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12:13 AM
"Children of Nowhere," a blog post about a selkie game by Cass Kay. "I am terrified of the game I'm currently designing."
12:52 AM
I like the careful consideration they gave to some of the aspects of the game.
1:02 AM
Cass Kay is fast becoming one of my touchstones for compassionate decolonization of TTRPGs.
1:19 AM
@KorvinStarmast Nice! :D
1:49 AM
hey there @nitsua60
@nitsua60 how're things going?
@Shalvenay Okay. Not good, not bad, but okay.
I should go back to the office and pick up some things to grade.
I treated myself to a break this evening and sang each of the kids two bedtime songs, not one.
And my 6 year-old read a Frog and Toad... book to me, which is just-about the height of niceness.
And my wife and I got to watch 10 minutes of TV together tonight!
@nitsua60 ah. I just hope we can find some time to go over things soon
Really, it's an embarrassment of riches!
2:00 AM
@nitsua60 oh gosh I love Frog and Toad
(only need about 15-20 mins, but since you were the one mapping the minotaur maze and you missed what turned out to be the final room before the boss since you had to bail out of the game, I figured I'd brief you on what happened, as well as addressing a few other misc. items laying around)
@Shalvenay Yeah, with it being a week and a half until the end of my school year and three weeks until I'm intercontinental for a few weeks, I can't promise much. I pop in and out, rarely when I've got more than 5 or 10 minutes, though.
(Thursday evenings still being the exception: study hall proctoring 8-10 still!)
@nitsua60 how'd the epic game go btw?
@Ash Yeah--I remember even as a teenager rereading them a bunch.
@nitsua60 I got one of the books at the thrift store a month or so back, and I reread it when I am feeling weird and ugly-sad
2:04 AM
@Shalvenay Thanks for asking. Somewhere on the spectrum between "that was awesome" and "complete shitshow." Unclear exactly where: a number (but not a majority) of players say things in the awesome direction, and I think it was largely the other end. But we learned some lessons we'll take forward, which is sehr gut.
@nitsua60 at least you were able to take some actionable feedback from it
(the worst is getting into a situation where you're being told something you're doing is crap, but nobody will tell you what's wrong or why it's wrong)
@Ash I... (I'm just going to throw this out there, largely-unexplained, and then head to my office) worked a chain gang in New Orleans for two days. The prisoners and I were moving and unloading and displaying books for an acre-large parish library's annual huge week-long book sale. My payment was as many books as I could fit in my trunk, which boxes I filled almost entirely with deeply-nostalgic children's books and media-mailed to myself.
Now every time I see one of my kids reading a ValueBook, I can still hear ringing in my ear: "Hemingway in nonfiction!? That $*(+'s literature, [unspeakable]!"
I like that story for a handful of reasons that I cannot properly articulate and I thank you for sharing it.
@nitsua60 lol
2:45 AM
How's everything on the big rock floating through the sky
Moon weather is negligible as always
Still waiting for the Sky Fireball to give us all equal light
It gets hot, it gets cold... sometimes it gets a bit dusty
2:52 AM
Hasn't happened yet
It's always nighttime here because the moon is always up
@MikeQ XD
even when the sun comes out
You gotta love when you start typing, then realise your focus is on the wrong window
@Ben excuse me, use the proper name, how rude :P
@Ben That means it's daytime on earth. Still nighttime here on the moon.
2:54 AM
@Ben I've sent my password to someone at work 3 times due to skype grabbing the focus.
@linksassin Oh dear lol
Perils of multiple ssh clients and repeated logins
@linksassin Is it your password on their network, or vice versa?
Like, AD or something else
@Ben AD yeah. I work in connectivity and have to switch between multiple clients and remote sessions fairly often. Sometimes I am doing that while chatting to someone on skype. Problem is ssh client don't show your password when typing so I just assume I'm in the correct window and hit enter. It's only when I look back at skype that I notice
Ahh fun. Haha
Was just thinking the tradeoff is that if it was your password on the clients AD< then I suppose that's not so much of a loss. But yeah... That's awkward lol
Change of topic latest slow mo guys episode records a bender cup.
