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12:01 AM
12:20 AM
Dylsexia is a curse, because people often are misled to believe that you have an inappropriately strong affection for dill.
Dills likes ia?
Dill sexier
Ah OK I see now
Dill pickles are the sexiest pickels though
@trogdor No way, what about anchovies?
OK you lost me
12:32 AM
@Miniman At this point I am obliged to politely ask you to leave.
I hate seafood in general. To the point where it's easier to say that I'm allergic.
@Ben I know a lot of people who feel the same way. It's always seemed very weird to me - like, I hate tomatoes (like any rational human being), and many other things too, but, like, individually. The idea of hating an entire category of food, I just can't understand.
That is too bad, seafood is pretty great
I had a bad experience with a seafood salad which pretty much set the whole thing off. Unfortunate, because my parents saw it as a real delicacy. it even had little tentacles in it.
@Miniman another person who hates tomatoes, who would have thought
@trogdor I know a few other people. Although, to clarify, it's not just that I dislike the taste - they actually make me physically ill.
12:44 AM
@Miniman That reaction is often linked to the texture of the food you dislike
@Ben I know some people who are very sensitive to texture, but I didn't know it could lead to actual vomiting.
Hmmm...what's something with a similar texture to tomatoes?
There's a question, is it raw tomatoes? Like, can you eat sundried/roasted tomatoes?
Or Tomato soup?
It's much stronger if they're raw - like, cooked tomato mixed with other stuff I can generally get down.
@Miniman Ok. So it likely is more of a texture thing
My wife has a minor tomato allergy
And I hate shrimp
12:50 AM
@Papayaman1000 =D
If you can get past the nasty imagery...
@Miniman I really hate the way tomato tastes by itself though it has never made me sick
Tomato sauce on a pizza or in spaghetti or something isn't a big deal
@Miniman Yeah, at a certain point getting rep for answers that're basically just "here's the rule you're looking for. Nope, nothing else to see here." seems a little silly.
But chunks of the stuff or a slice of one in any sandwich is horrid
@THiebert that is too bad, shrimp is one of my favorites
As for the texture thing, that is not usually my complaint about any food
Sometimes it is, but taste is the biggest issue for me personally
1:06 AM
new encounter: A church full of zombies. Incredibly weak (so no Undead Constitution), and all villagers that were in the church at the time (so no weapons), and the Preacher is randomly pulling down parts of the ceiling on the party (akin to "Divine Smite")
1:28 AM
sounds like it'd fit in CoS prtty well
Curse of Strahd
On a slightly related note - is there a "generic" DM screen?
I'm looking but most appear to be linked to one campaign or another
Or is that just aesthetic?
I don't think all gm screens are at all tied to specific campaigns
Maybe some of em are but I would be surprised even then if it was anything other than aesthetic
1:42 AM
But like.
It's still just a question of different art on it right?
I don't see why you would need one with art for the one specific campaign you are running
Tyranno-murmuration! Incredible #starling displays at @WWTMartinMere this week 😲http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/natureuk/entries/ca9b1607-4577-4781-994e-ca7e237ee806
@trogdor No, most of the ones GF9 has been producing along with the 5e hardcover campaigns have some campaign-specific bits on the GM-facing side. Like roll-a-name for NPCs in the campaign's setting, wilderness exploration rules-reminders on the ToA one, &c. I think....
Ah OK then
@trogdor Yeah, the description does mention that there are "tables to assist the DM"
So one would find it useful to have less setting specific screens
I did not know this
1:49 AM
The second screen I linked does not (at first) appear to be linked to any specific campaign, but it does go on to describe a particular dragon and dragon-killing arrow... so that does sound fairly specific
So I suppose the most useful DM screen would only have information pertaining to determining DC, exp and treasure... as well as a few other useful yet generic assistance
2:06 AM
New DM goal: simulate a dumb boss-fight exploit like the Fishing Rod in the Ganon fight
@Ben The information on it is campaign-neutral.
(At the beginning of the game)
DM: "You find a fishing rod."
