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12:06 AM
@BlackSpike If I ask "what kind of data binding library are you using", does that mean anything?
@Glazius Nope. As far as I know, I am not using a "data binding library" (?)
I have a Ship Class, with Getters and Setters for it's Values
@BlackSpike Right, and you want to wire that up to the UI so that changes in the UI update the class values and vice versa. "Data binding" is that problem. Unfortunately I don't know enough about Android to give you a good recommendation.
@Glazius Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. Click a Button, update the Class. I can do it long-hand (separate OnCLickListener on each Button, or one listener across all Buttons ith a big "Which Button did you press" Switch/Case), but trying to figure a more elegant way.
Right. Does this page make sense to you? https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/data-binding The key part, I think, is this: <TextView
android:text="@{viewmodel.userName}" />
You worry about keeping your UI current, the library worries about updating the original class based on the UI.
@Glazius Reading now ... unfortunately, most developer.android.com/ pages slide off my tiny brain :(
ok, looking interesting ...
@Glazius the Library updates the Class from the UI?
<page saved for later> Thanks @Glazius
12:29 AM
@BlackSpike That's the idea, yes. During the build process it sees that notation and wires everything up automatically.
...I think. Again, I am not good at Android but I do program for a living.
@Glazius I'll see if I can mash something together to test ... I'm afraid i'm one of them "read a few tutorials, trawled SO, thinks he's a Developer" types :P
I fix domestic PCs for a living. <tries not to rant about printers>
@Glazius thank you for the way you asked. It means a lot when someone says "did you know about <this>?" rather than "Why aren't you using <this>?!?"
12:44 AM
@BESW but it achieves the better signal to noise ratio, which is a worthy goal. That said, since we have so many participants for whom English is not their native language, there is a baked in obstacle to effective participation for at least some of those participants if the reception of any question is tied to "how well did you ask it." But I believe that that barrier was originally constructed to keep the so called "Help Vampire" issue at bay.
@BlackSpike Have you tried adding "I'm teaching myself Android" to your questions, by the way?
Heck, I am decent at writing, and it took me a while to adapt to how to ask a question in this format.
Don't get me started about help vampires, that's a textbook example of making a problem worse by choosing how it's framed.
@BESW The core basis for this entire network existing was expert answers to challenging/difficult problems. Yes, things do change over time. You and doppel goaded me into posting a meta on the bad new user experience, or had you forgotten that? You know how I feel about the hostility and hazing endemic to SE sites.
And yes, signal to noise is arguably a "worthy goal" but there's more than one way to achieve it and I don't buy "ends justify the means" arguments that ignore the collateral effects. Signal/noise goals are not mutually exclusive with treating users like valuable individuals.
12:48 AM
@Glazius I had not. I can do that. (slight tangent: I used to live in wales, and wearing a "I'm learning welsh" badge got you a LOT of respect if you mangled some Welsh Language, whereas mangling it, without the badge could raise peoples' hackles!)
@BESW No argument from here on "more ways to achieve that goal."
While the optimizer in me loves the idea of the UA spell versatility to swap out cantrips/known spells, it really does minimize the power of the wizard and minimize decision making about a spell list for the known spell casters.
Here, I'll quote myself to you from that meta replay I made that put seven into attack mode ... > *What needs to change?*
*Each new user needs to be treated as a person, not as a name connected to a question that may or may not meet our usually accepted style of how to ask a question*
@KorvinStarmast But how can we dehumanize people to downvote them willy-nilly if we do that?!
If you don't buy the "ends justify the means" argument, why frame your response as "but it achieves a worthy goal"? And you seem to be really upset about me... agreeing with you that "help vampire" is a bad form? I'm very confused.
12:54 AM
@NautArch Let me work on that, OK? I am enjoying a delicious bowl of warm home made soup that Mrs Starmast prepared on this cool, wet, windy day using turkey stock I made last weekend.
@BESW Yeah, we aren't doing this agreeing on principles thing very well, are we?
@KorvinStarmast Yum! And I hope you realize the sarcasm in the above :)
@NautArch Yeah, I caught the tone. ;-)
@BESW Gotta ask...what does help vampire mean?
@BlackSpike I am not deep enough in SO to say that it definitely works the same way, but it definitely shades the question differently.
@Glazius true
12:58 AM
@NautArch I think there is an old Meta SE q and a or a blog post on that, ...
@KorvinStarmast found it
Aha, and I just found it too
there ya go.
@NautArch "Help vampire" is a condescending and dehumanizing way to label people who are considered un-helpable but won't just go away. The Stack adopted this terminology unquestioningly early on in its life.
had to do some more digging and click-throughs. but this is it?
ha! thanks @BESW :)
interesting, i've seen some behavior like this and now i can put a name to it!
of course, it also seems inherently Not Nice
to be one and to possibly identify one
The behaviour is rarely malicious, but labeling it as vampirism re-casts the behaviour as malicious.
1:02 AM
yeah, that was my immediate thought
@BESW yes, that puts a fine point on it.
@BESW Not sure I'm a Vampire. Help Ghoul?
And people seem surprised that the Stack feels unfriendly to many users.
@BESW Stack is not meant to be 'friendly'. It is meant to produce Answers to Questions. (with emphasis on formal, research, citation). As is often pointed out, The Stack is NOT a forum! (Does that sound right?)
@BlackSpike yeah, that is correct. Or at least, that's the intention. (and I nearly wear my fingers out in the Christianity.Se mod queue over the frequent lack of formal, research, citation )
1:14 AM
Mmm. And revering the forms of academic rigor without understanding their function, is an entirely different problem that... honestly most of academia struggles with also.
@BESW Yeah, there is that. But a supported answer is identifiable versus one that isn't (even if the support is weak rather than rigorous)
@BESW I struggle with it, as my Big Bro is a Philosophy/Religion Lecturer, who has moved into 'reforming Acedemia'
The fact that most experienced Stack users struggle to refute the "but I can just lie" rebuttal to GSBS is... indicative of some major epistemological problems.
1:19 AM
Q: How do we ask and answer subjective questions?

