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@Tsundoku Marathi has a similar distinction: If I say to you, आम्ही चाललोय aamhii chaal_loy, it means we (a group of two or more including me but not you) are going. आपण चाललोय aapaN chaal_loy, on the other hand, means we (a group of two or more including both me and you) are going. The other languages I speak don't make that distinction AFAIK.
> If foul air attends a sound,
To seek its source just turn around,
We learn this truth in barefoot youth,
And lose our fragrance, but gain couth.
(Jim Reynolds, first two lines)
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@Bookworm Emma and Henry in the HNQ
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@Mithical o/
@verbose \o
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Q: SF Book about Extreme Socialist Society with penalties for gifted people

Rohit GuptaI read this store some 10+ years ago. I am pretty confident that it was a short story. I have been through my collection a few times but I haven't been able to find it. It has sentences such as below. They are not verbatim, but they provide the gist of the content and tone. We are watching a...

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Hmm. I have another bookmark marking a question in Persuasion, but scanning through the page I can't remember what it is I wanted to ask...
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Q: Meaning of "ushel" in Willa Cather's short story "The Sculptor's Funeral"

Richard HevenerNear the beginning of "The Sculptor's Funeral," a character says, "Jim's ez full ez a tick, ez ushel.” Indeed, Jim does habitually drink to excess. Does "ushel" mean "himself"? If not, what does it mean? The heavy man turned on his heel without replying, and walked up the siding. The spare man s...

11:34 PM
Q: What is a Pillycoddian gesture?

nuggetheadFrom "Jo's Boys," by Louisa May Alcott... 'A true woman, and a born sailor's wife! You are a happy man, Emil, and I'm sure this trip will be a prosperous one,' cried Mrs Jo, delighted with the briny flavour of this courtship. 'Oh, my dear boy, I always felt you'd come back, and when everyone els...

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