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8:00 PM
I'd name him, Jack Bupkis: Master of Mediocrity.... or maybe the mediocritical. Battle cry would be, "Meh!"
"I sure do have a toolkit full of relatively-decent stuff!"
The most Jack of All Traits character
The highest level you could have any class at would be 9th if you had at least 1 in all of them, right?
@JohnClifford Yes, there are 12 classes in the PHB
(I think there are 12 classes but could have missed a couple)
Ah, cool.
If you wanted to go MAXIMUM MEDIOCRITY have 1 level in 4 classes and 2 in the other 8. XD
8:04 PM
On that note, do we know if the Artificer will be in the new Eberron book?
I thiiiiiiink so but don't quote me on that.
I'm sure I saw someone mention it would be.
don't' ask me, i only write about old eberron books :P
> In addition to an adventure set in the misty, mystical Mournland, Rising from the Last War brings Eberron’s artificer class to D&D 5th Edition. The first new class added to 5e, the artificer uses arcane science to create magical inventions and infuse objects with magical powers.
> Also returning are Eberron’s dragonmarks, magic sigils that appear on a character’s body, and dragonmarked houses, powerful families descended from dragonmarked ancestors who wield their considerable influence from the shadows.
kinda sounds like they may make Wayfinder's like UA and this is the official.
but who knows with WoTC. They seem more likely to just toss stuff out and say "go" recently.
I'm upset they were charging $20 for the UA
8:07 PM
That would make sense, Naut.
I'm kind of in the same boat. I don't feel we should be paying significant prices to test their ideas for them.
@JohnClifford significant
@JohnClifford Works for Bioware.
Feels like a bait and switch. The impression I had for Wayfinder's was that it would be eratta'd but would be official eventually.
Hey, I'm not happy about BioWare doing it either. :P
Not, the content will be part of the official books and you can pay $25 more for that one.
8:08 PM
@JohnClifford Me either, I'm just saying it's a proven model. :p
I did think it was funny that someone in a thread the other day was bitching heavily about having to pay for content in DnDBeyond that he already bought from WotC.
Luckily I'm not an early adopter, so I saw the reviews and skipped ME:Andromeda
I seem to recall seeing a collectors edition playtest book for PF2e at my LGS
I'm like yes that is how companies that are not the same company work
It'd be wonderful if Wizards decided to discount DnDB digital content but I'm pretty sure they also like money too.
@JohnClifford That could have been me here. I'm not particularly enamored with selling the same content multiple times. I'd happily pay 120% for the physical artifact and a digital license, but 200% for both sucks.
8:10 PM
They are pretty heavily discounted all things considered to be fair.
Q: Multiclassed character with all classes - any reason this can't be done in 12 levels?

keithcurtisI was recently watching some Youtube gaming videos and came across this one in which the narrator created a character he said was book legal: a 14th level character who had at least one level in each basic class. The player in the video was allowed to make the character as a 14th level character,...