mxyzplk says reinstate MonicaOn RPG.SE, we deal with a fair number of questions that don't have a strict, objectively correct answer. Some game rules questions do, but we also have a good number of questions about how to run a game, how to play a game, which game meets certain criteria, how to handle issues within gaming gr...

ok. saw the full phrase, didn't know the abbrv.
@BlackSpike I work and socialize with Indigenous academics, and it's really fascinating to see Indigenous academic epistemologies alongside colonial ones.
Different ways of knowing mean different ways of showing rigor.
@BESW I think his more recent guide is a better sign post ..
@KorvinStarmast Then you should propose that it be made the post instead.
@BESW As I say, it's an area I struggle to enter, as my Big Bro considers me an Ant, compared to his Mighty Knowledge on the subject <my phrasing/implied, not his!>
1:23 AM
@BESW heh, it's an answer to one of Naut's closed questions. 8^D
@BESW This answer is to Naut's question that got closed as a dupe, but IMO captures a further six years of site experience than the link you provided had not yet. (It covered most of the same ground, though)
My li'l bro tells people how much the Windows for their sky-scraper will cost. (glass/perspex, not Microsoft!)
@BESW And it has pictures.
Consider proposing that it be salvaged in a new FAQ post.
@BESW Even though you don't meta much anymore, do you think it's better than the old one? It may be that Naut and I are the only two who like it well enough ...
They've both got good bits the other doesn't have. A mashup, modified for modern learning, would of course be best.
Given that a FAQ is probably most used for its how-to material rather than its why-so material, the newer one seems better if only one of those two options is to be used.
1:33 AM
@BESW OK, a "best of" as an FAQ? that will take some time/work. Perhaps this weekend over coffee ...
Not sure if this is from the recent change to question reputation (I should probably read more on that), but I am currently not getting a notif in the upper-corner when something gets upvoted, neither for questions nor answers
@Medix2 Oh man, does that mean that the world stone has gone active again? (Sorry, been digging into Diablo I, II, III lore lately ...)
@KorvinStarmast yeah. Unfortunately I haven't seen much interesting stuff, there hasn't been too much info released yet, so all the videos are just talking about speculation haha.
@Medix2 it might be to do with rep balancing? I don't really know, but I had one answer upvoted, but also a user was removed, so I also lost 20 rep at the same time
So since I'm technically on -10 rep for the latest updates, it won't show in the normal notification
2:02 AM
Q: What would be the price of Adamantine Plate armor?

