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2:07 AM
@Bookworm Ballygullion in the HNQ
2:17 AM
@Mithical In my copy of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, I had put a marginal note by a passage saying "See p. 57". When I came upon this while re-reading the text a few months later, I turned to p. 57, but couldn't figure out the relevance of anything on that page to the passage I had marked.
I re-read the book often because I was teaching it:
> You're teaching *Jekyll and Hyde*? How's that going?
Oh, they're both quite bright, but I can never tell them apart.
I did eventually remember the connection I had made and forgotten, but it took me a bit.
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4:07 AM
Q: Did Tolkien invent Bilbo saving the Dwarves but forgetting about himself?

WastrelBear with me a moment. I was watching the James Bond parody "Our Man Flint" (1966) starring James Coburn. At the end, he puts all of his female companions into steel barrels and sends them into the sea off a cliff, so they will not be blown up when the whole island explodes. Then he realizes that...

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10:08 AM
@Bookworm In the HNQ, ez ushell
@Bookworm Gesturing toward the HNQ
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1:59 PM
Q: Gustave Flaubert about Alexander Pushkin

BrunoTommaso Landolfi wrote that Flaubert, speaking about Pushkin, told to Ivan Turgenev: "Il est plat, votre poète." What are the sources?

2:24 PM
@verbose Dr Jekyll doesn't remember what Mr Hyde did? :-P
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5:01 PM
Q: meaning of "As much as they came to revel in their pathos, they were far enough removed from the realms of..."

Viser HashemiIn any case, the two of them had come this far without either sitting in a church pew or passing through a temple gate. At length they had found peace through that simple blessing of nature: the balm of time. Even as they continued to suffer pangs of conscience on occasion, these increasingly see...

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7:52 PM
ooh! my short answer literature.stackexchange.com/a/26816/139 became HNQ!
I hope someone posts a better answer later
8:34 PM
Have any of the mathematicians here used Louis Leithold's The Calculus? (Is it still worth reading?) Or any of Serge Lang's numerous textbooks?
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11:14 PM
@Bookworm Did Tolkien invent the HNQ?
11:27 PM
@Bookworm «Il est HNQ, votre poète.»

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