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12:08 AM
ok, thanks.
Q: Why is my Zebra Danio bloated?

Don LarynxJust a few days ago I added 8 Zebra Danios and 8 White Skirt Tetras to my 60 gallon tank of 8 Albino Corys. One of the Danios is chasing all of the other Danios around. In fact it is bossy - but this only started today and the bloated Danio has been bloated since I got it. I thought it was a nor...

Q: How do I retrain my 8 year-old Shih Tzu to tolerate tooth brushing?

ShaneMy eight year-old, female Shih Tzu (Lucy) has always balked at getting her teeth brushed, and it has gotten to the point where she refuses - no matter what treats or approach I take. Any advice?

1:09 AM
Q: My fish mysteriously disappeared

Don LarynxI have 8 white skirt tetras, 8 albino cory cats, and had 8 danios. Now I have 7. One mysteriously disappeared. I am very doubtful it is hiding because my Danios don't do that. All they do is swim at the surface. It is impossible my fish ate the danio. They are too small. It is impossible the f...

1:52 AM
Hmm... when you've eliminated the impossible, then you have nothing.
2:45 AM
@Skippy - Not wanted... apparently same question already deleted by them.
3:03 AM
Q: Giving a dog in a high rise enough potty breaks

Brian RushtonI have been considering getting a dog in my apartment. Being in a high-rise, it will be time-consuming to let the dog outside, so it needs to be planned out (I.e. a doggie door won't work). How often should a dog be let out each day to avoid discomfort from a full bladder? Are there any studies,...

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12:33 PM
Q: There are blood sucking bugs on my dog how to prevent the bugs attacking my dog

Hari KrishnaMy dog has many blood sucking bugs, veterinary physician gave some power n shampoo ... but the bugs keep on coming, how to avoid this?

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3:01 PM
@JoshDM - I think the roll back of the turkey question was improper. If the OP had a problem with it that is one thing, I was trying to save the quetion.. I would revoke my reopen vote now.
3:22 PM
@Chat Your sentence was " Could I go to a turkey farm and pardon a turkey and adopt it as a pet?"
One's own ability to "pardon" a turkey was not relevant to the question.
If you were changing it to "Can I adopt a turkey", IMHO it's regardless of what was the original intent of the question.
"Can I adopt the famously Presidentially pardoned turkey" is at least closer.
3:50 PM
The Turkey question was an attempt to generate holiday traffic to the site. It failed at that, I am fine with deleting it.
4:01 PM
@JamesJenkins It got a lot of up-votes as a question; It seemed popular, if off-topic. It should be fine getting closed rather than being deleted.
@JoshDM There is one of those a year, the more broad could I just go adopt a turkey from a turkey farm as a pet applies to a broader audience
Just because you could not adopt the presidents turkey you could be able to "pardon" one yourself.
@JamesJenkins I think it is a good question.
We need to avoid the we dont like the question for personal reasons so we are going to vote to close.
To me if it is at least tangental to pets we should err to the side of on topic until we see problems
@Chad I like this one.
4:17 PM
@Chad - I agree with you on your points here; if you were to alter it to self-pardoning, I think more elaboration on what that might entail for the non-native audience would help (consider the "porcelain bowl" "fiasco").
Hmm... considering history, I don't know about offering up pointed jabs with respect to editing practices is a good idea. Just sayin'
You're a faster typist than I am a deleter, John.
Bear in mind that I can also read the deletes... :D
At any rate, we won't all always agree on edits and edits is actually a good thing here and quite expected (Shog has a post in one of the SE blogs about that).
I'm all for allowing James's humor to shine through on his questions; just didn't think eradicating it completely from the quesiton was necessary.
Anyone can read deletes if the click history.
I believe.
Gonna go test that; one sec.
I didn't, just the title. I wanted it to be more search accessible based on likely and "toilet" didn't appear in the body. It's potentially a canonical question.
4:22 PM
I thought it was whacked from the body too.
Nope, just the title.
Nevermind then.
@JohnB - can't read history; works for me!
No worries.
only 10k users (and mods) can see history? I think? Maybe?
I wasn't offended, but I thought you seemed a bit overly concerned about a simple edit.
Not sure in chat. I don't really remember from when I wasn't a mod and as a mod, I can do it in any chat.
4:24 PM
I know if you have 10k on a site then you get special chat privileges, but I'm not sure what they are
Chat aggregates rep, so not sure if it's the same.
No longer concerned about the porcelain bowl, though I am kinda sad my comment referring to the worm that annihilated fish in a UK tank for years was deleted from the "missing fish" question.
Granted, he's a freshwater tank...
I can put it back for you
@JohnB - Yeah, I don't think rep does a lot in chat. Moderators can make users into room owners, that adds some privileges in the room.
Complete list. I think the rep requirements are based on the associated site.
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6:14 PM
3 hours later…
9:09 PM
On a page catbreedsjunction.com/types-of-siamese-cats.html there is one term I'd like explained
"The original type was larger and rounder and in the early days, crossed eyes, green eyes and a kink in the tail were all accepted traits."
What is "crossed eyes" ?
Something like this:
(  .) (.  )
whatever I give up
Oh, really that kind of crossed :D
It looks cute :D but I hope it doesn't make the poor thing run into walls or anything :(
9:17 PM
@AshleyNunn okay, thank you :)
I am not sure what sort of effect it would have on the cat
gotta love that ascii face :D
Here is our "old style siamese" lookalike :)
bah, it did not load it right up here :P
but he is mixed breed, not really sure from what origins.
Here with his dear friend, Milli.
aw :)
They wash each others and often sleep together
very pretty eyes
9:29 PM
Milli the maine coon is an odd case, she loves to hang her paws over the edge of a platform. That pose in the pic above is very typical of her.
also she is the only one that travels on my shoulder around the house :)
@JohnB ty, I like it too :)
@EsaPaulasto Hah, that's cool! my cat follows me around everywhere (I think just as a constant reminder that he wants food) but wouldn't put up with shoulder travel
Milli figured it out herself, and my wife hates it, even thou Milli has learned not to use her nails much.
Most often she jumps on my shoulder from a table, but sometimes right up from floor.
By figured out herself I mean I did not train her to stay on my shoulder, she trained herself ;)
Unfortunately I don't have better photo of it, but here's one:
10:16 PM
@EsaPaulasto That is a very dangerous thing you are doing: wearing black while having a cat on you.
@JoshDM Hehe, yeah you are right, especially when two of our cats are pure white. I don't mind though, there's fur anyway no matter what color I'm wearing ;)

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