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12:18 AM
#Rolemaster getting all the Tables into a data base. How is the doing of the thing?
Specifically, Training Packages, and the Skill ranks they give
12:36 AM
@JohnP is there a place I can contact you outside of here? A discord, perhaps?
12:59 AM
@Ben Hey, same here! [Balloons fall from the ceiling]
@Miniman Yaaaaay!
Or, more accurately: Yaa-- [coughing fit]
[weakly blows a party blower]
1:24 AM
Yes wonderful flu, how I miss you (not really)
I also saw a video on how to create Link (LoZ) in 5e. It suggested revised ranger, fighter, and druid.
@Ben Rgr/Ftr makes sense, but Drd?
@goodguy5 sure. I'm tkdteacher#1135 on discord
I think that was specific to twilight princess - specifically the wolf.
hey there btw @JohnP
1:43 AM
@JohnP discord.gg/erBjKE temp link to my discord. can't friend you otherwise
@Miniman (perhaps @Ben, I don't remember the geography) stupidish question: up in the northern half we've got a flu season roughly from December to March. Down your way is it worst June-September, or December-March, or something completely different?
@nitsua60 Yeah, June-Sept sounds about right.
Australia is Big, but not big enough that 2 parts of Australia really experience seasons at different times of the year.
Your discord name reminds me: I played in a campaign once called "The Hundred." The conceit of the campaign was that there existed exactly one thieves' guild in the world, and it took in apprentices 100 at a time. All of our characters were apprentices (level 1 rogues) when the guild was destroyed (while we were not on the grounds, for weak anthropic reasons).
So we all had 1 level of rogue, but from then on had to advance in other classes. Because there were no higher-level rogues to train us for advancement in rogue.
The rest of the campaign featured hourly eye-rolls to seventy-eight saying "oh, well if seventy-seven thinks we should go left..." or "oh, does seventy-seven need some healing?"
@Ben I guess I was asking more about "does the flu virus cycle with the local season, or with global conditions?"
@nitsua60 Oh right. Yeah it's generally seasonal, in my experience?
"Flu season" is generally jun-sept for us
2:06 AM
Meg Risdal on August 20, 2019

Delivering improved, private feedback to post authors

Not putting users who curate content on the spot

Giving actionable, understandable information for the vast majority of public viewers

Better distinguishing the “Answer” and “Comment” actions (due to a high volume of helpful “Not an answer” flags indicating problems with the interface).

Ways to reduce the number of unhelpful comments that are likely to get removed in the first place.

Upfront guidance for first-time question-askers

Setting expectations for what happens after asking a question …

I've heard from staff that users with the close-vote privilege (3K) will still be able to see close-voters; the public view/author view graphic doesn't really convey that.
1 hour later…
3:14 AM
@nitsua60 I noticed that she referred to what you call a help pile in that blog post. Unfortunately, this overwhelming pile-on is exactly what users who ask an imperfect question are confronted with
They are only about three years behind you. ;)
3:28 AM
> It’s simply not enough to ask people to be nice or change their behavior when the software that underlies everyone’s interactions doesn’t facilitate this.
Hallelujah it learns.
> Not only is it a learned skill to research and ask a well formulated programming question as a novice (yes, I approve of putting “Googling” on your resume)
I'm feeling pandered to. Don't stop.
...okay, that's "default" as a transitive verb and I don't know how to feel about that.
3:47 AM
Jul 3 '17 at 13:15, by Ben
@doppelgreener and if someone said to "bing it", they would likely be laughed out of the building for several reasons.
I am contributing to this conversation! Woo!
4:07 AM
@nitsua60 I am semi intrigued by this but also...apprehensive that it will be followed though in a meaningful way that actually creates consolidated action beyond the immediate expansion glee of look we are doing a thing
@BESW so much thiiiis
4:45 AM
"We will watch your [attempt at improving the website] with great interest."
- Supreme Stack User Palpatine, probably
2 hours later…
7:03 AM
@nitsua60 I'm very unsure whether privatisation of close votes is a good thing. It seems to make the closers even less accountable to the regular people of the community. While the newbie remains very much accountable to the high council of 3Ks. There's still the issue that reputation is gained for type A actions and grants type B permissions, with no way for people to downvote and often even see the misuses of B. (By misuses I mean unconstructive, unwelcoming or whatever uses.)
Q: Would anything change if Opportunity Attacks only allowed you to make melee weapon attacks?

