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1:51 AM
@Tsundoku I think so.
@Spagirl I went to Catholic school in India. I am not, and have never been, Catholic, and went there simply because they afforded better education than most other schools (though going to Catholic schools enabled me to attend the US's premier Catholic university on false pretenses—I think I got in only because they assumed I was Catholic, given my school transcripts). Point being, my school chose not to have a house system ...
... even though comparable Catholic schools (relatively) nearby did have them, because our principal and trustees felt that house systems fostered too much competitiveness and infighting, and they'd rather have the students feel like part of a single entity.
Dunno whether that actually makes sense, it's not as though my friends who went to schools that had house systems don't have pride in their schools as well as their houses
@bobble thanks! Will take a look later (though I'm super tired, I think as a side effect of the jab I got early this morning ...)
2:13 AM
@bobble may I have comment privs on said doc?
2:29 AM
@bobble I downvoted Standback's answer and upvoted Gallifreyan's to this question so that the consensus and the top answer are now aligned: yes, keep title tags and author tags; for series, keep only series tags instead of individual title tags. So 'doku's and Randolph's answers to this question are now fine to cite as the source for that practice.
2:44 AM
@verbose you'll need to request access, using a Google account.
@bobble oh k
Also, to see the Q&A properly formatted you can copy-paste it as if you were asking a question.
3:02 AM
you should have access now
3:28 AM
@bobble thanks!
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4:44 AM
Why did @PeterShor delete this answer? It's a good answer!
4:55 AM
Q: Why does Sir Harry like Matthias's poem and not Basil's?

bobbleIn Mattimeo, Chapter 29, the rescuers' party encounters Sir Harry, an owl who speaks in poetry for much of his dialogue. For one example, this is how he introduces himself: "Why, pray, do you suppose? I'm master of poetry and prose, No equal have I in field or wood, No creature a smidgeon, a fra...

5:05 AM
o\ zzz
5:33 AM
@Spagirl Ah, I didn't know that. In my defence, I didn't say that it's only public schools that have House systems :-)
I think JKR was state-school-educated? Dunno if her school(s) had a House system.
@Spagirl Ah OK. It's been a long time since I was there.
1 message moved from Twitter Control Room
@verbose I think you posted in the Twitter Control Room by mistake? Unless you wanted to ask him on Twitter why he deleted his answer.
@Randal'Thor oops sorry. Thanks for fixing!
@bobble There were a lot of overlapping tag discussions on meta during 2017; sometimes policies emerged from threads that were later closed as duplicates, or the voting patterns later changed. That question, asked in January, was closed in August as a dupe of a question asked in May, but during those months we'd already established a practice of using series tags not individual-work tags.
The top answer says "If a book is a part of series, where each work is closely related to previous, have only series tags." The second answer advocates against using individual-book tags at all. The fourth answer is mine and is ... pretty much what we've done in practice?
@bobble I'll have a look later today. Even before looking at it, though, thanks for your hard work!
2 hours later…
7:26 AM
Q: What does "he’s looking between Charlie and Jules" mean here?

Pasta AddictI would like to know what "he’s looking between Charlie and Jules" means in the following sentences: ‘So Charlie boy,’ Johnno says, ‘tell us. How did you two first meet?’ I think at first he means Charlie and I. Then I realise he’s looking between Charlie and Jules. Right. ‘A millions years ago ...

Q: Is there a term for epic poetry’s detailed, successive introductions of multiple characters?

IglooMasterI’ve noticed a topos in a few epic poems I’ve read where a long list of characters is given, each receiving practically a paragraph of description. In The Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes, Jason’s crew members are introduced like this. In Book 7 of the Aeneid of Virgil, the soldiers going to w...

7:47 AM
Q: What does "A millions years ago" mean here?

Pasta AddictI would like to know what "A millions years ago" means in the following sentences: ‘So Charlie boy,’ Johnno says, ‘tell us. How did you two first meet?’ I think at first he means Charlie and I. Then I realise he’s looking between Charlie and Jules. Right. ‘A millions years ago . . .’ Jules says....

Q: What does "It was my summer job" mean here?

Pasta AddictI would like to know what "It was my summer job" means in the following sentences: ‘So Charlie boy,’ Johnno says, ‘tell us. How did you two first meet?’ I think at first he means Charlie and I. Then I realise he’s looking between Charlie and Jules. Right. ‘A millions years ago . . .’ Jules says....

Q: What does "Jules flicks him with champagne from her glass. ‘Oi!’" mean here?

Pasta AddictI would like to know what "Jules flicks him with champagne from her glass. ‘Oi!’" means in the following sentences: ‘And he seemed so grown-up,’ Jules says, heedless of the interruption. She touches Charlie’s arm, proprietary. ‘When you’re sixteen, eighteen seems so much older. I was shy.’ ‘That...

8:17 AM
Q: What does "that public schoolboy polish" mean here?

Pasta AddictI would like to know what "that public schoolboy polish" means in the following sentences: ‘Yup,’ Will says. ‘We were at school together.’ I’m surprised. The other men have that public schoolboy polish, while Johnno seems rougher – no cut-glass accent. ‘Trevellyan’s,’ Femi says. ‘It was like tha...

Q: In Effi Briest, what is the meaning and significance of a "wide field"?

Rand al'ThorI noticed a similar phrase recurring twice in the conversation between Effi's parents in Chapter V of Theodor Fontane's Effi Briest, which I'm reading online: Miss Hulda had clinked her glass too hard against Lieutenant Nienkerk's. "Of course, half asleep and always has been, and lying under the...

