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12:00 AM
@Ash That makes me really happy.
Oooh Mike yeah ok
I forgot he was talking about it too
@Ash Nice :D
@Miniman I swear I still plan to try it
@Miniman I was surprised because I knew nothing about it or the world but it kept me engaged.
I do want to give it another go. I mean, it's been a long time since I played any of them... so maybe
12:01 AM
@trogdor Even considering Ash's experience, I recommend playing them in order. Although...hmmm.
@Miniman well I didn't mean it had to be that one but
You know, one of them
And then Maybe more later if I like it a lot
@Miniman It does work on it's own, I think? Like it just goes with "we saved the world a while back, but that's another story. Go tell Garrett he's late for dinner, will you?"
I actually played them 2, then 1, then DD
But I'll probably play them in order cause that's usually how I roll
@Ben Yeah, I think it works best as a standalone game.
@Ben Me too, actually!
Now I want to replay it but I don't think I have it anymore
12:03 AM
The start of 2 is very confusing if you haven't played 1.
Oh my God Chronological heritics everywhere
Actually, all of 2 is very confusing if you haven't played 1.
@trogdor Not by choice.
I keep looking for games like it, but nothing really matches the things I liked about it
Although I guess the start of 2 would be pretty confusing even if you had played 1. Moreso, in some ways.
@Ash Play the first two!
@Ash And yes, much this.
12:05 AM
@Ash I would recommend Breath of Fire 3 but it's got these minigame parts that are needed to progress and are really tricky and annoying
Every element (so to speak) of the game is just amazing. Music, puzzles, story, combat, even graphics.
@Miniman seconded
I really wish it didn't have those because I swear it's otherwise a fantastic JRPG
@Miniman For a GBA game, oh yeah
There's only,... Maybe two or three of them but they all suck
12:08 AM
@trogdor Golden Sun also has minigames! They're optional. And awesome.
@Miniman that's cool
Sidequests too.
Breath of Fire 3 seriously is a fantastic game, I love it, but those part's of the game are a huge trail
@Ben I mean... a sidequest.
They aren't particularly fun, they take a long time, and they tried controls that were just too ambitious at the time
12:10 AM
@trogdor the story is important though
@Ben of which what?
Breath of Fire. Haha
@trogdor Yeah but...what about BoF and BoF 2? I don't want to be a "chronological heretic" :P
@Ben ah yes but they could have done the story bits without those minigames
@Miniman I never played those
@Miniman I think BoF is like FF..?
12:12 AM
I couldn't get them
I don't actually know
I just got that indication
The story of 3 is self contained though
It either doesn't take anything from the previous games or doesn't need you to notice that it does
@Miniman I will say, when you finally get the Black Orb, and you realise what it's for, that was fun
@Ben If you're paying attention, they do actually tell you what it's for straight away.
@Miniman but I have heard they were pretty good, some people have also said 3 was the best anyway
12:15 AM
@Miniman Yeah. I guess I mean like, as someone that played 2 first.
I really would have played them in order if I had had access to them
3 was the only one I could get at the time
You just have this ship... there... doing nothing... inaccessible...
Right now the only gaming I do is WoW or Hearthstone with my husband and that's about it, gaming saps my spoons still a lot. (never get a concussion. Seriously.)
Then you get the key for it!!
@Ash yeah not planning to
12:16 AM
@Ash DX
Also not planning to do anything that risks one
I don't like full contact sports very much at least
All I did was fall and hit my head on a chair support! (my shunt and hydrocephalus makes contact sports a no go)
Technically I drive almost every day that definitely could end in a concussion with an accident
@Ash yeah that's fair
@Ash I have one of those!
Samsies! Haha
The shunt, that is
@Ash also, I distractedly fell on some stairs a month or so ago, (I only got bruised and injured my pride thankfully)
12:20 AM
I played soccer as a kid and my mum was always telling the coach not to let me headbutt the ball. Haha
And now I've learned not to fall down on the stairs
@trogdor a valuable lesson
@Ben I never liked doing that anyway, I don't like headbutting things
@Ben indeed, I really shouldn't have done it but I was really distracted by what had been on the radio right before
Spilled my drink on myself too
The bruises lasted for like a week and a half too
PSA, do not fall on stairs, I didn't even fall that far and it was bad XD
@Ash GS does have a linked-play feature. You can fight a friend in the arena :P
Really all I hit was right where I had been standing
It could have been way worse
But GSS doesn't
Not much fighting at all in that
12:25 AM
Is there other "official" backgrounds for 5e? Like, SCAG or Xan's?
