?
DM: "Hey guys, you know how I spend several hours a week designing dungeons and prepping for the adventure? Here's a spell that lets you do that during the game."
@ThomasMarkov although that’s a true statement, one of my groups would respond with “wait, you’re letting us use guards and wards? Even despite what we did with it last time?”
@BardicWizard Facts.
2:36 PM
Argh, the more I think about that meta answer comparing game system tags to coke/pepsi, I don't like it.
@NautArch I'm sorry, what?
A: Revisit: Is "5e" a clear enough statement of game system by a question asker to determine that the question is about D&D 5e?

nvoigtI'm pretty much an outsider nowadays, so this is an outsiders perspective, with little to no regard to policy or how it should work: The brand name "Cola" in my country is being used to describe any kind of drink that is brown, sugary and fizzling. If you order a "Cola" it is assumed you mean Cok...

I'm also very clearly not in agreement with others :P So...normal day.
I think the analogy could be improved.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, he's being just a little too hyperbolic
I mostly agree with his point though
I get the point (and if you agree with not needing to ask, then you'll agree), but I don't think the analogy is useful or correct.
2:46 PM
I think it's more like "A man walks into a bar wearing a bud light shirt, a bud light hat, and a bud light tattoo sleeve, walks up to the bar and orders a 'lite beer'" Does the bartender really need to ask if he means Miller or Bud?
@BardicWizard "What do you mean? I don't see how it could be considered 'wrong' to turn the badguys own hideout against him!"
The server always confirms what the customer wants.
If anyone from the areas of the US is here where they use 'coke' to mean soda. I'd be interested to hear how servers handle that.
@ThomasMarkov That is a VERY different analogy.
@NautArch I agree, and I think its closer to the phenomenon we're trying to approach.
@ThomasMarkov I generally believe if someone is asking a question and using quotes or very clear terms that are known, we can probably guess. But if it isn't, I'm not into guessing.
I just don't pretend to know all the games and if there is a game out there that it could be, I don't want to pretend that game doesn't exist.
If a question is "how do I make an attack roll in 5e?" I agree that that' too ambiguous
If they ask "How do I use Divine Smite in 5e?" I think that's specific enough
2:52 PM
@RevenantBacon I'm honestly not sure. If they quote Divine Smite, yes. But I'm not prepared to guess there isn't a 5e with Divine Smite that isn't D&D.
Because the means for making an attack roll in D&D-5e vs Shadowrun-5e is very different (I assume, never played Shadowrun)
@RevenantBacon it is, afair
@RevenantBacon it was our hideout. The words “murder hole” were an understatement
@NautArch I'd be willing to risk it. I'm ready to admit that I don't know the rules for every 5th edition game ever made, but the odds that there exists a feature by the exact same name, and that the person isn't asking about the most popular table top game in the world is slim.
::acquires more coffee::
2:55 PM
@RevenantBacon Sure, but then we're assuming anything unclear that mentions 5e is D&D.
I'm just not sure I want to make that assumption.
@BardicWizard Oh, well that's totally reasonable then. Not the players fault that their enemies decided to attack when they had home-field advantage.
And I'm a D&D-centric fool.
@AncientSwordRage I'm still generally a one cup a day guy. Some times I may have some caffeine in the afternoon if I'm planning on staying up and I want a little extra umph.
I always stay up
so it comes in handy
@RevenantBacon we... kinda sat in the hideout and plinked away at the enemies. It’s not one of my favorite bans I’ve caused the creation of, but it was a dialed down plan from the original anyways
@BardicWizard By "sat in hideout and plinked away" what exactly do you mean? Like you never left and just sent minions o do stuff for you, or like you were literally just shooting people with bows from the ramparts?
And how did that not completely bite you in the butt?
2:59 PM
@RevenantBacon both.
@ThomasMarkov and what's worse about the coke/pepsi thing is that those who wanted Coke, but got Pepsi will accept it, but they're not really happy.
