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12:15 AM
By the way, @verbose you and I are still the only people to use "deets" on Lit SE, and I only did it once. literature.stackexchange.com/search?q=deets
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3:37 AM
Q: Horror story from an Alfred Hitchcock anthology

user19275I recall reading a horror story about some type of mysterious thing in a swimming pool that menaced the main character. I can’t remember a lot of detail and not even sure I have the plot right but I seem to recall it was in an Alfred Hitchcock paperback anthology from the seventies.

2 hours later…
5:40 AM
@bobble Oh interesting. Strobby has also used it just the once. H’m I wonder why. It’s a useful locution, methinks, and I find tl;dr followed by deets a useful way to structure ping answers. Ah well. It might not be a real word but I shall use it irregardless.
*long answers.
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6:52 AM
@verbose has once again pulled ahead of @MattThrower and is now sandwiched between two mods in the reputation leagues :-)
2 hours later…
8:36 AM
@Randal'Thor Been a bit preoccupied as I've been put up for redundancy from my day job, although I've been sure to be here to mod stuff. Besides, I've got no hope of keeping up with @verbose long term :)
@MattThrower Oh, sorry to hear that :-/
(the redundancy part)
Q: In Jean Webster's Daddy Long-legs, why did the protagonist, say such a rude thing about her benefactor?

Yuuichi Tam Dear Daddy-Long-Legs, I love college and I love you for sending me—I'm very, very happy, and so excited every moment of the time that I can scarcely sleep. You can't imagine how different it is from the John Grier Home. I never dreamed there was such a place in the world. I'm feeling sorry for e...

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12:27 PM
Q: Help me to understand this description

Seulgi So A swathe of flax-white hair protruded from a twist of felt, and underneath was something not quite true. Exquisite bone hid under delicate faintly painted flesh, each tone subtly emphasising and leading up to the wide eyes, lighter than Scandinavian blue and deeper than Saxon grey. I found this...

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7:11 PM
Q: What is the "love-god's string" in Sarojini Naidu's "A Song in Spring"?

MithicalSarojini Naidu's "A Song in Spring" begins like this: Wild bees that rifle the mango blossom, Set free awhile from the love-god's string, Wild birds that sway in the citron branches, Drunk with the rich, red honey of spring, In the first half of that stanza, the "wild bees" are "set free" from ...

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9:27 PM
@Bookworm A twist of HNQ.

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