P: "Umm... ok... might be worth a coin or two"
DM: "You also find a note. it reads. *'The rod is the key to defeating him...'*"
(At the end of the game)
DM: "The BBEG seems distracted somehow"
P: "Uhh... I'll try the fishing rod?"
(Casts the lure)
DM: It is completely distracted by the lure, leaving himself wide open for attack."
@Miniman Awesome
So it's just a matter of picking the one I think looks coolest?
2:26 AM
@Ben I specifically meant that the information on the second one you linked is campaign neutral.
I don't know about any others.
Well that still works :)
@Miniman speaking of rep I don't feel like fetching... rpg.stackexchange.com/q/109866/23970
@nitsua60 There's a tweet that could be linked, but I feel like for the answer "something is a spell if it says it is" we've gotta have a dupe somewhere.
2:55 AM
@Miniman In that case it'd be "unless it doesn't say, in which case it isn't"
3:21 AM
@Miniman I feel like if we did it'd be in the context of another magical class effect not being a spell. Like ki-spending actions or channel divinity... any others off the top of your head?
XGtE conspicuous absences: Artificer and Mystic. Any others?
@nitsua60 A lot of people are complaining about the Revised Ranger not being in it.
(I'm not one of them)
hey there @nitsua60 and @Erics
@Shalvenay hiya
@nitsua60 Wild Shape, those weird individual abilities cleric domains provide that aren't channel divinity, EKs teleporting their weapons, Wild Magic surges, certain Warlock invocations, those weird individual abilities wizard schools provide.
@nitsua60 how're things going?
3:34 AM
Well, my Patty-pants are shellacking the Broncos, so that's nice =)
attended a table-mate's birthday party, so that was cool
(plenty of folks in costume, also got to watch some cool demos, and the chance to go at my DM with a foam sword xD)
@nitsua60 Your pants are coating horses with shellac?
@Shalvenay nice.
@Miniman It's one way to keep their coats glossy...?
@nitsua60 Well, I can't argue with that.
hey there @Ben
3:43 AM
@Shalvenay Hey Shalv
how're things going?
I was thinking - I've played a couple of your dungeons now, and while we haven't got very far into either of them, I've noticed that you tend to build them as more intellectually challenging, more than anything. Would you agree?
@Ben yeah, definitely -- even if I'm doing combat-heavier, I don't think pure-bred hack-n-slash is a particularly good thing to feature
hey there @JoelHarmon
hey there @Shalvenay
how are things?
@Shalvenay Oh sure. There definitely needs to be a balance.
3:48 AM
@JoelHarmon alright here, as for you?
But the reason I ask is that I really am more of a combat-oriented player. I don't have too much say in much puzzle solving or anything like that, even on a good day haha
@Shalvenay Pretty good. Didn't get enough sleep this weekend, for all the best reasons.
@Ben ah. the dungeon you're starting into will have a fair bit of combat in it, don't you worry :)
Not that I don't enjoy it, just most days after a certain point, my brain just shuts down.
@Ben With some groups, I've been in the opposite position - it's no good solving the puzzles, because then you have to wait while everyone else is working through them.
(It's hard to be a participant in that process when you already know the answer.)
3:52 AM
@Miniman I'm fine with that. I've often just zoned out for 20 mins at a time then all of a sudden I hear "Initiative"
Like I said, most days my brain is just switched off haha
I get that - there are definitely times when I'm happy to play, but don't really want to think too much.
I suppose that's why I liked the Dark Heresy games we played. It was always a situation of "How do we solve this one? - By shooting it with bullets and lazers"
yeah, whereas I'm of the mindset that even combat shouldn't be a mindless affair
Then the Techpriest (oddly enough - me) would scan the wreckage of the device, figure out how it used to work, then just shortcut it to find the trigger :P
@Ben :P I'm talking more in figuring out what's going on, who the bad guys are, etal
3:59 AM
...while in combat? Or beforehand?
Hmm .. in a PBM my last turn was "Brand spends his time in the Oak & Thistle or some other seedy tavern. Listens and learns the tales of other travellers and adventurers, joins in on any rousing shanties. Prefers to not get caught out on a moonless night and will shack up in whichever dive he’s in at the time."