And just because funny is always needed:
@RevenantBacon we had made like 20th level characters and were playing around with defensive tactics
@NautArch Yeah, but they'll only accept it because they wanted cola, and if a place serves one, it won't serve the other because both of those companies force exclusivity deals(source, work for a place on the weekend that sells one, but can't sell the other)
So it was expected
@BardicWizard So what were your goals? Was it just "Sit in the base and lat as long as you can?"
3:01 PM
@RevenantBacon So we only serve D&D 5e here? That kinda seems like the natural progression of that analogy.
@BardicWizard 20th level is fuuuun.
So many resources to manage, but so much fun.
@NautArch No, that's not where I was going with that
@RevenantBacon I know, and that wasn't really fair of me.
But it's fair to the analogy.
Unless you're from a place that doesn't tell you what you're going to get and just expects you to accept it.
My point was that the analogy was bad
Which I stated earlier
We agree! No coke, pepsi!
@RevenantBacon pretty much. Although as a gm I’m gonna get to use it again anyways cause we’re putting together a military base thing on the location of the “modern” day sandiá base for our it’s-complicated-but-sorta-cyberpunk-sorta-basic-fantasy d&d game
@NautArch indeed
3:05 PM
@BardicWizard especially when your DM lets you stack your +3 weapon with a potion of giant strength and oil of sharpness for the final battle (when you've been saving those items for literally in IRL years.)
@NautArch wowzers. I sense experience there...
@BardicWizard vengeance pally dropping BIG damage.
@BardicWizard unless the entirety of the campaign can be played with the players never leaving their base (ie, their only job is "Protect this one particular spot") Guards and Wards isn't really that good. If they ever have to do something outside their stronghold, then they either have to leave, losing the benefits of the spell, or they have to send NPC minions to do their biding, who could end up captured, killed, or worse, bought off by the enemy.
It can be funny to use it to mess with an enemies stronghold, but they need to A) cast it without getting noticed, and B) know at least part of the layout of the stronghold so that they can shape it appropriately.
True. Our d&d group is really interested in doing weird things with spells so we do tend to do things like this even when it’s not the best idea
3:34 PM
I started thinking up a Ranger monk build, and settled on making a Firbolg Feywanderer/Kensai and now I'm invested in the character, and not the build I'm veering away from being a monk, which is then invalidating the synergy I was trying to exploit/play with
partly because Kensai looks poops (to use a technical term)
Fill all the stairwells with webs, then summon a bunch of giant spiders. Walk in after a quarter hour or so, just enough time for the spiders to get noticed, and claim to be the exterminators they called.
Kensai are pretty legit though
oh rly?
They're not the strongest monk subclass for sure, but they have some neat tricks
oh yeah true!
I was planning on taking the druidic warrior fighting style, and getting the Shillelagh cantrip
but that may be a non-bo on the kensei weapon
@AncientSwordRage Played a kensei, it was pretty fun.
3:37 PM
@NautArch ooh do tell
Clubs are fine as a kensai weapon though
and Wis is a focus for both classes
@AncientSwordRage Briefly was in a campaign that didn't work out time-wise for me, but played a goblin kensei.
I had a lot of fun with it.
I love playing as 5e goblins. Bonus action dash is soooo useful
Ranged was never really a big need because my mobility could generally get me to an enemy, but the option wasn't bad for a bonus action to add damage.
(I say poops, because of my reading and also the grade on RPG Bot )
@NautArch goblin anything seems fun
3:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage I mean, the goblin part was fun :)
@RevenantBacon thats what I tried to leverage
I've read RPGBots' article, and he's right, Kensai doesn't add much over base monk, but it's red in comparison only to the other monk subclasses
i often try to optimize my characters to make sure I've got options for actions and bonus actions.
But access to some weapons taht I wouldn't have access to is nice.
It's good front-line monk
the extra AC is nice
@RevenantBacon thats good insight, and also good to see someone else agree with the grading
Just because it's the weakest of the set doesn't mean that it's weak overall
3:40 PM
And I don't think it's the weakest of the set.
