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2:18 AM
@verbose I'm not sue how to distinguish anymore. anyone famous will have a trace on the internet these days.
so both.
6 hours later…
7:50 AM
I read a Russian book about Du Fu, and it was amazingly interesting.
There's a series of Russian-language books, dating back a century, titled "The Lives of Interesting People", with each book describing somebody's life in great detail.
«Жизнь замеча́тельных люде́й» (акронимная форма заглавия — инициальная аббревиатура «ЖЗЛ», обиходное именование «жэзээлка») — серия художественно-биографических книг, рассчитанных на массовую аудиторию. Впервые выпускалась в 1890—1924 годах издательством Ф. Ф. Павленкова под тем же названием (всего вышло двести биографий, после 1900 года были только перепечатки). С тех пор предпринимались неоднократные попытки возродить издание, но осуществить это удалось лишь Максиму Горькому: начатая заново серия выпускалась в 1933—1938 годах «Журнально-газетным объединением» с нумерацией от единицы. После 1938...
Some of these books were authored by people who are very interesting and talented themselves.
8:34 AM
H'm for a couple months now Firefox has been failing to render non-Roman scripts correctly on some pages, including this one. Here's what @CowperKettle's latest looks like on my screen:
Renders fine in Safari but (stomping foot) I don't wanna use Safari!
2 hours later…
10:58 AM
@verbose This is odd.
I have Firefox, and it works fine with Russian fonts
2 hours later…
12:59 PM
Q: How can corruption be shown in the creation of middle class?

Ahmed SamirIn [Tomorrow's People], by Paul Morland, the author discusses the inequality of infant mortality within nations:- The worst countries have made the fastest progress, so the gap is closing at the international level. For example, the infant mortality rate in Malawi in 1950 was almost 150 per thou...

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4:26 PM
Q: What is this "flashforward" technique called?

TenSecondsI was reading The Elusive Samurai, a manga by Yusei Matsui, which is set in the XIV century in Japan. The author uses some kind of special "flashforward" in which the characters, mostly warlords, are pictured as normal people in a future, modern-day world. As an example, here's a scene in chapter...

5:16 PM
@Bookworm I don't think there's any way to make this on-topic - it's a non-literary question about a non-fiction work - but is there another SE site where it would fit better? It doesn't quite feel right for Politics or Economics, although I'm not a member of those sites so I don't know their scope exactly.
5:59 PM
Q: What's the significance of this sentence in the tale *Ladri in chiesa* by Alberto Moravia?

CharoThe tale Ladri in chiesa (Thefts in church) belongs to the book Racconti romani (Roman tales) by Alberto Moravia. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any translation to English of this short story. My question is about the following sentence, which appears in this story: Così tutti hanno ...


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