@Ben Shhh spoilers
@Ben SCAG has a bunch
OK cool. I wasn't really feeling like any from the phb really applied
@Miniman Lol. I don't want to give away the important stuff
@Ben really? Neat.
@Ben saaaame! But I did get out of tackle football and some other parts of gym and I was okay with that
12:41 AM
@Ash Haha. We were only allowed to play touch. Contact was a bit much because it was a mixed class.
Even then the girls still had an advantage because the boys didn't want to accidentally touch somewhere inappropriate. Haha
Hahaha we started off with touch, and I got out of that too
I hated gym so that was fine by me
Haha. I'm not particularly all that athletic myself. But I can say, of all the sports I have played, the only ones I like are archery, and Wii Golf
Our school started with normal football and then went to touch because someone got hurt
@Ben I didn't quite play a lot of it but archery was fun
@trogdor I've been doing archery for over 20 year now :)
I only played it at this like hotel that had it when we went somewhere
@Ben nice
12:50 AM
@trogdor Oh yeah, nice :)
I don't even remember where it was
We ran an archery shop and indoor range for a while, and one of the minesites actually offered for us to come out and provide archery as a recreational pastime for the miners
Didn't last long haha
@Ben I imagine it takes too much energy and focus for people who have been underground all day doing Manuel labour
I can't imagine how someone thought that was a great idea
Well, not overly. These days working on a minesite is really just maintaining the equipment. Lol. Long hours in tough working environments, so it is still hard work.
@BESW kekeke
12:54 AM
There aren't any sports I super like. Unless weightlifting counts?
@BESW what is that?
@trogdor Manuel
@trogdor It's a famous Manuel laborer.
I like lifting heavy stuff and pushing heavy stuff. (carefully)
@Ash that's a sport, they have it in the Olympics
12:55 AM
@BESW I know I know this but my recall is broken
@Ash So do I, as long as it's on a mechanical device, or wheels hahaha
@Ash I think it's from Faulty Towers?
@BESW hmmmmmmmmmmmm liar
@Ben I did powerlifting for a couple years but then money and also concussion made me stop (was working with a private trainer)
@BESW ah, yes
@Ash Nice!
@Miniman I'm feeling like Far Traveler is a nice fit.
12:57 AM
@Ash I don't like lifting things, but somehow I get drafted into it a lot, even just yesterday
@BESW 2 points for guessing correctly!
@trogdor if I was closer and not an ocean away I'd offer to help lift things :p
@Ash I think that's just about the most expensive way to get someone to help lift one thing yeah
I'm really not bad at it either honestly
Just a bit
I don't do it as an exercise but I'm pretty ok at it as someone who doesn't lift weights
1:03 AM
@Ben Insight/Perception, huh?
Always handy
That being said it's usually something so big you need at least two people just to balance it
So that technically helps
But I had to move a TV down some stairs by myself once, that was scary
What do you reckon of Halruaa?
Talks of "skyships" and such
Q: Can flying creatures choose to hover, even if they don't have hover in their flying speed?

JackSome creatures have a fly speed. Some creatures with a fly speed also have the ability to hover specified. The PHB, in Chapter 9: Combat, Movement and Position, Flying Movement says: Flying creatures enjoy many benefits of mobility, but they must also deal with the danger of falling. If a f...

Q: Why does the starter kit wizard have six spells in their spellbook?

NewDMThis was in the starter kit. Level 1 high elf wizard with int mod +3. How does this character have 6 spells? I understand that one is a ritual, but it has 5 more and not 4? The spellbook shows 1) burning hands 2) detect magic(R) 3) mage armor 4) magic missile 5) shield 6) sleep. I had the same or...

1:21 AM
Morning @linksassin
@Ben I don't know enough about your game to have a useful opinion there.
@Ben Morning, how's it going?
@Miniman So far: Genie's exist.
That's all we know
I'm just suggesting that from the Far Traveller's "place of origin"
You don't get skill proficiency from multiclassing, do you
@linksassin Not too bad. Working on my Genasi sorcerer :)
Depends what you're multiclassing into, but generally no.