3:08 AM
@Ben Oh by client I mean application. Putty, mobaxterm or similar. Not as in customer
@linksassin Ah right.
at about 4 minutes they do a close up shot of the side of the cup, and you can watch the cone of air stretch down into the spinner... it looks surreal :D
Blender** not bender haha
Ok, here's a quote that I love. I don't know the origin or the content of the conversation, all I know is that it was a conversation on a Dark Souls forum, between the Sentinels - a group dedicated to fighting off intruders and punishing "evildoers", and the Warriors of Sunlight - a group dedicated to helping others find their path through the game.
"The sun shines on Saints and Sinners alike."
3:23 AM
I believe that's a play on Matthew 5:45 - " that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."
Potentially. I like the neutrality of it
(I am trying to figure out if a version uses that phrasing specifically but the internet is not helping)
I think they followed it up with "You have your duty, we have ours" , which was more in regards to the conversation they were having.
But yeah, To me it sort of allows me to look at things in a different light (pun not intended). People are all the same, it's their choices that make them different
And some choices are more optimal than others, especially if you plan on building for PvP versus PvE
Ok... Anemoi, or Favonius
3:43 AM
Is that a question?
Maybe lol
I'm coming up with a name for my Genasi.
Anemoi is the name for the "wind gods". Favonius is the greek translation of "Zephyrus" - the head god of the winds
Genasi have very simple names, otherwise.. Wind, Breeze, Air.
But I thought I'd go with a more "exotic" name, since the backstory is that they come from a "strange land"
What's the class? Or RP concept if you have one?
@MikeQ Golden Sun Jupiter Adept. Lol
Bit like Sheba - lost in a different land
Would a map help them be un-lost
Haha. They're a "far traveller", so they're here somewhat intentionally.
"here" being the current place that the game is set
3:51 AM
How about... Puff
Well, I don't want to go with an English name. They're from a different land - different language, different practices.
At the moment I'm defaulting to Latin translations
If you want something really exotic, pronounce the name as a whistling sound, and write it as a squiggly line
"Genasi use the naming conventions of the people among whom they were raised. They might later assume distinctive names to capture their heritage, such as Flame, Ember, Wave, or Onyx."
3:55 AM
That's a good idea haha
Hello I am: the sound of wind rustling the trees on the last day of autumn
Primary language is primordial, so, that works
Yeah. And then say "I realize that's kind of hard to pronounce, so you can call me Jeff if that's easier"
@linksassin Yes
I think there is a fun background in that all Air Genasi are named for exactly how the wind sounded at the moment of their birth.
3:59 AM
Gotta decide what I want that to be now
How intimidating would someone born during a hurricane sound? You have to yell their name everytime...
@linksassin Ohhhhh
The eye of the storm
That's giving me tingles haha. I love it
"Tingle" would also be a good choice for name
That's the name of the old man pixie in LoZ
@MikeQ Only if you roleplay being very annoying with a oversized green hat
4:06 AM
Handing out maps
And I think my common name is going to be "Jonny"
Even though I'm leaning toward being a female PC.
One of the players will get that reference
4:40 AM
Q: How did D&D-specific fantasy elements end up in Capcom's The King of Dragons?

BuzzThis is a question about the fantasy background of a video game. In the 1990s, Capcom produced a large number of side-scrolling beat-em-up video games. Many of these had science fiction or fantasy themes, and the most elaborate ones were the Dungeons & Dragons games Tower of Doom and Shadow Ove...

5:03 AM
I'm not entirely sure what they mean by "D&D-specific elements"
But I'm not sure if I know what makes them "D&D specific" to begin with
5:15 AM
I don't know that they're D&D-exclusive, necessarily, but they do seem to match many of the elements of D&D at the time
5:32 AM
So I have an idea I want to run past people before I get too attached to it. It may be a terrible idea that is doomed to fail.
