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Q: Looking for a quote conveying relation between answerer and asker of a question

Hagen von EitzenNote: This is not one of those "I recall reading something like this, but where?"-questions. Instead, I have no idea if something matching my specific wishes exists to begin with. Thus on the other hand, several good approximations may exist, but I hope this does not turn this into a big list qu...

Q: Meaning of they were nearly overwhelmed by the concussive stimuli

Viser HashemiFrom The Gate (1910) by Natsume Sōseki, translated by William F. Sibley (2013): For the first two or three weeks after their arrival in Tokyo the days went by in a dizzying blur. Along with the predictably hectic business of setting up a new household and settling into a new job, they were nearl...

Q: Why does the Black Rabbit of Inlé save El-ahrairah’s warren?

ArithmomaniacIn Chapter 31 of Watership Down, El-ahrairah tries to bring the "white blindness" to King Darzin, only to be told by the Black Rabbit it wouldn't work. El-ahrairah gives up, but then receives a boon: Then at last El-ahrairah felt that his strength and courage were gone. He fell to the round. He ...

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@verbose Speaking as a brain in a vat, I thinks it's just me.
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Q: Why did the narrator have murder on his hands in "Amazing Grace" by Jars of Clay?

EJoshuaS - Stand with UkraineThe song Amazing Grace by Jars of Clay features the following lyrics: I hitched a ride, I was a beggar I had a murder on my hands I needed water to rinse these stains I'm somewhat confused by exactly what these lyrics are referring to, though. Why does the narrator refer to himself as a beggar ...


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