Does rogue, though? I feel like I'm remembering that?
1:27 AM
Was thinking I wanted Athletics
No, acrobatics. Wrong one
@nitsua60 Rogue, Bard, and Ranger, from memory.
@nitsua60 When you multiclass into rogue, or as a rogue?
@Ben Into.
If you were a Rogue multiclassing somewhere else, you'd already have the full suite of proficiencies from Rogue.
1:32 AM
hey there @nitsua60
So when I take a level in fighter, I won't be able to take Acrobatics.
@Shalvenay hiya
@nitsua60 how're things going? still crazy?
Yup. If more detail's sought ping me in the NAB--I won't SPAM general with details that may be upsetting.
@nitsua60 Good luck, regardless
1:40 AM
@Ben Thanks.
2:00 AM
@Ben Random spitball - what are you looking to get out of your fighter dip?
@Miniman combat ability. Second wind is nice.
and most importantly, proficiency with a short sword
@Ben Yeah, I mean more specifically - fighting style, proficiencies.
Oh. Duelling.
Armour is nice
Just thinking, if you're planning on taking a multi-level dip, ranger might actually be a better choice than fighter for you. Extra skill, spell slot progression...
Mind you, Paladin would get you smite, which...smite.
2:09 AM
Well, at most, I'd be taking 3 levels, and they would be few and far between.
Level 4 or 5, level 8 or so...
And honestly, I didn't get to level 5 the last time haha
Or... well I could just take the first level at level 2. Then wait unil later for the next one
hey there @user11519516, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
I suppose I am "optimised" for it now
@Ben I get the feeling you are doing it more for theme reasons than optimising? Usually it's a better idea to take most of your multiclass in one block to make the most of it
@linksassin a bit here and there. The theme is the foundation for the character, but the GM is experienced, and he kind of optimises the game to meet every nook and cranny available in our PC development
@Ben In that case, fighter probably isn't the best option. Paladin would work better. Hexblade Warlock would be even stronger.
Though fighter 2 for action surge isn't terrible
2:15 AM
@linksassin yeah, I think Hexblade Warlock would be the most thematic option for a sorc as well
The type of spells are important, and the "origin" of magic.
@Ben Full list of official 5e backgrounds so far: dndbeyond.com/backgrounds
hey there @Saladani, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
(at least 2 more in Ghosts of Saltmarsh - not sure of exact number, but apparently some people's books shipped early)
ah, found a review with them: https://www.strangeassembly.com/2019/review-ghosts-of-saltmarsh-dungeons-dragons
"The new backgrounds are fisher, marine, shipwright (which has a really useful ability if you’re going to engage in naval combat), and smuggler."
Stuff you get from multiclassing: https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/basic-rules/customization-options#MulticlassingProficiencies
Rogue gets "one skill from the class's skill list" if you multiclass into it. Ranger too: "one skill from the class's skill list". Bard gets "one skill of your choice" if you multiclass into it
...also, hi @Saladani!
2:36 AM
@linksassin The thing is, 1 level of Fighter is way better than 1 level of Paladin or Ranger. It's when you go past that that it becomes a trickier decision.
@Miniman I would agree with that, for sure
Actually - Duelling. I know you still have when you're holding a shield… it's basically "as long as you don't have another weapon in your other hand", no?
Yep, 1 weapon in 1 hand is the requirement.
No 2 weapons in 2 hands, or 1 weapon in 2 hands, or 2 weapons in 1 hand.
sword whip... hal-blade
Haha. I'm just coming up with "two weapons one hand"
2:43 AM
Q: Is this homebrew hûthvír-like weapon balanced?

ThatGuyWhoAsksTheDMNitPickyQsI am a first time player, and my character is a rock gnome druid. I wanted a weapon loosely based on the hûthvír of the Inheritance Cycle. I asked the DM for permission to make it, and I was told I could if it was balanced. I haven't showed the DM what I came up with yet. This is what I have: T...

@nitsua60 Wow. You went there.
It's... the most weapons I've ever seen in one hand =)
Just for (10k user only) fun: the homebrew balance question so perfect that I favourited it so I'd always be able to find it.