Medix2This question was inspired by discussions regarding Whirlwind Attack, as well as this answer to the Q/A "Can I use the War Caster feat to cast Vampiric Touch as a reaction?", which mentions using a previously cast (currently concentrated on) vampiric touch spell to make opportunity attacks withou...

@vicky_molokh It was clarified elsewhere that the full information on close votes will apparently remain visible to moderators and other folks with the close/reopen privilege.
@V2Blast Yes, the High Council of 3K, but not the regular people of the community. (Or was it 1K? Some privileges seem to vary by stack anyway.)
Morning folks
@V2Blast Right on, sorry about that
@PierreCathé No worries :)
I think rep levels required for privileges only vary for beta sites (...and the ones that recently got the beta level removed - their privilege levels are unchanged at the moment, I think)
7:13 AM
Wouldn't anonymous close voting be more intimidating to new users? You question has been closed as X, but we're not even giving you a list of people who can explain why
@Someone_Evil The question author will still be able to see the close voters, as seen in the screenshot. (Though I do think the new interface shown there has some issues.)
Hello all
Ahoy me mateys
Doesn't most of the actual question feedback happen in the comments? The things that specify the actual problems, and are posted before/upon voting as opposed to closure? Is this feedback supposed to get private somehow?
This also means it becomes harder to learn the site by watching other processes, because you don't get to see them
@V2Blast A newcomer would still see lots of closed questions without a clear picture of what's wrong with them and what needs fixing. As Evil said, that makes learning harder, in addition to the issues of general-public accountability.
7:21 AM
"Not putting users who curate content on the spot" I don't know what part of the curation this is prioritizing, but other than voting (up/down), shouldn't that curation be public so that the community can pay attention? You can't flag what you can't see.
@vicky_molokh Some of us may sit in the chat, but have not been granted the rank of Master yet. Bidding my time for the 3K
And if you're not up for your close votes being publicly shown, don't vote to close. (they are also only visible upon closure currently, yes?)
Personally I think it'd be better to have close votes public from the very beginning and for everyone, and open votes private until the necessary number of votes has been accumulated. Because close votes, especially jump-the-gun, anonymous, uncommented close votes give a very unwelcoming impression by their very nature.
The less info you get when you're shut down, the worse are the chances you'll be able to git gud.
Isn't there a rep cap on seeing close votes on your own question?
IIRC there is (or at least was), and I don't think it's necessary. Edit: yep, there is as per above.
8:15 AM
Yay I just finished typing all of my 1st-level cleric's spell into the spell card generator !
Now to hope it'll print well
Maybe laminate them too to make them more durable
8:45 AM
Q: Does the benefit of the Flames of Phlegethos feat that allows rerolls of fire damage affect its final benefit?

user2457457The Flames of Phlegethos tiefling racial feat (XGtE, p. 74-75) reads, in part: When you roll fire damage for a spell you cast, you can reroll any roll of 1 on the fire damage dice and use the new roll. Whenever you cast a spell that deals fire damage, you can cause flames to wreathe ...

