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1:37 AM
Q: Is it an error to read "Ozymandias" as a sincere report by Shelley?

TomI mean, when the poem begins, "I met a traveler...," is the reader being invited to identify that "I" with P-Shelley himself? Would that have been the prevailing reading? Did Shelley settle the question elsewhere? When e.g. Henry Youngman jokes, "take my wife, please!" we understand that he's alm...

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10:19 AM
Ah, Shelley. Still falling on the thorns of life and bleeding?
10:42 AM
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7:46 PM
Once again I'm thinking of what books to recommend to my young nieces. I'll have to reread Michal Ende's Jim Knopf books. I read it once very long ago and I don't remember how old children it's appropriate for. Also I just realized there's Eric Knight's Lassie come-home, which is a story for young children even though for some reason I hadn't read it until I was an adult.
Do you want recommendations? :D
@DLosc Yes. The oldest is 6 years old and is starting school this autumn, the younger ones are 4 now.
I'm looking for both books that the parents read to them and ones that they'll read themselves. I'm looking mostly for books in Hungarian. They'll probably read Swedish first, but it's mostly the parents who'll but books in Swedish, whereas I'm buying books in Hungarian.
They really enjoy the Tony Wolf books chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/65261615#65261615 ; I'm buying them Kästner because those are among the ones they'll be able to read for themselves the earliest, plus their father is already reading Die Konferebz der Tiere.
I was also thinking of Roald Dahl, you just have to select them carefully not to give them the adult stories yet; and Christine Nöstlinger; and I should probably get them some of Nógrádi Gábor's books to see if they like those.
I already got them some of the Suteev and Plâckovskij–Suteev books, but we'll have to check later if they have all the good ones or if I'm remiss by one or two more.
I'm also thinking of Gerald Durrell's The Fantastic Flying Journey and The Fantastic Dinosaur Adventure, and I think soon some of the other books of Gerald Durrell will work too
Also some Cornelia Funke stories are suitable for younger children. The ones that have been translated to Hungarian need to wait a few more years, but some of the ones targeting younger children may be available in Swedish.
8:06 PM
Ooh, okay. I'll have to do some research to find out what's been translated into Hungarian.
@DLosc I can look that part up
odrportal.hu is a pretty good approximation to find out usually
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9:41 PM
Q: What's happening with Poseidon's request for an apology in Jorge Rivera-Herran's "Epic"'s "Ruthlessness"?

MithicalIn Jorge Rivera-Herrans's musical "Epic", based on the events of the Odyssey, there's a song called "Ruthlessness", where Poseidon shows up to take revenge on Odysseus and his crew for leaving Polyphemus the cyclops blind. At some point during the song, we have this series of lines: POSEIDON: An...

10:14 PM
@zwiebel You asked about novel languages in literature. I just saw an interview with Nalo Hopkinson in Locus where she talks about her upcoming book Blackheart Man, and says "It’s got my use of vernacular speech, and in this case, I invented what an eighteenth-century set of Creoles coming from a Caribbean country that doesn’t actually exist might sound like." So you can add eighteenth-century Chynchin creole to your list.

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