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4:14 AM
@CeilingCat As far as I am aware of, dry food with lots of water, and wet food, are equivalent
In fact even in case of wet food, it is extremely healthy to drink plenty of water. It prevents kidney and urinary track diseases
@trondhansen @motosubatsu any idea? the instant I clean the litter box Bhutu jumps in and apllies pressure even if it means a drop of urine
4:33 AM
Over here a competition goes on, during play who will get tired first, me or Bhutu. As a kitten Bhutu own it everyday. But now no longer so.
@trondhansen Is it possible for a mere 2 year old cat to get tired up much faster than a kitten?
Q: Why has my cat suddenly changed meowing/vocal behavior?

kamahayaI have read... New cat wont stop meowing Why is my cat meowing so much? How can I classically condition my two cats to not scratch on my bedroom door at night? ...and a few others, but none are quite applicable to my situation. I've had my cat for 3 months. For the first 2 months, he did no...

5:04 AM
@motosubatsu please take none of my sayings about Bhutu word to word correct. If I am most deeply mentally attached to any animal, it is Bhutu. Even none of the homo-sapien animals too are as mentally attached to me as Bhutu. So most of the time I end up exaggerating. It is as if my thought process has become much of a cat thought process than human thought process @trondhansen
5:14 AM
@trondhansen @YvetteColomb @motosubatsu @RebeccaRVT @Henders @JAD @Tinkeringbell It is vary hard to explain. It is as if in this site, the quentions, answers and comment are not being made by me. I am a mere spectator. It is Bhutu who is actually doing all this. I am sorry if I sound too foolish.
@Henders is there any question and answer site which accepts questions about pets, the answers of which will be mostly opinion based?
5:39 AM
@trondhansen You know what is my biggest fear in life? It is the fact that human life span is much much more that that of a cat
Q: Please help, what's wrong with my betta fish

OliviaSo here's the run down, I used to have my betta in a small tank due to I'm a college student and I live in the dorms. We're not allowed to have tanks that plug in or over 10 gallons. And I had him in a 1 gallon because it was a self filtering tank, I'd pour water in and at the bottom it would suc...

6:03 AM
@Sonevol many cats feel a need to use the litterbox after it have been cleaned.cats gets tired quite quickly they are ambush predators not long distance runners.do not think about how long your cat will live,it is better to focus on doing the best you can for her the time the both of you have toghether.
):'' ):''
6:50 AM
Q: My husband built a 98 gallon fish tank. Is it normal for a chirping noise to happen

Crystal MontoyaMy husband built his own fish tank from sealing it himself and building the frame. Should it make a chirping noise all of a sudden.

7:45 AM
@trondhansen I mean in no offensive way, the difference between the two of them, The one mentioned by you, I didn't mean it in any offensive way
8:01 AM
@Sonevol Well, next time Bhutu gets ahold of your keyboard, tell the cat not to ping me randomly. Thanks!
8:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek @trondhansen yeah sorry ........... just thought if it is related to pets, it is allowed or not?
@Sonevol Well if folks are uncomfortable, you should reconsider. Its worth considering others as well when discussing controversialish topics
or even in general
@CeilingCat idk, are they keeping birds in the tank?
@JAD ._. ;p;
@JourneymanGeek ^^^
@Sonevol I did not specifically say that.
But if I implied it, I don't know. You were talking about behavior when high.
Folks expressed they were uncomfortable. I'm saying you should respect that....
and that this topic isn't something that belongs here
I don't think you are sorry.
So, this is me clearly drawing the line on the topic, and saying "no we do not talk that here"
If you have an issue - and feel somehow this is an abuse of power, I'd point you at the site meta or the contact us link.
8:24 AM
Me too, you should withdraw your word "drug" @JourneymanGeek
You don't get to tell me what to think
Now we should be going back to talking about pets.
Or chirping fishtanks
@JAD that would concern me
Fine, then this is verbal abuse, it's like telling a Muslim, you don't agree pork is not pure. @JourneymanGeek
its a bit like hearing squeeking in a sub
8:26 AM
@Sonevol I think that it has been said often enough that this topic is done.
might be the caulk(?) getting... a bit flexy under load?
or the wood itself
... wood?
did you see the question?
it's like a wooden cabinet turned into a fish tank
Let's meet in some place where I shall not be restrained from using words. @JourneymanGeek
8:28 AM
Lets not
If all the weight of the water rests on those wooden supports
@JAD that picture bothers me
instead of on the glass inside it
@JourneymanGeek yeah I know, should be rotated
and resized
... done
hey thanks :)
8:30 AM
@JAD that stuff bothers me ;p
I'd say that if it were a glass tank, with a wooden frame around it, it should be fine
but the wood should probably not be bearing hte weight
and that looks old
is that...a 5 gallon bucket?
what of it? :o
IDK that looks all sorts of oddly jerryrigged
btw, it looks like the glass is glued on the inside of the gaps in the wood
8:37 AM
that's bad no?
I assume so
would mean that those supports bear the pressure of the water
those supports don't really look thick enough to do that kind of thing
I mean, that's a construction that might work for a terrarium. Without all the water in it, the idea looks fine (although it might be too hard to access)
@Sonevol I understand how deeply you are attached to your cat. It's ok.
8:44 AM
There seems to be some bracing
The wood seems to be only on 2 sides?
probably not
I'd guess it's just hard to see on the far side
especially when its turned over ;p
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10:30 AM
Q: I want help with this situation

SonevolI am a particular type of psychiatric patient who has low social skills, and I take medication for it. I have this panic disorder and social phobia issue. In the litter box chat room I am being frequently bombarded by a particular admin with harsh words. So what should I do in this situation? ...

@JAD Presumably, if they haven't modified it then I struggle to see it bearing the weight.
Unless it's acrylic and it's melted into a single shape with acrylic cement
If the cabinet is load bearing, I'd say that's a problem
Squeaking sound is scary :P
Rather them than me!
the setup might word if the glass panes were connected within the cupboard, connected to eachother in a way that they hold themselves together even without the wood
I guess if it's tall and thin then that already means there's more pressure on the tank than if it was rotated 90 degrees
10:39 AM
and then you have the wooden supports to keep up the top lid
@JAD Yeah, you can fuse acrylic together so it becomes a single piece effectively
@Henders well, if it was rotated 90 degrees, the water would usually come out :P
@Henders exactly
but if you look closely on the picture you can see that that is not the case
@Henders But let's assume they foresaw that issue :P
11:03 AM
Yeah, hopefully :P
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1:52 PM
@JourneymanGeek See, even the DYI mods agree:
in Home Improvement, 10 mins ago, by BMitch
@JAD Off topic for here (hobby project, not home improvement). But I think the issue may be the yellow fuzzy chicks hiding behind the cabinet. :D
Q: Frog founded in flowers. What kind of species?

IseToday I found a frog in a big flower composition bought at a french shop (living in Grenoble, south of France). It started snowing today, and I'd like to keep it until it's warmer outside. So could someone tell me what species it is ? (To check what it eats and if it's legal to keep it) Thanks...

2:16 PM
@JAD I cannot dispute that
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4:39 PM
Q: What kind of dog is this?

C.LiddellMy friend recently found a stray dog and has been taking care of it for a little over a day now. I was hoping that someone could help me identify the type of dog this is based off the picture that I took of it. Thanks in advance!


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