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1:07 AM
Anyone else here in on magical kitties save the day?
1:26 AM
@GcL ???
@BESW Ah. Hadn't seen it
You get to play Magical Kitties, and Save the Day?
The pre-print PDF is pretty good.
Not one for our group.
1:41 AM
@BESW Oh that looks cute
trying to finalise my Rolemaster PC. Important bit: Name!
As I cosplay Vasquez (from 'Aliens'), I looked up the name's origin. Probably originates from '(little) Crow'. Looking for an interesting "middle-european, dark Ages" translation
1:58 AM
@BlackSpike Jay? (jays are corvids, after all)
@Shalvenay I like Jay
(and it kinda links with "Jenette", Vasquez's first-name! ... did-you-know: a lot of the characters in Alien franchise were known by their Surname, but had the same fore-name as their Actor?)
(I like 'links'. Even if they are twisted/convoluted/contrived!)
2 hours later…
3:48 AM
Just played a game of Space Goblins! in which our spaceship was a shark made out of junk. We raided a well-armed security ship (it tried to hug our ship, but our ship bites) and challenged athlete foot soldiers to an arm-wrestling match.
4:11 AM
All good ships have teefs.
yes XD
1 hour later…
5:36 AM
@BESW That is a great thread. Just shared it with a few communities I'm in where I know there are people playing in streamed games :) (...including the one I'm in :P)
@BESW Sounds like a fun time! Sharks are the best :P
@V2Blast Why are so many awesome games so free?
@V2Blast Yey, I'm glad it's helping you.
@BESW An excellent question! Perhaps some creators feel their game is so awesome it can not be kept from others to enjoy their awesomeness...
6:06 AM
How to Weave a Human: a character generation game based on Filipino myth, by Mahar.
6:33 AM
Q: Does Forgotten Realms setting count as “High magic”?

OharCould you please provide some sources about that? Or maybe there is some rule of thumb to detect if some setting is “High magic” or “Low magic”?

7:13 AM
Not as high as original World of Darkness.
2 hours later…
8:54 AM
Q: What are the specifics for a Block of Incense?

BookwyrmThis never really occurred to me, but I never noticed that the Block of Incense was missing from the Player's Handbook, where it should have been in the adventuring gear list. (Dungeons and Dragons, Fifth Edition). I double-checked, just to make sure. One of my player's pointed this out to me, an...

2 hours later…
10:33 AM
DungeonCommandr has a Twitter thread about marketing for the socially inward.
5 hours later…
3:36 PM
Q: How does doing something together work in 5e?

BarokOk, so at my table a flying creature grappled one player and starting flying away. The two closest to him grabbed his legs (both passed Dex checks), and now they were going to pull together in order to overcome the creatures strength. But we were stumped in 5e, in 3.5 there was the +2 rule that ...

4:35 PM
hey there @ACuriousMind and @Glazius, how're things going?
I exist.
@Shalvenay going fine over here
cool cool, we should have a session today provided you folks are around
@Glazius Tough weekend or just understatement? :P
What's a spell that you wish existed in 5e or ended up homebrewing yourself?
4:50 PM
@ACuriousMind Busy day yesterday, it doesn't feel settled yet. So, I exist.
4 hours later…
8:52 PM
Hm. How exactly does tagging people's names in rooms work? Does it not tap them if they haven't been in recently enough for their names to show up in typeahead?
@Glazius Yeah, you can only ping people who've been in the room in the last ~2 days
K then.
@MikeQ @KorvinStarmast - tap back into the Fellowship scheduling room? I'd like to try and run next Saturday.
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
Q: Persuading players to be less attached to a pre-session 0 character concept

MegaCrowI am currently running a campaign that is coming to a close. This is fine, and as planned. However I would like to start another campaign after. I mentioned this to (some of) the players, who seemed happy(ish) to switch over when the conclusion was reached, including that I was considering a vag...

1 hour later…
11:30 PM
I have a little non-stackable question... Super opinion-based.

I am building my own world (I intend to use D&D5e on it), and in it, almost none of the regular races exist. As for the ones that inhabit it, I'm quite sure lore-wise what they are, but as for stats I'm between 2 choices:

A- Try to make them rules-wise like other "official" races. For example, I have a few big beefy, animal-like peoples encompassed in one race. I might use Goliath's as a "template", maybe changing juuuust a little bit here and there to suit them more. The idea is that all the "concepts" exist and people can pl
11:43 PM
@Helwar that is a good question, and reminds me that I should try game sometime where humans aren't a thing
well Humans are a thing here :P

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