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1:18 AM
No hedgehog questions so far..
@EsaPaulasto I used to own some when I was little but I don't remember them very well, and have no idea what kind of care they needed.
Thou they don't count as pets anyway, but they soon become regular visitor in your garden if you serve some food for them to eat.
In my country (Finland) it is illegal to capture a hedgehog for a pet..
@AshleyNunn We had some in our garden when I was a kid, my mom and another mom in the neighborhood used to feed them regularly
@EsaPaulasto I had two as pets
I'd like to have one or two at our countryside home, for hedgehogs should keep snakes away. And I don't like snakes where our dogs run free.
Lived in a cage in my house
1:22 AM
cute :)
I dont really remember them much.
I'll post a question sometime later, in the spring next year, about what to offer to wild hedgehogs.
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3:05 AM
Q: How do I know if my toddler is making a cat dangerously uncomfortable

Brian RushtonMy son loves a cat in our building. The cat rolls on its back and stretches out, and my son strokes his fur. But then he tries holding the cat with both hands, sometimes around the waist (the cat steps out) and sometimes the head. He gets more bold the longer they play, and I usually get nervoud ...

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9:24 AM
..and I'll get some sleep as well.
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2:45 PM
Its a shame that questions closed as off-topic eventually get deleted. I like pets.se being the site a certain user has the lowest amount of rep on :P
3:07 PM
@Beofett I dont think you get rep back when the question gets deleted do you?
@EsaPaulasto were they wild or just feral?
@Chad I'm pretty sure the rep is refunded once the question is deleted.
huh, feral means?
@Chad Hedgehogs live wild in Finland :)
@Beofett Yeah, if you have negative votes (loss of rep) on a question/answer and it gets deleted, you will get the lost rep back.
And closed questions get deleted only if there is no answer yet before the closure.
@EsaPaulasto Feral means either the animal was a pet/domesticated, but has lived in the wild long enough that it acts more like a wild animal than a pet, or the animal is descended from domesticated animals, but was born in the wild
@EsaPaulasto yep, and that's the case with this one. It was a troll question, and got closed very quickly, so no one even tried to answer
@Beofett Allright, thanks :)
And yes, wild hedgehogs here, since there can be no feral hedgehogs in Finland (ideally).
Hey, I'm wrong here. Pet stores do sell pet-hedgehogs even here in Finland!
(Google keeps on teaching me things I did not know :D
They sell only those African mini-hedgehogs and Egyptian long-ear-hedgehogs. The normal European wild hedgehog may not be taken captive and held as a pet.
4:07 PM
Q: Are there any special considerations for adopting a cross-eyed cat?

JohnBA short discussion in chat made me wonder: do cats that are cross-eyed require any special care? Source: dailymail.co.uk Does it affect the cat's balance (or negatively in any other way)? Can (or should) it be corrected?

you inspired that question, @Esa :)
4:24 PM
@EsaPaulasto Are they friendly
Are your hedgehogs bigger than guinea pigs?
4:53 PM
Q: Did Mitt Romney cause undue stress to his dog by placing it on top of the car?

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5:06 PM
Q: How to train my dog to wear a collar?

bluefeetMy 9 month old chihuahua-yorkie mix refuses to wear a collar with her identification on it. She is a very small dog, weighing 4.6 pounds, and the vet says she is full-grown. We have tried extra-small dog collars with the collar as tight as possible, so we can still fit two fingers beneath it....

5:19 PM
Q: Why do cats hate riding in cars?

John CavanWhenever we need to take one our cats in the car (usually to the vets, but not always), the in-car drama is quite intense with a yowling and even vomiting (rare for short durations). Why do cats, unlike dogs, hate riding in cars? Is there a way to make this a better experience for them?

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8:03 PM
Q: Can I feed a dog cooked meat or fish that is a week old?

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8:17 PM
@JohnB Nice question! On one of Old Style Siamese breed homepages it was said that crossed eyes and kink in tail are good and even wanted features in that breed.
Our mixed breed "old style siamese"-lookalike does have a kink in his tail, but straight eyes.
@Chad Well, they are wild... First when they see you they most likely run away, and if you chase, they do what they do well: take a ball form. So no, they are not friendly, but neither are they hostile.
Adult European hedgehog is bigger than the average guinea pig. But I guess there might be variation in guinea pigs so that a big one could be bigger than a small or young hedgehog.

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