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4:06 AM
@verbose can I condemn this man to slavery
slavery is bad
There was this one time when some salesman accosted me and said, "Excuse me, sir, could I entice you with a bondage contract?" Startled, I said, "what?!" and he said, "Would you like to sign up for cell service with Vonage?"
I mean, that was so less interesting when I realized that I'd merely misheard
2 hours later…
5:50 AM
@verbose That story sounds like a stand-up comedy line.
'sall true
@Tsundoku Never kill a spammer from behind a curtain. It might turn out to be Polonius.
@Randal'Thor I remember being very confused when I was first told that Hamlet stabbed Polonius through the arras.
6:38 AM
Q: Why do Ayn Rand's novels present specific, real things in a context designed to make them appear frivolous or ridiculous?

Ren Eh DaycartI will give only two examples. If anybody considers it necessary to see more than two examples, then it should be possible to find more examples. The first example is in Atlas Shrugged, chapter 3 "Anti-Greed" of part 3 "A is A." (It seems that page numbering isn't standardized for the various pr...

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9:11 AM
@Randal'Thor It's curtains for those spammers anyhow.
5 hours later…
2:07 PM
Reading Audre Lorde's poems is a bit of a surreal experience.
@verbose People hear what they want to hear. (:
Q: What is going on in the first stanza of Audre Lorde's "Never to Dream of Spiders"?

MithicalThe first half of the first stanza of Audre Lorde's "Never to Dream of Spiders" goes like this: Time collapses between the lips of strangers my days collapse into a hollow tube soon implodes against now like an iron wall All four of these lines indicate that the narrator feels like time is out ...

Q: What are all the love stories referred to in chapter 2 of Mem and Zin?

Rand al'ThorI'm reading online Salah Saadalla's translation of the Kurdish classic Mem and Zin. The early chapters are not even part of the main story: two chapters addressed to God, two to the prophet Mohammed, two about the Kurdish nation, and then a prologue. But even these contain some interesting conten...

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3:32 PM
I was having a depression attack this morning so I made a list of all the profile spammers with user ID numbers >12k .
12009, 12010, 12018, 12019, 12020, 12042, 12043, 12059, 12063, 12064, 12066, 12069, 12071, 12072, 12167, 12443, 12464, 12569, 12629
let's see if the tsundoku can eat all that spam at once :)
Gareth made a query that's pretty good at finding spammers - I used to feed the Puzzling ones to Rubio. Let's see if I can find it
(also, Bhargav Rao was running a chatbot that finds spammy profiles as they're created, but I can't access the room anymore without a diamond)
quite a few of the ones I had there don't have About Me links, just keywords and company names and links in the Website field etc.
and I quite literally made it by going down the list of Autobiographer 1-rep users
4:21 PM
huh, not sure why this got a downvote
5 hours later…
9:17 PM
Possibly relevant to our discussion of what kinds of non-fiction are on-topic.

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