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12:02 AM
Starting momentarily, at 5:00 pm PDT (8:00 pm EDT): https://www.twitch.tv/dnd
Game Session 3 is on the main stage. The DM is Marisha Ray; players are Krystina Arielle, Matthew Lillard, Satine Phoenix, Patrick Rothfuss, Kate Welch, and Deborah Ann Woll!
12:30 AM
@Rubiksmoose Wow, it sure is great how there's no fluff text in that there 5e.
So if you're a rock gnome, and you get expertise, you have to make it expertise in stoneworker's tools. I will incorporate this rule into my games immediately.
1:32 AM
Morning all
@Ben hola
I'm watching the D&D live event game session on Twitch. Marisha Ray's doing a great job as DM :)
2:16 AM
Great job DMing by Marisha, just sad the end of the game got cut off by technical issues.

Next up, in presumably less than 5 minutes, Chris Perkins is DMing - with Mica Burton, Matthew Mercer, Anna Prosser, B. Dave Walters, Deborah Ann Woll, and Jim Zub as players!

2:31 AM
The stream's interstitial music is at least working properly, which is an improvement.
3:04 AM
Sorry to change the subject... But this is amazing
3:24 AM
loving this game so far
and no worries about changing the subject, I've been monopolizing chat all day :P
3:48 AM
...Power outage in the building where the event's being held, apparently.
hey there @nitsua60
@Ben that is incredible. And even more incredible than I thought it was going to be.
4:05 AM
It really was not what I was expecting.
@Miniman One of these days I'm going to have a chat with people about the fact that there is 100% fluff in 5e lol. Just theoretically, not in spells
What an ending to the stream. Great DMing by Chris Perkins, and great job by all the players! :D
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, there's no clear delineation between rules and fluff, generally, but there is stuff with no direct mechanical impact, or stuff that describes the flavor of the mechanic that follows
@V2Blast I mean there is plenty of "fluff" throughout the PHB describing things with no mechanical impact. Like the gnome text box I reference in my comment.
OK I have a question.
There was a world that was basically ruined by magical mishaps
No. We don't accept questions here.
4:18 AM
I think it was called Sarcasm?
ugh but I have to go to bed. Night y'all.
(sorry to interrupt your question, please do carry on)
Sleep well :)
Is there a level requirement?
thanks :) you too (whenever you might be doing that)
@trogdor Yeah, Dwarves love their Droste effect
Other fun things are legendary artifacts with really boring decorations
Because I remember there being a mention of something about "level 4"
@kviiri An alchemy jug covered in dollar store gems, or a sequined bag of holding, you mean?
4:29 AM
@Ben More like Dwarves revering a table engraved with an image of cheese like it was the Mona Lisa or something
Well I'm becoming a little impartial to the sequined bag of holding now.
One of those ones that you can draw faces on
And the bard can write nasty messages on it and flash it at the doc's across the battelfield
5:02 AM
@Rubiksmoose ...Yeah, that's basically what I said. I was agreeing.
1 hour later…
6:28 AM
@kviiri that just seems right too
6:47 AM
Played Golden Sky Stories again today. I love playing the dog.
There's something delightfully subversive about roleplaying "dog" so hard that someone just narrates "I pet him," and then gleefully activating my "Petting" power.
Like, I get to actually go "Hahah! Someone is petting me!" as the player, just the way the dog character would be.
7:10 AM
it's an amazing game and everyone should quit all other RPG's and just play GSS forever (just kidding but it's my favorite)
1 hour later…
8:35 AM
....Nope, still no Twitter one-boxing.
"Paw Friends Are Forever" is a 2-player roleplaying game about a grizzled old dog and an energetic young cat making mischief, eating food, and the partnership that develops.
that is classic
9:09 AM
Q: Can a bard grant bardic inspiration to an unconscious creature?

mdricheyThe recipient of bardic inspiration must be able to hear the bard. ...choose one creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you. An unconscious creature is "unaware of its surroundings." An unconscious creature is incapacitated, can't move or speak, and is unawa...

2 hours later…
11:05 AM
Q: What is the winged creature on the back of the Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes book?

NathanSOn the back of the Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes book, there is a small creature with wings: What is this creature? It doesn't match any of the creatures in any of the monster manuals. It kind of looks like an imp, but it clearly isn't one, and my only other guess is that maybe it's some kind of...

