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2:28 PM
Q: In Seamus Heaney's North, why are the Viking's voices lifted ‘in violence and epiphany’?

Esther KennethIt would also be great if you explain on the meaning of the words 'violence' and 'epiphany' in the context of the poem. Thank you

3 hours later…
5:33 PM
Q: Looking for a children's book about math, numbers, and puzzles

MatthiasI remember when I was a child or young teen (~late 90s / 2000s) I had two books that were illustrated in a cartoon style. One covered math topics like the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, googol. The other wasn't math related, but I remember reading about Zen, specifically that money rolls o...

5:45 PM
If I want to ask a question about The Bourne Supremacy, what should I name the series tag? And would said series tag apply to either of the previous Ludlum questions, both of which sprang from Bourne novels?
1 hour later…
7:13 PM
@bobble Following Wikipedia, which calls it the "Bourne series", I would name the tag . Compare , etc.
@GarethRees some people also refer to the first three books as the "Bourne Trilogy"; all the latter ones are by different authors
1 hour later…
8:38 PM
@bobble I think making distinction is important, but might be confusing to have both?
1 hour later…
9:50 PM
@bobble It seems doubtful to me that we will get so many questions that someone following the tag would be unable to pick out the subset
10:00 PM
Got it, thanks
10:51 PM
Q: What does Bourne mean by thinking "geometrically" during the post-Victoria Peak debrief?

bobbleAfter the fighting in the Victoria Peak house, Bourne talks to a few government people; they trade information, insights, and heated remarks about the events which brought them there. At one point he mentions thinking "geometrically" but doesn't explain: "It is if he didn't expect him to walk ou...


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