goncrafaI'm already aware, as per Are there price lists for magic items, such as the Bag of Holding?, that 5e was designed with the assumption that magic items are not to be bought or sold willy-nilly. This doesn't happen to be true in my setting. I'm also aware, as per Do magic items really cost at lea...

2:29 AM
I find system tags with no description (wiki), but three synonyms a little strange
@Someone_Evil What were you thinking of in particular?
I just tried to upvote that message before realizing I can't
Rep from tag wiki approval doesn't show in the "achievement"-thingy either
Q: The first upvote on my answer is not recorded in achievements

Matt SamuelProve constant exists such that a function is uniformly continuous For my answer to this question, I got an upvote after a few minutes. However I didn't see it until I checked because it didn't show up in the achievements. I did get reputation for it. The second upvote is recorded as one upvote...

Turns out its that gnomes working on counting rep which are overworked and that's why the rep changes isn't showing on the top bar
2:58 AM
For 5e questions, is there an established way to deal with questions about the power of the DM? It seems to me that "can the DM do x" is a fairly basic question that doesnt need to be answered for every example of x
@Ben Heh, they will have an update in Feb, but it won't be released "for some time" and I have a running joke with my son about Blizz release dates. They rarely made on ... so... I think they stopped announcing them.
@jgn I'd say not. Take each question and situation and answer it within its own context.
@jgn Yes, answer them with useful advice for the problem they are having
@Someone_Evil that was interesting, I think we had the same thought but said it differently. :)
@KorvinStarmast I had the same though about our answers :)
@jgn the hardest thing for some people to do is to let go of previous editions when dealing with 5e. I certainly had some tripping over based on my mostly old school experience, and people with 3 and 4 e base lines ran/run into "the same word doesn't mean the same thing" in a lot of cases.
Likewise with "DM" role at the table, as the rule books describe it.
I got some good advice a few years ago at GiTP forums: "Approach 5e as though you never played before" and "just forget what you thought you knew" ... and build 5e understanding from the ground up.
And then fold in previous experience once the core of the system is familiar. That helped me A Lot.
3:05 AM
@KorvinStarmast A lot of misunderstandings with 5e rules come from people trying to apply knowledge from older games systems instead of just reading the rules. I definitely agree with that advice you recieved!
Every answer to "can the DM do X" boils down to "regardless of the rules, yes". Would it not be productive to have a single answer and then close all the others as duplicate?
@jgn No, it would not be productive in the least.
I have been repeatedly told that the question asker's context and situation isn't important and shouldn't be considered when answering the question. It seems like that quote is saying that a lot of opinion and leads to a lot of repeated effort.
There seems to be a lot of anti-rules or at least anti-RAW sentiment here that seeps into everything
@jgn as i don't think that's anything I have said I don't think I can be of much help to you.
@KorvinStarmast I like that answer better too (even though I'm the one that encouraged the question's closing due to the question's redundancy).
@jgn For my money, this site's users over the past few years have become overly rules focused (perhaps this format trends that way) so you and I are looking at the same thing and seeing something different.
@V2Blast I think BESW's idea for a mash up into a better FAQ might be worth pursuing
3:15 AM
@KorvinStarmast Maybe more people coming from other communities where opinion based answers are discouraged?
@jgn No idea, I can't read minds over the internet, and at the moment not interested in guessing.
Coming to a site where not only are rules based answers discouraged, rules questions are discouraged and opinions are considered superior @_@;
You were happy to give it a shot 10 seconds ago, but ok :)
@jgn That's your opinion. Good night.
@KorvinStarmast Good night!
3:28 AM
@jgn I'd say this isn't accurate, because you can provide a rules citation for something like "the DM does whatever they want, and can change/override any rule(s), though they ought to use this power sparingly".
Sure, that rule would be cited often, but I frequently (cough cough) end up citing the encounter creation rules, then apply them to the specific context of the querent.
@JoelHarmon sure, but every single answer on every question in that vein first has to state "regardless of the rules the dm can do what they want". The nuances of that are never really discussed because answerers jump straight to their opinion on resolving that particular issue. The core question of "what do I do when my DM does something I don't like" isn't really addressed in a generic sense.