Well, I think at the time he wrote the article, only the PHB was out
so the undead-themed and sun themed ones weren't out yet
He's doing a rejig, so the non-updated classes may still get an updated score
I actually just went over to the page to re-check it, and I noticed a bunch of stuff from TCoE
I also have to admit there's some good things in TCoE :P
they tweet all the updates, and I have notifications switched on, as they don't often tweet
3:45 PM
I do not twit
@NautArch I twoo
@ThomasMarkov I have managed to have too much coffee for my stomach, and I can assure you it was not empty
It looks like I may want to go ranger 3/monk 5-7, then I'm open to either samurai or warlock (mainly for flavour reasons)
@AncientSwordRage I took 150mg of caffeine and went straight to the gym. Got about 40 minutes of work in before I felt ill.
thats some good going
@AncientSwordRage I'm typically not a huge multiclasser unless I know the level range we're playing.
@NautArch I like it too much
like in life, I struggle to focus on just one thing
3:49 PM
I really like many of the milestones of the primary class I pick.
@NautArch I hear Naut loves a 1 level hexblade multiclass.
Delaying is big unless it's not a delay, but a fixed set. In which case, it's more about accepting not getting some things in exchange for other things. How's that for vague?
@NautArch true
that is vague
I guess first I want to know if the campaign is going to 20 or not. If it is, then capstones become important.
If not, and it's a fixed end, I can build a design around multiclassing if I'm okay with the tradeoffs.
that makes sense
I haven't actually played in years, so I'm just theory crafting
3:51 PM
I'm a bit underwhelmed by some of the Hexblade stuff and am taking a 3 level dip to battlemaster.
battlemaster is just so tempting
I delayed my thing to turn a humanoid i kill into a spectre, but i"m not really in love with that ability. So that was okay.
I love options, and it has bajillions
@AncientSwordRage I hear the Weapon Master feat synergizes well with Battle Master.
@ThomasMarkov hyuck hyuck hyuck
3:57 PM
And i'm delaying being able to move my hexblade curse, but that's also okay because I realy like the battlemaster manuevers.
some of the new manuevers looks really nice
i took a look, but none were really moving me away from the ones I was looking at. Except for maybe Bait and Switch.
4:18 PM
I found that assuming UA means Umbrella Academy greatly increases the desirability of UA questions.
@GcL oh man, i need to watch the second seasons!
4:33 PM
I know serial downvoting is a thing, but is serial upvoting?
Certainly both happen, and pretty sure both are supposed to get reverted (when detected).
Although I guess serial upvoting is about a single user getting upvoted.
Q: What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

Cody GrayI just noticed that I lost a bunch of points from my reputation score, and I used the "reputation" tab on my user profile page to try and track down the cause. During my investigation, I noticed there was an unusual event of type "reversal". In the normal place of a question title, it says "voti...

Yeah, i'm thinking more about someone who just upvotes willy-nilly. But I don't think that's trackable or even really problematic.
@NautArch Brace is meant to be ok?
@NautArch yeah if someone finds you and looks at all your questions/answers and votes on them in quick succession
also it can be sockpuppet behaviour
4:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage yeah, that wasn't what I was referencing, but I guess i'm seeing a lot of very questionnably good questions get upvoted. Especially if they are by new users. Which I get wanting a new user to have a good experience, but rewarding not great questions is problematic for me.
@NautArch There's some amount of noise to the upvotes. (eg. downvotes on highly upvoted answers and vise versa) As long as it doesn't favour anything particular or a particular user and is less than our signal it's not worth worrying about
@NautArch agreed
@Someone_Evil I can see that. I don't think it's a signal/noise issue. Just a personal "what" issue.
4:58 PM
I feel weird about answering a question, then finding a duplicate after the fact and closing the question.
@ThomasMarkov search first, answer second
@NautArch that generally works, but not always
it does mean generally risking losing out on first answer
@NautArch ya, im a sucker for enlightened badges.
but think of the site!
won't somebody think of the site?!
5:06 PM
@AncientSwordRage I added a word to your header
@ThomasMarkov Thanks
5:22 PM
I wonder if there's a way to learn/cast raise dead or revivify while also not learning any healing or restoration spell along the way.
I mean you can just choose not to learn some spells right?
Well, Clerics know all their spells so that's right out. And Divine Souls have a class feature that provides healing.
