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8:07 AM
Q: FIP fluid too viscous to drain

FilipWe have a kitten that's about 5 months old and has been diagnosed with FIP 12 days ago. Since then she's been on treatment with Prednisolone, antibiotics and, for the last 8 days, feline interferon. She had the fluid in her abdomen drained 8 days ago, and yesterday the veterinarian tried to do i...

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9:50 AM
red pandas are adorable
10:25 AM
They always look like they've just scrambled out of bed :P
10:55 AM
11:31 AM
Greetings! o/
@JAD Is the shedding over?
11:59 AM
@Henders oh yeah, that was a picture of last week
it usually takes 1-2hours
12:52 PM
Ah, that's quick
1:37 PM
yeah, it just peels off
keep in mind that they are pretty vulnerable while they're in shed. At some point they're effectively blind and feel less. The shedding itself is quite intensive as well. All the rubbing to peel it off. It makes sense that it evolved to be as short as possible
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4:29 PM
Oh wow, our site theme just changed o.o
@Henders same here
5:27 PM
@JAD I heard some snakes become really irritable while in shed.
5:57 PM
a picture of my dog in the dark
for realz
that's what she looks like in the dark, she's black
this is here in the same video, I turned the car light on
lol was not sure if you were trolling us with solid black images lol
@JourneymanGeek I swear to God. that was a screenshot of what she looks like in the dark
Q: Dog randomly trying to lick pee

JessicaMy 3 year old non fixed male dog has randomly started to lick anything with dog urine on it his fixed 4 year old male dog brothers paws, penis, floor where he walks after coming in and trying to hump him. I left today and when i came home he has peed on his brothers face and the kitchen floor (be...

6:20 PM
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7:54 PM
@Magisch yep

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