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2:10 PM
@goodguy5 That's entertaining in a terrible way. It is terrible behavior and calling it ineffectual management would be charitable.
Depending on what your forte is, there are some interesting stuff in the old rust belt metropolises. Reviving the husks of cities like Detroit & Pittsburgh with more software related work. Could be a good move.
Nah, I'm pretty locked into the Philly area
But the traffic is so bad!
ugh, I know
We need more bridges
I hear there's a vacancy for a Fresh Prince.
On the other hand, you don't have to drive everywhere.
2:14 PM
and moar gritty
The biggest selling point
@goodguy5 If you like bridges, Pittsburgh has an embarrassing number of bridges. They have an interchange in the middle of two bridges that smootch!
that's intense
It's inadvisable, but the locals don't seem to mind.
Or maybe they've all got the same middle name: "Danger"
May you roll 20's in your quest for a new position, and may you rise to meet all the CRs.
Most of the Philly congestion that I've anecdotally observed is around the bridges.
So, more bridges, means less traffic per bridge, I think
2:17 PM
One would hope so at least
@GcL change requests?
So... for answers like this and this, what is the most effective way to farm runes? (and is that stackable with proper constraints)
@DavidCoffron Ugh. The description really makes in unlikely to be farmed.
@DavidCoffron Could you use familiars... nevermind attunement restrictions
@DavidCoffron I think you need a half-elf breeding program (could use elves, but they are so slow to mature)
2:32 PM
@NautArch Unless creating a powerful moonblade is vital to "preserving elvenkind"
You could ressurect an elf over and over maybe
Besides being sentient and potentially being unwilling to be 'farmed', there's still the issue of where you can attune to it also " The attunement process requires a special ritual in the throne room of an elven regent or in a temple dedicated to the elven gods."
@DavidCoffron that's the choice of the sentient weapon, though. Not those who wield it.
@NautArch You could use the spell Temple of the gods to get a temple
"It is dedicated to whatever god, pantheon, or philosophy is represented by the holy symbol used in the casting."
@Medix2 True
but it's still up to the blade, not the person, as to whether or not it can be attuned.
Is there a way to lower a sentient weapon's statistics?
2:35 PM
@NautArch Right, but an adequately charismatic elf may be able to convince the weapon that the process is for the good of elvenkind
I'm still unsure if you can ressurect an elf and have them attune to it again... It says it lasts until you die and there's a rune for each master... But not that it can't have the same master multiple times
Well I guess I have a new question... What happens when you attune to a fourth item while attuned to a moonblade
@NautArch Challenge Ratings.
@Medix2 If that works could you use Modify memory to make sure the elf remains the same brave loyal elf for every attunement ? How long does the ritual last ?
Is it longer than 10 minutes ?
@DavidCoffron Well, that's also up to the DM (who controls the sentient weapon). But at that point, they've already made the decision to allow/to allow the sentient weapon to be persuaded.
@Medix2 Same master multiple times is still same master.
@NautArch But it doesn't say it can't have the same master twice
2:40 PM
Can you cast Modify memory on the moonblade ?
@Medix2 Correct, but it's not a new master. It's the same master.
@NautArch So? It adds a rune every time somebody attunes to it
@PierreCathé Sentient items are objects, unfortunately modify memory targets creatures
@Medix2 No, it adds a rune for each master it has served.
YOu are still the same master.
@Medix2 " You remain attuned to the weapon until you die or the weapon is destroyed." Should stay
I don't see that, but alright
2:43 PM
@Medix2 It says:
> If the blade accepts you, you become attuned to it and a new rune appears on the blade.
> A moonblade has one rune on its blade for each master it has served
"A moonblade has one rune on its blade for each master it has served" (these are previous masters)
"If the blade accepts you, you become attuned to it and a new rune appears on the blade. " (There is no limit how many times this can happen)
Yeah I'm unsure if those are strict enough to mean that it can only have one rune per master...
@Medix2 I think it is; the blade can only accept you once because if it did so twice it would violate the "has one rune on its blade for each master it has served"
I suppose you could use simulacrum
The blade is also overconfident. It would believe it is sufficently powerful to defeat anything, no?
Do the runes stack? Are they not magical effects of the same name? e.g. "moon rune 91-98"
2:45 PM
Step 1 : become the general of an elven army
Step 2 : summon each soldier individually to the local temple
Step 3 : Have them attune to the moonblade (if their sense of duty and braveness isn't sufficient, fire them)
Step 4: Kill them, gain a rune, call the next one
Step 5 : ???
