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5:43 AM
Q: I have left my cat and I want him back

ShwetaI have a cat which was at my place since its birth and we looked after him. Recently a neighbour had prob with him so we had to leave him at a fish market around 2 kms from home. but m missing him lots and i want him back. So I went to the fish market to search for him but coudn find him. Any cha...

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12:44 PM
Q: Why does my puppy poop in the house occasionally?

John JanssenI have a Havanese-Maltese mixed puppy which is 9 months old. She is very good at letting us know when she needs to go poop and pee outside, but occasionally in the mornings after she wakes up and I take her outside for 10-20 minutes she does not poop outside. I bring her back in the house and l...

1:25 PM
Q: How can I curb my dog's tendencies to roll in everything?

BunkAs a continuation to this question, Why does my dog roll in gross stuff?, I was wondering if there was a way to actually stop my dog from rolling in everything and anything. My dog is about 9 months old, a golden retriever/lab mix. He rolls in anything, all the time - rotten, dead animals, poop...

2:07 PM
@Undo seems like it is time for an update, how did things go at the vet?
2:22 PM
New subject
@CeilingCat and all, the recent silver fox question is boarder line scope. It is based on on an actual event. I posting it to test the scope waters on the subject. Presumably if we decide this in scope, it could increase traffic to our site.
You are encouraged to answer the question. It is not my intent to post the answer.
Q: What happens if I buy an exotic pet in Ohio and take to my home in Pennsylvanian?

James JenkinsI have heard that Ohio has different laws (or maybe no laws) governing the making of pets of wild, exotic and/or non-native species. I have also heard that occasionally people will purchase a "pet" in Ohio and bring it home to Pennsylvanian. Sometime later the Pennsylvanian authorities are invo...

@JamesJenkins They didn't.
17 hours ago, by Undo
The vet said that if it happens again, then it needs taken care of.
We called them and, to my complete surprise, they said not to bring her in.
Ok thanks _ I missed that when reading about the event.
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5:02 PM
Q: Merge [laws] and [legal]?

Matt S.So we have two tags: laws and legal. The first has a wiki: For questions related to laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations governing the behavior of pets and their handlers in public places. But, I would think that it would be a subset of legal. So should we merge the two, make legal th...

Q: Hearing aid for dogs?

LindajobrutonGood day dog lovers: I have a white bull-dog (we once thought it was a boxer) that is pretty deaf. He can hear some high pitched things it seems but, when asleep, he does not respond to yelling or other noises. Is there anything I can do to get him hearing?

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9:35 PM
Q: What would I need in order to breed superworms?

Matt S.I know superworms are the larval stage of a darkwing beetle. So if I were to purchase a container of superworms from the pet store. How would I go about starting a colony of my own superworms?


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