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12:52 AM
Q: A book about a kid who has a magic baseball glove

Naftali BederI'm looking for a story that matches this description: A kid had a magic glove that could catch anything. He traded it away so that he could make a tunnel under his baseball field, to prevent a road from being built through the field. There was a magical creature who gave the kid the power to as...

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5:43 AM
@CDR You're fine. The user you're engaging with is problematic.
I don't understand the upvotes on this answer, which makes a claim that's left utterly unrelated to the text being asked about.
2 hours later…
7:20 AM
Q: What does "counteracting the sweets of poetical despondence" mean in "Persuasion"?

MithicalIn Jane Austen's Persuasion, when Anne and company are walking over to Winthrop, we are given this description along the way? Winthrop, however, or its environs—for young men are sometimes to be met with, strolling about near home—was their destination; and after another half mile of gradual asc...

7:54 AM
@Bookworm Fridays aren't usually great days for asking questions engagement-wise, but I've been way too busy the rest of the week :(
8:29 AM
Q: Who speaks in the last sentence of this passage? Is it the character or the narrator?

AminContext: Carol is a divorced woman from work that Carlyle (the protagonist) started seeing a few months after his wife had left him and the kids. Carlyle has not been successful in finding a good babysitter for the children. He is talking to Carol on the phone, telling her about what the new teen...


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