Step 6 : Profit !
Oh and find a way to dispose of the bodies without raising too much suspicion
@PierreCathé pretty sure the moonblade would notice. And no guarantee the blade believes any of them worthy.
Would Disintegrate work if you cast it on a corpse? It wouldn't really be able to "reduce the target to 0 hit points" since they're already there. :P (I'm just being silly, I realise it probably would)
@NautArch Even if it notices, if the soldier is worthy RAW the blade should attune
If the moonblade finds no one worthy :
Step 7 : Become general of a better army
2:49 PM
@JohnClifford So we just gotta give the Corpse some Temporary Hit Points, then disintegrate it
@PierreCathé The soldier being worthy is RAW up to the blade.
And what the blade believes is up the GM so...
Is there anything stopping the moonblade from having a dozen finesse property runes? I don't see a provision for re-roll if you get the same rune twice.
@NautArch Hmm so you're saying the blade could up their standard ? That would make sense
@GcL That was a really good point about stacking. Probably the same rune multiple times wouldn't stack... But "naming" the effects would be difficult
2:52 PM
@PierreCathé I'm saying it's entirely up to the blade whether or not to allow attunement and whether or not the creature is worthy.
Ah crap I found another flaw in my plan
@Medix2 Implicit naming scheme. Rune #1 or moon rune "01-40" ... That one actually specifies it does stack
A moon blade won't serve anyone it regards as craven, erratic, corrupt, or *at odds with preserving and protecting elvenkind*.

After murdering half an army of elves I doubt the blade would let *me* attune to it
That gives me the impression that the others dont
@GcL Would that include 93-94 where the creature and damage types could be different?
I guess it's the same name but different effects, weird
2:55 PM
@Medix2 blindness/deafness is similar
same spell but two different results.
Yeah I realized fire shield is the same way
@GcL That one has to mention it stakcs and how it stacks (only up to +3)
I don't think it is enough on its own to disprove that the rest stack
@DavidCoffron Which leads me to believe stacking is the exception to the rule
@GcL It doesn't say it stacks, only that: to a maximum of +3. Reroll if the moonblade already has a +3 bonus.. I feel like that shows that the others do stack
(and the first is the only one that is limited in how many times)
Seems reasonable as well.
2:58 PM
@Someone_Evil What about breeding a faster race and killing them to reincarnate them until they are elves
@DavidCoffron That would mean the blade could have a dozen finesse runes, because it doesn't specify you re-roll for that.
It seems that either the blade has already been runed up (at which point, the DM can just fluff that however they want while bypassing the recommended 1d6+1 runes), or the blade is basically bonded to a party member and static.
@GcL I think that's the RAW
Allowing a player to artifically add more runes is not something I'd allow as a DM (nor do I think the moonblade would be okay with it...but that's a DM call.)
@DavidCoffron That you re-roll? If you have 2 finesse runes, the sword has finesse. Some stacks don't add anything extra.
2:59 PM
@NautArch What if, in a party of worthy elves, they decide to kill themselves (and then ressurect) in sequence to get a couple extra runes?
@GcL No that you have 2 runes, but they don't do anything extra
If you're saying multiple runes stack, but re-roll ones that don't is like having your cake and eating it too
@NautArch Obviously not, but it's more about seeing up to where we can stretch the RAW to gain theoretical optimality
@DavidCoffron That seems less humane and more expensive
@NautArch You could move your answer to the falling damage question to its duplicate as the one there doesn't actually explain the falling damage rules
@GcL Yeah; I don't think that's RAW
2:59 PM
@DavidCoffron Why would the moonblade be okay with that?
@Medix2 good idea!
@DavidCoffron I think we're in agreement that you could end up with multiple redundant runes.
@NautArch Who says the moonblade knows? It's Intelligence is only 12; the party could not tell the moonblade they are a party, and attune alone.
Clearly the first step here is to find a Moonblade with really low standards
@NautArch Then you have the "Once it has decided on an owner, it believes that only that person should wield it, even if the owner falls short of elven ideals." which seems to mean it commits (even after finding out it was duped if it wouldn't be okay with rune farming)
Do sentient weapons get daddy issues?
3:02 PM
@DavidCoffron 12 is still above average.