Good find
I view it the same way as console games: the developer isn't going to give me the Xbox One version of a game for free because I own it on PS4.
@JohnClifford I would be much more sympathetic to Wizards on this count if they'd had a plan, never mind actually announced it, for their digital distribution when they dropped the core set.
Okay, I'll agree with you there.
8:12 PM
For years they produced material and gave us only one way to get it, and no hint as to whether and how we might ever do otherwise. Then, when you'd had the chance to sink three or four hundred dollars into paper, they announced a second method would be coming.
(I forget exactly when DnDB was announced, but I feel like it was PotA or OotA era?)
@JohnClifford I would concur with you for games. They're a different beast altogether and even getting assets to play nicely cross platform is ... uncomfortable.
> All-round character: good at everything
Press X to Doubt
It launched in August 17.
Also, there should be a significant overlap in the overhead of material that goes into a digital presentation and a corresponding print version. Printing books is a hella expensive endeavor in comparison to making a born digital representation.
I suppose it's not as bad as it would be in previous editions since there's proficiency bonus which is essentially character level scaling.
8:15 PM
@Yuuki I think we have a question somewhere about an "optimized" build that uses max multiclassing
But still "good at everything" is a bit of a stretch.
Like all gimick characters, would be fun for a short run
The sheer number of features and having 6 (if not more) sources of spellcasting sounds like a headache
Ironically, that ultra-multiclassed level 12 character could be substantially better with just two more levels, 1 in druid and 1 in Paladin.
Raging Smiting Bear. =O
@JohnClifford So, that sounds about right? 5e was '14? '15? ToD was two $30 books, PotA was $50, SCAG was another $30 or $40... $300 at the low end by the time they said "and, yes, we will do something digital."
8:19 PM
Yeah, fair.
Oh god, raging smite-bear.
@Xirema Especially since then you aren't worried about having no ASIs by level 14
But then once you have the raging smite-bear multiclassing into the other classes seems relatively pointless.
@nitsua60 Definitely lessen any animosity I bear towards pirates.
@GcL That's kinda un-bear-able.
@JohnClifford At that point you pick up Warlock Levels for the rest of the campaign to sustain better smites.
8:21 PM
Holy crap I might actually try this next time I'm a PC.
@nitsua60 5e launch was in the second half of 2014, so that lines up.
@GcL (note the date carefully: two months before DnDB announcement)
May 5 '17 at 1:19, by nitsua60
@JoelHarmon I prefer having both. Maybe someday WotC will even figure out that I'd prefer to pay them for that privilege.
Yeah, what's with the official digital content coming through Curse rather then WotC in the first place?
@nitsua60 That's my sentiment exactly
I never really followed the early days of Beyond so I'm not sure how that came about.
(Now, the last two years have proven that I don't actually want to pay them very much for it. Not as much as, say, I want to pay for my kids' braces. So I ate my words and deleted my pdfs. Even though I'd still rather an offline-access way to get at them, that feels like some serious goalpost-shifting on my part.)
8:27 PM
@nitsua60 aren't you on my dndbeyond? Or did you not sign up for it?
@nitsua60 Do you not feel comfortable having non WotC PDF versions if you bought the book?
@NautArch I don't know, honestly. How would I check?
@JohnP I was perfectly comfortable having those when WotC wasn't providing me a way to get them legally. Now that they do (basically, though I'd certainly prefer pdf to DnDB), I got rid of the pdfs.
@nitsua60 Hmm, not sure you do. But it also only says 11. So not sure if I"m 12 or if there's a spot open.
emailing you a link to try
@nitsua60 Ah, gr0k. Makes sense.
@Xirema Raging Smite Bear with Bardic Inspiration, High-ish level Spell Slots, Hexblade's Curse (scaling despite multiclass), a cleric domain (there are multiple useful ones), unarmored defense, Expertise and favored terrain for out-of-combat, and a bunch of cantrips
8:31 PM
Huh. Humble has a Warhammer:Dark Heresy bundle going: humblebundle.com/books/…
@JohnP And I still have an irresponsibly-big collection of old pdfs of things I used to own (BECMI, 1e, 2e) but ditched during college that I'm slowly replacing with honest copies now that dndclassics is a thing.