9:27 AM
> Inconveniently immortal. When you are killed, you come back to life when another player character has a revealing character moment.
(I'm watching Cannon Busters.)
@PierreCathé Lamination seems like a good idea
depending on what you're printing on
10:09 AM
If you print the right size, using card sleeves can also massively improve the durability and feel of home-printed cards
In 4e, I printed cards on typing paper and put them in M:tG sleeves with M:tG cards behind them to make them more solid to handle.
I'm going to print on paper and then hot-laminate the cards. Because of all the text on some spells they'll have to be 3.5"x5" (8.9cm x 12.7cm) so probably too big for sleeves
Yeah, I doubt it's coincidence that 4e's online character creator printed out cards the size of M:tG cards.
Even using a 10pt font and a big card size I already need to spread some spells over multiple cards so sadly reducing the card size isn't really an option
You're playing 5e, right? their text is a lot more verbose.
10:33 AM
Yeah I am
And yeah it is
Random question: In 5e-dnd do monsters actually have reach greater than 5 feet or is it just their (opportunity) attacks?
10:56 AM
@Medix2 If an attack says reach greater than 5 feet, that attack has a reach greater than 5 feet
11:12 AM
@Someone_Evil Ah gotcha, I guess my question does make sense then
Because nets use the phrase "within reach" but involve no attacks
2 hours later…
12:59 PM
Has anyone here tried representing Wizarding World (Harry Potter) style magic in FATE?
None of the templates in the system toolkit quite fit I think.
1:14 PM
For HP style gameplay I'd look more toward PBTA.
In fact someone's made Hogwarts: An RPG in PBTA
You might be interested in how they handle spells and duels:
Most particularly, casting a spell works entirely differently depending on whether you are in a duel or not.
The incantations it refers to is basically just a big checklist of all the spells available to learn —
1:32 PM
Oh very interesting.
I should say my planned settings isn't Hogwarts but New York around the time of the Fantastic Beasts movies
So the PC will probably all be adults
That also makes things like Arcane High not as useful as I hoped.
Oh, that mixes things up a bit.
Though I am still considering their "any approach is magic" approach.
I see what you mean but I think there'd be about as many wizard kids back then as in 1990's England ;)
Because going off an official Wizarding World spell list, like you linked to, doesn't provide that many interesting options.
@kviiri I should also specify that they're Aurors in MACUSA, so that fills the requirements for a FATE setting I think.
@doppelgreener IIRC, Serpensortia was first introduced in Book 2 by Malfoy, who was clearly being instructed on how to cast the spell by Snape.
Not sure that's a 1st year spell.
Aaaaaand I need to learn to scroll down.
1:41 PM
Actually, in scoping down the setting with my group I've written a short synopsis.
> # New York's Wizarding World balances on a knife's edge

MANHATTAN ISLAND, 1927 - Incidents are pouring into a completely unprepared MACUSA. Some crazed Magizoologist thought loosing a Thunderbird in the city would fix his Obscurus problem. That "solution" only ended up creating more problems.

Every day, we inch closer to disaster: Mass Exposure.