(I think there's a pun there... I dunno… but I'mma go with it)
I want to run a campaign where the PCs all work for a secret organisation and are sent out on missions. Each session or two will be a different mission slowly building toward the overarching narrative.
The thing I am thinking about it giving each player a submission during the main mission
Oh, a sub-mission
Players would receive additional XP if they pull of the submission, more if they do it without the other players noticing
I was like "what are they submitting?"
5:35 AM
I am worried that it might lead to PvP conflict that is worse than I want.
How much more?
For example the main mission might be: Attend this fancy event and extract this information for this target.
But the submissions could be: The hosts bodyguard betrayed our society, ensure he does not survive the night.
And: The chefs wife has information I want. Meet with her to collect it.
And: There is a locked vault in the basement, bring me what is inside
The idea is that the submissions would be handed out at random on note paper. The players will be encouraged not to discuss them (bonus XP)
Are you planning on letting the party know that there is sub missions, but keeping each goal a secret?
Is this a terrible idea that will inevitably lead to conflict?
I don't really see how.
5:38 AM
Every player will have a submission. The characters won't know the other have them
So long as the goals don't conflict, I don't see how that would cause problems.
@Ben Well some submissions might interfere with each other. I'm worried that PC2 will get frustrated when PC1 kills the bodyguard and ruins their plans.
There's nothing to say they can't work together?
In a larger campaign I would probably tailor these submissions to the PCs individual quests.
@Ben The idea was they would get ~100XP for completing the task. + ~50 bonus XP if they did it without anyone knowing about it.
Ohh right
5:41 AM
I don't want them to just straight up read out their cards to each other.
@linksassin this basic premise makes me think of Rise of Tiamat? I haven't actually played it but I seem to recall the mention of faction "scorecards"
Well, that's a big tradeoff to complete the task, will a tiny bonus to do it secretly...
but yeah, incentivizing them to keep secrets from the other players seems likely to lead to PvP in some fashion
or at least conflict
if they know this fact going into it, it might be fine
I want them thinking "Why does PC2 want to go down this useless hallway? Do they have an ulterior motive?"
Yeah. I guess I'm saying that it's not always worth it to keep it a secret
5:43 AM
but not knowing it would probably lead to the campaign imploding
@V2Blast Agree, this will all be set up in a session 0. And I plan on running a one-shot to test the method beforehand.
cool cool
@linksassin I'm getting feelings of mistrust from that statement
I was wondering if anyone had done something similar and how I could avoid it going bad.
@Ben The theme of the campaign is ulterior motives an intrigue. It's meant to be political espionage type stuff.
Yeah that's fine, but I'm not sure about the players becoming suspicious of eachother
5:46 AM
That's what I'm concerned about too.
I'd say it can be done, with careful planning.
The pitch would be that everyone has a very important reason that they need to continue working for their boss. And killing another agent without evidence or reason would mean death or worse
Conflict may still occur, but potentially rarely enough so that it doesn't become a problem
PvP is allowed but only if they have a sufficient reason to suspect them. You can't just go "I attack him because he looked at me funny"
And not on Continental grounds
5:49 AM
The players are all meant to have their own political goals that they are working toward. And they will slowly uncover they goals of their boss.
Hopefully they will come to trust each other enough to share their own goals and information. Which they will need to to figure out what is going on in the larger story.
Basically I want to give them reasons to distrust each other but they have to learn to overcome them to save the world.
@linksassin That seems tricky since they're starting out primed with a reason to trust each other, i.e. they're all real people sitting at a table playing together
@MarkWells Hence the hidden notes and ulterior motives on missions. Finding the balance is the hard bit.
I have a friend who runs a one-shot kind of like that, with the secret and possibly conflicting goals, but some of the goals are set up to require some serious backstabbing
so there's a good reason to keep them secret
I don't plan on making them directly conflicting, until late game maybe when the 'boss' starts trying to set them up against each other.
A secret mission could be "send this character a message that I am unhappy with them" but not so much as to kill them.
I think this is going to take a very clear session 0 and only certain players will be into it
6:12 AM
I think if players will be aware of the intention, that will put them in the right mindset
So it's not a fundamentally terrible idea that is doomed to fail?