@KorvinStarmast As have I haha. It's fun, piecing things together, but the downside is that there is a fair few gaps here and there, so it can be hard to get a proper picture sometimes
@JoelHarmon There isn't really any fundamental difference between these questions, the answers are all "The DM can, here's some opinions on what to do". Rewording questions to eliminate the redundant part may help, but it's like having 30 questions on "how do I attack with dagger/sword/spear/bow/etc"
"what can the DM do" and "how do I handle the DM doing something I don't like" are radically different questions.
And yet every question is worded as "can the DM do this"
and it should say the latter
3:36 AM
One is a rules question, basically answered with "anything", and the other is a social question about the (implied?) social contract, session 0, etc.
@KorvinStarmast We had a game of Dark Heresy, and when the first PC death came around, the DM ate the character sheet. It was odd, but it broke the tension for the group a little.
@JoelHarmon Absolutely. Although even the later has a fairly generic answer too, it is 100% opinion based and eliminates the redundant rules query.
I mean, technically the DM could just turn D&D into checkers, but that's a gross violation of the whole premise of why everyone else showed up to the table.
@JoelHarmon Well, maybe and maybe to the premise and the conclusion there. But I think that's fairly tangental
@jgn It seems like what you should do is reply with a comment asking whether the DM's rules reworks are the problem, or the symptom of a social problem, and encourage editing the question to make it more explicit either way.
3:43 AM
@JoelHarmon Either way I don't think the question is "can the DM do X"
Some folks may legitimately not know that yes, the DM can. Everyone else can use a gentle reminder to be more specific with their questions.
Greetings my fellow woodland critters
@MikeQ Salutations to you as well
@MikeQ Ahoy!
@jgn Then answer like that. Answerers should give the best answer they think the asker needs. That's the best we can do.
@MikeQ <ITAG>!
3:50 AM
I suppose that's true; you could go for a frame challenge answer.
Jun 2 '17 at 4:07, by Ben
Knock knock
Would an owlbear count as a woodland "critter"?
Critter makes me think beast-type; owlsbear are monstrosities. (IIRC.)
I guess I still don't have a handle on the point of this site. Last time everyone was telling me it was all about the Q&A db quality, and that helping the asker is secondary at best.
@nitsua60 hence the "nope.jpg" :P
@nitsua60 Yes, they are
(in 5e, anyway)
3:59 AM
@jgn Yes, helping any one asker is secondary to maintaining quality to help a lot of askers in general/future.
@Ben As the saying goes: Does an owlbear cough up pellets in the woods?
@Someone_Evil There's less tension there than the juxtaposition implies; for example, in the case of an unclear question or unsupported answer, improving the quality of the question and answer will also better help the asker.
In other news, we're doing a "secret santa" present system for Christmas this year - since there are a lot of people to accommodate for.
We try to provide actionable solutions to specific challenges faced by individuals, but only in ways that make those solutions accessible to all future users who will face similar challenges.
I got my younger sister, who's a "country queen" type of girl in her mid twenties.
I, on the other hand, would be over the moon if I got the "Spyfall" card game haha
4:13 AM
What's a country queen?
It sounds like I should know what it means but I don't
@trogdor Presumably it's when someone is the queen of a country
@trogdor I'm guessing the rural equivalent of a "princess" type.
is the star wars tag appropriate here:
it doesn't feel appropriate
@Glazius But in this case there very much is tension since it necessitates tacking large prtions of opinion to an answer that has been repeated many many times
@MikeQ no, that's far too obvious :P XD
and I think that Jedi subclass is actually underpowered.
it's rare to see.
4:18 AM
@goodguy5 ah fair enough, guess I should have assumed that
@trogdor Perhaps she expects to be given monarchic rule over a country as a holiday gift
@MikeQ Too bad there are so few of those to be given away :P
[Europe intensifies]
4:35 AM
@trogdor You're probably best off going for one of those "constitutional monarchy" arrangements
@goodguy5 It's a question about a jedi themed subclass. Jedi are a part of star wars so I added the tag. Someone searching for "[dnd-5e][star-wars]" should find that question. You are welcome to disagree with me (this is not a hill I will die on), but that's why I put it on
@goodguy5 Probably not needed there; the tag's for questions about the setting (as related to RPGs), or the "style" of Star Wars but that's not clearly defined. Whereas that homebrew seems inspired by Star Wars but presumably intended for general use?
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast in about 15 minutes: https://www.twitch.tv/bigdredwun