GM responds with "There are no 'dives' in Acorn Meadow; there are two places and both are clean and good. The 'Saltshear Tavern' is a big, happy place where everyone in town drinks and it's a wonderful place. The Guild bar is for Guild members only and basic but good natured. Some people have personal spots but Brand would have to seek them out."
I'm gonna be generous and suggest the GM is laying the groundwork for a long-play where this happy-happy-shiny utopia is something more sinister.
@Ben before and during...and this isn't about good and evil
Can you see the parallels with the quiet English village of Sandford, Gloucestershire.
"Sandford is a crime-free idyll, a regular winner of "Village of the Year" awards, watched over by the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance ("
@JoelHarmon dare I ask?
4:09 AM
@Erics The greater good
@nitsua60 Mostly staying up way too late with some friends from college. I discovered that Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is a real game.
@nitsua60 apparently you do :P
@nitsua60 I mean... you just did. That in itself is it's own trap.
Who suggested "Elf vs Orc"?
I think it was @BESW
Fixed it
What is elf vs orc in this context?
@trogdor I think Ben's referring to the short story by that title?
4:23 AM
OK it's just that the term could have easily refer to some RPG session where an elf and orc fought
And those must be rather plentiful
Yeah a Google search reveals a story by that name from Ursula Vernon so odds are here that means @BESW was indeed the person to suggest it
@nitsua60 anything good on your end recently?
@JoelHarmon Get to spend the afternoon/dinnertime with the boy (one-on-one) tomorrow--looking forward to it.
Sounds like time well spent to me.
@Shalvenay I am yes
There is a description of how the orc induces rage. "A sea of red, flowing over a rock"
5:13 AM
'Twas quite poetic, I thought
In another PBM, just received this submission: "Chohn continues to be vexed by the inane chatter of others. He’s interested in the odd markings and runes inscribed on his fancy new armour (red samurai splint). He petitions Loithi Frostguard for some time alone in Kenobi’s Library."
Considering my options on how to respond. Thoughts?
5:39 AM
"Ambulance" in ..
Albanian: ambulancë
Basque: anbulantzia
Danish: ambulance
Dutch: ambulance
French: ambulance
Italian: ambulanza
German: krankenwagen
Rufen Sie einen Krankenwagen!
Officially my favorite word for ambulance in that list
I guess it helps how relatively similar the others there are to each other in comparison
5:56 AM
@trogdor Did you get a JOP to sign off on that?
6:10 AM
Time needs to hurry up
@Ben no one gets to sign off on that decision but me
so no :P
Well that's what makes it official doesn't it?
I made an executive decision
and no one has veto power
You wrote the by-laws too I presume? Always a good practice :P
Writing the by-laws, that is... not presuming things. Presuming things is a terrible habit
7:09 AM
Ok: Skelly King update
Make his "Minions" a swarm
That way it feels more like a horde of monsters they can wade through
If you've got enough minions, they stop being a swarm and start being an environmental effect that you can suppress locally for one round with a successful attack.
(Anything less than that and you don't have enough minions.)
@trogdor More for the IRL Dragon pile:
When you think you need to tone your animation down and then see this... https://twitter.com/cnn/status/821326304385662977
@Ben He's Trogdor. He burninated the bylaws and replaced them with fire.
7:43 AM
@BESW this is true
@BESW yeah I don't want it to get that far. Lol
8:00 AM
@Ben Continuing the mystery - there's an Adventurer's Guild, all adventurers must join (or become NPCs). If PC dies on an assigned mission, all their gear is sold by the Guild and revenues sent to their loved ones (cannot be PCs). Other PCs can buy these items from the Guild.
8:25 AM
In 2e (or later), can spells be copied from spell books, and thus there exists two copies: the original in the spell book, and copy in the other spell book? This being different from transcribing spells from scrolls, where the action of "copying" wipes the spell from the scroll?
Sorta like spell books have the source code, but scrolls have the compiled code which requires a process of reverse-engineering/decompiling and thus wipes the magic from the scroll
Yes, this is a thing in 3.5 at least.
@BESW what a casual stroller this guy is
@BESW fantastic answer
I will steal it
@BESW is a thing that one cannot copy from Spell Books, only Cut & Paste?