You are the newest team of Aurors in the MACUSA's Major Investigation Department. In a fit of desperation, the MID has called upon you as field agents to try and stem the tide of magical incidents.
Also, I thought the Patronus charm was considered a 7th year spell in the books?
I ended up going for the same format as the adventure book synopsis on the Evil Hat site.
@Yuuki Compellingly, sectumsempra is not on the list.
@doppelgreener Well, it is a spell invented by Snape and, to my knowledge, he didn't teach anyone.
Yeah :)
@Yuuki Where did they put it? I can't spot it. Or did they just put it nowhere?
1:44 PM
Also, you'd think that Harry might realize that all of his incantations are psuedo-Latin and something named "cut forever" might hurt a bit.
@doppelgreener It's in 5th year spells.
Oh, there it is.
@Yuuki Now that you mention it, it'd be neat to have seen existence of spells in Chinese and other languages, especially with syllables it's hard for an English speaker to manage. Then Hogwarts students wind up learning a variety of languages just so as to be able to adequately outfit themselves and be comfortable casting spells.
@goodguy5 - That is submitted, you should receive an email. LMK if you don't.
thanks ^_^
@doppelgreener There's already some spells that are pseudo-Greek (Episkey, for example).
@doppelgreener Ooo! That would be neat!
Also morning everyone
1:49 PM
Oh, I mean, ones far departed from English.
Yeah but it shows that at least stuff other than pseudo-Latin exists.
yawp. I'll check it regularly, things go up and down all the time. Too bad you aren't a recent grad, there are some really cool early stage programs.
@Yuuki Sure! I'm not trying to say "I want languages that aren't pseudo-Latin", I'm saying "I want languages that are far departed from English roots."
Saw a meme that was pretty funny, claimed Helga gamed the sorting system so the chill people would all be free from drama. :p
Yeah Greek Latin and German all have heavy ties to English and I'm not surprised to see those used. It would be pretty fun to see spells based on other languages especially because schools in those areas of the world canonically exist.
1:50 PM
I'd also be interested to see more magic that isn't incantation-based. HP introduces silent casting later in the books, but that's still conceptualized as thinking about the incantation really hard.
@Yuuki Gotta have that verbal component
@Yuuki You don't have to say it out loud, you just have to scream it in your head
Interestingly, a lot of the spells would actually be pretty hard to pronounce for non-English speakers. So you'd think that there would be spells made for those other languages as well.
@Yuuki Is this where I introduce my theory that fighting in Harry Potter is really just the same as fighting in DBZ?
@Rubiksmoose IIRC there's only five Wizarding schools, and of them only one is in Asia. <_<;
[dumps that part of the lore in the bin]
Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and then one in America and one in Japan.
1:55 PM
No Spanish wizards, no male French wizards, no Eastern-Europe except Russia, only one African country. Sounds like an inclusive education system :D
Three European schools and two others.
@doppelgreener Wasn't there one in Africa?
There's one in Africa
And one in south america
Oh, seven! Yep, RedRiderX got it.
I've spent far, far too much time reading Pottermore
1:56 PM
@Rubiksmoose Or maybe the cause and effect are the other way around. Maybe proto-Latin and other languages were shaped by the wizardly speech, and are a vulgarisation thereof.
@RedRiderX Were those added recently?
It's not been time well spent
You mean South Usa? Hollywood tend to simplify the whole "American continent" problem
@Yuuki Yes it's all in Pottermore
Because last I remembered, it was Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Illvermorny, and I can't remember the name of the one in Asia.
1:57 PM
@RedRiderX I was feeling like I was missing something until Rowling started going ... bad ... and then I feel like I have dodged some bullets.
@doppelgreener I still choose to believe that she's trolling people who keep asking her about Harry Potter.
Anyone knows the significations of the schools names btw?
I can understand Hogwarts and Beauxbatons, but the rest eludes me
@Nyakouai Wait, Durmstrang is Russian? I thought it's some sort of Czech or Bulgarian or something like that.
Ah yeah, probably Bulgaria, since Krum
1:58 PM
The name is fairly Germanic, I thought.
"Durmstrang" evokes "sturm und drang" pretty clearly to me.
Which means? My German is extremely bad
Or maybe Serbia, because it has Cyrillic too.
"Storm and drive" or "storm and stress".
It is/was a German musical movement/concept, IIRC.
Sounds better than BeauxBatons
It was a literary/music movement IIRC
@Nyakouai Beautiful wands.
2:00 PM
Hogwarts sounds like a kindergarten in comparison.
