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12:28 AM
@Bookworm How to parse the HNQ
12:57 AM
Or learn to write Chinese. When I started learning Chinese, our teacher recommended us to write each new character a hundred times.
1:29 AM
Q: What does "nodditankijellij" mean in The Book of Dave?

Logan R. KearsleyMuch of the dialog and characters' thoughts in The Book of Dave are written in Mokni, a mostly-phoentically-spelled derivative of Cockney English. A glossary is available to explain some of it, and most of the rest is understandable with a little bit of background in contemporary Cockney dialect,...

1:55 AM
Q: How historically accurate is Koestler's The Gladiators?

TsundokuThe Third Servile War or War of Spartacus inspired several novels, including Arthur Koestler's The Gladiators, published in English in 1939. In the 1930s, Koestler worked mostly as a journalist, regularly reporting from abroad (wherever "abroad" is for someone who moved from Hungary to Austria to...

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8:51 AM
I do occasionally read a book with pen and paper, or handwrite other notes, but that's not the large amounts of intense note-taking that I did during university classes.
8 hours later…
4:58 PM
Q: Why did Carbide consider one to two bottles of vodka a small amount?

EJoshuaS - Stand with UkraineCarbide by Andriy Lyubka Tys came home trailing a wake of aromas that stung Marichka's eyes, but a demented smile adorning his face. That may account for why his wife thought he was still hammered. But that wasn't the case - he'd only drunk one bottle of vodka, two, max, and it's not like he'd e...

@Bookworm Seems to me that @verbose's answer about free indirect narration in Emma is applicable here too. I suspect we're meant to conclude that Tys is hammered and one to two bottles of vodka is not a small amount.
5:50 PM
Q: Why does Wemmick bring a fishing-rod on his "walk" with Pip?

DLoscIn chapter 55 of Great Expectations, Wemmick invites Pip to go on a morning walk with him. As they are leaving Wemmick's house, Pip narrates that: I was considerably surprised to see Wemmick take up a fishing-rod, and put it over his shoulder. “Why, we are not going fishing!” said I. “No,” retur...

6:16 PM
Q: Why do authors and publishers allow inscrutable titles?

user18309I’m thinking of books such as Consider Phlebas by Banks. The book was big in sci-fi and launched a ten-novel series, but you would never know what the heck the title is about. How is that allowed to happen and was the author just lucky to be successful with such a title?

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8:22 PM
@Bookworm Some of my favorite titles are the "inscrutable" ones. I'm still annoyed that Heavenly Nostrils was renamed to the prosaic Phoebe and Her Unicorn.
Though I guess that's a counterexample if anything, since it was the publisher who insisted on its being changed.
3 hours later…
11:13 PM
I'm trying to teach my dog to talk but it isn't going so well. I said, "Renly! What's on top of the house?" And he replied, "Bark!" So I sighed and said, "Okay, Renly, what goes around a tree?" And he replied, "Arf!" So I rolled my eyes and said, "Okay, Renly, what's 50%?" And he replied, "Woof!"
It's hopeless. I ask him what animal he's a subspecies of, and he says "Ruff!" I ask what the texture of sandpaper is, and he says "Woof!"
I did manage to teach him object persistence by playing many games of peekaboo with him, though.
11:48 PM
His brother Stannis wouldn't be so patient with him.

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