@Someone_Evil How about Feeblemind
@NautArch Yeah, but it isn't genius levels, so it could probably be tricked (especially in a party that has at least one genius-level character)
@DavidCoffron High INT and High CHA are different.
@PierreCathé That's why I asked if you could lower sentient weapon's stats
@PierreCathé I think the target of that requires a creature.
3:03 PM
Being smart doesn't mean you're convincing.
@GcL Yeah I looked it up it does :(
But again, if we're in the world of contested ability checks, we're firmly in DM territory and out of RAW.
@PierreCathé I'm entertained by the idea of a feebleminded sentient item.
@GcL I'm trying to find a loophole but True Polymorph requires a nonmagical object
@PierreCathé Effects would be suppressed when the target is no longer valid anyway, so it wouldn't continue when you changed it back.
It would probably be a decent story seed. There's a sentient magic item that's a problem. Quest to find another magic item that can wrap or attach to it that makes it feebleminded, or lowers it's stats, etc.
What's better than one mcguffin? two mcguffins!
3:08 PM
suggestion and command also require creatures
A maltese falcon in hand is worth another in the dungeon?
@PierreCathé Likely all mind affecting spells have creature targets, because those are the things presumed to have a mind.
@NautArch whichever, a high charisma character to deeceive the low-wisdom moonblade
@NautArch I'm still unconvinced that the moonblade explicitly would disallow farming runes, but that's interpretive in its entirety
I think one could persuade a moonblade to agree to some rune farming to aid in stopping an existential threat to elven ideals (such as life)
Aha new idea : Attune (because you're worth it), die, resurrect, Disguise Self, repeat ad nauseam
Even if it is a Very Hard difficulty due to overconfident, I don;t think it would be impossible
The moonblade just has hearing and darkvision
3:13 PM
@PierreCathé I'm not sure the runes would continue to appear; they are a magical effect that the moonblade may not even have control over
> A moonblade has one rune on its blade for each master it has served
@PierreCathé I'm super entertained by the idea of a sentient magic item that can be fooled by something like disguise self. Like, it only obeys commands when spoken by a dwarf, so a terrible dwarven accent works
New idea : MAGIC JAR
@PierreCathé Does that change the master?
@DavidCoffron Well you can possess other bodies
So it kinda does ?
@PierreCathé That's a GM question.
3:15 PM
@GcL Yeah and it can't perform physical inspection to dispel the illusion
@PierreCathé I'd say no since magic jar retains your alignment which is evidence towards you being the same person
@DavidCoffron Yeah, that's up to the DM to determine how it works. However, I'm not sure you can talk to the blade. It's communication seems one-way.
"The weapon communicates by transmitting emotions, sending a tingling sensation through the wielder’s hand when it wants to communicate something it has sensed. It can communicate more explicitly, through visions or dreams, when the wielder is either in a trance or asleep."
> It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.
@DavidCoffron Yeah but the blade doesn't know that, does it?
@PierreCathé It can only physically inspect the hand! Making a skin glove from a humanoid gets a bit too Rimworld for this chat.
@PierreCathé As long as it wasn't friends with a magic jar when it was growing up being forged you wouldn't expect it to know how they work.
3:16 PM
@PierreCathé but the runes appearing might be a separate magical effect that has nothing to do with the moonblade's knowledge (and RAW that seems to be the case); the moonblade might think you are a new master, but that doesn't mean you get a new rune
@DavidCoffron ah, true.
@DavidCoffron Yeah once again I'm foiled
@PierreCathé That's an epee. I think we're talking about a more substantial chunk of metal here.
Welp I'm officially out of ideas, good luck farming for runes, I'm out
What if you teach a bunch of children explicitly in the moonblade's ideals for use as rune fodder (when they grow up obviously)?
3:17 PM
@GcL +1
@GcL Careful. "What is a longsword?" is a controversial question in D&D-land
Is this technically a shopping question? Or just a question with a real lack of research?
@DavidCoffron Really? I thought there were illustrations. Also, isn't longsword an actual thing?
@NautArch low research imo
@GcL Historically, yes; but D&D has not been consistent nor accurate with its depictions of longswords
What humanoid race has the shortest explicit gestation and maturity?
Kobolds are 6 years
Derro are said to "mature and breed quickly" but no hard numbers
@DavidCoffron Aaracockra takes 3 if memory serves
3:25 PM
@DavidCoffron any specific edition? Not sure if that's changed anywhere or if there are races you want to include/remove.
but that seems like a good site question, too!