(I think it's the one "is this balanced" question I've ever found at all interesting.)
@Miniman What the whuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!?
"Excuse me, GM. Can I be a full caster with top martial capabilities and a pact weapon while accessing the full sorcerer list?"
"Oh, and a third attack while I'm at it?"
Wow. I never saw that one in the first instance.
2:47 AM
@nitsua60 Like I said, it's just so perfect.
I dunno. Where's the psionics?
I want that as my multiclass
[ducks thrown bottles]
I feel like that should be a heck no because whoa overpowered
I tried to look at it
I cannot look at it XD
@Ash it sounds like it
2:48 AM
@nitsua60 You know, now that WotC has published the valenar double scimitar, this doesn't really look all that bad...
I did the same thing and was like why cant I see it
(I am too used to my powers on Arqade)
I don't have powers anywhere and I still tried
I don't have many powers anymore just over 10k Rep :p
I feel special that I cracked it just last month :P
@Ash How're you liking that?
2:51 AM
I have just over 1k, over the whole site
I'm honestly still surprised I have that much
@trogdor I'm a hoarder lol. I come from playing xbox live in my late teens, early twenites.
Lots of achievement hunting
I hoard books
That's a better direction
Like honestly I have too many books
No such thing
2:52 AM
I read them and then I don't get rid of them, or I never read them and say I will
You're who we'll come to when the world falls apart and we need to restore our libraries
@trogdor " 'The Classics' are those books on our shelves, half of which we have loved reading and the other half of which we look forward to loving reading." -Italo Calvino
@nitsua60 I feel massively lighter, it was a good choice for me. I feel a little bad that I couldn't hold on til others were elected, but my heart feels so settled.
So I have the Primordial language from like, 2 places... maybe 3?
I hoard books but mainly ebooks so they dont take shelf space and I don't have to feel bad for having over 3k of them
2:55 AM
@Ash I'm glad for you, then! It is interesting to see this sorta-wave going through the mod community.
@Ben how'd you manage that? :P
(Or maybe it's just that the couple of sites I'm aware of have all synced up.)
@Ash Hehe, I totally understand the feeling. :)
@Ash I'm trying to read more on my nice new Kindle fire partly for that same reason
@V2Blast Uhh, Genasi get it... "Wind Speaker" from Storm Sorcery gives it...
Ok so only two.
I also get another one of my choice from Far Traveller.
2:58 AM
@nitsua60 Perfik.
Eer Amazon Fire actually
So, I can speak/read/write Common, Primoridal, Primodial, and Primodrial. I am the grammar Nazi of the Primordial language
@trogdor I thought you were suggesting that as language. Lol
@Ben I mean, learning Primordial in FR is like learning Proto-Indo-European here on Earth5069, right? You can then understand and speak to half the planet's population?
@Ben lol, no just really confused about what the name of my nice reading device is
All it says on it is Amazon's logo, it doesn't seem to have a model name or nothing
3:01 AM
@nitsua60 and actually, the flaw I chose for Far traveler was that I pretend I don't understand them to get out of conversations. Lol "No sprekenzi"
@nitsua60 yeah we had three step downs in one day (the other two are staying til election)
@trogdor I know people tend to use kindle fire and amazon fire pretty interchangeably
@Ben I mean, talk to your DM - most people are willing to avoid actively punishing you for making thematically appropriate choices. (Except the designers!)
@Miniman Yeah
The Universal Language is a short comedic play written by David Ives. The play is part of the collection of plays called All in the Timing. The show features two characters, Don and Dawn. Don is a con artist trying to swindle customers into learning a fraudulent language, Unamunda, and Dawn is a shy twenty-eight-year-old woman with a stutter. Through the course of the play, Don and Dawn learn about each other and themselves, and slowly fall in love or so it's believed. == Plot synopsis == Dawn di Vito, the female character, wanders into an office, hoping to learn Unamunda, an Esperanto-li...
I do have one open slot, and I'd say the DM is willing to allow me to pick another
He could also break it down to specifically the subtypes...
3:03 AM
@Ash one problem is, every time I buy a book on this thing I finish it and I want another book
I can't buy books at this rate I'ma go broke
@Ben I mean, it's very game-dependent as to which languages are useful/appropriate.
@trogdor Sounds like you need to quit kindling books and start kindling bonfires!