12:00 PM
@BESW that was pretty great because I had honestly forgot that was a thing that did something
@Ben I am imagining this and giggling a lot
@Ash I just overall love playing that character. It's all about being super optimistic and trying to make people happy despite really not knowing what's going on.
I feel that.
I had also forgotten it did anything
The first time you used it anyway
The second time I petted you on purpose but still
He lives for the small joys... partly because he can't really manage to understand any other kind.
It's a hilarious mechanic
I really do like that there is definite space for a character like that in the game
Because there's space for a lot of character types
He's also an absolute Dream Battery, which I appreciate.
12:14 PM
And I love the Dream mechanic now that I'm more used to it
I gave out more dreams this time than both other times combined I think
@BESW I was going to mention that, it was ridiculous
Anybody can get Dreams, but that particular pre-made Dog is super easy for me to milk.
I was there
I saw it for myself XP
I gave you,.. well however many I gave you
But it was a lot
Your dog fu is ridiculous
But you were both great
It was a fantastic game and I had a lot of fun running it
Ash's cat was fun to bounce off of.
And thank you for running it!
@V2Blast oh yeah sorry I realized that. I was agreeing with your agreement :)
@BESW I feel like I could run GSS a hundred. Times and not be sick of it
12:24 PM
@trogdor thank you for running it, it was fun playing the cat and just trying to think of the most cat like responses. And also just I don't think I laughed that much with friends in a good while so thanks for that too
@Ash that's all very good to hear
And you are both welcome of course
(also now I have the urge to find a super good stick.)
It's hardly a thing I feel I need thanks for but none the less
@Ash lol
Just get a dog to do it
That seems to work pretty well
Hahaha very true
12:30 PM
10/10 dog but I'm a horrible judge of sticks
Gonna have to trust the dog on the evaluation
2 hours later…
2:14 PM
Q: Can you play a kitsune or nekomata?

MackCan you play a kitsune or nekomata in D&D 5th edition? I have never played, but wanted to use one of my RP characters for D&D. If not, are there any existing races that are similar?

Q: Is there a fox people race in D&D 5e?

Monkey D. LuffyIs there any race that can make let me play as a fox? Either an anthropomorphic fox, or (preferably) a human looking race with fox ears and tail, like an inumimi if you know what that is.

Looks to me like second is duplicate of first; if you agree please vote accordingly. (But I've got (a) a horse in the race, and (b) a splitting headache, so I'm not going to make the call myself.)
(The newer answers to the second can be migrated to the first, I believe, in case feeling is they're dupes.)
2:39 PM
Q: Is there a fox people race in D&D 5e?

Monkey D. LuffyIs there any race that can make let me play as a fox? Either an anthropomorphic fox, or (preferably) a human looking race with fox ears and tail, like an inumimi if you know what that is.

2:58 PM
@nitsua60 I hope you feel better soon
3:25 PM
@nitsua60 hmmm that's a tough one. Inumimi is a bit different from kitsune technically, but they are very very similar requests.
I'm no expert, but one of the main difference seems to be how human they look.
2 hours later…
5:03 PM
hey there @ACuriousMind @Glazius -- I thought we were having a session this week, am I wrong?
I'm wrapping something up, but I can still go.
5:21 PM
No idea where ACM is.
@Shalvenay @Glazius Oh, shoot...somehow I thought we were not playing this week. I'm (about to be) at a birthday party and can't make it :/ I'm really sorry about that.
@ACuriousMind aaah, right. it's no big deal, it's my bad really
I somehow lost track of you being out this week
@ACuriousMind Enjoy the party!
'tis the perils of running so much over voice, you don't have a backlog to remind you of things :P and, yes, enjoy the party :D
Thanks :)
1 hour later…
6:31 PM
Q: Why is the Psionic Artificer considered to be better than all other tier 1 classes?

J. MiniThe tier list over on GitP considers the Psionic Artificer to be "tier 0" and lists a few reasons explaining why. The primary justifications given for this (as seen here and here, and debated here) appear to be as follows: Due to a rule on page 232 of the Magic Item Compendium, Psionic Artific...

6:51 PM
Q: Can you "hand off" from Fly to Levitate?

Louis WassermanSuppose a character has cast fly on themselves, and wishes to switch to levitate to prevent themselves from taking fall damage if they lose concentration. What happens if they cast levitate while in midair? Do they Stay at the same height Fall immediately to 20 feet Fall immediately to the gr...