Bards can do that
Hmm... should I revise that to "not having any healing/restoration feature"?
Because Bards do have Song of Rest but that's added on top of existing healing from a short rest.
5:27 PM
Cast them through an artefact or other magic item?
tl;dr i'm trying to figure out if i can make this scenario work:
In my head canon song of rest isnt magic. It's just being good at playing ballads so your friends can relax better.
> “Doc, my leg is broken! Can you give me a splint?”
> pumps shotgun “no but I can do you one better”
@Yuuki i guess magic items dont count?
@ThomasMarkov I mean, that'd be the easiest solution but I was wondering if there was any solution that relied solely on class features.
5:33 PM
@ThomasMarkov A shotgun of resurrection sounds quite magical
it's one up from Usidor's Rock of Healing
6:16 PM
That phnatom rogue's ability is heckin weird.
@ThomasMarkov yup
I remember when I thought a 500 word essay was a lot. My answer on the phantom rogue question is sitting at 680 words.
@ThomasMarkov a lot of that is quotation though, which not only pads, but breaks up section making them easier to write because it fixes the topic
@Yuuki I don’t think there is if you don’t count the bard
Five hundred words. Is that a lot? Well, let’s see. So far I have written ten. Make that sixteen. Now nineteen. Twenty. I’ll stop counting them now, but I’m wondering if five hundred words is really that many. I’m going to count again. Twenty one, twenty two twenty three twenty four, twenty five... ok I give up thats too many words
@ThomasMarkov Five hundred words. Is that a lot? Well, let’s see. So far I have written ten. Make that sixteen. Now nineteen. Twenty. I’ll stop counting them now, but I’m wondering if five hundred words is really that many. I’m going to count again. Twenty one, twenty two twenty three twenty four, twenty five... ok I give up thats too many words
@ThomasMarkov 500 words is about a page when double spaced I think; it’s less than I have to write for a history essay but more than I have to write for Spanish class
6:25 PM
Sure but when youre 13, just finished 3 pages of math homework, and have a dependency on your PS2, writing 500 words is quite the chore.
Indeed it is. With my dysgraphia, 500 words is still a lot for me but it’s not as bad as when I would write 251 words for a 250 word minimum on my 6th grade papers
It still takes me about an hour to knock out 500 words on nothing and more if I actually have to think about what I’m writing.
@BardicWizard I still remember when I wrote my first whole page of writing, after my mum made me start a diary
it was an A5 page, but still
6:44 PM
Honestly for an essay that is short
Remind me, in 5e is the general rule "you can't do the thing unless something lets you" or is it "you can do the thing unless something stops you"?
@RevenantBacon Its definitely the first.
But sometimes not.
Yeah, no the first one felt right to me, but I was suddenly hit by a wave of doubt
> Class is the primary definition of what your character can do.
From the PHB
it depends what the thing is, doesn't it
6:49 PM
can you cast a spell? Well, not unless some feature gives you the ability to cast a spell. Can you fry an egg? Sure, unless for some reason you're specifically forbidden from frying eggs.
the whole system depends heavily on being interpreted through a lens of... let's charitably call it "common sense" as regards what characters can and cannot do within the fiction and the mechanics
Frying an egg counts as crafting, so it would be a downtime activity.
By PF2 rules, it would require 4 days of downtime to fry an egg.
Sorry, that would be giving benefits of the Chef feat to characters without it, which is unbalanced.
7:04 PM
Frying an egg is otherwise impossible, because it would deal fire damage to the egg, and you'd have to use the rules for damaging objects.
"I whisk the egg" "Okay, make an attack roll" natural 20 "The egg explodes"
Critting doesn't mean dealing the most damage, it means getting the best outcome. In this case, you've just whisked that egg to fluffy perfection, giving it the intrinsic property of +1 texture and -1 chewiness
Unless you crit the egg with a microwave
Then it definitely explodes
Then I'll do what every good wizard would do: I cast fireball.
Good ol' Fireball, nothin' beats that!
Would that make it egg flambe?
7:23 PM
@ThomasMarkov Feds and Heads was one of the first drug dealer games that I can remember.