@Miniman Sean Bean dies in that one
@Miniman make them put it on PC for 10 dollars and we'll talk
@trogdor library? My library has a lot of ebooks, I borrow through them a lot.
Or I go through the "top x free" book lists on Kindle etx
@Ash I should definitely go and grab more of the free books
I keep forgetting I can do that
But then I'm also afraid I won't like them as much
3:08 AM
Yes! I am trying to think of the sites I use that let you know when there are new books that have been discounted to free but I forget what it is
@Ash I'm not 100% sure on our library having e-book stuff
@Ash oh that would be helpful
Ah, fair. Ours didnt for the longest time but they have a pretty robust thing going now
I'm pretty sure ours does but I haven't been in too long
Ah, ebookaroo is a good mailing list for free/cheap books, as is bookbub
@Ash @BESW would possibly know better than me, I haven't been in one of our libraries for,... A few years I think
@Ash cool much thanks and very helpful
3:20 AM
@Ash Our library has ebooks by the simple expedience of using its website to share a user name and password for E Point Books and Big Timber Media.
3:35 AM
Ok, keeping in theme with "Wind/lightning/Air" etc, can someone suggest a good cantrip, and which two 1st level spells I should take?
I have Blade Ward, Mage Hand, and Shocking Grasp for cantrips so far
@BESW yay books!
3:48 AM
Cantrips: **Lighting Lure**, Ray of Frost, **Gust**, Frostbite, Thunderclap
1st Level: Chromatic Orb, Feather Fall, Fog Cloud, Ice Knife, Jump, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, Thunderwave
@Ash yeah, they haven't yet had a single book I wanted, though the search interfaces are confusing enough that maybe I just couldn't find them.
@BESW it seems like a much better return on effort to use the sites @Ash linked, and maybe do some searching on the store page too rather than going over there to look at a site, at the library, that has a confusing setup
@linksassin Ok. My thoughts were along the lines of Jump, Magic Missile, Sleep, Thunderwave, and Witchbolt
That I need to make a username and password for no less
I already have to make too many of those
So if we cross those over, that leaves Jump, Magic Missile, and Thunderwave
Ok wow... Chaos bolt seems... wow
So, 2d8+1d6 damage?
With the additional chance to hit another creature again...
3:58 AM
@Ben Witchbolt is a trap, don't take it.
Right. Lol.
I did see one player take it, so I did see it get used. Once.
Chaos Bolt deals less damage with less control than Chromatic Orb but has awesome thematics. It also scales with a d6 instead of a d8 but does have a small chance of hitting multiple creatures. Personal preference for playstyle.
@linksassin Oh right. Cool.
Chaos bolt probably has a higher DPR due to the chance to hit multiple. But Chromatic has better single target damage, and you get to choose the damage type
So, Chromatic orb is a go, Magic missile is effectively EB but 1st level spell
4:02 AM
@trogdor I am trying to think, I know other places too that are good for free/cheap books, legally but I can't think of any more right now that aren't like entirely romance novel based
Jump is also useful.
@Ash I really ought to actually try some of those anyway
I've never read one
I shouldn't assume I won't like any
I can always recommend books!
@Ash that sounds good too
It would probably help to have an expert oppinion
@Ben Um... not quite. Magic Missile is auto-hit and scales with spell slot. EB is great for a cantrip but MM is better in many situations just not DPR.
4:06 AM
@linksassin Yeah.
EB but better. Lol
@Ben Jump is very situationally useful. It's great when you need it but you won't cast it often
I think that's fair.
And the GM likes to allow for situations that can use it.
Up to you. I would never take it at first level given how few spells you get. But you can always switch it out later if you find you don't get enough use out of it
@trogdor @BESW -- as a p.s. since you live over that way, if you find any pieces that look like they may have come off the wing of a 747 washed up on the beach or somesuch, they may very well just have: avherald.com/h?article=4c832c05&opt=0 (if you actually do, poke the local authorities so that the FAA or NTSB can get poked in turn)
@Shalvenay oh thank goodness it didn't crash
4:11 AM
Actually it might be useful to take a defensive spell.
@trogdor yeah, it just shed some plumage, so to speak :P
I have the blade ward cantrip, but that's resistance to damage.
