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8:49 AM
@Henders ever seen a snake climb?
@JAD Heh, I've seen them climb up almost vertically. They're so strong! That's a bit creepy though :P It's like a spring!
9:17 AM
It's pretty satisfying to watch :P
9:46 AM
A Reverse Slinky - it climbs up stairs.
9:57 AM
Hello! o/
10:13 AM
Wow that got dark towards the end :P
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3:48 PM
Q: My girlfriend's dog gets hurt

EscanorI'm desperate. He is constantly sucking his legs and if not the eggs and ends up hurting himself. Everything comes my girlfriend's sister hit the dog. And now he has stress and everything and that she is no longer at home. He is all day with the bell but has learned to take it off. How can I corr...

Q: My hedgehog won’t eat

Noelle JenkinsSo I’ve had my hedgehog for almost a year and he’s just stopped eating but if I hand feed him meal worms he will eat them but not his actual food. He’s started acting funny he’s slower that usual and he seems to wobble when I picked him up this morning it took him a lot longer to uncurl then usua...

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7:35 PM
Q: Streamlining Aquarium for Frequent Travel

MacKenzie McFaddenCurrently, I have a planted 30gal tank with a male betta and a few shrimp/snails. I'm very attached to my fish, and enjoy the ability to give him a tank much larger than the average pet-store betta fish. Unfortunately, I am now facing a series of significant moves over the next few months/years,...


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