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2:39 AM
> "Mr Lloyd had a baby last week. He must have committed sex with his wife."
- Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. The book has become a lot funnier since the previous time I read it (when I was in high school?)
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10:28 AM
@verbose That quote reminds me of a Far Side cartoon in which one witch visits another witch and says, "For a moment, I thought you were serious when you said you had one in the oven."
@Tsundoku ha
10:44 AM
@Tsundoku I've been thinking about witches recently. Our company works in automating chemical plants. They're brewing potions in giant vat, and their goal is to automate the process in a way that needs as few time from people to operate it as possible, and especially that it doesn't take much time of educated witches, so they only have to pay uneducated operators most of the time.
So they're putting witches out of work? Sounds like a satanic scheme ;-)
No longer do we have covens of two full witches and an apprentice brewing potions in a small cauldron under constant supervision and working only a few hours every week. But on the other hand, there are much more potions made in total, and you always need at least some witches to develop the process, so this will never entirely eliminate the need for witches.
Presumably we need more very highly educated witches now, but fewer of the typical average witch.
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3:25 PM
Q: A la Recherche and Marcel

Gerry1234I have seen over the years people ask if main character of Remembrance of things Past has a name. It is some forty years since I read it. I thought I read somewhere in the three volumes that the narrator says If this character had a name it would be Marcel. Am I remembering right and if I am wher...

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9:08 PM
Q: Looking for children's book with gimmicky pages from the '70s

JoeBI remember reading a children's book from perhaps 1969 that featured a bunch of gimmicks among the pages. There may have been some pages with holes cut in them, or folded pages, things like that--but the only thing I remember with certainty was a scene of a traffic light at night, and the page be...

9:56 PM
@b_jonas My Wiccan friends, when asked (as they frequently are) "Are you a good witch or a bad witch, heh heh," typically respond: "Oh, fair to middling, I'd say."

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