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5:47 AM
Q: What would you say is the best sifting litter box for cats?

A. SmithI've been looking around for the last two weeks to try to find the best sifting litter box for cats. I have three cats and I've had them sharing two litter boxes in the past, but I'd like to consolidate it to one litter box now that I've moved to a new place. That said, I'd love to just have on...

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7:34 AM
7:49 AM
Q: Help! Dog won't eat and is dying without reason

William LiuMy dog Uno showed no appetite about a week ago. We switched her diet to boiled chicken breast and she ate those and we thought she was just picky until four days ago she vomited a lot and had severe diarrhea including some bloody diarrhea. She looked very weak and we took her to the doctor immedi...

3 hours later…
10:27 AM
@Henders I have an important my health problem. Can I chaat with @trondhansen?
@Sonevol non pet related chat should go on off the leash or elsewhere
10:40 AM
11:20 AM
@Sonevol This room is not for personal health issues. Trond has also said before he didn't want to talk about that kind of stuff with you because he comes here for pets.
11:32 AM
@Henders thanks for the response in a friendly way, which often some others don't follow.
11:53 AM
@Sonevol To be fair, we've been through this many times and I guess others are losing patience. It's an clear rule - this chat is about pets. Continually trying to work out where the line is takes up a lot of people's time so if you're ever in doubt, put it in the 'off the leash' chat. It can always be moved back here if it needs to be.
6 hours later…
5:48 PM
@Henders I have some psychiatric problems and I take medications. I have trouble to properly socialize.
It is also one of the main reasons I love pets as they don't have complex social etiquttes
@Henders no dog park photos this week. There's construction going on and its an even muddier morass than last week :/
Ash is not amused
Macaw "chicks" from the breeding center at Jurong Bird park...
they're adorable and up to no good
6:08 PM
@JourneymanGeek I haven't seen an Ash picture for evvverrrrrr
I posted one last week!
Dec 16 at 3:44, by Journeyman Geek
user image
been busy with work :/
1 hour later…
7:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek Hehe, running from the big dogs :P
He's so cute
also he isn't running lol
he's tummy deep in mud

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