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12:05 AM
@ATaco Good luck!
12:32 AM
@ATaco good luck! You'll have a blast :) What type of game are you DMing?
5e, generic dungeon run.
The party consists of a Cleric, a Ranger and a Druid, so they should be fairly rounded.
@ATaco have fun!
@BESW @SevenSidedDie @NautArch I do think it's largely a messaging problem. I think "we're instituting a $3 cover" with a footnote in small print saying "this can also be satisfied by making $5 in-store purchases" was pretty tone-deaf. I wish they'd considered, instead:
"hey, gamers: we love having you here *and* we love paying our rent on time. We've noticed that most of you spend a couple of bucks each time you're here, but that's not income we can count on. We're going to ask for $3 a head *or* $5 in purchases. This means 80% of you will be unaffected, since you already pick up snacks he
sounds good!
But maybe I'm too naive and optimistic, thinking something like that would cause less drama.
12:48 AM
@nitsua60 One of my FLGS does a booking fee for rooms and tables for free. I think it's a smart move, given how many groups are happy to pay for the luxury of getting a room to themselves.
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