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1:59 AM
ngl, rather delighted i was able to get on a tolkien question
should probably go through the unanswered tolkien questions and see what i can do
2 hours later…
4:19 AM
Q: What does "the firmament of the body" mean?

Searl93 Many dictionaries define "the firmament" as the sky. OK But I don't understand the word "the firmament of the body" at all. What does it mean..?

16 hours later…
8:43 PM
@AudenYoung I think an interesting answer could be written for this question:
Q: What exactly did the hobbits eat in the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring when journeying for many days?

M. BurrowesNear the very end of the first part, it's mentioned that they now only have "old bread and dried fruit" left of their food, having wandered around for many days in the nothingness outside of Hobbit Land. However, there are no other descriptions at all of their food "out in the field" that I can r...

Tolkien is usually good at making his logistics plausible, like distances travelled on foot or horse, numbers of troops and how long they can be supported in the field, but the fellowship's food supply is a notable lacuna, and it would be interesting to explore the possible reasons why the author nodded

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