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Word of the day: Knittelvers
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12:53 PM
Q: I am trying to find a fairytable/fable/parable that I've read as child about a dog trying run to monastery ringing a bell

xiaodaiThe story goes like this, a dog hears the monastery ring a bell, which indicates that there will be food there. So he runs up the hill leading to the monastery. About half way there he hears another bell this time from a different monastery, so runs down the hill and runs up another hill that lea...

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5:03 PM
@Bookworm Pavlov's monastery.
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7:43 PM
Q: When was Hermann Hesse arrested for ‘seducing a young girl’?

user19904I’ve been reading ‘Autobiographical Writings’ by Hesse. In the writing ‘Life story briefly told’, there’s the following quote: “At the age of more than seventy, just after two universities had singled me out for honorary degrees, I was brought to trial for the seduction by magic of a young girl.”...

8:17 PM
Two jinxes in a row on the Hesse question...Clara and I answered at the same time, and Rand and I edited at the same time.
8:28 PM
Q: What is the meaning of the cabdriver's retort in Chandler's "The Long Goodbye"?

Organic MarbleIn Raymond Chandler's 1953 novel "The Long Goodbye" the following exchange occurs: I got into the taxi and we went the three-odd blocks to my parking lot and shifted to my car. I held out the five-spot to the hackie. He gave me a stiff look and shook his head. "Just what's on the meter, Jack, or...

8:43 PM
@CDR Third time will be the charm ;)

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