@nitsua60 Ugh, I would hate to have to curate my PDF collection now.
But somehow I can't stomach the idea of dropping a thousand dollars on pdfs of old books all at once, though I'll drop the same amount in $15 increments over the course of a decade.
@Someone_Evil Yes, it'll be in both WGTE and the new book.
Can't you get the entire set for like $500 at the moment?
8:33 PM
@GcL WGTE will be updated with the final versions of the content within it, plus artificer once it's done. I assume they're waiting until artificer's done to update the whole thing based on the UA feedback
I'd definitely go Barbarian 1/Bard 1/Cleric 1/Druid 8/Fighter 1/Monk 1/Paladin 2/Ranger 1/Rogue 1/Sorcerer 1/Warlock 1/Wizard 1; let's you get four hours on combat wild shape and max your Wisdom modifier
@NautArch It looks like I've joined. With the character "Sulla," and I have no idea who that is.
(Aside from the 2nd-C BCE Roman general/politician.)
So what does joining do for me?
@JohnClifford Pretty sure WotC was just not planning on doing a digital thing, and then Curse approached WotC with a presentation of how they'd do it
@nitsua60 Gives you access to nearly all content
Yeah, that makes sense.
8:38 PM
Either through me or through others who have ownership. But you've now get digital access to almost everything @nitsua60
Yep, content sharing is enabled so the content owned by anyone in the campaign is shared with everyone else in the campaign
I have it through both a friend and one of my players.
and I won the Legendary Bundle in a raffle during a dev stream (some time before Ghosts of Saltmarsh) so you should have access to everything released before that point. (and possibly some stuff released afterwards, from others that own them)
@V2Blast Thanks for the formatting edit on my Robe of Eyes answer.
@JohnClifford No problem :)
8:42 PM
@JohnClifford V2Blast is the king of format edits xD
Man, it would suck if casting Light, Continual Flame or Daylight on a Robe of Eyes caused its wearer to be blinded.
@NautArch Cool--thanks. I'll poke around.
@DavidCoffron heir apparent, actually.
(nitsua's link is more revealing than mine xD)
I didn't think he had like 45 times my number; I knew it was way more but that's absurd XD
8:47 PM
@DavidCoffron I didn't realize they'd surpassed greener. And gonna vault past SSD within a few months at this rate!
Yanno, with cantrips scaling at character level, that absurd multiclass isn't thaaaat <slaps self>. No, it still sucks to be 12th level and have neither multiple attacks nor any upper-level magic.
41 mins ago, by Yuuki
I suppose it's not as bad as it would be in previous editions since there's proficiency bonus which is essentially character level scaling.
Among other things.
9:07 PM
@nitsua60 Yeah; if you can start at level 17 or higher and round out the character (an ASI or 2, 3rd level spells, or a nice MC build), it woudn't be awful, but at level 12 it is very meh.
Honestly, Fighter 6 with one level in everything else isn't the worst. (you get your primary AS up to 20, and Extra Attack, Action Surge, and a Martial Archetype)
Yeah, but then you're a fighter without indomitables, with small archetype bonuses, without the three combat-feats you "should" have....
Whatever--obviously we're talking about at least 8 if not 10 "wasted" levels.
You get some boons though; Expertise, Bardic Inspiration, lots of cantrips; far from optimal, but there is a cost-benefit
(And this coming from a MC-lover.)
A 1 dip in Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard, and a few others are totally useless
9:12 PM
Okay, room: what's the best 6-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 build (5e, WotC material, UA at your own risk) you can think of? (And throw in one more level wherever you like to make it 20.)
I'm still putting my money behind the smiting rage-bear.
@nitsua60 6-2-2-1.et.all is tough; with 6-4-1.et.all I could work with something (get another ASI and level-3-archetype)
@nitsua60 Does it have to be 5e? Official WOTC only?
I was thinking of that, yes, based on the linked question. But yes, Cyberpunk could be interesting =)
@MikeQ edited.
@nitsua60 I think it has to be a Fighter 6/Paladin 2/Wizard 2/1 et all. Hex Warrior to capitalize on Charisma SADness and you get smites and Extra Attack. Bladesinging is also very efficient for only two level. You go Half-Elf to have 13/13/8/14/13/20
[and hope you can find an amulet of health ;)]
9:18 PM
Q: Does adding the 'precise' tag to daggers break anything?