8:50 AM
@Bookworm whoa, an accept in seven minutes.
> Barbarians are sometimes known to refer to these as epic catalogs.
Fighting words much?
1 hour later…
9:53 AM
@Bookworm Das ist ein weites Feld. But I'll answer the question anyway ;-)
10:17 AM
@verbose I suspect because they belatedly realised that the OP had specifically ruled out the Spectrism movement in comments, on a number of grounds.
10:42 AM
@verbose ‘who have’ isn’t much of a toast? Slàinte!
10:59 AM
@Spagirl oh it’s more my typical question. “Awright, who have the Scotch? Gimme.”
11:21 AM
Q: What's the meaning of "catching or missing something" in this sentence from "A Stoic" by John Galsworthy?

avxI'm translating a novel by John Galsworthy, A Stoic, written at the beginning of the XX century (full text on Project Gutenberg), and I've come across a sentence I’m finding quite tricky to understand: The crowded street had all that prosperous air of catching or missing something which characte...

12:09 PM
@verbose You do understand that JKR said that in 2007, right?
With all the talk of Tags; I notice that none of the tags included in the welcome panel over there~~~~> exist any more. Should someone do something about that?
Or have I misunderstood what those apparent tags are? Anyway, they all go to 404s.
@verbose I'm expecting that to go HNQ when it's eligible.
@Spagirl None of them were ever tags on the main site AFAIK. I'm not really sure why tags are needed for a chatroom (maybe to indicate the main topics of the room, or the site?) but the ones here are more jokes than real site tags. BESW added them way back when he was RO here.
Oh, I suppose chatroom tags would make sense if a side room splintered off specifically for discussion of or or whatever.
12:39 PM
@Randal'Thor fair enough, it just seems odd to have links that don’t go anywhere. If they are just ‘words indicating things we might talk about’, why do they have the appearance of dead tags?
@Spagirl When editing a chatroom description, we can enter "tags" which automatically render as (and link to) main-site tags, even if those don't exist and give dead links.
room topic changed to The Reading Room: Welcome to chat for literature.stackexchange.com — Read any good books lately? [authors] [stories] [these-aren't-real-tags] [💧🚢⬇️🐇]
1:09 PM
@Randal'Thor Sigh, yet another aspect of this place that I’ll never understand. Heigh ho. Thanks for filling me in.
1:53 PM
@Randal'Thor room tags make far more sense on SO, where rooms are actually for communities that are divided up by tag.
Well, we could also create room tags that make sense both here and on the main site, e.g. , , , .
And then add as a 404. It is actually the title of a play.
Not to be confused with Death's End, which is a novel.
2:09 PM
Q: Why was Fontane's copy of Thackeray's Vanity Fair confiscated by English customs?

TsundokuWhen Theodor Fontane travelled to London in September 1855, the three volumes of his copy of William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair were confiscated by customs. As far as I can tell, Vanity Fair was not censored or prohibited in England; for example, there is nothing in the Wikipedia article a...

@Bookworm Apologies for getting in only two genitives. Perhaps rephrase as "Customs' reasons for confiscating Fontane's copies of Thackeray's Vanity Fair"?
4 hours later…
5:45 PM
@Randal'Thor As indeed it did.
4 hours later…
9:52 PM
@b_jonas Yes, safely after the last book in the series had been published.
@Tsundoku Yup, you could have had "England's custom authorities' confiscation of Fontane's copy of Thackeray's Vanity Fair
@Randal'Thor I guess I should learn more about the HNQ algo. I know only that if a question and its answer(s) get multiple upvotes within a certain time of the question's being posted, it could end up on HNQ. But I didn't know, for example, that there are other eligibility requirements.
And until fairly recently I thought the question needed multiple upvoted answers to become HNQ
The HNQ algorithm is different from the "Hot" tab algorithm
it's confusing
Q: Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

CatijaSome of you may have noticed that we've been making some changes to the Hot Network Questions on the back end over the last week or so. I'm here announcing our first round of changes to how the HNQ works and give you some ideas of why we're starting here and where we're planning to go in the futu...

@bobble yeah I didn't even know about the "hot" tab until we had that discussion about @Spagirl's meta question going "hot". At first I thought Randolph meant it had gone HNQ and I was confused because I didn't understand how a meta question could go HNQ
Meta questions go on the HMQ (Hot Meta Questions) :)
A: What are the criteria for questions to be selected for Hot Network Questions?

David FullertonBasically the same formula used to select the questions shown in the "hot" tab on a site. We have a few tweaks: Successive questions from the same site are penalized by increasing amounts. So, the first question from SO in the list gets multiplied by 1.0, the second by 0.98, the third by 0.96, ...

algorithm for HNQ
HNQ = "Hey, Nice Question!" (says the network visitor)
@Bookworm This'll probably go HNQ too, when Tsundoku and I are asleep.
10:19 PM
@Randal'Thor It did go HNQ
1 hour later…
11:21 PM
@Bookworm @bobble @Tsundoku needs ?
11:32 PM
hm leaning towards "no", because the confiscating can be entirely separate from formal censorship
@bobble Oh I thought you were leaning toward "no" because you didn't think Tsundoku needs censorship. (I agree with you there; his well-attested Victorian sensibilities cause him to self-censor enough already.)

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