@Yuuki Plausible but she's also taken anti-LGBT stances, entirely putting aside the matter of how Fantastic Beasts panned out, all of which has been fairly disappointing.
Yep. Could also be read very wrong in french, but who care...
@Nyakouai Bulgaria is SE europe. It's down near greece
@Nyakouai Hmmmmm, so an all-girl school has a phallic name... Hmmmm
What could that possibly imply ?
@PierreCathé or, maybe it actually refers to the wands that witches/wizards use...
2:01 PM
Is Beauxbatons an all-girl school?
@Yuuki Only in the films I think
Being characterised as being 'far north', I think Durmstrange has to be either the Finland/Sweden/etc. area or at least Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia and being pretentious about northness.
I guess since Europe has three wizarding schools (a whopping two or three more than everyone else gets) they can be a bit more selective with their students.
@Yuuki You means besides the killing trees in the garden, the troll, the monsters in the lack, the cerbere, the murderous teachers, the incompetents/murderous teachers...
The explosion-prone student, the fall from a flying broom
@Yuuki No. Nicholas Flamel for sure graduated from there.
2:03 PM
The duels in the bathroom
(I'm kinda runnin out of fuel here, please help)
@Nyakouai Remember that Muggle lethal injury != wizard lethal injury
@PierreCathé From what I recall, only girls come from the Three Wizards Tournaments.
@Nyakouai Basilisk
@Nyakouai By most accounts, only two of the teachers were actually murderous (which isn't a high mark by any standards) and the cerberus was only present for one year.
Acromantulas in the FF
2:04 PM
One year with the Dementors (fun year that one)
Bringing dragon as "trial" for teenagers
@Nyakouai Same year the alleged mass murderer stalked the grounds. For an entire year.
Also, the 40-something year old man disguised a rat hiding in an 11 year old's bed.
Can't see images at work, can someone describe me what I'm missing? :D
@Nyakouai https://i.stack.imgur.com/poAg3.jpg
2:06 PM
@Nyakouai Got the book here, when BeauxBatons arrive it says "Harry [...] now noticed that around a dozen boys and girls [...] had emerged from the carriage"
@PierreCathé Aaaah, forgot this part. Seems the movie overwrote my memory of the book. Thanks
@Nyakouai The movies overwrote the books in quite a few cases
@Nyakouai Made the same mistake so I got the book out to check
I always wondered why Fleur was allowed to bring her sister, who was obviously barely of age to attend school.
2:07 PM
@Nyakouai To be fair, it's only a single line and I don't think any Beauxbatons boys were mentioned after that.
@JohnP I still refer first to the books, then to the movies, because god, did they miss parts of the story
@JohnP Drama. The headmasters are sadists
@JohnP Probably because she could bring her family as an audience?
@Yuuki Oh, right, so they could watch their kids get offed. Tru dat.
Which was a pretense to kidnapp member of said family and drown them :D
IIRC, the champions for the other schools were pretty much foregone conclusions but then that could just be the law of conservation of narrative.
2:09 PM
Such a good book for growing children :)
@JohnP I always thought they had her flown in specially for the trial
Don't introduce characters you're not going to use after all.
The Goblet of Fire is still one of my biggest disappointment when it comes to book adaptations
They basically skipped 2/3 of the book
@Nyakouai It's a disappointment in and of itself honestly
I truly believe no HP film topped the first one
Movie or book?
2:11 PM
It's a pretty massive book although I think Order of the Phoenix was the longest.
@Nyakouai movie
Although it's not the best book either
@PierreCathé Prisoner of Azkaban is a contender, imo, although I haven't rewatched it in a long time.
@Yuuki Think you're right. Longest is either 5 or 6
@Nyakouai Definitely 5 because I remember being surprised at how much shorter 6 was.
@Nyakouai I generally try to ignore that the books exist for movie adaptations. Extremely rarely do they get it right, so if you can ignore the books it makes the movies enjoyable.
2:13 PM
@JohnP I try to do that, but I always felt like the HP movies expected us to have read the book. There is a lot of things that aren't said and only makes sense if you've read the story beforehand
Both 4 and 5 start way before "a couple weeks before the term begins" which is where most of the books start.
And they have significant plot events that occur before the term begins so I think that accounts for why they're so much longer.
@PierreCathé The 4th is still my favorite book, although, now that I'm trying, I can't explain why
I think it may be because it was the turning point before things get grimmer and grimmer
Last year of true "teenage years" for the protagonists
@Nyakouai Yeah you can't always explain those feelings, I think my fave is the 5th