@NautArch looking for 5e-only sources in this case xD
@DavidCoffron Do warforged count?
@Someone_Evil Hm... reading now
@Someone_Evil They would, but no clear numbers on how long it takes to forge one
What is the actual problem you are trying to solve?
@Someone_Evil Fastest way to make new worthy elves for a moonblade
3:31 PM
true polymorph? a Beholder dreaming?
@DavidCoffron I don't think the holder needs to be an elf.
> requires attunement by an elf or half-elf of neutral good alignment
@DavidCoffron d'oh
@Someone_Evil Hmm... beholders are compelling
after all this moonblade talk, i kinda want to give one to our wood elf...That focuses on ranged. muahahahaahahah
3:35 PM
@Someone_Evil Beholders are probably too inconsistent:
> On extremely rare occasions when a beholder dreams of another beholder, the act creates a warp in reality
@NautArch I mean, I feel like that kind of item warrants a tactic swap
whew, what a productive day
Now I just need to stick around the office relaxing for a while because buses have less frequent schedules at this hour
@DavidCoffron yeah, although that's a late stage change , but still very doable.
was thinking about a weird effect of bounded accuracy. A players modifiers and AC don't change massively drastically through 1-20. But the enemies to-hit modifiers can get really big as you go up in CR. It becomes much more likely PCs get hit than monsters. BUt I guess that's also balanaced by mosnter AC not generally being super high.
@NautArch Do the enemies' to-hit modifiers actually increase significantly? (beyond those of PCs')
I guess they do get greater ability scores in some cases, so it might make sense?
@kviiri They get up to nearly +20
@NautArch Wow. I clearly haven't been reading the MM enough, that's... quite freaky high.
3:44 PM
@kviiri tarrasque is +19. Demogorgon is +17.
woah. THere's a CR 25 construct from Mordenkainen that's auto-hit for 60 force damage.
which it does TWICE
I feel tempted to remind us of the glory days of DnD 4e where Orcus had 1500 hit points, and has more +to-hit than he does damage (expected)
@NautArch That guy is terrifying
Some Mechanus thing or something IIRC
all about balance
With the "inevitable" tag xD
@DavidCoffron Sigil not Mechanus. whoops
There's also the terrifying split-party where half of you wind up in the Badlands:
> The marut targets up to two creatures it can see within 60 feet of it. Each target must succeed on a DC 20 Charisma saving throw or be teleported to a teleportation circle in the Hall of Concordance in Sigil. A target fails automatically if it is incapacitated. If either target is teleported in this way, the marut teleports with it to the circle.
Definitely someone you'd want to legend lore :P
3:52 PM
And if you have high Charisma, he can just stun you and its automatic:
> Each creature that takes any of this damage must succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or be stunned until the end of the marut’s next turn.
Ah so they are linked to Mechanus, since Primus made them:
> The nigh-unstoppable inevitables serve a singular purpose: they enforce contracts forged in the Hall of Concordance in the city of Sigil. Primus, the leader of the modrons, created maruts and other inevitables to bring order to dealings between planar folk.
I mentioned it last night, but for the day peeps that know I've been interviewing, I'm currently transitioning to scrum master for the team I'm currently on and one other. The security position is still in process as well, waiting to see on an oral interview.
@DavidCoffron Given my world is currently separated from the other planes, i'm not sure I can figure out a way to have this guy.
@NautArch One could have got trapped
Enforcing a contract when whatever barrier preventing planar travel was created
@DavidCoffron Yeha, was just thinking about that. It could work out. We've also got an aasimar PC that somehow showed up on the world. Could be a bounty on him.
@NautArch Could even be a situation were the Marut found some obscure way to get across the planes around the barrier, and the party can use its presence as a clue for how to do the same.
At Intelligence 19, they are pretty clever and could have used their influence and intelligence to find a backchannel
3:58 PM
Shame that wouldn't work in Barovia.
@DavidCoffron Hmm, the premise of the world is that it is locked down. CLearly not fully, but if the party can find the loophole, then the very powerful bad and good guys can, too (which I don't want.)
@NautArch Fair enough
I'm already making things interesting on the player for being visibly different. At times, it's a boon (nobles will want to meet him) but at others it's a problem (stranger danger!)
4:40 PM
@DavidCoffron Looks like Monsters start to surpass PC modifiers around CR 15. +11 to hit there. Assume a PC has a +5 to their ability, plus proficiency maxes out at +6. Add magic weapons and they're about equal.
