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3:11 AM
Q: Why did this Taras Shevchenko poem feature David successfully deceiving Nathan the Prophet?

EJoshuaS - Stand with UkraineThe poem Czars (Kings) by Taras Shevchenko includes a retelling of the story of David and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11 in the Bible). One interesting feature of retelling is that Shevchenko's account includes David successfully deceiving Nathan the Prophet: The king simply killed [Uriah] He fooled old...

4:05 AM
@Mithical Quite a lot of books I like on that shelf, and more that I'm interested to read someday. I think you have the same edition of Unfinished Tales that my mom does.
@verbose In the interest of beating a dead horse form of technology, I just ran across this passage from Fahrenheit 451 that assumes its futuristic world uses analog clocks:
> She had a very thin face like the dial of a small clock seen faintly in a dark room in the middle of a night when you waken to see the time and see the clock telling you the hour and the minute and the second, with a white silence and a glowing, all certainty and knowing what it has to tell of the night passing swiftly on toward further darknesses, but moving also toward a new sun.
@DLosc You still have one of those rotary phones with a speaking trumpet in your entry hallway, don't you.
Maybe you even carry cash
I jest, I jest.
(I have a shortwave radio on the shelf next to my desk, so you can tease me mercilessly about that if you like)
4:20 AM
Haha! No, I've never had the pleasure of using a phone with a speaking trumpet. But we did have a rotary phone in one room when I was growing up (as well as a touch-tone phone in the other room).
Despite working in a computer field, I tend to be a late adopter of new technology. I still use a flip phone (i.e. "not a real phone," according to a seven-year-old of my acquaintance).
Well, there are two abaci in this house (it's not my house, I just live here) and there's a third in my own flat, so there's that.
Speaking of calculation...
@verbose I wouldn't call myself a mathematician, but I did major in math (plus computer science) in college.
Ah. I'm taking a maths class right now. Well, it's statistics, which is marketed as the gateway drug to actual maths at the college where I'm taking it. It's kinda interesting. The prof is like, "so here is the probability density curve, and to calculate the area underneath it, you need to know calculus" (looks around at us exasperatedly) "which none of you losers knows, so let's just enter the values into the graphing calculator and let it do the maths for us" (shakes her head resignedly).
Ha! I can imagine a physics professor having a similar attitude.
well, in my defense, I grew up as an English major in India, which means the last maths class I took was in grade ten.
4:32 AM
How do you like statistics?
It's kinda annoying tbh. Like, the prof is "this is the central limit theorem. You children don't have the maths to prove it, so treat it as axiomatic." It's the equivalent of using python's built-in quicksort function instead of implementing it yourself. Or the built-in scikit-learn libraries instead of actually writing the code to do your cute l'lle classification or regression training.
That's too bad. I'm not a fan of statistics myself, so I'm not sure if there's a better way to teach non-calculus stats, but it sounds like your professor's attitude isn't helping.
She's actually fine. The pace of the class is much slower than I'd like but she's patient and helpful. And smart. Statistics isn't that difficult or (to me) interesting, but it's useful.
I get annoyed because we spend a fuckton of time on boring things like "how to enter this into your graphing calculator" when I'd much rather learn the calculus behind it. But that's what MATH 48A through 4D are for, which I'll probably take. At least as far as 2B (linear algebra). I'm not sure I care that much about partial differential equations.
(which is what the course numbers beyond 2B cover, as I understand it.)
4:51 AM
Ah, so the gateway drug is working. Excellent... [rubs palms together]
Well, I always knew I liked maths. The only reason I took the cheapest maths course was that I've not taken a maths class at any point in the last ... oh, three or four decades.
Not since O-level trig.
"cheapest" as in "least taxing", not as in "least expensive". Community college classes in the great state of California are practically free.
For Californicators, that is. They're expensive for out-of-staters or international students.
5:08 AM
I have taken boatloads of computer science classes, but the maths they required wasn't that hard/advanced. Some of the stuff I had to re-learn (logarithms), some I didn't know before (like derivatives) but was able to understand well enough. Straight-up maths, though, it's been a while.
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11:15 AM
@verbose As a mathematician who hates statistics, I wouldn't call it the gateway drug, rather a sideshow to avoid at all costs :-)
A lucrative sideshow though. When I was a bachelor's student, my classmates who specialised in statistics would often go to work for banks and be earning millions shortly after graduating. Nowadays, maybe it'd be AI companies instead of banks, but it's still the statisticians who get rich rather than us poor pure mathematicians.
@Bookworm HNQ murders?
@Bookworm Prophetic HNQ.
@verbose Hmm, I know Lambie from French Language SE.
@verbose Pray that your professor never finds out that calculus is a liberal art. (Calculus: A Liberal Art is a book I bought recently.)
@Bookworm Up to twelve HNQ votes.
(Just mentioning a few HNQs that were missed.)
11:33 AM
@verbose Those numbers are Greek to me. It doesn't help that the term algebra comes from Arabic.
@Randal'Thor Is the number of mathematicians who hate statistics statistically significant? :-P
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3:14 PM
I thought I hated statistics - I took calc 3 and linear algebra in high school specifically to avoid AP Physics - but as it turns out I can find stats/probability fun as soon as the problems have a biology application
2 hours later…
4:55 PM
@Mithical ooh! on the top shelf multiple Pratchett novels, some of Tolkien's books. then on the bottom shelf there's two volumes by Asimov but I can't read which volumes.
@verbose Of course I carry cash! It's very useful here, because there are enough places where I can't pay by card.
@verbose Hehe, "marketed as the gateway drug to actual maths" :)
statistics has so many weird special functions that you realistically can't really use it without getting a computer to compute values for you. it's just important to learn what to actually calculate, and I usually don't know that, I know way too little about statistics.
@b_jonas The Naked Sun and The Caves of Steel
That whole shelf on the left is Pratchett.
@Randal'Thor Earning millions, sure, but they have to wear a suit and tie every day, and work with stochastic integrals. I don't even know which one of the two is worse, but I wouldn't take the job even if it only cost one of the two. (Not that I could; they only hire people with PhD titles.)
I've taken the required class about statistics, and passed the exam, but I retain very little, so sadly I don't know what statistics to make a computer calculate even in the simplest cases.
5:31 PM
Q: Short story about a woman yearning for her dream home