@Ben Thanks. Nothing a long run, a sandwich, and a half-hour nap didn't fix.
7:07 PM
@nitsua60 I find naps to make me feel awful
A pointless little story; when I was a kid, I felt a strong fascination towards corvids, esp. crows and magpies, and wanted to socialize with them. I had heard stories that they could be befriended by a patient soul who knew the "etiquette".
I never managed; our yard was strictly magpie territory, I was too lazy and afraid of seeming like a weirdo to go out in public spaces to court crows, and magpies are far more shy.
I've shed the desire to actually have a corvid companion, although I still like them very much. Yesterday, out of the blue, my grandfather-in-common-law told that he used to have a friend, back in the 1950's, who had managed to tame a crow.
Then one time they went to catch lobsters, but forgot to bring bait, so said dude had killed his pet crow and used it as bait. :(
Sad fate for the little bird to have its trust betrayed like that...
that's extremely unpleasant
7:22 PM
Yea :/ hard to imagine someone going through the trouble and then pulling something like that
Nevertheless, there's something weirdly pointed about the trivial nature of the poor crow's death. Which probably is the reason I wanted to share the story despite it being so utterly basic and pointless
@Carcer The big problem is that it's been over two weeks that I haven't slept >6h a night. The bigger problem is that I somehow forgot how to be a frikking adult and just go to bed, rather than stay up too late.
@Carcer I'm a power-napper, all the way. After lunch I lie down on my office floor, set a 15-minute timer, fall asleep in about 2 or 3 minutes, and usually wake up about a minute before the timer goes off. Except these last two weeks....
For me, 20-25 minutes of napping is a potent mood reboot. If I'm feeling low and grumpy, I re-roll with a nap
7:38 PM
Also, is there really no Phoenix statted in 5e? I was surprised to not find one in a few minutes of searching my books.
> D&D is a roleplaying game that lets you live out such fantasies as:
> - Having money
> - Making close friends as an adult
> - Traveling the worls without crippling debt
> - Being able to change the world
> - Getting better at something with practice
> - Getting 8 hours of sleep each night
I had to copy that from a pic but it's from a tweet by @DraconickGaming
@nitsua60 that 8 hours of sleep each night part seems like it's for you (but it's just a coincidence that I posted that tonight).
hey there @nitsua60
7:57 PM
@nitsua60 MToF has a Phoenix, page 199
(but it's an elder fire elemental)
doesn't look like a phoenix that is not a literal flying inferno at all times is available
8:50 PM
Update for Paw Friends: added EPUB and MOBI formats. There is also a new preview version of the rules so you can check out the system before buying.
crazy fantasy metallurgy question: why are mithril and adamantine only used(useful?) in their pure form? (instead of in alloys with other metals -- looking to titanium IRL, it's not only used as a base metal, but also as an alloying ingredient in nickel-based superalloys and some steels)
9:07 PM
Q: can conjure barrage stack with martial adept- disarming or tripping attack?

Brent Lissowayi'm new to dnd 5e, i was thinking that a martial adept superiority die could be used to make a thrown weapon disarm targets if used in conjunction with the conjure barrage spell. from the book... Martial adept: You have martial training that allows you to perform special combat maneuvers. You ...

Oct 19 '18 at 8:00, by BESW
I'm inclined to go with "You're thinking about it harder than the devs did."
I've only ever read one speculative fiction novel with a "traditional" setting that paid much attention to metallurgy as a craft, and even that was more about casting than mixing.
9:39 PM
@BESW lol
10:03 PM
Just banged out a really quick first draft of a game, can I get some eyes on it?
is that the one you wanted the cards for or something else?
This is the story game.
"Where Are We Going?" a game about the stories we live by. (super early pre-alpha proof of concept draft)
is there a cap on how often you can sacrifice a Statement to another Statement and or make a new Statement?
You can only write new statements when making a decision, or when transferring someone else's story to a blank on your sheet.
ah ok
that's a very decent cap
10:12 PM
I haven't decided if there's a cap on the number of statements you can sacrifice for a single decision; I'm thinking start with no limit.
if there is a cap to how many you can make I don't see a huge issue
it's an actual sacrifice to get rid of any
let alone multiple
just on first impressions at least
Added a new way to get statements on your sheet.
Creating more sense of shared story.
@Shalvenay I thought mithril kind of was titanium
@Carcer yeah, that's the impression I get as well, but I'm not sure if it can be used for all the things titanium can do IRL
10:29 PM
@BESW ah neat
@BESW I'm seeing things vanish before my eyes
@V2Blast Just re-wrote it on my computer and pasted the better workup into the doc.
ah yes it makes more sense now
10:51 PM
@BESW I'm having trouble imagining what it looks like in play.
Morning all
I think I need to get in contact with my insurance. This body is starting to fall apart. Need a new one.
@Miniman Hmm. Can you narrow that down at all?
11:07 PM
@Carcer There we go. I looked in that book, but didn't think to look under "E" for Phoenix. (Nor in the index did I think to look under 16. I did think to look by type, but only perused the Celestials.) Thanks.
@Zachiel That's... painfully on-point. In all parts.
@Shalvenay hiya.
@nitsua60 how're things going?

Roleplay Roulette just started!

Adam Bradford is DMing. The players are basically arbitrarily assigned characters that they have to play. The players are Rachel Quirico as the Bride from Kill Bill, Amy Vorpahl as "Leeloo Dallas Multipass" from The Fifth Element, Yogcast's Tom Hazell as Zorro(?), Hope LaVelle as Morgan Le Fey from Arthurian legend, Jonathan Pruitt of WebDM as Sherlock Holmes, and Matthew Lillard as Conan the Barbarian.

...And just seconds in, Adam has revealed that they're in the arena from Thor: Ragnarok. He just voiced Korg and the Grandm
Q: Does attacking (or having a rider attack) cancel Charge/Pounce-like abilities?

BehacadCertain creatures have attacks like charge or pounce, which allows them to do something special after travelling a certain distance. For example, see the panther: If the panther moves at least 20 feet straight toward a creature and then hits it with a claw attack on the same turn, that target...

11:47 PM
@Miniman Radical edits have been made. More clarity?
@BESW Ummm...kinda? I think if you added some example statements to go with the example stories, it'd go a long way.
Like the Star Wars one. Everyone will follow that
yeah, I think a sample character sheet will get added.

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