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5:49 AM
@Randal'Thor Thank you! Turns out there's even a shiny badge!
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3:16 PM
Q: Best Questions & Answers from 2nd Quarter of 2019

Rand al'ThorHere's the latest installment in what's now becoming a grand old tradition of gathering some particularly good Literature Q&A in order to get some easily available links to show off to people. Since Literature has a community-run Twitter account, one use for this post will be to gather links for...

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4:25 PM
Q: Did William Shakespeare hide things in his writings?

Mr PieMy apologies if this is the wrong Q&A site to ask the following question. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken. I was reading Shakespeare's third sonnet, and I noticed something funny. I am going to put in bold all the capital letters in the sonnet itself. Sonnet III When fo...

4:50 PM
@Bookworm tag badge incoming for @ChristopheStrobbe shortly ...
5:25 PM
Q: Was the N.I.C.E. director modelled on H. G. Wells?

Rand al'ThorWikipedia claims that the character of Horace Jules in C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength - ostensibly the Director and boss of the N.I.C.E. organisation, in reality a figurehead manipulated by those truly in the know - was in part a caricature of H. G. Wells However, the reference for th...

5:45 PM
Q: Was Edmund in the Narnia series loosely related to Edmund in King Lear?

EJoshuaSIn King Lear, Edmund, resentful of his inferior status to his older brother, betrays his family and frames his brother as a traitor. This strikes me as not being at all unlike what Edmund does in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Is there any evidence of an inspiration, or is the resemblance...

6:24 PM
@Randal'Thor Yep, Shakespeare hid a very important message in his work, namely that he was actually Christopher Marlowe. Or was it Edward de Vere? Or Bacon? Or Queen Elisabeth? I always get confused.
Those theories about hidden messages in Shakespeare's works remind me of Cornelis De Jager's cyclosophy, a parody on pseudoscientific belief in numerology.
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8:28 PM
@Bookworm Oh good lord, this has gone HNQ.
The current answers are OK but not great. Someone should really post a more exemplary one - maybe @ChristopheStrobbe?
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11:15 PM
I'm surprised - how come there isn't a comic/cartoon se?
Does it fall under scifi for comic books and literature for cartoon strips?
11:26 PM
Q: Why does Linus say "I think you finished it" to Sally in this Sunday strip?

NorthSo in December 22nd, 1985, Charles Schulz made this following Christmas themed Sunday panel featuring Linus and Sally. Linus is reading Sally the second chapter of the Book of Luke (from the Bible), and makes a remark about how King Augustus is near-forgotten while Jesus has an entire holiday ded...


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