Which would be different from 2e, "The second way to acquire new spells is to copy them from the spell books of other wizards. A character can copy from other player characters (if they will allow it), pay NPC wizards for the privilege (see Chapter 12 : NPCs), or take them from captured spell books. When copying spells, a character must roll to see if the character can learn the spell."
> Spells Copied from Another’s Spellbook or a Scroll
A wizard can also add a spell to her book whenever she encounters one on a magic scroll or in another wizard’s spellbook. No matter what the spell’s source, the wizard must first decipher the magical writing (see Arcane Magical Writings, above). Next, she must spend a day studying the spell. At the end of the day, she must make a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell’s level). A wizard who has specialized in a school of spells gains a +2 bonus on the Spellcraft check if the new spell is from her specialty school. She cannot, however, learn any
A: Question regarding spellcraft: Learn a spell

Rosaline Meda-ViciArcane Magical Writing To decipher an arcane magical writing (such as a single spell in written form in another’s spellbook or on a scroll), a character must make a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + the spell’s level). If the skill check fails, the character cannot attempt to read that particular spe...

Q: From what items can a wizard learn his spells?

IllbeanI'm now wondering after googling for a while, what are the different sources a Wizard can learn his spells from? Is it only limited to scrolls and tomes, or can a Wizard learn spells from other magic items? The following quotes are from the PHB, page 114 Your spellbook You might find other ...

@BESW Thanks. In 2e there's no mention either way of what happens to the original spell book, and in 3.5e it explicitly states "leaves a spellbook that was copied from unharmed".
8:37 AM
@Erics For a spellbook I would assume no damage in any way... it is more interesting what happens to a scroll if the wizar learns from it: does he activate it "accidently"?
So, definitely a new house rule from our GM. Yay.
@BESW Yup.
Has interesting implications on the spell book economy. Basically means that the number of spells written into spell books can only increase slowly, as they get transcribed from scrolls. Copying a spell from one book to another is a nett zero sum.
And then spellbooks get lost or destroyed and so forth, further reducing the number of spell writings in circulation.
8:53 AM
Women crochet sweaters to shield rescued elephants from cold, Elephant Conservation Care Center, India, 2017 #womensart #WorldKindnessDay
9:14 AM
Elephant Conservation.... Why did I think of pickled and canned elephant?!
@Erics There could be monastic orders of wizards creating scrolls en masse
is there anything in the rules dictating you can't use the scroll format for your spellbook? I mean like in the ancient wold, books took the shape of scrolls...
@BESW nice
9:30 AM
@Trish Ah, yes, elephant preserves.
@Trish In 2e there is explicit mention that the physical format is variable from "book" to "book".
"In medieval Europe, this page would most likely have been 10 or more hand-lettered sheets of parchment, perhaps embellished with illuminations and painted scenes. In ancient China, this page would have been several hand-printed pages on colored paper and bound with red lacings."
"The Egyptians would have used a rolled scroll of papyrus, with several required to make a book. Even more cumbersome, the ancient Babylonians would have used clay tables marked in cuneiform and dried. American Indians would have written it on leaves of birch bark or painted it on a cured buffalo hide."
"A spell book may be a heavy tome, bound in leather with crisp parchment pages. It may be a collection of papyrus scrolls tied with red silk strings. It might be a pile of clay tables marked in cuneiform, or a cheap-looking folio printed on linen rag paper. It even could be thin sheets of embossed gold between covers made from the hide of a naga."
One of my friends once played a wizard who prepared his spells every morning by imbuing each one into a single arrow, which had to be fired at its target in order to cast the spell.
I've also seen a wizard whose "spell book" was a bag of polished stones, each one engraved with runes for a particular spell.
@BESW You know that friend of yours who has trouble with dice luck and even dice towers? Have they tried a dice catapult?
@Erics Patterns of beadwork, blocks of wood carved in abstract patterns, carefully memorized song-and-dance routines...
@doppelspooker @trogdor Pass this on to your brother.
9:45 AM
another landscape flavour-item for my campaign... ...
