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12:26 AM
HI, Dave. What brings you to our lair?
hey there @DaveCosta, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
12:57 AM
Anyone play Rolemaster? Got a (heavily-house-ruled) game coming up . Considering playing a ranger
1 hour later…
2:23 AM
KAPOK HEARTS v0.2, small but significant changes from v0.1 Feedback welcomed.
I played (half) a game of Dialect yesterday, it was nice but as always I need to work on the techniques to streamline scene framing and resolution and conversation in general to be able to play a game like that in 3 hours instead of having to interrupt it after 3.5 because the restaurant closes.
@BESW Sweet! I always love that this chat has so much linguistics and epistemology in it, two very nice topics I am interested in in additon to RPGs. (And general sciency geekdom, too. Makes me really happy to come back every time.)
@Anaphory We're happy to have you back!
@Anaphory I feel like I'm getting better at this but I have a hard time articulating what it is I'm doing.
@BESW In some games (Fiasco, Masters of Umdaar, and Lady Blackbird come to mind), I know these days what they want to do, so I can push for that both in framing scenes and in closing them after it has been achieved. I haven't managed to generalize that to games in general.
I wonder if Script Change would help that?
I know at the con last weekend I used Script Change to explicitly frame scenes and timeskip in ways that I would otherwise have just sort of... nudged in where I could with GM fiat.
Dialect has a good finishing point in the rules, and that worked fine, but framing scenes with a focus on the new word (and thus able to push towards that scene end) was not obvious.
@BESW Hm, Script Change sounds like it might help me for games that are not explicitly working with scenes, but for the ones that do, my initial thought is that it would more hinder than help with their specific framing goals. But then I haven't tried the technique yet, I'll try to at the next opportunity.
2:40 AM
And now I'm also thinking about how a GM might use the Pilgrims of the Flying Temple approach to pacing and scene-setting in other games.
Also: Microscope's got a super aggressive technique for scene framing. You only start a scene when there's a question you want to answer, and you stop the scene as soon as the question's been answered.
@BESW Right! That still takes some learning to asking interesting questions and self-restraint to not continue after that, but it works.
@BESW Hm, also: Mini-Scenes that can be summarized in one sentence.
That's also an upper limit on ‘scene’ right there.
@Anaphory Not sure I get what you're driving at there.
I was thinking (and I may not be firm in the rules, so you may have been thinking something different) that one turn and one drawing of stones is an event after which things change, so it's a mini-scene. And that leads to one sentence in the journal, so if it's more than one sentence, it might make sense to resolve it more slowly.
Oh I like that.
@Anaphory I've also seen a couple of games designed so that each scene contains exactly one randomized action/resolution.
@V2Blast wat no
that's just too much
there's a bunch of books and a bunch of games aready
and frankly I feel like that was too much already XD
3:14 AM
Speaking of framing, I think I need a frame for Kapok Hearts.
3:29 AM
4:06 AM
Q: What ability modifier do I use to chuck a dead goblin?

Someone_EvilI know I can use a dead goblin as an improvised weapon (and I'm just using the goblin as example of such) and that if I use it in melee I use my Strength for the attack. I also know that when throwing a melee weapon with the thrown property it uses Strength for the ranged attack, however goblin...

@HotRPGQuestions It's an attack so that'd be Slashings and Slayings. Non-attack goblin-chucking would usually be Lifting Stone, Pounding Rock.
2 hours later…
6:14 AM
If anybody wants to see what my game design process looks like, I've been dumping an inner monologue brainstorm in the Kapok Hearts document.
1 hour later…
7:25 AM
Q: Is possible to target 2 allies with the Warding Bond spell using the Sorcerer's Twinned Spell metamagic option?

ElvenisIs possible to target 2 allies with the Warding Bond spell using the Sorcerer's Twinned Spell metamagic option?

4 hours later…
11:02 AM
@BESW Who or what is Kapok Hearts?
9 hours ago, by BESW
KAPOK HEARTS v0.2, small but significant changes from v0.1 Feedback welcomed.
I wrote it yesterday and am polishing it up.
5 hours later…
3:42 PM
@BESW This mostly reminded me I never saw a Toy Story movie after the second one, and I've not seen more of the LEGO movie other than maybe the first...ten minutes?
3 hours later…
6:22 PM
@Ash At least there is so far only one Toy Story movie after the second one. That's one series that never got hit too hard by sequelitis.
...no wait, the fourth one is out isn't it?
@kviiri Number 4 was released about a month ago
@MikeQ Seems so! I somehow thought it would be Q4 fare.
Apparently has had an excellent reception too. I honestly think the franchise is blessed (or cursed) by some powerful entity that wants to see it succeed time after time again.
6:42 PM
I liked the first one well enough, and I think I liked the second one but I don't recall it as well
I think the first and third ones are excellent and the second one is like, excellent minus? I think it has some really good themes that might work for me better on rewatch though
I've been kinda worried about Pixar otherwise, though. I have this strong impression of them having a really consistent, superior quality to their stories "back then", but nowadays it feels they're more like "hit and miss"
7:00 PM
@Carcer I have learned to use the "skip" button at times like that in the review queue
@kviiri I'll have to check out the other ones I've not seen then
hey there @KorvinStarmast, how're things going?
@Shalvenay hot, humid, quiet day, watching the British Open and being amazed at the round Lowry shot today. watching someone excel when under pressure never fails to impress me.
@KorvinStarmast ah, did you see the recent boat question on RPG.SE btw?
Q: How much water can a ship take on before sinking?

MannerMy players are currently in a naval battle. The wizard used Disintegrate on the enemy warship's hull and now water is getting inside the ship. I remember reading something about that in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh book, but when I tried looking for the rule I just couldn't find it again. Are the...

