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2:50 AM
Q: "The South" by Jorge Luis Borges

Tj WWhat are some of the differences and similarities between the book "The South" and the movie? The book is about Juan Dahlmann with his accident. I know that the cat is in different places, that the accidents are different, and there is a fight in the movie. But does anyone know any other differen...

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11:09 AM
@Mithrandir You're Feeds?
I noticed we have and , and I'm not entirely sure what the distinction is and whether we need both, because, at least currently, the usage guidance for both is more or less the same
> Questions about adaptations of works of literature to a different medium or a different literary genre, or adaptations of works in other media (e.g. film) as works of literature.
> Questions related to adaptations of literary works. Adaptations can be other works of literature, or works in other media, such as film or song.
^ respectively
12:08 PM
@Gallifreyan heh
No, I forgot that I was signed into the StackLiterature account on Twitter, and retweeted that... causing it to show up here.
@Gallifreyan Those can probably be merged.
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2:35 PM
@Gallifreyan One might wish to distinguish between questions about a specific adaptation () and questions that compare specific adaptations (typically of the same work; ). I have not checked whether the current question use the tags in this way.
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4:41 PM
Q: Why do Poles like dachshunds so much?

Sara WilonskiI read somewhere that Poles like dachshunds a lot. I was wondering if that was true or if I could get more background info on it.

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6:14 PM
@ChristopheStrobbe the former tag has only two questions, and the second can freely be changed to the latter tag, imho: literature.stackexchange.com/questions/3463/…
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7:29 PM
Q: Please explain the following opening lines of Gwendolyn Brooks' poem "Riot"

BeatsMeJohn Cabot, out of Wilma, once a Wycliffe, all whitebluerose below his golden hair, wrapped richly in right linen and right wool, almost forgot his Jaguar and Lake Bluff; Here's the full poem: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/51835/riot

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9:51 PM
Book Depository has some significant discounts at the moment, I'm impressed

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