> Colossus of Colmorgan
> A monolithic ancient structure from the first age of men. It stands on the plains of the Battle Moors, massive, magnificent, alone. About its base are carved scenes depicting the victories of an ancient tribal king. The carvings are long-faded and indistinct.
Hmmm, I remember I wrote once about books and shapes that are not "folio"... I can't find it anymore. I did mention leporello...
a neat Leporello... which is nothing else but a folded up scroll.
made a little lost robot reference and a starship troopers reference in the same post! Hand me the SciFi Sonic Screwdriver!
> comparatively, the nearby, earlier statues from the first age of women have withstood weathering a bit more robustly and people agree they're a bit more impressive. plus, they thought to make more than one of them.
10:00 AM
@Erics I like the metal variant... If I ever make a dwarven wizard, his spellbook will be solid silver and gold pages engraved with tiny dwarven runes... 0.2-0.5 mm thick pages. One could print with it :P
My Bard will be writing his spells onto small pieces of thick parchment, small enough to fit in the hand, and with dimensions approximate to the golden ratio. These would be collected together into bundles, with small bundles grasped by a iron clasp, and larger bundles encircled by a continuous ribbon of an organic based polymer.
@doppelspooker Heh heh =)
You mean... you don't have the bard use something like...
For convenience, each slab of parchment will come pre-inscribed with lines of blue ink.
@Erics so... he's writing spell cue cards? :D
3"x5" index cards.
10:03 AM
or marching band music index cards...
At the table, I'll have a limited fidelity mockup.
10:23 AM
At least it is not my WoD group. I established in the very first meeting some things about my character. Like he has odd things in his pockets: screwdrivers, wrenches and the odd Glock 18 are all in there just as likely as a key or something. (yea, matter mage with correspondence), but I always get asked what I do put into my pockets when leaving home. I answer with "The usual stuff. My keys and my miniature space folding portemoinnai.
11:12 AM
@trogdor Does this count as an IRL dragon?
Basilosaurus was a 20-metre-long whale & apex predator that hunted fish, sharks & other whales! (Credit: TheDragonofDoom)
I think a lot of things can count as dragons
this thing looks like it could make a case
I think at a certain point, a thing is a dragon if it wants to be; you don't argue with it.
I can point you to living dragons... they lack wings...
Dragons have long, forked tongues that they use to help smell and taste.
there... THAT pic works...
Hi folks, I'm looking for one person for an online game of Mage: the Ascension. Wednesday evenings UK time, games held fortnightly. Since Storyteller system sucks we will use a Fate conversion, which preserves the original way magic works. Anyone interested?
I'd like to be a fly on that wall.
11:23 AM
unpack the idiom please...
you'd like to observe the game, but not participate?
I'd like to be an unobtrusive observer of that private event.
that's a shame - but I'm happy to do that, as long as others are cool with it
can you make the time?
Probably not. "I'd like to be a fly on that wall" is also usually associated with wishful thinking, an acknowledgement of futility.
But that'd be my Wednesday morning... depending on specifics it's not entirely impossible.
@BESW that was the bit I had trouble unpacking
It is not, and I'm happy to give you access to the conversion itself, if you're interested
11:42 AM
That'd be cool to see, thanks!
You might object to it, as I'm converting it myself.
And for the group it's more important to be truthful to the way magick worked in the original than to keep that part of the game "fatey"
Well, it's more important that Fate be something the group collectively understands, than that it follow Evil Hat's vision of the system.
I suppose, but it will require a certain amount of mode-switching between Roll-for-Shoes Magic rules and Fatey everything else
I did play a session of MtA about eleven years ago!
... technically two sessions.
I'm super tempted to exclaim "there is no such thing as MtA"
but I recollect you mentioning you did
11:54 AM
Based on what I've seen around here, I suspect my ST may have been taking extreme liberties with the text as regards magic.
But I mostly just remember being confused.
Confusion is normal
The text itself is riddled with inconsistencies and straight contradictions, therefore some liberties have to be taken
inconsistencies also tend to vary from one edition to another
He had some website he was referring to, that looked like DanDWiki as a goth Geocities page.
lol... that's also normal...
