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9:37 AM
@MattThrower Heh, enjoy the holiday :-) Happy new year in advance!
@bobble, wonder if you'd be interested in writing a very short review of Watership Down (or anything else) for One Minute Reviews, Lit.SE's Tumblr page?
I'm also thinking to create a meta post about that Tumblr page, feature it occasionally, and update the title every time there's a new post. (Inspired by SFF.) Might help to draw attention and raise awareness that this site even has a blog/Tumblr.
💧🚢 ⬇️ 🐇
10:22 AM
@verbose rofl
Would you be interested in writing review(s) there too? As long as they're not too verbose to be one-minute reviews :-P
10:39 AM
If I ever finish that wretched Ur-Hamlet answer, perhaps 😐
2 hours later…
12:34 PM
Apparently I have a thing for asking questions that inspire people to spend long periods of time writing up massive answers.
Apr 30 at 12:51, by DVK-on-Ahch-To
Although, I STILL owe a 30K long overly epic answer to Rand on SFF for "Night Watch" series timeline
Apr 30 at 12:52, by DVK-on-Ahch-To
for like 4 years running now iirc
Well, the Ur-Hamlet answer is nearly done (another day or so, I think). But I'm reasonably sure that it's too long to be useful. It covers too much ground. The idea of asking a series of questions, self-answering them, and just providing links to those other answers in the answer to your q seems more sensible.
Q: "It was wonderfully made" - meaning?

John VI would like to know what the first sentence means (from a story, it is a description of a hornet): It was wonderfully made, both before and behind. Its wings were folded upon its terrible body.

2 hours later…
2:35 PM
@verbose Would it help if I edit my question to be more narrow and leave room for some others to follow up? Nobody's answered it yet, so I wouldn't be invalidating anyone's answers.
My original idea was actually to ask something narrower, along the lines of "when was it realised that this Lodge line indicated the existence of an Ur-Hamlet". But then I realised that question assumes a lot which might not be true, and risks turning into an X-Y problem inviting frame challenges, so I deliberately made it broader.
3:29 PM
@bobble I posted another Watership Down question (I actually have an answer to this one, but would be happy to be beaten to it)
3:48 PM
Q: What is King Darzin?

Rand al'ThorOne of the El-ahrairah stories told in Watership Down features someone called King Darzin, but it's not clear what sort of animal (or even human?) he's supposed to be. Now, King Darzin ruled over the biggest and richest of the animal cities in the world at that time. His soldiers were very fierc...

4:17 PM
@Randal'Thor I can certainly try, but I have trouble with quantifying feelings so any star rating would be arbitrary.
(also, darn I still have to finish off some clues for North's puzzle)
4:56 PM
@bobble Eh, stars aren't strictly necessary IMO.
waits for that message to get starred
5:16 PM
@Tsundoku Do you think we should use or as a tag name? The English Wikipedia page is entitled Os Lusíadas, but it says the work is "usually translated as The Lusiads". On this site we usually use the English translation for the tag name, but why does Wikipedia use the Portuguese name?
4 hours later…
9:10 PM
@Randal'Thor Based on current practice, should be the main tag, with as a synonym.
@Tsundoku k, that's what I guessed, but wanted to check with you since you probably know a lot more about the work. (E.g. if it had been published in English under the original title Os Lusiadas, that would've explained the Wikipedia titling and could've been an argument for us to have as the primary tag.)
I haven't been able to find an English translation that uses only the Portuguese title.
9:33 PM
Suddenly, The Lusiads has raced to the top of the list of suggestions, currently with 6 votes. I have added two English translations to the description.

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