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12:01 AM
@Tsundoku oh, interesting. I found it really fun to read. Of course for me Vasco da Gama was someone we spent time studying in school, so I felt a connection to the story. And maybe that has to do with the translations we read? I haven't compared the Penguin translation to the Oxford one in detail but the Oxford one is well done on the whole.
I'm not sure the tag excerpt for is accurate to how it is used:
> Questions about determining and representing the meter of a poem, a practice called scansion.
While some questions with the tag are simply asking for a meter/scansion (example, example), some are about meter as a concept (example, example). Should the latter sort of question be retagged, or should the excerpt be updated, or something else?
(All questions taken from near the top of the "Newest Questions" page for , to represent current usage)
@Tsundoku Sir Walter Raleigh wrote The History of the World while in prison awaiting execution.
@bobble Is this a topic that should be discussed on meta and not just chat?
... bobble promises no more tag questions today
@bobble both, I think
12:39 AM
@bobble well, is messed up anyway. It makes no sense to count feet and then express the result in meters. Like, iambic dimeter is two feet, which is 1.28 feet short of an actual meter.
I'm sad I missed saying hi to @Sciborg when they were here earlier today.
If you're comfortable going to a different chatroom, Sciborg + Graylocke + North + I chat in The Grove on a semi-regular basis :)
Thanks! Who's Graylocke?
Another friend, from Puzzling. They're part of our D&D group.
If you want to read the D&D sessions, they're here: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/118089/…
12:55 AM
I'ven't ever played D&D. My late husband used to, occasionally. Our dream was to go to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend so he could attend Dragoncon and I'd attend the underground equivalent, Dungeoncon. Never happened, alas.
Did he have a problem showing up on time?
@bobble No, he was typically very punctual. I'm Mr Late, he's Late Mr.
5 hours later…
5:38 AM
Just came across this meta question and was thinking perhaps we need a tag.
6 hours later…
11:38 AM
@verbose I was thinking about your proposed rewording of the proposed audience-specific texts for the recommendation close reason. (I've been giving it a few days before editing it into my answer, in case more tweaks come up on that new meta post.)
> Such questions lack definitive answers, making them unsuitable for our site.
Do we want to say this? Many literary-analysis questions lack definitive answers: an interpretation can be given, and backed up with evidence from the text, but often it can't be proved more correct than any other interpretation.
I deliberately avoided phrases like "can accept many subjectively-correct answers", which could apply to some analysis questions too, in the texts explaining why recommendation questions are off-topic.
Having a definitive answer and being able to demonstrate a definitive answer are two different things. The former is what determines questions’ suitability.
List questions are easier than analysis questions with regard to the latter, but the underlying concept is the same.
2 hours later…
1:38 PM
I would avoid saying "Such questions lack definitive answers, making them unsuitable for our site." for the same reasons that Rand al'Thor has given. We have "open-ended" in the suggested usage guidance but not yet in the suggested post-owner guidance.
@verbose And there are many other meanings of meter.
@verbose I don't think it has to do with the translation, or at least not primarily. It's mainly the content: the Portuguese being the greatest warriors ever, the sense of entitlement to the subjugation of other peoples, the Christians-good-everyone-else-bad point of view, the mixture of ancient gods and Christianity, the neverending lists of Portuguese heroes: these would be bearable in isolation, but the combination of all these was just too much for me.
2:23 PM
@verbose that would be because I bumped it for a tag edit :)
2 hours later…
4:12 PM
@Bookworm The OP deleted the Maupassant question, even though that was totally unnecessary. It had two reopen votes when it was deleted.
Q: Identification of a short story by Maupassant

BazinIn a short story by Maupassant, a young man is upset by the past infidelities of his mistress, a rather paradoxical situation since he came much later after the infidelities (and somehow benefited himself from them). I would like to identify that short story.

@Tsundoku undelete votes requested?
4:35 PM
You can try, but since the question is probably no longer in any queues, I don't know whether that will work.
5:02 PM
@Tsundoku I believe users with deleting privileges can see recent posts with pending delete/undelete votes from the Review dashboard, even though there is no specific queue.
Mostly correct - it's in the delete tab in the 10k tools, not review
5:53 PM
Ah, right. The question now has two undelete votes.
6:13 PM
Should the meta-comments for the Klipspringer question (that is, ones discussing why it should be closed, helping the author edit it into an acceptable form, and discussing why it should be reopened) be deleted now that the question has been edited & reopened? It shall they be left for posterity?
7:03 PM
@Mithical The link to Tools is on the Review page though, no?
@bobble I deleted the ones that were just about its closure and reopening, and left the ones that had some information about the actual question.
@Tsundoku Sorted.
@Alex Yes, but I'd wager most reviewers never bother to click there.
I was checking it more often but it's a pretty boring page for such a small site
"Top-voted questions, you say? I know those, I edited/commented/voted on them"
"Recent close reasons? Uh, I saw all of these already"
There's always something fun in the "recent close reasons" section on SFF.
Hey, it's Puzzling's Gareth!
What brings you here?
> I’m voting to close this question because it's an obsession with nipples
> I'm voting to close this question because what?
> I'm voting to close this question as unclear what OP is smoking.
7:15 PM
@Randal'Thor what was the OP smoking?
7:33 PM
@Randal'Thor Sargeant Shadwell would like to know your location
7:47 PM
@bobble In a few months I will be ready to dump 95 questions. That might spice things up ;-)
s/I a/In a
I know what she sed ;-)
OK, let's not get upsed.
@Bookworm Still not sure about those infidelities.
7:57 PM
I tried searching for some likely keywords in Project Gutenberg's collection of Maupassant short stories (even though it includes some from Richepin etc.)
By the way, I have a few more Effi Briest questions coming up.
Good. Those are not yet verboten.
@Randal'Thor See how many sentences you can construct that say “Most [category of users] never do [appropriate action].”
@Randal'Thor, a meta-meta reference for here?
@Alex Most Alexes never do pedantfests.
In fact, I only know one that does.
8:05 PM
@Randal'Thor I’m not entirely sure what a pedantfest is, but it certainly sounds like fun.
@Tsundoku why?
@bobble "a few more Effi Briest questions coming up"
@Tsundoku An easy one to begin with, then something which might require a bit more in-depth understanding of the characters/story, then something which probably has a lot of significance through the book.
@Tsundoku But why bobble?
Because she asked whether that was a [meta-meta-]reference.
@bobble Thanks, added.
(how many per-site metas are you following?)
8:10 PM
Puzzling's, Literature's, and RPG's consistently; other sites whenever I happen to pass by. My browser autocompletes "scifi" to the meta site and not main, so I end up passing through the meta whenever I want to check out main-site.
8:33 PM
Q: What are the "torch dance" and "garter dance", in 19th-century Germany?

Rand al'ThorFrom Theodor Fontane's Effi Briest, which I'm reading online, during the wedding of Effi and Innstetten in Chapter V: The dancing had continued till three o'clock, with the effect that Briest, who had been gradually talking himself into the highest pitch of champagne excitement, had made various...

2 hours later…
10:13 PM
Update on unanswered questions: "1,090 questions with no upvoted or accepted answers". Still a lot more than 1066.
You're making me want to skip homework to work on my Sexophonists answer :)
But I shall not... homework is important...
We don't need to get to 1066 today. 1066 is history, not urgent business :-)
By the way, did you know that the saxophone was invented by a Belgian?
It had to begin somewhere, and it makes sense that somewhere was with a "la" :)

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