Anyway, it is entirely up to the GM to make sure the way magick works is consistent and to handwave parts of the system that don't feel right for the given campaign
otherwise it's barely playable
The western parotia is a beautiful bird-of-paradise from Indonesia. Males have iridescent breast shields & elongated black plumes.
@BESW a large part of my thinking on that derives from this
12:16 PM
/me peers at points... "5k... halftime to seeing deleted smut, right?"
ok, I can't decide: @BESW which answer you think is better here? My self answer, or the Smartybartfast one?
Q: Who were the holders of the Shadowrun license through 2017?

TrishI was looking at my RPG books yesterday and wondered at how much Shadowrun sits there: almost all the fourth edition German material (from FanPro GmbH and Pegasus Press), the fifth edition core rules (from Pegasus Press), and even the somewhat rare German second edition core book (from FASA and F...

....how would I know? I think "sustained release" before I think of "Shadowrun" when I see SR.
ou were availabe... And I asked which you find better.
12:48 PM
Yours has better formatting, but I think the sectioning of the other makes more sense as a reference document.
Also I don't like unqualified requests for value assessments, they're reductive and not very useful without context or criteria for the evaluation.
1:17 PM
I feel like this question could benefit from some outside-the-box thinking about popcorn initiative.
Or completely revising the nature of mind control; I thought it was a lot more fun and dramatic for mind control to let the caster spend their own actions on their own turns to control the enemy, and let the enemy remain in control of themselves on their own turn--though perhaps with a limited selection of actions available.
In 4e, I think the hack was something like "the caster can use their standard action to make the enemy take any at-will action it could normally take, and the enemy can only take a standard action on their own turn."
The creeping thymes really like being walked on, and will crawl and crawl, spreading gradually into rivulets and pools of green like water slowly trickling, increasing in volume as it goes until they have filled up all the cracks and crevices.
"The Creeping Times" would be a good name for a Mythos-style antagonist. Or an episode of Sapphire & Steel.
1:37 PM
In which version of D&D did combat rounds go from 1 minute to 6 seconds?
1:59 PM
@Erics Based on what I can find doing some google searching, 3e. Though the terms round and turn may not have quite meant the same things in the previous versions.
2:27 PM
In AD&D1.0 (IIRC from 1982-86 when I played) 10 segments = 1 round, 10 rounds = 1 turn. 6 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes. Segments mostly didn't matter, except when considering spell casting durations (when casting, effectively just add the duration in segments to your initiative roll). Looks to be the same in 2e.
Although I might have high vs low being good vs bad confused.
I see 5e described with 1 combat round = 6 seconds, which sounds really weird to me.
2:42 PM
@Erics I started with 5e, so I don't find it weird since it's what I started out with. But my Dad picked up 5e after stopping for several years after 2e, and he had a similar weird feeling about it.
I see in 2e that initiative is now rolled on a d10, while in 1e it was a d6.
2 hours later…
4:45 PM
@JoelHarmon have a poll out to the fb group for AL DMs on your "how long should RoT take" question. Will let you know in a day or two what sort of answers come along.
5:41 PM
is there a stationary item SE?
Because I need to know what type of replacement cartridge belongs into my most liked heavy pen...
over all it is 110 mm long, 5mm diameter, in the front it has 8mm tip sitting in 9mm cylinder of 2mm, widening to 4mm on the next 5mm...
GNA! taking that to a stationary shop...
1 hour later…
6:58 PM
@DForck42 \o/ !!!
"station airy" = train stop has plenty of windows
"state shun aerie" = local government prevent construction of bird sanctuary
"stay shawn ere e" = a command for an unruly boy to remain in place for his mathematics until the lesson on logarithms
Okay, I think I'm done.
7:17 PM
@nitsua60 i remember it as e = equipment, a = action.
(isn't it lovely it didn't wind up the other way around?)
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
@DForck42 Made more chilli, worked out great, going to add an actual chilli to the next one. I just now finally got grated cheese, and added ... a bit too much, and I also got tortilla chips (as opposed to tortilla bread) and added a bit too much of that as well. Now I have a bowl of nachos. This is the opposite of a problem.