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
Q: Can creatures outside a Leomund's Tiny Hut use ammunition that was fired from inside the hut to attack creatures inside the hut?

JRTStarlightI've not seen comments on this interpretation, so what can anyone tell me about enemies picking up arrows shot out of the hut and shooting them back in (albeit at obscured creatures inside)? Do those arrows get a pass since they were inside the hut when cast?

4:53 AM
@trogdor She's a country girl, but more glamour than being happy doing donuts on a quad in the mud.
So, like a cowgirl that likes to wear clean and fancy cowboy clothes and makeup. A cowgirl trophy wife, if you will
Pre-Red Taylor Swift.
Haha yes
@Ash Thank you someone had to get that reference.
I definitely do!
5:17 AM
@jgn Most "can the DM" questions aren't really about the rules; certainly most of the D&D questions aren't. It's a common misconception that if you're playing D&D and are dissatisfied with how the DM e.g. spawned Tiamat's previously undocumented sister 3amat in a blind angle, there must be something in the rules to deny that possibility. There isn't. But your dissatisfaction is still a problem and you can get help articulating and solving it.
5:44 AM
@Glazius Yup, as discussed, the answer to the question is cut and dry. What they are looking for isn't that question, it is just busywork/noise that needs to be addressed pointlessly.
@BESW nope no idea
@Ben huh, ok
Well TIL at least
@trogdor Taylor Swift was a big chart-topping country singer until her 2012 album Red, which began a transition into the pop charts that she solidified with the 2014 album 1989.
@jgn Why is it pointless? Part of the answer is always going to be that there is no recourse in the text of the rules.
6:16 AM
@Glazius In what way is it good to have dozens of questions, each with multiple answers, which each have to state "the DM can do whatever despite the rules"? This is a truth for the entirety of dnd, not just 5e. It's like having to debate what a "turn" is. These are such low level concepts that they apply to the vast majority of questions.
@jgn The simple existence of other questions or answers doesn't change what's needed to be a quality answer. Questions can be closed or duplicated, but you should always answer as though the entire rest of the site will be deleted tomorrow.
When we get questions from people who are unclear on what a turn is, and that's part of what they're asking about, we explain turns.
6:31 AM
@BESW ah
I barely have any idea who she is even as a pop singer
6:45 AM
@trogdor Are the glamorous/shiny/sing about love and heartbreak? They're a Pop Singer
@Ben I mean erase those first two things and they are country so
I thought the policy on duplicate questions was more like "mostly duplicate" or "close enough" rather than "100% matching"? Or is that more the pragmatic side where as "we answer what is asked" is more philosophical?
Nobody's talking about duplicates.
Questions can share many elements without having similar solutions.
I've made a lot of rep off variations on "Don't be a jerk, your friends are more important than the game, talk it out instead of using game mechanics to solve friendship problems." But they're all customized to the situation, not copy-pasted.
Same principles need explaining, different actionable solutions are required based on those principles.
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8:17 AM
Morning folks
8:58 AM
@PierreCathé hello!
9:51 AM
Q: How do Suggestion and Subtle Spell work together?

Cerise St HilaireThe Suggestion spell has a verbal component, and is described as : You suggest a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two) and magically influence a creature [...] that can hear and understand you. The Subtle Spell metamagic allows a sorcerer to cast a spell without any somatic or v...