Like my corruption system. If everyone is willing and wants to play, with a clear understanding of how it works and what you want to achieve with it, I think so :)
@linksassin Obviously not - there are many successful games designed around this idea. That said, it might be more successful in one of those games than in one that is very much not designed around it.
@Miniman True. I not set on the system yet. My players are all PF or 5e players currently so I will likely run the test oneshot in 5e. But if I can find a system that will work better I will definitely consider it.
DW, Fate, and a few others have been suggested. I will look into them more as I get closer to the start of this campaign.
6:28 AM
Saucerer - a magic user whose spells are all condiment based.
Saucererer - a magic user whose spells are all crockery based
Saucerer - a warlock who made a pact with UFO aliens
Source-erer - coding wizard and hackers. I stole this from a youtube short film
Saucerereereerererererer- me
@linksassin Source-erer: a Warforged spellcaster
Or perhaps a spellcaster that builds Warforged… Lol
6:45 AM
I like it
Why is 68 afraid of 70?
Because 69 and 70 got in a fight, and 71.
7:25 AM
Some good puns flying around here lol. If you use the shrink spell too many times, what creature do you fight?
Saucer? - I hardly knew 'er!
@Aaron3468 [chuckles]
@Aaron3468 we definitely have puns here
The pun:d&d chat ratio is high here lol
it kinda is yeah
7:46 AM
@Ben This immediately reminds me how written numbers are one of the last thing to change in one's head when switching to another language.
Q: My players want to grind XP but we're using landmark advancement

PogoI've been running a D&D 5e campaign where the levelling up has been done at certain landmark points or milestones. Regardless of your opinion on that specific system, it's reached a point where all my PCs asked each other, "What's your goal?" And each of them basically said "I don't know... Get...

8:16 AM
OK so far this hot questions has brought up every post that's recieved 2 upvotes in in 10 mins.
@Ben I'm not entierly sure what you are trying to say
I guess "now it actually brought up a question that's hot"
Something like that haha
8:33 AM
That's honestly an interesting question though
8:44 AM
So this question (on fox people) was merged with this one. Should/will the former be kept up (as normal duplicates are)? Thing is, it is not clear to me (and I'm guessing others) from the question alone that the latter is about fox people and in a google-search for fox-people playable races I would not consider that a real 'hit'.
9:39 AM
Kitsune (狐, キツネ, IPA: [kitsɯne] (listen)) in the literal sense is the Japanese word for 'fox', specifically in the red fox of East Asia. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore; in English, kitsune refers to them in this context. Stories depict legendary foxes as intelligent beings and as possessing paranormal abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. According to Yōkai folklore, all foxes have the ability to shapeshift into human form. While some folktales speak of kitsune employing this ability to trick others – as foxes in folklore often do – other stories portray them as faithful...
I gathered as much, my point was more if I were looking for 'fox-people playable races' and saw that question, it would not be obvious that it would answer my request, since I don't/didn't know that Kitsune can be another name for fox-people
I've edited the phrasing to clarify now (I also edited in Wikipedia links)
10:02 AM
since you are talking about Yōkai... if you are interested, here is a small online database - can be useful if you are researching some info about the lesser-known ones.
since we are talking about Kitsune GSS XD :P
Derpy: but what is the kitsune's bullet pattern
@Carcer can't say much about the bullets, but since you wanted a pattern....
@trogdor ? This?
10:18 AM
@Derpy No matter how hard I cross my eyes I can't get the 3D shape to emerge, but cool picture anyway!
@Derpy yes this
@kviiri you don't see the foxes?
I assume he was (jokingly?) suggesting that it is a Magic Eye stereogram
Magic Eye is a series of books published by N.E. Thing Enterprises (renamed in 1996 to Magic Eye Inc.). The books feature autostereograms, which allow some people to see 3D images by focusing on 2D patterns. The viewer must diverge their eyes in order to see a hidden three-dimensional image within the pattern. A "Magic Eye" has become something of a genericized trademark, often used to refer to autostereograms of any origin. The autostereogram predates the Magic Eye series by several years. Christopher Tyler created the first black-and-white autostereograms in 1979 with the assistance of computer...