enkryptorThe precise tag is a defining characteristic of a classic "roguish" weapon, technically it means you can use DEX when Hack and Slash with it. Default weapons list is very short in Dungeon World, and only two weapons from it has the "precise" tag. By contrast with D&D, a DW dagger is not precise....

You get unarmored defense too, so it might be better to do 14 in wisdom or dexterity
Or you could pass on Bladesong and do Medium armor with 14 dex
Half-Elf Fighter 6/Paladin 2/Cleric 2/1 et all (Channel Divinity is nice); 13/14/8/14/13/20
Probably Eldritch Knight for the spell slots or Samurai for the advantage on attacks
Then you grab Paladin 3 at 20 for an Oath
Definitely Wild Magic for Tides of Chaos (which for you is advantage once until you use your warlock slot to cast a sorcerer spell to recover it)
Monk is totally useless though (unless you are disarmed)
9:50 PM
Gobblin' Grub, a Honey Heist drift by Amber Marie. One: You have a stupid business model that runs on aggressive marketing and shady business tactics. Two: You are a RIDICULOUS GOBLIN.
Kickstarter: Never Knows Best: An RPG Inspired By FLCL. Teens transform into robots to combat absurd creatures embodying their own inner turmoil and societal expectations
@nitsua60 I am going to work on that when I get home. Nice challenge.
@Nits Mine starts with a half elf chassis, or a v human for a feat ... or a mountain dwarf .. will get back to you.
@DavidCoffron the wizard dip yields a bunch of 1st level spells as rituals out of the spell book. (Alarm, find familiar, a few others).
10:06 PM
I wonder if Pa6 is the winner: given that the build is going to be crap compared to the rest of a party, is the Aura of Whatever actually the best single thing you can do to contribute?
That or stunning strike? (Except your DC is horrible. Maybe Portent it.)
@nitsua60 IMO, it's a very big benefit. And I'll have to MC two in warlock to get a nice ranged attack.
Of course, your CHA is only going to be +3.
@nitsua60 As long as CHA is +1 or greater, it provides some benefit
@nitsua60 Yes, but it still helps.
If I take a half Elf with 3 12's and 3 13's, I end up with 14 Ch, 12 Con, 14 Dex, 14 Str, 13 Wis, and 13 Int. (the last +1) 14 14 12 13 13 14. Going Fighter gives two ASI, but going Paladin yields 1 for a 16 Dex. With all of those spell slots, smite smite smite.
for the level 2 choices, I go Warlock, Druid, and maybe Diviner. Maybe Rogue to get expertise in something ... thinking.
I'd likely go Sorc at first for Con Proficiency saves if I didn't choose Fighter at 1.
Sory, 16 Con not 16 Dex.
If that single level of Ranger does anything for me, it's Favored Enemy .. and a free language.
hey there @KorvinStarmast
10:22 PM
I'm tempted to say Fighter 6, paladin 2, warlock 2- fighter 6 gets you an extra ASI, paladin 2 gets you smites, warlock 2 gets you 2 short rest spell slots. Level 1s are just as many full casters as you can grab to pump up your spell slots for dumping into smites.
Would need to figure out what the ability scores for that look like, though.
Extra level would probably go into barbarian so you can do rage crit fishing for smites
10:55 PM
Morning all
hey there @Ben, how're things going?
I have the flu! [Children's party sound effects]
Otherwise I've been pretty good. Been busy with work and social activities, which is a nice change of pace.
How about yourself?
Greetings from the surface world
@MikeQ Salutations, surface dweller.
11:11 PM
all y'all
Yeah, nah. Yeah.
Q: Does adding the 'piercing' tag to warhammers break anything?

enkryptorRealistically speaking, war hammers were used specifically for breaking through armor: War hammers were developed as a consequence of the prevalence of surface-hardened steel surfacing of wrought iron armors of the late medieval battlefields during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. In...

@HotRPGQuestions look don't give piercings to your weapons without asking them first ok? XP
11:28 PM
@trogdor It's not a phase, master!
Q: What is "Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron"?

Q PaulI have seen that WotC is coming out with a Eberron campaign source book titled Eberron: Rising from the Last War - but I have seen references to something called *Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, which I thought was the Eberron campaign guide. What is Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron?


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