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12:18 AM
@trogdor Another real dragon for your delight:
The hellbender is a giant Salamander from North America. It can reach 74 centimetres in length.
@BESW I'm pretty sure I saw that thing on Stranger Things.
Alright, I'm throwing my hat over the wall:
Starting in the new year I'm going to run an online Tomb of Annihilation campaign. It's intended for stackizens and chatizens. Looking for four or five players who could meet most weeks from 9-midnight Eastern US on Saturday evenings. Ping me if interested, we'll spend some time in December getting logistics sorted out.
9pm Saturday for you is, what, about half an hour ago?
It will be 9PM for me in half an hour.
And then in about 4.5 hours everything goes out the window as the Illuminati sneak into my house and change my clocks.
@BESW always appreciated
@nitsua60 maybe?
12:29 AM
@Shalvenay Okay--I've got you on a post-it. Will keep you informed over the next six weeks =)
Today in the cyberpunk dystopia, a hat that flashes lights in your face to keep you awake so you don't die from work-induced exhaustion. https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/926230703024435200
@trogdor More dragons:
Sketches by Swedish artist Bror Anders Wikstrom, the most prolific Carnival designer of the 1880s and 1890s in New Orleans
12:46 AM
@BESW My school has an orchestra, a forge, and a laser engraver. I see great and horrible things in our future....
@nitsua60 Definitely interested, and the timing is pretty good for me.
@Miniman Cool! [Post-It] noted.
@Skathix and @KorvinStarmast had expressed interest and goaded me along recently, too.
@nitsua60 -- just hit me -- I should try my hand at playing a Chultan for that campaign (believe it or not, the druidess I whipped up recently in 3.5 hails from Chult, for that matter)
@Shalvenay Well, that would depend on session 0 conversations, now, wouldn't it?
@nitsua60 of course :) just throwing the idea out there
12:57 AM
1 hour later…
2:11 AM
@Zachiel Thanks for the feedback! Yes angled and round walls behave strangely with line of sight. Although it's fixable it requires considerable effort so not high on my priority list, sorry :-( regarding curtains, what exactly is the issue? Did you see sight penetrating multi-cell curtains?
Though specifically regarding the "if you click on a wall you get a vision of both sides", that's actually working as intended
@Oak -- mind linking your tool btw? I'm feeling up for giving it a whirl myself
@Shalvenay mipui.net/app, same as the link provided by nitsua. Keep in mind that pretty image I linked above is from an experimental version, that theme is not yet released
The existing themes aren't as pretty :-)
2:32 AM
interesting tool. the icons probably could use more nuanced categories and less overlap
@Shalvenay The icons - and their categories - are taken directly from game-icons.net
@Oak ah
Agreed the categorization is not perfect, but I prefer not to tinker with it
It's a really good source for me, particularly since it kinda fits the rest of the simplistic style
ah, I see
8 hours later…
10:33 AM
@BESW Thank you. The ranger is still wearing +3 neck and armor at level 18 so I'm gonna fix him first.
10:44 AM
Q: Downvotes - comment or negative reputation?

ZwiQI have a question about the efficient use of downvotes. People are downvoting without any comments; such behaviour is not necessarily constructive, but I generally agree with the logic presented in earlier questions such as this one or this one. However, there are clear downsides for this as well...

2 hours later…
12:41 PM
@Oak on mupui: when placing walls my mouse pointer turns into crosshairs. It seems that clicking places an object at the end of the "north" arm of the crosshairs, rather than at the intersection of the crosshairs, which is the behavior I'd expect. Is this what you expect?
7 hours later…
7:25 PM
hey there @nitsua60
@Shalvenay hiya
what's up?
We're heading down to a different parish for mass today--our local one may be closing.
@nitsua60 oh my. things are quiet here (sadly, Sunday game got called off today). was wondering if you had those characters (1 5th level and 1 7th level) ready for when we can pull Korv, Papayaman, you, and me altogether for the dungeon test, or if you'd rather sit this one out?
I've got a handful of each I could pull at any time. OTOH, I rarely have time =)
7:31 PM
@nitsua60 haha :)
@nitsua60 Do you spend too much time making characters to play a game?
8:24 PM
hey there @Zachiel
@Oak I draw a curtain and visibility lets me see between two parts of it. It behacves like walls with small holes every now and then. I think the option for a long curtain would be appreciable. Also, maybe I haven't seen every option there but... is there any way to draw a level difference (a huge step, if you will)? Useful for drawing a balcony or a higher ground cave.
@Shalvenay Heya. 'Sup?
@Zachiel not a whole lot, as for you? maybe now'd be a good time to pick up our dungeon run?
@Zachiel the level difference option would be nice, yeah. long curtains are possible though, you need to click in a place where you ordinarly could put a curtain, then drag slowly otherwise you'll wind up outrunning the tool's drag handling, though
8:40 PM
@Shalvenay I'm afraid I have plans for all days until next saturday at least.
@Zachiel darn
9:03 PM
@Shalvenay What is your availability on my sunday morning? I might even be able to voice-chat, which should be quicker
9:40 PM
@Zachiel probably not much as I'm in bed at that time most likely
@Shalvenay that's what I was trying to get at. Also, I meant Saturday. Stupid me.
@Zachiel ah. how far are you off from GMT again, then?
Rome time (GMT +1 or +2 depending on DST)
I could also be available on the same time slots as that campaign Nitsua is getting ready, but I'd have to schedule for it.
@Zachiel how early can you get up on your Saturday mornings?
10:01 PM
@Shalvenay I should be able to voice chat from 9 AM to 12 at least. I could manage different times but that would be met with looks of disapproval from dad :/
@Zachiel ah. that'd be a bit too late-night for me
Since I don't remember your time zone, I'll let you do the conversion: at which time could you be ready for a morning session (your timezone)?
@Zachiel hrm, 9-10AM my time would work fairly reliably without me alarm-clocking it, that's about 4-6PM your time, no?
10:30 PM
@Shalvenay 4-6 PM is hard for me, I'm usually already in the middle of a game by then :(
10:49 PM
hey there @KorvinStarmast
@nitsua60 Not available tonight, I am cooking lamb on the grill and cleaning up brush in the back yard. :( Sorry parish to hear about your parish possibly closing.
Hello Shal, this old codger woke up with something nasty in my chest/throat. not sure where it's from but I been at exhaustion level about 3 for most of the day. :(
back to the cucina ...
11:08 PM
Q: Why is "http://dnd.arkalseif.info" blacklisted?

Baskakov_DmitriyThe subject web-site is black-listed, which disallows me to save an edit of one of my answers that links to the said web-site. What issues does it have? Should I delete the link from my answer even if I do not apply the edit? A search didn't yield anything.

Lurking for now. Dealing with some stuff and just want a familiar environment available.

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