Not overall AC
Shield is good cos then I can use a reaction as well
And Genasi gives me a free casting of Levitate 1/per long rest
@Shalvenay yeah and it seems unlikely I'm going to find any parts even of I go to the beach but that's good to know in any case
@Ben I would suggest Mage Armor then swap it out for shield once you multiclass and get armor prof.
I thought about it, and yeah. Lol.
4:19 AM
That or just accept that you are super squishy until then.
@trogdor I dunno if I am a expert I just read a lot of them
@Ash a connoisseur then
@Ben Booming Blade is pretty nice for you.
4:21 AM
speaking of Ghosts of Saltmarsh (...well, I did mention the backgrounds earlier), it looks like it's unlocked/accessible on D&D Beyond now
hey there @williamporter, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
@Miniman Where is that?
@Ben From a pure optimising view I think you are better off starting at Fighter then multiclassing into sorcerer.
@Ash anyway reading a lot of them is the best way to be a judge of the best ones in my opinion
So regardless of what you call it, it's a useful thing in this context for sure
@linksassin That is true
You just miss out on the Saving throws though.
4:31 AM
@Ben SCAG - one of the "weapon attack with magic" cantrips.
@Ben You get strength instead of charisma. They both get con.
@Miniman I just googled it lol
@linksassin Yeah
@linksassin Sorry, I thought I stated "Cha" saving throws. Lol
4:46 AM
@linksassin I mean, he's not interested in heavy armour, and he gets Con saving throws anyway, so...eh?
btw, on the topic of GoS, D&D Beyond now has a vehicles page as a result: dndbeyond.com/vehicles
@linksassin true
More hp to start, higher AC (armour and shield), I get the shortsword straight away too.
@Miniman You get more HP with fighter, and much better starting equipment.
@Ben Unless you have war caster you can't cast with a sword and shield equipped so you will have to be putting down one most rounds
@linksassin Yeah. I plan to
And I guess I don't have to buy the armour and weapons later in game :P
@linksassin Oh yeah, I tend to forget/ignore equipment. The HP thing is a good point.
4:56 AM
I made one of each for comparison
Max hp should be 13 and 9 - you get max die value at level 1.
Oh right whoops
I also don't get the tempestuous magic as a fighter yet
5:12 AM
Or any magic at all, even :P
I do get levitate as a racial bonus
But that's it
5:54 AM
Q: Is there any official hair dagger or spike weapon, using long hair as a whip?

nijinekoIs there any official (WotC, Dungeon, Dragon, Official websites, etc., ) weapon that is a dagger or spike used in the hair as a whip-style weapon? This shows up as a surprise hidden weapon in some wuxia stories and shows. I am confident that I have seen this sort of weapon somewhere in 3rd, or...

1 hour later…
7:04 AM
I have a question... What is "aviation fire rescue"?
@Ben Context? It sounds like it is exactly what it says
Well it was like Rav 4 with emergency lights, and that printed on the side
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) is a special category of firefighting that involves the response, hazard mitigation, evacuation and possible rescue of passengers and crew of an aircraft involved in (typically) an airport ground emergency. Airports may have regulatory oversight by an arm of their individual national governments or voluntarily under standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization. Due to the mass casualty potential of an aviation emergency, the speed with which emergency response equipment and personnel arrive at the scene of the emergency is of paramount importance...
@V2Blast Either that or it was the Aerial wing of the fire authority.
I suppose that makes sense. On site fire dept.
Doesn't explain why it was down at the supermarket though haha
7:10 AM
Again with the not embedding links...
@V2Blast that sounded redundant. Lol
"the one ring... Again"
8:17 AM
"i" before "e", except after "c"; and when you run a weird and feisty heist of the foreign beige neighbor.
For science.
8:41 AM
What was the post that @linksassin posted about "keeping on character" recently? Can someone send me the link please?
That's it! Thanks
9:17 AM
Q: No longer accepting answers from this account

GordonBennettI'm sure this sort of question gets asked a lot, but I've just tried to answer a question and I'm banned? apparently my previous answers where not well received. The thing is, I've only ever answered 1 question last November, and although not upvoted it wasn't downvoted either, it's just sitting...

2 hours later…
10:52 AM
Well, I liked it.
Actually talking about John Wick this time. Lol
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