@nitsua60 Off Topic. Do I need to email you a proposed ToA character for possible start up, or wait until a notification? (Or shall we roll them up?)
@Yuuki I like the last one best. groaned, I did. stay shawn ere e = a command for an unruly boy to remain in place for his mathematics until the lesson on logarithms Well played
8:57 PM
@Trish Maaaaybe Arts & Crafts?
@BESW I will go to the stationery shop t'morrow... can grab the right refil and write with it then...
1 hour later…
10:18 PM
Today in Why Is Your Fantasy World's Engineering So Boring, have a vase that located earthquakes:
~2,000 years ago polymath Zhang Heng invented one of history's most beautiful scientific instruments (these = replicas). Seismic waves trigger the internal mechanism, which drops an orb from one of the dragons to the corresponding toad to indicate the direction of an earthquake
Oh, man, dragon seismoscopes are awesome.
Best thing: this seismoscope ALSO measures the strength of the earthquake, since more than one ball can drop
On that count I should ping @trogdor
Also Zhang Heng is credited with a LOT of other cool stuff.
@doppelspooker oh wow
news to me that these even existed
10:23 PM
@trogdor same. also dragons.
Worth noting: scholars are still unsure exactly how the mechanism avoided also dropping balls on the opposite side when the quake waves rebounded; Zhang Heng believed earthquakes were caused by imbalances in the wind; the seismoscope was used for disaster relief because while it couldn't tell you distance or severity (a strong distant earthquake registered the same as a near small one) you could send your disaster relief squad in the right direction until you found the damage.
@doppelspooker was your name different before?
@THiebert it was doppelgreener, and i was green, and then halloween happened
10:38 PM
@BESW aww. :D
@doppelspooker halloween is over. Also why green?
@THiebert gotta wait out the 30 days before i can change my name again :U
green because i have always had green avatars on here
I didn't even know you could change your name. can it be done specifically to a certain stack?
10:41 PM
@THiebert head to your profile --> click "edit profiles & settings" in the upper left: rpg.stackexchange.com/users/edit/current
(er, upper left, not upper right)
you can just type in a new name for yourself there. you can change it once every 30 days at most.
did that work?
@inthemanual chat usually takes ... a while (maybe a few hours) to catch up with mainsite changes. i'll push the button that speeds it up for you. :D
I signed up here with this name, tried to merge it with my SO account, and got the SO name here. never knew I could fix it :P
\o/ pleased to be of assistance!
11:15 PM
if I made a new account, and merged it with this one, what exactly would happen?
would that be like I had never made a new account at all?
or would it just signal to the stack that the two accounts are the same person?
@doppelspooker hah! sounds good! i made a big pot of chili for a family that came into town for the wedding. it didn't last as long as i thought it would, lol
@DForck42 that's a fantastic kind of problem to experience
@doppelspooker yup, lol
so, i'm now a married man :-D
11:37 PM
your wedding!
@DForck42 Congratulations!!!
@DForck42 Congratulations!
@doppelspooker Speaking of cool Chinese things, China built massive treasure ships in the 1400s.
IIRC, they were 300+ feet long although those may or may not be exaggerated accounts.
@Yuuki oh goodness, i came across these just a while back
hey there @Yuuki and @eimyr
11:44 PM
how're things going?
@nitsua60 That sounds like a great basis for an answer. I green checked "this is what I did" over "this is what I'm doing, with some extrapolation". "This is what 10 people did" would be some excellent brinkmanship
background: one of Zheng He's treasure ships. fore: one of Columbus's primary ships.
Today in Why Is Your Fantasy World's Navy So Boring: ships so huge you gotta wonder what kind of magic is holding them together, and then you find out those aren't even the ones that have magic holding them together.
@DForck42 Congrats!
@Shalvenay Same-ish...
@Shalvenay Shalv, I'm suer you think I'm a total jerk, but I swear, whenever you come to chat and cheerfully ping me, it's well past my bedtime and my brain is in the process of shutting down for the day.
11:56 PM
@eimyr ah, it's not a worry :)
So, um, yeah: goonight, chat.
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