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5:34 AM
So unless someone hurries up and votes otherwise, it looks like our next topic challenge will be Tommy Middleton?
6:04 AM
Q: Romeo and Juliet oppsessions

Mr. BombasticIsn't Romeo and Juliet just a story of what oppressive love can do to a person. Because at the end, both characters killed themselves and they did it out of obbsessivness and stupidity, so isn't Romeo and Juliet a story of stupidity and too much love oppsession.

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8:16 AM
Q: Locating the "Yan-king-fu" text, allegedly dating to 764

Arash HowaidaWithin the Encyclopedia Iranica some French research papers are cited that allude to a Chinese source text by "Yan-king-fu". The relevance is that the days of the week were written in Sogdian: The planetary week was introduced in China by the Manichean Sogdians with the original Iranian names of...

9:09 AM
@Bookworm Difficult lines regained in the HNQ
2 hours later…
10:39 AM
@verbose Hehe, I know at least two people who will be participating ;-)
Mar 13, 2021 at 14:43, by verbose
That question already cost me something like $100 because I broke down and ordered Middleton's Collected Works and the companion volume. Not for the sake of the question, but just because I got more interested in Middleton.
We currently have two unanswered questions tagged 'thomas-middleton', both by verbose.
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2:24 PM
تنگى مى لعل خواهم و ديوانى
سد رمقي بايد و نصف نانى
وانگه من و تو نشسته در و يرانى
خوشتر بود از مملكت سلطانى
I want a book of poems, some red wine,
Some air to breathe, some bread on which to dine,
With you beside me in some empty ruin.
No Sultan's state will be as sweet as mine.
6 hours later…
8:27 PM
@Tsundoku That's nothing, I just flew all the way to Malta for a weak partial answer :-)

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