2 hours later…
11:54 AM
@PierreCathé o/
2 hours later…
1:37 PM
And wow, no one answered that jedi question. I guess I'll do it.
1:48 PM
Just hit 50,000 rep!
oh wow, yea. I'm over 14k now
I only have 17 questions....
@goodguy5 I have 98 xD
@goodguy5 I've got 47, as compared to 452 answers.
(Guess I need to answer 18 more questions?)
Q:A for me is 17:107
2:02 PM
wow! That's over 1:5
I wish I could see how much rep I got from the changes. Looks like it changed the history retroactively.
I did retroactively get about a dozen rep-caps, it looks like.
Looks like HICC picked up legendary on the retroactivity.
(That's the "last" badge I'm keeping an eye on. It would be my most-rare, and it's the only badge I don't have that's rarer than ones I do. But I'm totally not exactly the target for SE's gamification protocols....)
I made sure to check my rep yesterday
actually, can't we snag the rep info?
I haven't looked in a while--looks like @NautArch is a good day away from passing me =)
hrm.... nevermind, it would be actually really hard
2:10 PM
@nitsua60 Check out my old school roll up this morning
@goodguy5 whaddyamean?
@nitsua60 nevermind
@KorvinStarmast Oh, nice.
At least your con isn't so bad that you'll lose HP on level-up =)
@nitsua60 Of course he'll miss a saving throw on poison versus a giant spider and die. 8^o
@nitsua60 Ooh. I'm actually pretty close to Legendary
2:11 PM
@KorvinStarmast (Assuming you're reading the stats in 5e order, not gool ol' 0e order?)
Those stats are in 0e order, but I reed them in 5e order out of habit
@nitsua60 But you are 1 away xD
SIWDCch so maybe he is yet another Thief, of which I played so many over the years ...
@DavidCoffron Yeah, but I've been answering, like, one question a quarter these last couple of years.
Wait, she might qualify for the Houri thief variant from Dragon Magazine ... hmmmm
2:13 PM
@nitsua60 Don't have too much to worry about right now. Still on my self-imposed hiatus from answering.
@goodguy5 Yeah, first homebrew that really seemed underpowered. Room to grow, which I think is a better approach.
@nitsua60 Well get that +20 then. Shouldn't take too long :)
@NautArch I think it looks very well balanced. Maybe a little underpowered in the top end, but the spell list makes up for that in my eyes. Working on an answer
Although it is very MAD with Wisdom for domain, Charisma for spells, and Strength/Dexterity for weapons
I had a chance to buy the game Lankhmar when I was in college, but this was before credit cards were a thing in my life and I didn't have the cash. If I had been smart, I'd have offered a small down payment and asked them to put it away. As it was, I came back the following day and it was gone.
how is everyone
2:26 PM
@DavidCoffron the spell list is definitely a BIG power increase. But the channel divinity stuff is kinda underwhelming when that's often a pretty good option for paladins.
@Gwideon A bit miffed that it's dark outdoors, and raining for like third day non-stop
OTOH darkness is better than the utter gray it was before.
@kviiri isnt' dark outdoors kind of a thing right now for you?
I have all of the answer outlined in my mind, but that force push (repelling blast, I think?) is so ..... weird as a power.

Decent at first and falls off
2:28 PM
@NautArch Right now, and for the next few months :D
But yeah darkness is not quite as bad as having these very very gray days.
Um i do have a slightly dumb question. would the typical dnd tavern actually be a tavern or would it be an Inn
Do you prefer the mostly sunny days or is either extreme annoying?
@Gwideon depends on the proprietor? :D
@goodguy5 Yeah. That's true. Maybe I was thinking of it without judging its scaling
@kviiri I honestly kinda like grey foggy days. they're usually cooler than sunny days here in texas and I kinda like the soft gray light.
obligatory "no such thing as typical"

but also, I think Tavern with like 3 rooms available.

