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8:50 AM
Sometimes you think of a question and then come to an answer while writing it out.
(Even if it really should have been obvious in the first place. I'm very tired.)
9:02 AM
Q: What does "in her November of life" mean in "Persuasion"?

MithicalIn Jane Austen's Persuasion, Anne Elliot happens to overhear a conversation between Captain Wentworth and Louisa Musgrove, where they are discussing "firmness of mind". Captain Wentworth uses the example of a nearby nut to illustrate his point: [']Here is a nut,' said he, catching one down from ...

5 hours later…
1:34 PM
Q: Mortimer Adler, "How to Read a Book": Two questions about the objectivity and subjectivity of reality

jsx97In Chapter 10, "Criticizing a Book Fairly", Adler wrote: The third [general maxim of intellectual etiquette] is closely related to the second. It states another condition prior to the undertaking of criticism. It recommends that you regard disagreements as capable of being resolved. Where the se...

3 hours later…
4:58 PM
Q: What does "Oddbins" mean?

Silent SojournerFrom John Le Carré's Smiley's People: “What section are you in, Mostyn?” Smiley asked him. “Oddbins, sir.” He crouched, level to the table, displaying an Asian suppleness. “Since your day, actually, sir. It’s a sort of operational pool. Mainly probationers waiting for overseas postings.” I th...


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