5:00 PM
Q: Ruling for Grappling a Creature Underwater While you are on Land?

Matthew PerrymanIf a character is on the bank of a river and they want to reach into the water and grapple a creature in the water (assuming that they are within the size limit to be grappled) are there any special rulings for grappling or is it the standard grapple check? According to the Grappling Rule as lis...

Q: Does Swashbuckler's Fancy Footwork apply if the attack was made with Booming Blade?

The Great JavaThe Roguish Archetype Swashbuckler (SCAG/XGtE) has the following feature: Fancy Footwork When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you learn how to land a strike and then slip away without reprisal. During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can't m...

5:32 PM
@TrevorFait Happy to chat if you've got any questions about it; played through it once and GMed it 1.3 times.
@nitsua60 1.3?
Once all the way through to the end, once from the beginning to about level 5.
(I'd expect a group playing through the "main" plotline to take until about L10/11; so my L5 == 0.3 estimate comes from the early levels going by a little quicker.)
@nitsua60 I was just curious why you dropped it early.
@JohnP Paused, indefinitely. I wasn't really feeling ToA any more.
@nitsua60 ok, makes sense.
5:46 PM
Door's not closed on returning to it, but we've shifted gears a bit.
@nitsua60 The desk clerk said he saw it all real clear...He never hit the brakes and he was shifting gears
Hey do you have any tips to run that campaign
6:46 PM
@V2Blast Thank you for the fix!
6:59 PM
Q: Can you grapple/shove with the Hunter Ranger's Whirlwind Attack?

Medix2The Hunter Ranger's Whirlwind Attack feature states: You can use your action to make a melee attack against any number of creatures within 5 feet of you, with a separate attack roll for each target. The rules on "Grappling" state (the rules in shoving are effectively identical): When yo...

Part of me wants to link this to my party's group chat. Another part of me prays they never find it. jespardeadvarek.tumblr.com/post/184797540623/…
@JohnClifford i've looked at the goliath barb build for a grapple-focused PC, but grappling is so underwhelming. And the times where being able to carry that weight matters are...few and far between.
@NautArch If you have an outdoor campaign, might be useful having a walking trebuchet.
@JohnP except for that pesky 1d4 improvised weapon attack
I will throw this 1000lb boulder for...1d4.
And being able to carry that weight doesn't mean you can throw it 300 yards ;P
@NautArch That sounds like an interesting question for main, actually.
7:13 PM
I would 100% be the DM who's there with complicated trajectory charts and weight-to-throwing-power graphs.
Q: How is throwing distance computed in 5e?

kevin.mathenyHow is throwing distance computed for improvised weapons? I have a player whose favorite tactic is chucking oil flasks at opponents and lighting them on fire, so this comes up a fair amount. I haven't found anything in the PHB that covers throwing things, nor in the DMG. It seems to me that thi...

I am a huge fan of the catapult spell, though.
Upcasting it should change the name to trebuchet
I mean you're right, NautArch. You're absolutely right.
But imagine
A goliath barbarian, built like a bear, sprinting at top speed screaming towards you
with a wizard on his shoulders
@PierreCathé I removed your other link because the site contains non-SRD info (e.g. descriptions of spells from SCAG and XGTE).
@goodguy5 Oof. Welcome to the club.
7:28 PM
But like, if the barbarian were somehow able to convince a blacksmith to forge some kind of ludicrously enormous superweapon, I'd be hard-pressed to argue against the logic that with the extra weight behind it and the increased force with which said barbarian could swing it with his utterly horrifying carry capacity, it would deal a crapload more damage.
@goodguy5 , @V2Blast - You guys are looking? Do you mind sharing your expertise and general geographic area?
An 800lb warhammer is ostensibly going to impact with considerably more force than your standard 2lb one does. XD
@JohnClifford What is the "brawny" feat they are referring to?
It allows you to calculate your carrying capacity as if you were the next size of creature up.
@JohnP Southeast Pennsylvania - Software engineer
7:30 PM
@goodguy5 Any inkling to move? (Just for reference)
You also get +1 Str and proficiency in Athletics but that's just icing on the cake.
negative, maybe
Is it from UA?
@JohnP I'm not tied down to any area at the moment. I'd question if I'm really an "expert" but I'm currently looking at positions related to community management (I do a lot of it as a volunteer on Reddit, and now here) as well as editor-type positions. (I majored in international relations and politics... Graduated in 2013.)