@trogdor I see something that is "heartwarming non-violent" yet has an artwork that oddly reminds me of Made In Abyss and is from the same guy that apparently created Nechronica (which I didn't even knew about before)
I think he made Maid RPG too apparently
But yes it's literally nonviolent
It's not some bait and switch
10:29 AM
Animal Crossing: The RPG?
because the description totally seems like that ^_^'
I own maid RPG and I'm not sure why
I've never played it nor had any real intention of playing it
@Derpy I mean if you need something to compare it to sorta
@Carcer I've never played it but I have played Golden Sky Stories
@trogdor It was a Magic Eye joke (as V2Blast called it :P)
I meme about Magic Eye maybe 400% as much as most of my peers
That being said an RPG where you are trying to roleplay cute magic animals who can transform and don't do any combat stuff isn't for everyone
Mild Shape
10:32 AM
@kviiri Nice, we all need something to do that with
@Derpy but anyway, unlike Animal Crossing you play as animals instead of the only human, and you don't care about making a cool house or making any money or becoming mayor eventually or paying off a mortgage
Just making friends and doing cute things, and helping with some problem
@trogdor .... to be fair, I wasn't talking about the game :P
@trogdor Magic Eye occupies a position in our culture I find fascinating --- quite many people had experiences with those books but they really seldom get discussed. Autostereogram jokes often provoke fun reactions in people because they often didn't expect the joke, but also didn't expect other people getting it!
The problem can range between getting bullies to stop bullying someone, to resolving a misunderstanding between friends to simply making friends with a Kitsune no one has talked to in years
@Derpy oh god wat?
@trogdor yep, and obviously it was never released outside Japan. Which is a pitty
10:39 AM
@Derpy welp, I mean
that's a thing that exists I guess
still some minor differences
but in terms of tone I think it's pretty similar to that
@trogdor oh, there are also multiple mini-figures sets.
aren't there always?
10:59 AM
oh, well... See the positive side. Apparently no one has (yet) made an RPG based on School-Live!
I choose the positive side that Golden Sky Stories exists
1 hour later…
12:24 PM
@nitsua60 Was the lodging you stayed at called the Rising Sun? (Neat story, thanks for sharing it).
@Ash Close enough for getting the elde languages into English. Kind of like how "feet of clay" gets tossed into a variety of prose ..
@linksassin I'd name the kid Harvey, but that's due to how many people I know were in teh area that got hit ...
@Ben Ariul- riff on Ariel. For your air Genasi.
@Ben su·sur·rer: a sorcerer who only whispers. (Ovious meta magic is subtle ...)
@KorvinStarmast What about a surferer?
@Carcer Heck yeah, always has zinc oxide on her nose.
(That's what surfers used before sun screen spf 90 showed up ...)
Surferer always has water walk spell prepared/known.
12:51 PM
@Derpy I didn't know about this but I love it.
@KorvinStarmast and lips
@Ash I'm pretty sure it's almost entirely an australian thing?
I might be wrong. But I grew up doing zinc war paint on beach days
Morning all
Good afternoon
oh goodness lol
1:07 PM
It feels wrong to wish someone 'Good Morning' at 3pm, even accounting for time-zones
I would agree lol
It was an amusing variety of time responses though
@Ash you... noticed that I posted a link to the trailer for the actual Animal Crossing animated movie just a little before, right?
@Derpy seeing as you mentioned it before, what did you think of Made in Abyss (if you watched it)?
@Rubiksmoose that.... it doesn't end there since the anime is currently only covering up to... first half of volume 4 of the actual manga if I recall correctly.
and that they have forgot some things :P
@Derpy hah! well I really enjoyed the anime so far and am excited for its return.
I haven't read the manga
1:19 PM
@Rubiksmoose if you wait... 45 mins I could say good morning
@Rubiksmoose for one... I don't think that the anime makes any evidence that flying ships do exist in the world.