Where's it's basically a biggish house that someone put a bar in.
2:32 PM
@Gwideon What's the difference? I'm not a native English speaker and I've been using the words somewhat interchangeably
@Gwideon Well, most small settlements probably wouldn't have an inn, not having enough travellers passing through to make an inn viable/worth the investment.
@goodguy5 actually, the only spell that's a really nice to have is catapult. Paladins don't really have a ranged option, and this gives them a very very nice one.
@kviiri Inn is more like a hotel. tavern is more just a bar.
@NautArch I feel I kinda need a sunny day every now and then, apart from that no strong preference. I recall last year around this time, it was super foggy and rainy for weeks at end. When the sun finally came out people flocked to the south side of the building to admire it.
@goodguy5 I might suggest adding the alignment knowledge to Divine Sense rather than a separate CD. That's a big resource cost for nearly nothing usable.
2:34 PM
@Gwideon Ah, okay. I guess it'd depend a bit on the location. In major cities you'd probably have both, but a small wayside settlement would probably have an inn to serve travelers.
unless alignment plays a really big part in their world (and we'd need to know the mechanics around that.)
@NautArch yea, totally agree.
@goodguy5 and minimize the MAD stuff. Make it all CHA based. The unarmored is a nice to have for those times when you can't get armored.
@NautArch it's also cool
@goodguy5 oh, you could combine the 15th level into the Channel DIvinity they ahve now. That makes it much more useful. Not sure i'd keep the psychic damage resistance. Maybe that's part of the 15th.
2:37 PM
And no Jedi Mind Trick!
@kviiri that makes sense
@goodguy5 yeah, need a suggestion mechanic in there.
@NautArch one of the other oaths grants +5 to persuasion
designing my new mini for my battlemaster. Thoughts? Going to ask my painter to make him pretty dirty looking.
@goodguy5 Hmmm, that'd probably work. Or Expertise. I kinda like that better than suggestion
I can access hero forge at work?!
2:41 PM
@Gwideon I'll be back in touch soon, I need to catch a train
@NautArch that's unbelievably sick.
@NautArch though, I think his expression should be maybe confused?
So i'm continuing to work on my writing and I'm actually liking what I've written.
@goodguy5 he's not stupid(ish...9 int). I had thought about confused but didn't think it fit.
unfriendly snarl made a bit more sense, but i didn't want him 'intimidating'.
2:45 PM
@NautArch yea, there's no "unconfident" and I thought confused was closish
@goodguy5 I think ornery also works.
2:58 PM
I'm trying to introduce the rest of the party and I have no idea how to do it
@Gwideon I am not a proper historian, but thinking more about inns vs taverns, I think the distinction wouldn't always be too clear because most Medieval European people didn't have very high standards for privacy nor lodgings. Keeping a dormitory of a few straw mattresses on the attic seems like a small investment even if they get rented only occasionally and the main source of revenue would be selling food and drink.
This is just me conjecturing though
can I post what I have so I can get some suggestions on how to continue.
@kviiri I think you were spot on about regional need. Outside of that, i doubt there's a standard. It's about whether or not they want to deal with overnight guests or just serve drinks/food.
@Gwideon Of course! My only personal caveat is asking that you go through several drafts before asking for feedback. It's unfair to those you're asking if you haven't put in the initial editorial work.
ANd make sure there's enough content for us to be able to give you good feedback.
3:03 PM
@NautArch Yeah I'm actually reading on the history of inns, seems like they were actually established specifically for travelers :)
During the Roman times
@NautArch well i'm not really looking for feedback more just looking for suggestions on how to begin my next paragraph
@Gwideon That may be pretty hard for us to do. This is your story, i'd suggest trying several different things yourself first.
While there are 'group' ways to write, it is often a very personal endeavor. Asking for feedback at each step may do more harm than good in terms of your own improvement.
I mean, you just started on this a couple days ago, it's a bit early.
I'm just kinda stuck at this starting line for my next paragraph. I'm trying to describe the rest of the party but everything i start with doesn't quite feel right.
3:09 PM
@Gwideon I hear you, but that's writing! You've got to sit down and try stuff. And then try something else. Then rewrite and do it again. It's a long process.
@Gwideon There is an old guideline to writing: Show, don't tell. It's not a rock-solid rule, but reading a few novels or comics, or watching a film or two with that in mind might give you ideas how that rule relates to the introduction of characters.
I write some, and introduction is always hard to me, too, which is why I try to do it as little as possible and let any characters do it themselves
yea, I take the fate approach
"Tell me about that adventure you did with so-and-so"
"Who was that kid you saved? Wasn't it one of <paladin-name>'s relatives or something?"
Though, your mileage may vary depending on the group.
Session zero almost always has a "you're a group, I'm not going to tell you how or why (that's your decision), but I'm not dropping you in a tavern together to figure your lives out"
That's interesting. Um this is more for novel writing. It's interesting but I don't think it'll work here.
3:14 PM
Considering how dangerous an adventurer's life is, I think a realistic alternative to "you all meet in a tavern" would be "you all meet in the emergency ward"
99% of adventuring parties are actually formed from hobby groups, such as book clubs or knitting circles.
@Gwideon Yeah. Taking inspiration from other mediums is of course possible but it's smart to always apply some foresight --- not everything that works well in a movie works well in a novel, and vice versa.
And same for TTRPG vs novel, etc.
Oh! I see.