Michael PhillipsYears ago, I read a short story and I can’t find it. It is about a couple who are part of the working poor—probably the 40s or 50s. The woman complains most of the time about their conditions. But she also buys design magazines and in her mind has the perfect home. She cuts out pictures of fabric...

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6:41 PM
You don't hate statistics, you just think you do ;-)
3 hours later…
10:11 PM
@bobble What's the link between avoiding AP physics and not taking statistics? Also, speaking of bio, do you know yet what school you'll be going to in the fall to complete your doctorate?
Ah, I meant AP Stats, sorry
I have an unofficial offer from my second-choice school and am eagerly anticipating receiving an offer from my first-choice (they said ~2 weeks, and it has now been 2 weeks since I left)
Congratulations on the second choice acceptance! Two weeks since you left? What does that mean? Left what?
Good luck with the first choice!
10:37 PM
@Randal'Thor I mean only that where I'm studying, the statistics course is the one college-level maths course that has no prerequisites. That is to say, it counts toward maths requirements, but unlike (say) MATH 1A, you don't have to have completed pre-calculus courses before enrolling. The college offers MATH 48 A and B, which are pre-calculus, but you can't use those to meet your maths requirements. You just use them to prove that you're capable of taking an actual college maths class.
So you have to "place out" of MATH 48B (Precalc II) before taking MATH 1A (Beginning Calculus), either by completing the class or by taking a test. But you can sign up for MATH 10 (Statistics) without needing to clear any prereqs such as MATH 48B.
And you can use MATH 10 to fulfill a graduation requirement.
11:03 PM
@verbose they had a trip for the top applicants, to tour the campus and talk to grad students/profs etc.
oh ah

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