@Ben Are you crazy! I can't wait that long!
This is from one of the first chapters in the manga. There is a similar scene in the anime, but no ships / dirigibles
@Derpy ooooo! I don't think that was clear at all.
I certainly don't remember seeing anything of the sort
so if they will be become important in the plot (example: a flashback that could take place on one of those - just making thing up there, don't worry I am avoiding spoilers) you will probably go "oh, those even exist???"
1:32 PM
(I very much appreciate the avoiding of spoilers BTW)
also worth notice that our little glass-wearing Arale impersonator didn't exactly only "borrowed" the compass.
One critique I had of the anime is that I thought the pace seemed too rapid. I mean I think it largely works, but I definitely wasn't expecting her progress to unfold that rapidly
@Rubiksmoose OK, I can fly to New Zealand. Final offer
@Ben Counteroffer, you fly me to New Zealand.
@Rubiksmoose the pace is somehow faster than many other works even in the manga
1:34 PM
@Derpy you anticipated my question there :)
but you have to consider that it is a full-fledged story that doesn't want to end up like Naruto or One Piece.
@Rubiksmoose Final offer: you fly me to New Zealand too, and you have a deal
so, basically, you get a story as complex as One Piece.... but One Piece has more than 90 volumes by now....
@Derpy I kind of wanted to spend more time learning about the levels and creatures and stuff on the way down, you know? But then again, I thought it was good. And honestly, if it hadn't clashed with my expectations it probably wouldn't even be a critique.
@Derpy thank heavens for that.
Abyss is currently at volume 7. And I doubt it will go past volume 20
so.... it is not very different from things like Puella Magi.
1:39 PM
@Derpy which was just as long as it should have been IMO
Also, I actually watched Over the Garden Wall... which is far worse in terms of "it should have been longer" :P
@Rubiksmoose mumble... I THINK this has some extra details.
@Derpy I've never even heard of that!
@Rubiksmoose not an anime....
I think the longest serious anime I've watched is HunterxHunter and I love it. Though really the longest one I've watched is Gintama.
@Derpy ah that makes sense.
1:43 PM
@Derpy that looks adorable.
@Rubiksmoose it is very shorts. Only 10 episodes. And the episodes are just about... 11 minutes long. Still, it is worth watching if you try to suppress the part of you that will scream "this would have been much better if it was produced by a network that actually cared"
It was supposed to be short, mind you... but about 18 episodes of 21 minutes
they basically got half the planned time.
it is evident that Carton Network didn't trust them and didn't want to risk
@Derpy oof. That is some hard cutting right there
@Rubiksmoose still, they managed to produce something that is very good for the condition they had to work in.
@Derpy sounds like they went with the seemingly more getting more and more common Teen Titans Go time format then?
@Derpy Has a rather Adventure Time-y air on it
1:48 PM
@Derpy Sounds like something I should look up. Whenever it is that I have time next (after finishing buying this house [ugh], packing, moving, and unpacking)
@Rubiksmoose Let me explain... the story is a little strange. In a sense it is like Made In Abyss... you see a picture and you think it is just an fantasy story with very young protagonist that explores fantasy happy world. And then.... episode 10.
@Derpy (I was more talking about the time format with regards to TTG if that wasn't clear)
But you've got me on that premise alone.
Over the Garden Wall has that same feeling. It looks just cute and you see a blue bird in the poster, thinking it may be something like "kids in the woods follow bird of happiness"
it is not like that. It is somehow odd and unearthly.
huh. I'm very intrigued.
The newest Star Wars RPG--Edge of the Empire and Force&Destiny and the third name I can never remember... what's the collective name for them?
1:53 PM
@nitsua60 The Genesys Edition ones?
@nitsua60 you know, I've been listening to a campaign run in EotE (on Campaign podcast) and this system has a lot of really interesting ideas. Have you played it?
I mean, I wasn't sure it's the one in question, and I'm not sure 'Genesys Edition SW' is official, but at least it should be recognisable in speech.