a.k.a. the one in which Neville becomes cool
@Nyakouai It's also the last one where I think you can place the blame for the conflict on the plot chiefly on someone other than the protagonists.
Oh, it's the one where we get to see him outside of school? Such a good part for character development... And then nothing in the movie
2:18 PM
I think.
@Yuuki True. In the 5th, Harry becomes stupid
I'm not sure I have a favorite, really. I enjoy all of both.
@Nyakouai To be fair, Sirius is a dumb-dumb too. Kept trying to nonchalantly hint at the mirror without actually telling Harry what it does.
Literally the climactic conflict could have been avoided if 1) Harry straight-up asked Sirius what's up with the mirror or 2) Sirius straight-up told Harry what the mirror does.
The best part of Harry Potter has been that it is full of so many irresponsible adults and poor decisions that it is ripe for excellent parody and satire.
Could have also been avoided if Harry had listened only a second for the whole year, that yeah, Voldemort could and probably would try to lead him to make a mistake since he was in his head...
2:21 PM
Like "dude, you keep mentioning that mirror under your breath, what's up with that?" or "dude, you haven't used the mirror at all that I keep telling you about, I know because it's basically a wizard cell phone and you can talk to me whenever instead of this stupid fire BS".
@Yuuki Actually Sirius had included an explanation with the mirror, I think Harry just forgot about it and rushed headlong like an idiot
Hermione literally asks him "But what if it's a trap?" right before they go
@PierreCathé I think he kept trying to be clever like "if you ever need someone to talk to, here's a mirror/thing".
He opens the package containing the mirror after coming back from the MoM
@vicky_molokh Oh! Maybe!
2:22 PM
@PierreCathé Stupid Harry ™
@PierreCathé I remember that he opened the package, saw it was a mirror, shoved it in his luggage or something because he was in Angry Teen Mode.
Because I remember he went back to it after coming back and it was shattered.
Or something like that.
@Nyakouai which is great, at last is actions have some consequence
I need to reconsider that Harry is supposed to be 15 at the time, and most people are not the brightest at 15 (god knows I wasn't...)
@Yuuki Sirius: Never realises Harry might be expecting a telephone for that sort of thing and might interpret a mirror as just a mirror
Any other wizard in his position: "Oh, a mirror! I can call Sirius anytime with this!"
@Yuuki Not exact, but "he remembered sirius giving it to him on the steps of Grimmaud place, saying "use it if you need me, ok""?
2:26 PM
@Yuuki No he shatters it by leaving it in the bottom of his luggage for too long
And yes, opens it nearly at the last pages of the book, after MoM. Just checked.
@JohnP same ;)
@PierreCathé One of the advantages working from home (Tilers are finishing up in our bathroom).
@NautArch since mainsite seems to be offline I'll post this comment about your wish answer here:
@NautArch I think what Ryan was saying is that the Wish spell can simply fail and do nothing, no loopholes needed. "This spell might simply fail". Basically, if you ask for something too powerful, even if it is airtight, the gods/DM can just say "No".
@JohnP Exactly, although I'm not strictly working right now
2:29 PM
@doppelgreener S'what happens when you grow up in a pureblood family, you don't have an understanding of the working class Muggleborn (or Muggle-raised in this case).
@PierreCathé technically, I'm on my jumpbox copying virtual machines to an external usb drive plugged into the server. And you wouldn't beleieve the hoops you have to jump through to make that possible.
@Rubiksmoose That's the clause people are always too eager to forget
@Yuuki I was born muggle, married into magic. :p
Sorted slytherin. Three times. :|
Random thought about that: A lot of people now use Hogwart's House to describe their personnality. What's with all the people qualifying themselves as Slytherins? Rowling went to great lengths to make them into unlikeable c... people
@Nyakouai But then also went to great lengths to redeem Slytherin in general, despite its poor representatives.
2:32 PM
@PierreCathé Yeah, I mean it can be the least narratively satisfying option, but it is an RAW option. Though I'm sure there are ways you can make "no" more fun/interesting.
@Nyakouai Edgy people who want to be cool by being "rebellious".
@doppelgreener I must have missed that part
Also, people who unironically think "nice people are dumb".
Slytherin got reframed as being about cunning and ambition.
Well, it was always supposed to be about that.
But also blood purity because sure why not.
2:34 PM
Mostly Pottermore started painting Slytherin in a more pleasant light than "what a bunch of tossers"