@ThomasMarkov Fireball sears the outside of the giant elk but leaves the inside rare, raw, and juicy. Food for the whole party, and for the ranger's animal companion, and for the two dire wolves who smelled dinner and came by for a treat ...
... at which point our halfling tried to insta domesticate the dire wolf by using animal handling. Nearly lost a finger, she did.
Dire wolf thought she wanted some if its elk steak, and you know how canines get about their food while they are eating ... protective is a mild term.
8:21 PM
I love hate the myth that in rpgs you roll for everything, like athletics to not fall down when you walk etc.
That trope probably exists because there are DMs who pull nonsense like that.
Drink enough at the bar in game and I may do that :P
One of my biggest pet peeves is DMs that call for checks on flavoring actions.
@TheDragonOfFlame I had a GM like that (for a very short time) and so did a friend of mine (also for a very short time).
The former asked for an electronics operation roll to lock/unlock one's own flat's door. The latter asked for dexterity checks for stepping down each step on a stair, with failure risking either tripping or making lots of noise.
But of course, there's the sensationalisation of bad events effect. I.e. just like when a plane crashes and that gets more resonance than many normal flights, so abysmal GMing cases get more talked-about than normal ones.
"I do a backflip and kick the wolf in the chin" "Make an acrobatics check" "Okay fine, I attack in the most boring way possible" "Okay roll to hit".
8:30 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm ambivalent about that one. There are reasons both for and against such treatment.
@ThomasMarkov Which is where the game Roll For Shoes seems to have come from originally ...
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica What are the reasons for?
@ThomasMarkov the wolf says - I bite off his foot when he tries to kick me on the chin. Woof
So whose cool move gets to work?
@KorvinStarmast Funny thing, sometimes I like to put easter egg reactions on some of my monsters. Things with really obscure triggers, just to see if my players can find them.
An Easter Egg hunt is worth losing a foot in, I suppose.
8:34 PM
@ThomasMarkov is there something specifically wrong with this? On a failed acrobatics you would attack normally, but on a success you’d get some tactical advantage. Or is that taboo
@ThomasMarkov 1. Complementary skill rolls (by this or other name): having actual risks and benefits from making such fancy actions (e.g. bonus damage, penalties to enemy defence). 2. Bragging rights; sometimes, PCs do suboptimal things specifically because the players (and/or the PCs themselves) want to show off being able to 'fight left-handed'. 3. Enforcement of initial campaign style by way of appropriate costs/risks to doing cinematic things in a down-to-earth campaign.
@ThomasMarkov unfortunately, most peoples acrobatics bonus is lower than their attack bonus :(
I know mine is
A long time ago, a player asked to do several jump kicks by tictac'ing between a wall and an enemy. The PC had about enough skill to pull it off, and was successful, ultimately kicking down the enemy and escaping to the roof. The player was rather satisfied about pulling off something like that.
(This was in the kind of game where the tictac altitude gain was a function of one's normal jump height/distance.)
8:50 PM
(what is tictacing?)
I assume I've heard of it before by another name and there's about to be an "Ooohhh, we call it this" moment
@RevenantBacon Kicking off a vertical wall with some gain of altitude. There are regional variations of the definition's finer points of course.
OK, so doing wall-jumps then.
Which I agree is the most basic description you can get
Definition used in the game:
> A “tic-tac” is a running leap at a vertical surface,
followed by a foot plant and shove to propel you up
and away. This requires a roll against the better of
Acrobatics-4 or Jumping-4. Success gives you
height equal to 1/4 your running broad jump dis-
tance (p. B352) and lets you rebound the same dis-
tance horizontally. Halve distances in combat.
Failure means a fall from the same height; critical
failure inflicts maximum falling damage.
If this moves you into contact with another sur-
face (e.g., a parallel wall), you can push off again.
(I'm also pretty sure there was some liberty taken with the mechanics, but it's been many years since that session.)
Point is, taking something reasonable as a basis, then exceeding the reasonable limits by way of character hypercompetence, and coming off successful nonetheless, can be its own reward, even if it's not the most tactically sound choice.

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