@vicky_molokh that works--I'm just dropping an e-mail to a bunch of people and want to make sure they know we're talking about this one, not my (love it!) 1984 SWRPG.
@Rubiksmoose found.... this is the opening scene for episode 1. It should give you a weird idea of what you will get yourself into... without spoiling anything since... it is the first thing you will see either way :P
1:56 PM
@Derpy I'll have to watch it later, but I definitely will.
@KorvinStarmast I don't remember where I stayed.... But I think that was the song I learned to read tablature in order to play. Or I played in order to learn tablature. Not sure which was really the driving factor, now =)
@Ash my takeaway is to remind myself that I tend toward one end of the "open to new experiences" spectrum, and that not everyone is.
(Somewhat to my detriment: I get bored too easily/quickly.)
2:39 PM
mysterious downvotes
Downvotes in the Night: A StackExchange Mystery
Downvotes on the Orient Exchange
3:09 PM
^very good
@nitsua60 that's a good reminder.
3:51 PM
Sigh. I yearn for the day when people realize "I did not mean to insult" followed by a reinstatement of the same offending content is not an apology or excuse.
@kviiri oh, yeah, it's definitely not
4:26 PM
@kviiri missing context for that point? scratching head now Is it RL or RPG.SE thing happened today?
4:57 PM
@Derpy Yeah, I saw that but the figures were more immediately interesting to me :)
I'm working on a plot hook to start a new campaign. Originally we were going to do the Ravnica adventure. So my PC's chose a guild... But since we are all new to d&d I decided it would be best to start out with LMOP. Having said that I'm integrating the fact that they were kicked out of their respective guilds into a letter from Gundren Rockseeker asking for their help. But I'm having trouble with how a minotaur Cleric would be kicked out of the gruul clans.
5:32 PM
@Celgiek unfortuantely I'm not too familiar with that particular clan so I can't help out too much. But have you asked the player for any ideas?
6:01 PM
@Celgiek What god do they worship/domain do they belong to?
6:13 PM
@Rubiksmoose I have and figured it out...
@Celgiek oh good!
6:25 PM
"Gregarios the Minotaur, it has come to our attention that you haven't been insane and violent enough in your duties with the guild. We have no choice but to kick you out."
"Wait, no! What about that orphanage I burned down last week???"
"You evacuated the orphans ahead of time! Not a single orphan was burned!"
"Please! The Gruul clan has been my whole life!"
rest of guild huddled around the conversation: [angry murmering]
6:44 PM
Q: What Armor Optimization applies to a Mithral full plate?

Connor ClarkeThe Description of Mithral Armor describes this effect: Most mithral armors are one category lighter than normal for purposes of movement and other limitations. Heavy armors are treated as medium, and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light.- SRD The ...

@V2Blast you a greed when I said that they had implemented the delay in the HNQ algorithm. Did they document that anywhere? Or do we just know from the chat that they were planning to and the evidence suggests they did? Is there a Meta about it (I couldn't find one).
(I'm just curious)
7:14 PM
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@Carcer lol
I'm actually unclear if this is actually unanswerable. Although I did vote as PoB, if the question isn't about "what should I choose", but "what are actions that would result in removal from the clan" I think that fits within our scope. Thoughts? — NautArch 3 hours ago
though worth noting that it is 1 vote away from reopening.
in RPG.SE HNQ Worthy Questions, yesterday, by Catija
@doppelgreener :D I'm glad! By the way, the minimum question age is live now, set at 8 hours network-wide.
@V2Blast doh! why didn't I go back and check that chat. I'm a dummy.
Thanks :)
haha. no problem
8:12 PM
@Rubiksmoose seems it got reopened
8:41 PM
Some detailed previews of the contents of the Acquisitions Inc. book in the screenshots here: fantasygrounds.com/store/product.php?id=WOTC5EAI
@V2Blast ugh... FG... I've been waiting for a decade for them to make their software good.
Fingers crossed for unity
8:57 PM
I just stumbled across this D&D official style guide: adventurersleague.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/…
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