@Yuuki Well that's what happens when your house is founded by basically wizard hitler
+1 to that
Fire Emblem had the right idea by just getting rid of Slytherin.
It's said multiple times in the books that Salazar Slytherin wanted to only educate purebloods
Are there any muggle-born wizard in Slytherin? Don't think the Sorting Hat would enforce such a politic
2:36 PM
Usually in fanfiction, people try to "justify" it with "well, people burned witches at the time".
@Yuuki I don't know much about the three houses, other than one is super gay so that's the only one I care about lol
@Nyakouai I think I remember there being one.
@Nyakouai Voldy himself has a Muggle father
@doppelgreener Well, the Fire Emblem houses don't really map to Hogwarts houses because they're based on geography not ideals/personality.
@Nyakouai Yes, but not common
2:37 PM
But colors are red, blue, and yellow which are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff respectively.
@Nyakouai There is a line in Deathly Hallows:
> Well, well, looks like we really 'ave caught a little Slytherin." said Scabior. "Good for you, Vernon, 'cause there ain't a lot of Mudblood Slytherins. Who's your father?
implying there are at least a couple
@PierreCathé Yes, but that makes him a half, which is always better than a spontaneous wizard in a family of muggles (though he was an orphan, so didn't grow up in magic)
@doppelgreener Which one is "super gay"?
@DavidCoffron Oh, good memory on this one
@Nyakouai (@Googling tbh)
2:39 PM
@DavidCoffron Nice Google-fu then
@Yuuki Black Eagles
It has the most same-sex romance opportunities in the entire game. The other houses only have one each.
@doppelgreener I think that depends on what sex/gender you pick.
So it's a mix of Hogwarts, Mass Effect and Risk? :P
Oh, maybe? I was watching a girlfriend stream the game.
I haven't seen the male path. I only know about two male same-sex romance options.
I think you have more same-sex romance as a female character because Japan is totally okay with homosexuality as long as it's lesbian.
2:41 PM
Also in the 5th book the sorting hat sings that Slytherin teaches purebloods, ravenclaw teaches the cleverest, gryffindor teaches the bravest and hufflepuff teaches the rest... Makes you wanna get into Huffy doesn't it ?
"What's your greatest quality ?"
"I'm extremely mundane !"
@PierreCathé They'd probably all be much more chilled out.
"Yup, you're in !"
@doppelgreener I'm pretty sure that's the extent of male same-sex romance. Whereas I think pretty much all of the female student characters are romanceable if your character is female.
@PierreCathé Hufflepuff has always been the house of unskilled people, but at least they are supposed to be mostly nice and caring
Always get sorted into Hufflepuff in Pottermore...
@Nyakouai Yeah but then Cedric Diggory blows everyone out of the water by being literally perfect.
Regarding my previous Fire Emblem same-sex romance post, apparently I'm wrong.
2:45 PM
I would blame it on the Pattinson effect, but he was a Mary Sue in the book too.
With the experience, it becomes blindingly obvious he has to die
People are reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, not Cedric Diggory and the Flawless Haircut
you get out of here
Cedric Diggory and the Flawless Haircut was so much more the book I wanted to read.
Part of the reason I stopped the series was that event right there
I didn't read another Harry Potter book after that, and I'm honestly, not even 100% sure I finished that book
@goodguy5 Then I'm curious why you read the previous books
I don't say it wouldn't be an hilariously good book. I'm saying he was going to overshadow Harry :P
No Cedric then
@Nyakouai as well he should have.
@PierreCathé They were the thing to read then
They were entertaining enough, I guess. I was never hugely into them in the first place, but I stopped at 4
2:50 PM
V: Cedric Diggory and the Perfect Teenage Relationship / VI: Cedric Diggory and the Enriching Ministery Internship
(No seven because he would have graduated by then)
... Who are the other hufflepuff characters? And I'm not even saying cool, because I can barely remember three of them...
Prologue: Cedric Diggory enacts policies promoting muggle relationships
Newt Skimander
In HP5 I think Zacharias Smith and Michael Corner are Hufflepuff?
Okay, Newt may count, though so many things in Fantastical Beasts contradict with the canon that I tend to just close my eyes and waddle through
But even if they are, they're definitely not cool
and uh.... that purple haired one
2:52 PM
She dies too, so they killed two of them :D
JKrowling has a hate boner for hufflepuff I guess
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :P
@goodguy5 More people from Gryffindor die, though. (but they are more known characters, so not sure about the percentage)
according to potterverse, hogsmeade was developed by a hufflepuff - Hengist of Woodcroft
3:00 PM
