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@Bookworm cold within the HNQ
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Q: What does the The Shampoo written by Bishop tell?

user19826🌟 Deep Dive into Poetry: A Close Reading Challenge 📖 Exploring this fascinating poem and seeking insights(reference to the image) 🔍 I'm aiming for a close reading. What do these vivid images convey? How do elements like lichens, the moon, and "shooting stars in your black hair" intertwine to ...

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8:56 AM
Q: What happened to the gills of picked shrimps?

verboseAgatha Christie's detective Miss Jane Marple made her first appearance in a sequence of six short stories published in The Royal Magazine between 1927 and 1928. The stories' success led Christie to write a further half-dozen Miss Marple stories in 1929–1930 for The Story-Teller Magazine. These st...

9:27 AM
@Randal'Thor Sorry, I've met too many other famous mathematicians to be impressed.
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7:41 PM
@b_jonas Internet famous or famous IRL? (Of course @PeterShor is both.)
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10:27 PM
Q: Significance of "further up and further in"?

Rand al'ThorIn C.S. Lewis's Narnia grand finale, The Last Battle, one chapter is entitled "Further Up and Further In", and this phrase is repeated a great many times by various characters: "Then [Aslan] breathed upon me and took away the trembling from my limbs and caused me to stand upon my feet. And after...


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