Then what are there motivations?

Are they a group of people that would all
A) naturally find themselves in a tavern
B) Band together when the catalyzing event occurs?
I'm just trying to write this out by this point. I probably won't go into full on editing mode until I finish my story. I'm gonna try and get all of the chapters written. The annoying part is that I started in the middle of this campaign so I can't just start at the beginning. I'm starting where my character came in but I don't have much from the parties previous adventures.
Don't worry about it. If it feels hard now, you can just skip the introductions for now and keep writing another part of the story?
3:24 PM
Beginnings are often the hardest so it makes sense to get a bit of practice before them
I am kinda writing separate ship fics to try and get some practice and I've been writing on those to kinda warm up
Figuring out how you best write is just as important and difficult as the actual writing. Some writers like to use outlines. Others just start writing. Others still may use some sort of mind map.
But if you're having trouble envisioning how everything connects and where it goes, coming up with some sort of outline or visual guideline before you actual start the actual 'writing' bit (note that an outline, etc. is still writing) may help.
that might be good
@Medix2 with regard to that familiar magic item question, you may want to address that familiar's can't attack. Not so much an issue with gust of wind, which requires a saving throw, but if an item allowed them to cast a spell that requires an attack roll, i don't think that'd be a kosher option.
3:33 PM
I'm already gonna have to do a bunch of rearranging (especially when it comes to the dungeon crawls) so it maybe best to figure out how I'm gonna be changing stuff.
yeah, planning is probably good
and what you end up writing doesn't have to be what you planned, but having the plan helps keep you on target rather than waffling endlessly
alright I'm gonna come back to the draft in a bit. I'm probably gonna work on my ship fics and my plans before coming back to it.
^Some guidelines about asking for feedback
I actually can't see it. my school's network is blocking it
oh weird. It's a website on writing. WTH school!
3:43 PM
It's blocked because the school hasn't added it to the allowed url list
but they added stackexchange?
And the policy there is a block everything but what's on a whitelist, rather than URLs they don't want?
that seems crazypants.
yeah it's weird
also I think stackexchange is allowed because of our computer science classes
honestly I don't know what trips the filter
school filtering is rarely sensible
I bet you can probably see whatever's there by whacking the URL into google and looking at the cached version, anyway
that too^
@Gwideon Does this one work? Assuming it doesn't: bustle.com/p/12-tips-for-getting-feedback-on-your-writing-43119
@DavidCoffron Do you think that just giving the paladin a "Thunder wave at their highest spell level" would be a balanced channel divinity?
3:56 PM
@NautArch It does
Q: Does casting Inflict Wounds while concentrating on Vampiric Touch also siphon damage?

Pygmy in the MistVampiric Touch says, The touch of your shadow-wreathed hand can siphon force from others to heal your wounds. Make a melee spell attack against a creature within your reach. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 necrotic damage, and you regain hit points equal to half the amount of necrotic damage d...

@goodguy5 Oath of Redemption seems to have CDs that may be similar enough to utilize comparable mechanics.

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