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2:27 AM
Q: Are romantic relationships where one character has fair skin and the other dark a theme of Ismat Chughtai's stories?

CDRI've been reading some short stories by Ismat Chughtai, where I've noticed a repeating motif of romantic relationships in which one person has light skin and the other has dark. The Veil: "At fourteen she became engaged to her mother's uncle. He was as dark as she was fair. [...] Her pale, silke...

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9:12 AM
Q: Why are titles written top to bottom on the side of English books, while they are written bottom to top on the side of French books?

edeboursettyI have a bunch of books in French and a bunch of books in English. I mix them all in my bookshelf. But it's very annoying because I have to tilt my head to the right to read English titles, and to the left to read French titles. I was wondering if there was any interesting story behind that diffe...

10:10 AM
@Bookworm One of the basic rules of ergonomics is that you should never speed read the titles of books on shelves, because if not all titles are oriented the same, you risk serious wiplash :-P
2 hours later…
12:15 PM
can I edit the title to say "spine" instead of "side", or should I just put that in the body?
12:25 PM
@b_jonas "spine" versus "side" doesn't seem to be a crucial aspect of the question, so edit away
in The Looking Glass, Oct 9, 2020 at 2:15, by Vikas
@b_jonas Sure. I've many doubts. I'll ask it on GDSE.
^ said they might ask a question about this, let me see if they did
Q: How do you decide the text direction when written in vertical direction?

VikasEvery other design for social media, I face this problem. I discussed this in room also. I came to know that different countries have different views. They also gave examples about book spine. Which I couldn't understand very well. Now I know it can be opinion based. But I also know this is a g...

^ there's a question, but not specifically about the text on book spines
1:20 PM
Doug Metzger's excellent Literature and History podcast has reached the early medieval period with an episode on Boethius and The Consolation of Philosophy
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2:41 PM
Q: Seeking origin and original wording of a quotation attributed to Shakespeare

HannoDuring a Pub quiz early this week, a Shakespeare quote emerged in German translation, and I am keen to know the original wording and the work it stems from, or if it is possibly part of his notes. This is my English translation of the line I heard in German: Do not bemoan what cannot be altered ...

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7:18 PM
Q: Where's Waldo-style picture book about a field trip time traveling to Ancient Egypt

MissMisinformationI read this book probably in the 1999-2001 range, as a library book. I don't recall the particular copy having notable wear or fading like it had been around for a long time. The 'plot' involved a modern class of schoolkids having a field trip unintentionally land in Ancient Egypt. There were sev...

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8:34 PM
Q: In George Meredith's "Ode to the Comic Spirit", what does "Thou guardian issue of the harvest brain !" mean?

Matthew Christopher BartshThe Internet Archive has in it's entirety J. B. Priestley's biography of George Meredith. On page 115 Priestley says that the first five lines of Meredith's "Ode to the Comic Spirit" are: Sword of Common Sense !— Our surest gift : the sacred chain Of man to man : firm earth for trust In st...

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