@Shalvenay I did, and I am not sure I want to answer it.
7:04 PM
@Ash I think Inside Out, Wall-E and Coco are at least well worth a watch! By what I've heard Coco even gets the Day of the Dead cultural aspects fairly accurately portrayed
Up! is reportedly great too, but I've never really REALLY seen it so I can't say for sure :)
@KorvinStarmast yeah, it seems a bit underspecified to me. (compartmentation and reserve buoyancy are a big deal in determining how well ships handle damage, from what I've read)
@kviiri I've seen those three and liked them, I've not managed to see Up yet for some reason
@Ash Toy Story 3 (or 2, if you don't remember it) would be my next recommendations then :)
@BESW that's a great video, thanks!
@Shalvenay Compartmentation was virtually unknown in the age of sail. It was quite the innovation at the time of ships like Titanic.
@KorvinStarmast ah. so yeah, it probably wouldn't be a thing in Faerun either
7:13 PM
@KorvinStarmast Maybe these ships were designed by super-smart artificer-types
@MikeQ My suspension of disbelief can't go there due to my long career in the Navy.
That's more on me, though
@KorvinStarmast speaking of the Navy, one of the things I never got to ask when touring the Missouri was "how the heck do you use a casualty power cable without becoming a casualty yourownself?" because it seems like said cable has two male ends on it, and all the casualty power cable receptacles on the boat are female"
@V2Blast I will be watching that.
@Shalvenay The stuff I worked on with damage control was a generation later in tech, so I can't answer that
@KorvinStarmast ah. its basically "you plug the cable into the load first, and only then you plug into the supply"
@Shalvenay Like with a battery in a car during a jump start
7:19 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah
re:Titanic, I wonder if anyone ever went to see the film back in the day it was new and was genuinely surprised by the ship sinking.
(err. Sorry for the spoiler)
Who controls the Hound of Ill Omen from the Shadow Sorcerer? it doesn't really specify DM or player so I'd assume player, but I'm not sure
@KorvinStarmast "It was on the maiden trip when an iceberg hit the ship" one might argue the ship hit the iceberg, not the other way around :)
@kviiri Causation and agency is rather moot: a collision happened. :)
7:23 PM
@kviiri That's what the icebergs want you to think!
@Ash LEGO movie is a surprisingly solid movie
@Ash Prepare for tears within the first few minutes of Up. It's shockingly good at evoking emotion real fast
@kviiri I can't believe you've spoiled this for me :P
@Shalvenay If you want to hear a weird story, try this out. This is something I found out about back in the 90's. It is a half hour history lesson I'd suggest to anyone.
yeah :/
decided not to watch the whole thing, because it just sounds like too much of a mistake from the get-go
@V2Blast THat much I do know.
7:33 PM
Aw, guys (and other people). -_-
Coordinating a group is hard.
@KorvinStarmast Well I was in the army and they taught us there's no such thing as an accident that just happens, there's always some poor fool behind that and one doesn't want to be said fool.
(later it turned out that there totally are accidents that just happen --- when a CO makes a mistake and causes one, the universe rewrites itself to make it an accident that just happened to happen without any human error)
@kviiri I have had to investigate a number of aircraft accidents (some on the ground, some in the air) yeah, there's usually a causal chain. (See also Reasons, and "The holes in the swiss cheese lining up"
@kviiri Uh, don't get me started. censors further comment
7:51 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah, blaming people for systemic faults generally goes nowhere
@Shalvenay it makes the bean counters and those subject to liability feel secure. (and there I better stop)
8:03 PM
Excuse me while I cringe more. Why can people be so unreasonable?
We meet on thursdays. We are also mostly free on tuesdays. Sometimes we switch from thursdays to tuesdays for a month or two because of conflicting scheduling and Ok, somebody would rather not because of football games.
But when someone says "I'm not free this thursday, can we please meet tuesday?" what need is there to go all "IF WE SAID THURSDAY IT'S THURSDAY, STOP CHANGING IT" when a "I can't on Tuesday" would be enough?
[bashes his head against the wall]
8:49 PM
@Ash You've probably read a lot of books about toys, though!
@BESW A fair number, I'm sure, if I thought about it
@Ash If you get a chance to think about it, maybe tell me about them? I'm looking for more touchstones, especially literary.
And I feel like I've read some that I can't remember, too.
I'll give it a think! :)
9:18 PM
@BESW thoughts - Indian in THE cupboard, Corduroy, Calvin and Hobbes (kinda), Winnie the Pooh (technically),
9:37 PM
If you want to play Descended from the Queen games on a smartphone screen, with randomisation done for you, forthedrama.com has your back.
10:15 PM
hey there @convoliution, how're things going?
11:14 PM
Hi @Shalvenay! You always manage to catch me when I pop in for a few seconds haha
I've started to learn that joining an ambitious tech startup as its fourth member, as a fresh college graduate, is for certain personality types not the best life decision
Ooh ouch.
Would not recommend haha
Yeah, fair, that's one secondary reason why I focus on print design over digital design.
Tech spaces don't really lean into the kinds of community I'm interested in.
Yeahhh it honestly wasn't something that occurred to me while I was in school
and now that I'm living it, I feel stuck in a position where I loving working on tech, but not in tech
It's weird
@convoliution yeah, I'm glad I don't have to worry about $work vanishing out from under me at least!
($work is 155 and counting...)
11:28 PM
I hear ya. I have no interest in leaving my home, but I'm also not sure I'd be able to find the kind of work I love --because of the kinds of people I work with-- anywhere else.
11:39 PM
Hi all
The free GauntletRPG Play Aids folder now has 167 free play aids for playing many different RPGs online, including fillable character sheets, translations, and session trackers.

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