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5:37 AM
Why doesn't MTV allow identification questions, I wonder.
Q: Book entitled "History of pharmacological defeats"

Joselin JocklingsonI was wondering why there isn't any book entitled "History of pharmacological defeats" listing how many diseases and medical conditions were defeated through pharmacology, and science, perhaps also listing the most effective cases (and use cases). This could motivate students who wanted to engage...

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7:19 AM
Q: Book about smart girl who’s mother drowned in the ocean

LeekThis was a book I read in primary school and the only thing I remember about the cover was that it was pink. The story is about a girl who is smart and is moved up a grade but doesn’t fit into her class due to that. Her dad, I believe, was a garbage man and who, I think, ended up with her teacher...

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9:01 AM
Ah, we've forgotten to announce the Dec-Jan topic challenge - Ibsen?
@verbose That's a long and very complicated story, and pretty much everyone involved would probably give you an answer that's somehow politicised and tinged by their viewpoint on the issue. Here goes:
Originally M&TV allowed ID questions, but they always had quality issues, much more so than Lit or SFF - maybe because of the nature of the screen medium, people would remember more distinctive features of a book they've read but they might have just caught part of a film or TV series. The site spent years struggling with what quality measures to impose and how to avoid being drowned in bad questions.
A 2016 discussion on banning ID led to a strong community consensus not to do so. A 2017 "check in", "not intended as an outright vote to keep or ban such questions", led to a then-popular answer (it was the top-voted answer to the featured meta during Dec 2017) arguing to ban them. This was taken as community consensus and ...
... led to the ban on ID questions from 3 Jan 2018. The votes on those posts now, of course, tell their own story of how the broader community felt when they became aware after the New Year of what the meta-active subcommunity had decided, but there was no stopping that juggernaut, and now all the old ID questions on M&TV are either deleted or locked.
9:57 AM
@Randal'Thor IIUC Anime & Manga SE banned ID questions in 2016, so that probably redirected a bunch of low quality questions to Movies & TV as well.
(Of course some of them went to Sci Fi SE instead.)
@Bookworm I only recall one pair of books about a child whose mother died in the ocean (Kästner's) and this question clearly doesn't match that.
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@Randal'Thor wow, that's quite a story.
8:42 PM
@Bookworm HNQ
9:01 PM
@bobble Pffft haha!
Though that means a book like Old Yeller should be described as both heart-warming and heart-rending, and I can't quite imagine both of those terms being used in the same review.
9:32 PM
I assume the first two only apply when the dog and child don't die
Q: Which paperback Les Miserables edition that has firm pages, not flimsy, yet light?

Codelearner777I do not know if this post is appropriate here but here it is. I am basically looking for an edition of Les Miserables that has paper like The Alchemist and How to Win Friends & Influence People like in the pictures here, if available. The pages are not flimsy yet very light. I try to avoid the t...

10:05 PM
@user Ah, that's a set in north London statement
10:22 PM
"pretty much everyone involved would probably give you an answer that's somehow politicised and tinged by their viewpoint on the issue...so I'll do exactly that" ;-)

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