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2:51 AM
Q: What might have Syme been thinking when he was captured?

OrwellLegendI understand that Syme was vaporised because he overthought the concept of the newspeak, but would he have doubted his mentality when eventually being imprisoned because of it?

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3:52 AM
Q: Uplift question from a uplift newb

Abraham RayHaving only read the only “nonfiction “ book of the series: how exactly does the various species go around uplifting there client races anyway? I put the tags that I did because I couldn’t find any that actually made sense for this question.

4:04 AM
@Mithrandir That is a good book :)
6:28 AM
@Ash it's been on my TBR list for like three years
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12:01 PM
@Mithrandir Congrats on hitting 8k rep, btw :-)
I'd like to promote this new answer to an old question for more votes.
No offence to DukeZhou or akr, but Christophe's answer is more exhaustive and should really be the highest-voted.
Another nice new answer to an old migrated question. I hope the OP will consider changing the acceptance.
(Ooh, comment purge.)
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1:16 PM
As we near the end of the month, someone should cast a deciding vote between Elif Şafak and the Kalevala for September's topic challenge.
(I posted the Şafak proposal, and I'm not reversing my upvote on the Kalevala.)
1:47 PM
@Randal'Thor I've already upvoted the Kalevala, because it's a great work, but I don't really have any question about it appropriate for the site. But wait... wasn't there already a question I was supposed to answer? Here or on another SE site?
Ah yes, literature.stackexchange.com/q/6754/139 . Let me get Rácz Béla's postface.
@b_jonas Maybe some of us Kalevala noobs can ask the questions for that challenge and you'll be able to answer them :-)
@Randal'Thor Maybe. But I won't be able to give really good answers.
I enjoy the Kalevala, but I don't really understand it.
I'm not sure if @heather (who proposed that challenge) has also read the Kalevala or just would like to.
Maybe andejons is an expert on the Kalevala as well as Norse literature.
2:16 PM
in Twitter Control Room, 2 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
How often did Dickens change the ending of his books? https://literature.stackexchange.com/q/1065/17?stw=2 Help solve this unanswered question #Dickens #CharlesDickens | CC @DickensMuseum @DickensSays @DickensFellowHQ
This seems like a question that'd be very easy if the right person sees it.
2:29 PM
@Randal'Thor #DahlsChickens
Dec 2 '17 at 19:56, by Rand al'Thor
Or of course by Farles Wickens with four M's and a silent Q.
3:16 PM
I upvoted both Elif Şafak and the Kalevala, so I hope someone else will cast an extra vote.
A: Where do the events take place in "Afternoon of an Author" by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Rand al'ThorThe story is set in Baltimore. Just for reference, here's the text of the short story, entitled "Esquire" (from the Afternoon of an Author collection) and dated to August 1936. The biggest chunk of information about the story's setting comes near the beginning: "Yes, I certainly need to ge...

I looove researching real-location questions.
I bought Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber yesterday. There are six discussion questions for reading groups at the back of the book.
How often did Dickens change the ending of his books? https://literature.stackexchange.com/q/1065/17?stw=2 Help solve this unanswered question #Dickens #CharlesDickens | CC @DickensMuseum @DickensSays @DickensFellowHQ
3:55 PM
@Randal'Thor Ditto this question - for a Gogol expert, probably very easy. (I guess @DVK and @Gall have already seen this one?)
Interesting question. Interesting concept, for that matter.
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5:09 PM
@Feeds Dickens Fellowship has answered this question in a tweet - now to see if we can get them to join the site and post an answer (@Mithrandir @Shokhet or whoever else has access to the Twitter account).
5:29 PM
@Randal'Thor wrote something
@Randal'Thor I saw it, but I can't provide an answer
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6:36 PM
@HDE226868 Your answers on Ginsberg's "Howl" inspired me to check out and read the poem. Looks like it has a lot of depth to it, and scope for many questions to be asked about it. I've just posted a new one.
6:48 PM
Q: Why is Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" dedicated to Carl Solomon specifically?

Rand al'ThorThe poem "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg (which can be read online) is partly a savage general commentary on society and partly an expression of solidarity for the institutionalised fellow writer Carl Solomon. Part I of the poem describes many writers and artists of the time, with whom Ginsberg was acq...

7:33 PM
Q: Meaning of the name JumpJim in Hari Kunzru's novel White Tears

Christophe StrobbeIn Hari Kunzru's novel White Tears, two young white men, Carter and Seth, create music reusing old jazz and blues songs. Carter has a lot of recordings that he created by walking through the city wearing a set a headphones into which he had built a powerful microphone. Seth has a big collection o...

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11:06 PM
Q: How can we explain the porter's order of events in The Arabian Nights

AlexIn The Arabian Nights, translated by Husain Haddawy, the following chronology appears in The Story of the Porter and the Three Ladies on the 28th night (my emphasis): She walked before him until she stopped at the door of a house, and when she knocked, an old Christian came down, received ...

11:21 PM
Q: Are there any Scooby-Doo books for adults?

Abraham RayI know that there’s Scooby-Doo books for children, but are there Scooby-Doo books for adults?

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