7:31 PM
@goodguy5 - are you a recent (Since dec 2018) graduate?
@Someone_Evil yep, it's from the Feats for Skills UA: media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/downloads/UA-SkillFeats.pdf
@JohnP nope
@goodguy5 ok, that rules out the genesis program...hang on.
ok, here's one. C# or Xamarin knowledge?
I'm a Java man
you're killing me.
7:34 PM
Computer Science
Fahrenheit, IIRC.
Wait a second, are you trying to steal my identity?
@Yuuki oooh, burn!
On an unrelated note, the tag wiki looks like it's entirely copied straight from some product page for the Leverage RPG. Anyone mind giving it a look to make it not plagiarized?
@goodguy5 lol
@goodguy5 I'm already a good guy, don't need to steal it. :p
Oh, wait, this is pittsburgh anyway. Wrong side of hte state.
7:35 PM
@goodguy5 Just collecting information to produce the new model, goodguy6 ;)
Hoenywell doesn't have a lot of programming in PA, unfortunately.
@JohnP don't they have something injersey?
I miss Pittsburgh. Went to college there. Lovely city :)
@NautArch Depends on how SE he actually is. And Honeywell is shifting a lot of NJ stuff to Atlanta, I'd hate to refer him and then 8 months in they say "Hey, dude, gotta move".
@JohnP I think they're also northish jersey right now, right? He's a philly boy.
7:42 PM
@NautArch Again, depends. If he is philly proper, then it's a 2 hour commute to Morris Plains, NJ. Mount Laurel would be 30ish minutes. Both have a couple of openings.
Tell you what, @goodguy5 - Look at Honeywell and see if there is anything that interests you. If so, send me the req # and I will send you a referral and hit up the hiring manager.
@V2Blast - Same info? Geographic location, aversion to relocation?
@JohnP Already answered :P
12 mins ago, by V2Blast
@JohnP I'm not tied down to any area at the moment. I'd question if I'm really an "expert" but I'm currently looking at positions related to community management (I do a lot of it as a volunteer on Reddit, and now here) as well as editor-type positions. (I majored in international relations and politics... Graduated in 2013.)
Yeah, I saw that right after I said it. again.
I do that a lot.
It happens
•Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business or a related field
•1+ years’ experience in Human Resources, University Relations, Program Management or Development or Talent Acquisition, to include:
•Strong Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint skills. Ability to develop promotional / communication items is desired
That's for a university relations specialist.
i.e. talent recruiter for about to be engineers, probably.
@JohnP The all caps tells you how seriously serious they are :)
7:49 PM
@GcL Actually, yeah. My resume didn't fit the "Must have" because of bad editing when I put it in the system, and it will automatically be rejected if you don't meet that.
A lot of managers get around that by putting minimal stuff in the "must have", and put a bunch of stuff in the "like to have".
@JohnP Sounds like an auto-success to me. To me that reads like "automatically dodge a bullet"
The security mgr position I applied for had "US Citizen" as the must have, and then all the chemical/terrorist training and top secret cleareance in the "nice to have"
@JohnP Smart. Unless it's a title with the weight of law behind it e.g. physician or professional counselor, job postings are wish lists.
@JohnP Unless they've changed it in the past few years, clearance is a matter of money and waiting.
@GcL Have you had one recently? The only thing I'd be worried about is a slightly below average credit rating (cc debt)
@JohnP I renewed what I had to for a contract a few years back. End of 2015? I don't know how long the wait list is for getting a new one.
7:53 PM
@GcL Supposedly 6 mos to a year, but it "fluctuates".
I recall having to rush to get stuff done so that everything would go through before the next year. The cost was covered, and my recollection was hearing it was ~ 5k for what I needed.
Honeywell has deep pockets :p
Seems like something that would be just fine to pay for and wait. Hardly a requirement.
@GcL It's required to have Top Secret with SCI, since it's dealing with government contracts. Other than the credit rating, I have no fears of not qualifying. I has TS when I was in the military, but that was 15ish years ago.
Which leads me to wonder, what's the most one can multiclass with the standard point buy system?
7:59 PM
@GcL (5e) All of them, take the (13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 10) array and put the 10 in Con, you now qualify for every class.
@Someone_Evil neat. thanks
This is without a racial bonus to ability scores

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