@PierreCathé Smith is a jerk, so I don't know even know why he's in Hufflepuff, and Corner is apparently a bad guy by virtue of having the nerve to ask out Ginny Weasley, who Harry didn't even remember existed until book 6?
@goodguy5 thereafter the series becomes about Cedric, while still being named Harry Potter, but really it's now about Harry Potter being in the vicinity of Cedric (and his Flawless Haircuts)
Yes, that sounds like something I'd have kept reading
@doppelgreener Harry Potter and The Time Cedric Diggory Captured Pretty Much All The Death Eaters Because He Wasn't An Idiot Who Rushed Off To The Department Of Mysteries Based On A Particularly Bad Fever Dream
@Yuuki excellent
Harry Potter and The Year In Which Cedric Diggory Prevented An Invasion Of Hogwarts And The General Collapse Of Wizarding Society Because He Had The Sense To Inform The Authorities That Draco Malfoy Was Attempting To Smuggle Death Eaters Into Hogwarts Via A Malfunctioning Vanishing Cabinet
3:06 PM
Actually, not quite sure Cedric could have pulled this one...
Harry Potter And Really This Book Shouldn't Exist Because Cedric Diggory Solved All The Instigating Incidents In The Previous Entries Of This Increasingly Long-Winded Revisionist Book Series
"Hello, mister Fudge? The son of one of your most trusted and rich backers is trying to invade the school of Dumbledore (the guy you hate) with soldiers of You-Don't-Want-To-Acknowledge-His-Return"
@Yuuki While Harry Was Busy Trying To Catch Malfoy Red-Handed Himself Because It Was Way Too Personal For Him To Exercise Proper Judgment
@Nyakouai Doesn't have to be Fudge. Literally could have just been McGonagall.
@Yuuki Or an Auror. Imagine him telling Mad-Eye Moody.
3:08 PM
@doppelgreener Mad-Eye would have waterboarded the truth out of Malfoy... Now I want to read that book...
This is a MetaSE post that some here might be interested in about improving Post Closure Notices: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/332499/…
@Nyakouai Bold of you to suggest he'd stop at waterboarding
.... or start at something as mild as waterboarding, actually
I'm trying so hard not to burst out laughing in the office rn...
At any rate, the return of Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing Ferret is worth a book purchase alone.
Still convinced Cedric had to die, so Harry could try to hit on Cho and blow the whole thing up because he can't understand the concept of blacmail and family
3:11 PM
That's still pretty wtf of Harry. Tries to pick up a girl whose previous boyfriend had just been murdered the previous year and then ends up dumping her after the first date because she was "too weepy"?
Honestly the thing that Harry needed to learn was that other people have feeelings too
Because, I repeat, her previous boyfriend, who was pretty much Jesus incarnate, was murdered the previous year.
No, he dumps her because she rated the Dumbledore's Army out cause Umbrage threatened to fire her mother
@Nyakouai I think they broke up before that.
@Nyakouai Nope, that's in the movie, in the books it's her best friend
3:12 PM
And may have also used Veritaserum
I need to reread the book ><'
@PierreCathé Yeah, it's even worse in the books.
I think they mentioned that Edgecombe had a slightly dazed look on her face but Kingsley also Memory Charmed her on the sly.
@Yuuki Honestly best moment in the book, Kingsley mvp
Well, that was a fun way to spend a boring afternoon at work. Gotta go, thanks for the laughs
Kingsley Shacklebolt had probably the best name in a series of people with good names.
@Nyakouai Same here, see y'all
@Yuuki And yes, 10 times yes
3:18 PM
Cedric could've been even more perfect than he already was if he was Kingsley's kid. Imagine this: Cedric Shacklebolt.
3:37 PM
zomg, I have a meeting for over an hour, and y'all are still on about HP.
Be honest, is that really so shocking? lol
well, no...
4:04 PM
@Rubiksmoose Some other people have already suggested what I had in mind, so no comment here. Thx for the link.
@JohnP arguing about bad literature can be fun, or at least a diversion from the pain of real life.
4:17 PM
Q: Can a character spend multiple hit dice at level 1?

ImspringinIf PC's short rest more than once a day, do they spend hit dice both times at level 1? Or do they have to long rest in order to get their hit dice back?

4:56 PM
Q: In what ways can a Non-paladin access Paladin spells?

Gunnar SödergrenWhat different options are available (in the published materials of D&D 5e: rulebooks, UA, etc) for a Non-paladin to access Paladin-specific spells? Notes Only spells that are unique to the Paladin spell list (i.e. only spells that are not freely available on another class' spell list) Featur...

5:44 PM
Howdy folks. Any new tabletop stories?
5:58 PM
@MikeQ I spilled some coleslaw on it but that's what napkins are for, right?
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